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Monday, September 23, 2013

Three was the lucky number today

Folsom week has started off with a bang...

The morning started off with me working out and catching the eye of a regular gym buddy.  He has either fed me a load or fucked me after our workouts, and I really wanted it today.

I walked into the locker room and we both had the same idea.  He sat down next to me and  within seconds his fist sized cock was already hard.
Without wasting any time I leaned over and began to suck.

After a couple of minutes I got down on my knees between his legs to let his full length go down my throat until his balls were resting on my chin.  He loves it and I could feel the shaft pulsing in my throat.
I stood up, turned around and let him take over.

He started with a finger in my tight hole, then proceeded to a second.  By this time I was aching for more.  I reached behind me and grabbed his shaft to stroke it a few more times.  Then I slowly walked backwards until I was hovering right over his cock head.  Then I sat right down.

That first second was painful, due to the size of his head  but once it was past the entry I  pushed back and he slid  all the way in.
Now it was time to really fuck! 

Between his thrusting and my bouncing, you could hear the echo of flesh on flesh.  At one point he popped out, and I instantly right back down.
Probably less than a minute later I was beginning to feel the cum in my balls churning - I had to stop stroking.

And then I felt an orgasm start to build and told him to give me his load.  He felt my hole tighten around his shaft as my nuts started to release  my load - and that put him over the edge and he began to fill my ass with his thick cum.

Well, that was one load - but not the last...

Towards the end of the afternoon I  had a message from a foreign athlete and he was looking for a no strings blow job.
We had started talking from an ad he placed looking for a cocksucker, and nothing but a cocksucker.  During the exchange he asked if I was a good cocksucker - I said that I have been told I can take care of what he needed.

He gave me his address and I went over. 

Compact guy, and you can tell that he is indeed a professional athlete that spends time running - his ass, legs and chest were all muscle.   He took me upstairs and dropped his sweatpants.
For foreplay he wanted his nipple worked over by my tongue.   After a couple of minutes of that, he pushed  my head down between his legs and fed me his cock.

You know I do love to suck, and I wanted to be sure he comes back for more.

A few times I would cup his balls, and then he would want me to go hands free and just deep throat and suck.  He would start to buck into my face and I knew he wanted to face fuck my throat, so I let him - and then I would piston my throat down on his shaft quickly until he was oozing more precum.

Then he began to thrust and told me he was going to cum.  Now, since the whole goal was for me to be his expert cocksucker I just nodded and let him pound my mouth.
Then he began to shoot...holy fuck, he had a massive thick load.   Quickly my mouth filled and I had to swallow to make room for more.
Two more times I swallowed and then he was drained.

After he caught his breath he asked if I liked it - I said yes, and said that I hoped he did....and he did.

Ok,  now onto the last bit of fun...

I went back to the gym to get in some cardio.   In the afternoon I don't really expect much cruising or action.

After my workout I was about enter the steam room when a HOT ginger muscle bear walked out.  He was not wearing his towel so I also saw his cock swinging as he walked.

We checked each other out, and I wasn't sure what to expect.  Then he came back in and sat next to me.

Well, I had a semi woody and was sitting with my legs spread a bit when he walked in, so he had an eye full.  After he sat down, another guy came in....damn!

The hot muscle bear got up to use the shower and I was treated to an amazing smooth white butt.  You know how some of those gingers are...hairy up top, and just the lightest coating of hair on their ass and aournd their hole.

We were waiting it out, and I was getting fully rock hard so I adjusted my position to let him see.   He smiled and leaned back to see more.

The other guy stuck around, and it was hot so we both left to shower and cool down.  While I was in the shower, he took one next to me and motioned for me to join him.

After I walked in, he was in position to suck me off - and I was not going to say no.  He took my cock in his mouth and reached up to tweak my nipple.
And you know that my nips are hard wired to  my cock, so he was doing it right.

There I was basically standing over this massive young ginger bear - probably 6' 2" and 210 lbs of muscle.  Arms as big as my thighs and an evil grin under his I said,  HOT.

After only a couple of minutes I was close.  He told me to let him know when I was about to cum.
I stroked a few times and let him know it was about to blast.
He took my cock in his mouth, and spurt after spurt went straight onto his tongue.  When my balls were fully drained he licked his lips and said "good boy". 

He had the same look on his face that I have seen in videos and I knew he was one happy cum pig.

Maybe I will be lucky and run into him again sometime...

Friday, September 13, 2013

He skull fucked his load into me

As I was shaving, the shaved head 9 x 5 guy walked in again today. 
I cleaned up, grabbed a fresh towel and headed for the steam.  Sure enough, he was already inside.

Before I could even set down my towel, he was already beginning to sport wood.  I sat down next to him and he reached for his rapidly growing cock.

I wasted no time in just going right down on him.  First slurp all the way to his balls.  While down there, I grasped his plum sized nuts in my hand - they were full and I could not even fit them easily in my hand...damn!!

Using his balls as leverage, I pushed the extra inch into my throat. 

I spent the next few moments just breathing through my nose and feeling his come to full rock hard wood.  Then I came up for a quick breath and  gave it a few quick strokes before bending over to deep throat him again.
We both know that I want every inch of him down my throat, so today he just put his hand on my head and pushed down.

The next minute was spent with my mouth and throat filled with his throbbing cock.  Fuck, I could feel my precum flowing as he held my head down and began to skull fuck my throat! 
He was rapid plowing into my throat and did not give me any mercy, he was taking what he wanted today.

I opened up my mouth and throat for him, and the sounds echoing off the walls were like a hot porn scene.  You know the sound - a hungry pig being used for his throat until the guy can blow his load...and that is where he was going.

I got down onto my knees in front of him to give easy access to my open mouth.
Giving my throat over to him, I let him hold me down on his cock until he began to buck and quiver - and then he unloaded straight down my throat.
When I felt the shaft and mushroom head swell, I relaxed as much as I could and went as deep as possible.

I felt three rapid blasts as his shaft swelled with each volley, and then kept him in there for a few more seconds to let every drop slide down my throat.
Then it was time to come up off of his cock, and lick the drops out of the piss slit.
I stroked his cock twice more  to milk out what I could and was rewarded with a couple of more pearly white drops of jizz - that I licked up eagerly.

Once he was drained, I got  up off my knees and said "thanks!".  He smiled, said thanks and grabbed his towel.  As he walked out with a spring in his step, I watched his tight bubble butt time I may have to ask if he wants that eaten before he feeds me...

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

He knew what he wanted

Perfect day..started with my husband breeding my ass to wake me up and then ...

After putting in an hour for my gym routine it was time to hit the showers.

It was about the time for some of the regular steam buddies to be around, but today it was empty.
Oh well, I figured I would just shave and head out.

As I was finishing my shave, I saw the hot young man from a few weeks ago. 
Tall, shaved head, light beard and sporting a heft 9 x 5 cock between his legs.  He grabbed a towel and went to the lockers.

Knowing that the steam was entirely empty, and knowing that he has fed me in the past I grabbed a new towel for myself.

Turning around, I see him go straight into the steam room...and I followed.

As I expected, he was alone so I set my towel down without even wrapping it around. 

He recognized me as well and was already semi hard and stroking.  Not about to waste any time, I scooted right over and wrapped my hand  around his rapidly rising cock.

I know he likes it deep, and I immediately bent over and swallowed every inch.  As he was buried in  my mouth he reached around to grab my cock.
With his balls in my hand, I grabbed that extra inch above the ass  and forced another inch of now rock hard cock into my throat.

Right away I was rewarded with a low moan and a twitch in the shaft. 

Because we were right in the door, I told him to scoot down towards me.  Then I went back to deep throating his cock. 
Using my tongue, throat, lips and hand I continued to milk him to the edge.

A couple of times I let up a bit and just stroked, but I wanted his load too much to waste any more time...

I got down on my knees in front of him and took him down to the base.  I left his shaft buried in my throat and gave him some hummer action and squeezed down with my throat. 
That was enough, and I had him on the precipice of the I took it the extra step, came up a bit and face fucked myself on him until he was ready.

He let out a moan to signal (but I could also feel his nuts start to rise in my hand) the immenent release - his cock swelled up and then he let go.

I felt the first spurt hit my tongue on it's way down my throat and then the second and third. 
As each volley of jizz came out, I swallowed it just as quickly.

After  his breathing returned to normal I milked his softening cock and found a few extra drops.
Then we both stood up, grabbed our towels and never said a word.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bred before my workout...and then another

Yesterday I ran into a hot young bear at the gym...well, we sort of met up in the steam room.  He walked in while there were a few others sitting around.
He sat next to me and every once in awhile I would catch of glimpse of his semi stiff cock when he lifted his towel to dry his face.
Unfortunately it was too busy to even start a conversation, so I had to just hope to see him again...and then today...

Earlier in the morning I had a young visitor hit me up on a cruising site.  His profile had a large stiff cock pic and said he had safe sex only.  As we chatted though, he said that he wanted to fuck my ass and breed for the first time.
Since I was at work, I told him that I would try for later in the day after an appointment I had.

While I was near the gym for my appointment, I received an app message from a familiar face - the young gym bear from yesterday!
He apparently works right in the area.  He recognized me, and we chatted about the steam room cruising scene.
I told him that I was supposed to be getting fucked, bred and then head to the gym for a workout.

The young bear was still working, so I headed off to the visiting top...

I arrived at the top's place and up to the apartment we went.

During the trip over he mentioned that he only had lotion - I said that spit would be just fine.
When we stripped down, he was sporting a hefty thick mocha colored cut cock.
I asked what position he wanted and he said to just get on his cock first - so down on it I went. Swallowed to the balls.
And oh did he like that.  Rock hard and now spit lubed, he got around behind me and put me on my knees...and started to eat my ass.

I love having my ass eaten before a hard fuck - and using the spit is the best lube.
While he was going to town on my hole, I was leaking precum.  When he was ready to penetrate, I reached back with the extra precum and slicked up my hole.
Then he slid forward.  

He was thick and that large head, so I was bit tight.  He pushed me down further on the bed and shoved forward.
POP, in he went.
Once he was buried in, he told me how nice and tight it was - and then he started to fuck my hole harder.

Knowing it was the first time bareback, I let him set the pace and soon he was bouncing in my hole and going to town.
Then he asked if I wanted his cum...oh, yes!

He let out a loud moan, and went balls deep.

After he shot what felt like 5 thick volleys of cum, he slowly pulled out with a slight pop.
We stood up, and as I was getting dressed I felt some cum on my leg and wiped it up...and licked my hand clean, while wiping it dry in my beard.

Off to the gym.

I worked out for an hour, and when I left I texted the young gym bear that I was done.  He was a few blocks away on his way home.
We talked about the steam, and eventually he said that he needed to I suggested a shopping area nearby.

During more chat he mentioned that he was going to jerk off later, so I told him that I would gladly take it in the bathroom.
When he asked where, I  gave him directions and told him I would meet there.

I was the first to arrive, and was at the urinal.   He walked up to the adjacent and pulled out his growing cock.
Now, in the steam none of us were hard so I only knew that he was a thick cut guy....but, damn it grew into a hefty 7+ inches of thick meat.
He spit on his hand and started to stroke.

Doing it in a public bathroom always seems to add that extra mental spark to get the juices flowing, and in no time he was ready to blow.
I moved over and told him to shoot it on my cock and jeans - and he did.

THICK white warm cum shot onto my stomach, followed by even more that hit my groin and my cock.

Fuck, it was so thick that I used my fingers to pull it off and then to my mouth.  My thumb and fingers were covered in his spunk and the look on his face when I ate it all.....priceless.
He had more on his cock from his strokes, and he even  took advantage of the easy access to taste.

As we stood there, I began stroking my cock - now covered in his juices for lube and he fed me a bit more from his fingers.

You know how white cum can get when you are churning it on a cock or in an ass, well that is what we had as I stroked my cock at the urinal.

As he watched, I stroked out a load there using only his cum as my lube.

Afterwards, he let me clean up his fingers a bit more before he just gave me woof and walked out the door.

The next trip to the gym could be interesting now that we have shared a bit of cum, and share a fondness for a good steam at the end of the day...

Friday, September 6, 2013

Accidental fuck at the gym

There are distinct advantages to working out in the mornings.

Not only is the gym floor usually empty, but so is the locker room and showers.
Today I was getting undressed when I see my familiar little fireplug/beer can guy walk in after his workout. Short stature like myself, but arms I cannot even wrap my hands around and a shelf style bubble butt - oh, and that cock that is almost the size of a beer can with a plum sized head.

He headed into the steam, so I grab a towel and followed. As usual, we were the only ones at this time of day. After I sat, his towel opened and he was already sporting wood.

I stood up and went over, got on my knees and deep throated his meat. Taking that plum head is not easy but grasping his nuts I could push further in and feel it spread my throat. And then I can feel him shudder with pleasure, too.

After a few minutes, he stood up and shut the lights out. We had plenty of light to see in the mist, but it did give us a bit more privacy.

Standing in front of him, I turned sideways and he took the hint - and bent me over to begin eating my ass. With my hands spread on the wall I was bent over and he used that young tongue to really work over my hole.

After a few minutes of that, I was leaking so much precum that a puddle must have been on the floor. He was stroking his cock, while his face was buried in my ass. I stood up and told him that he should cum on my hole. He agreed. And then it took a twist...

As I was backing up, my feet slipped a bit and I fell backwards onto his lap AND landed right on his cock. Not hard enough for him to impale me, but I paused for a second to see what he would do. I think we both had the same idea, because I immediately shifted half an inch and was directly on his thick cock head...and pushed back. He pushed up at the same time and I thought my eyes were going to roll backwards.

I had to stifle a yell as he went in spit lubed - remember, this is about the size of a beer can and that mushroom head did not give much leeway either.

Once he was inside, it was just a few thrusts before he was moaning and I could feel the shaft swell in my hole as he shot his load.

Everything happened so fast, that we were in and out of there in under 5 minutes, but damn did I have a smile on my face as I got dressed.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Orleans Decadence

This year I went to New Orleans for the first time in my life..and, wow.

Now, anyone that has been there over Labor Day weekend or any other festival knows how the bars and street scene can be.

We all know I am a born cocksucker, but on this trip I was a top breeder that also had cocks in  my mouth.

A couple of fucks stand out in my mind from the weekend...

One night we went to the leather bar, and headed towards the back.  Almost pitch dark, with men everywhere and cocks out.

I was on my knees when a young, naturally smooth clean shaven guy walked by.  His uncut thick cock was out of his jock, so I reached out and brought him over to my mouth.

Low hanging (hell, we all were in that heat) and smooth, his balls were bouncing as he fucked my face for a few minutes.
With so many cocks, and so many mouths it was more a game of keep moving until you found a guy ready to, I stood up and looked for another cock.
Well, at that time the uncut stud was being pulled backwards onto a cock...damn!

I watched him being fucked for a couple of minutes, while he took some hits of poppers.

I had felt his smooth bubble butt while tasting his cock, and suddenly I really wanted to breed his hole.

As I watched, the guy began to unload in this stud's ass.   Once he pulled out, I took the opportunity and told the young guy that I wanted to breed his ass.
He smiled and said sure.

I took a hit of his poppers and turned him around.  As he was facing the wall, I slid up and let my pierced cock edge its way into his freshly fucked hole.

Nothing better for lube than a thick cum load.

He was bent over, smooth bubble butt glistening with sweat and I went to town.  I grasped his hips and started to piston fuck his hole.
Even being recently fucked, his ass was still tight as a virgin - and my cock swelled as I thought of how many other loads may already be swimming inside.

We both took another hit of poppers, and with a thrust I impaled him completely on my cock and let my seed fill him.
Spasm, after spasm of my cum shot into his hole and when I pulled out he looked back and thanked me.

Now, another night we went to a sex party in one of the leather bars.

With the room full of hot men in different stages of undress, it was a buffet of ass and cock.  I had come fully prepared to be bred full of cum and began to walk around.

Guys were bent over in corners or on furniture.  Others were standing around getting sucked.
I found some thick hot cocks to suck, but as I said...that night was for fucking.

While waiting at the bar for a cocktail, a man walked up behind me and felt my hole....yup, lubed and ready.
I looked back to let him know it was available, and he saddled right up and shoved his stiff cock in.

There I was, in front of the bar bent over and getting bred.
He pounded, and pounded my ass until I had the first load of the night.  Then I  went walking around for more dick.

In every corner and on every surface there were cocks going into holes.  Because of the lack of space, my next few tops just bent me over right up against the wall and took my ass.
One hot guy was not only hung, but he really went at my ass with a vengeance - and when he was done planting seed deep in my hole, he leaned me back and said "I want to see that on your blog"...HOT!!

Well, I must have had a half dozen samples of DNA in my ass, and it was time to return the favor.  I had seen this hot muscle bottom bent over taking cock after cock.
Big smooth bubble butt, legs spread and his cock bouncing with each load that went in.
A few times during my top hunt, he would reach out for me to fuck him, but I knew that I wanted to have a few swimming in my ass before I shot off mine.

Now it was time for me to give up my sperm.  I waited next to a top that was going to town on his ass.  Standing there stroking my cock with each thrust.
The other guy finally shoved in deep and let his load go...and I slid right in before his cum could even start to drip out.

I told the bottom that I was going to breed his ass, and he looked back to say that he was hungry for it earlier.
I shoved my pierced cock up and it slid right in with all that spooge.  

He was a big guy, and that ass took every inch.  I piston fucked his tight hole for a few more minutes and then it was time...and holy shit was it a large load.
I could feel the spasms of my shaft and the tightening of his hole with each spurt.
Then it was time give his ass a good swat and pull out.

Later, I realized that one of the guys I played with a bit was his boyfriend, and that they were staying in our hotel.
We talked about him returning the favor, but as anyone that goes to these events knows....sometimes you just keep finding another hot top or bottom.

Over the next few days there were untold numbers of cocks in my mouth and more asses to fuck.  Some were brief, and some were bent over and I never saw the face of the guy who took my load.

One afternoon, my husband and I did have a message from three versatile bottoms.  We went up to their hotel room and took turns on two of the hot blond  young men...the third was holding a camera and taking video.

I pumped my load into one, then my husband fucked him with my load as lube and finally the third bottom took his turn and left a sample of his DNA on/in the boy.