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Thursday, August 28, 2008

The cock ring demo - always willing to lend a hand and say hello

We arrived in Alaska last night and after a quick dinner a group of us headed out for cocktails.
There are not a large number of bars in the downtown Anchorage area but we had some recommendations.

The first one we stopped at was not super busy but there were some bears, twinks and a hot bartender.
Right away I see a couple of guys sitting at the bar and figure it could be fun.
Eventually we chat with these two a bit and they are in town for work but leave the next day.
The cute one that I watched go back and forth to the bathroom is also a cock sucker and we end up wanting to do the same thing and determine that two bottoms do not equal a blow job.

Generally I do wear a cock ring but no jock or underwear when we go out and tonight was no exception.
For the plane ride I put on the cock ring I wore in my train video - it does a great job of pushing out the balls and emphasizing the cock.
A very hot guy in the bar had taken notice of the bulge and we start discussing cock rings.
He is wearing one that is just a simple leather band with snaps.
Of course, to really give him a close look I drop my pants enough to pull my cock out and he likes what he sees.

I told him that if he has five minutes I would be willing to let him try it on and see how he likes it.
Of course I will have to make sure he fills it to capacity.
A few minutes later he comes back over and we go to another part of the bar that offers some privacy and he drops his pants.
I had to keep thinking of anything but his cock so that I could take my cock ring off.

He can't be gone long so we plan on a quick costume change.
We had a bit of a problem getting his large cock into it and I offered to help.
I am not as good at putting them on another guy (my area of expertise is with the fulfilling of the ring) so I stood behind him and tried to pretend I was putting it on myself.
His balls were just big enough that I was worried about hurting them as I worked to get them in.
To make it easier I went back around to the front and got on my knees.
From that angle I was finally able to get it on him.

Right away I took his cock into my mouth.
Knowing he was not able to be away long I went right for the deep throat mode and then worked a bit on the head.
He grew into it and it was a perfect fit....I had not told him I was going to be the fluffer so he was a bit surprised but he was now rock hard.

We were about to head out with him wearing the cock ring when the subject came around to my video clip on the train.
I told him I wore that cock ring for a short video clip and his eyes got even bigger...then he tells me that he thought I looked familiar and he has saved the video on Xtube as a favorite!

As we came back to the group, everyone in the bar saw the fluffed and newly ringed cock and he was proud of the show it gave.
I offered to help finish the job I started and it was mentioned by another patron that a certain part of bar may be accessible.
He headed there but apparently it was already occupied by three guys , two of them he knew and he was not able to stick around but told me to go on further and join them.

I went over and while one guy was standing up being sucked I went down on the third guy.
He was soft to begin with but after working his cock for a few minutes I was rewarded with a rock hard cock in my mouth.
About that time a phone was going off and it was our cue to end the session.

Later in the evening I was talking with the guy that stood while getting sucked off.
I told him that I was sorry to have missed out on the opportunity to service and he replied that the weekend was not over and I would get his cock before we left....

Stay tuned...we still have 6 nights before we leave (and there is a LARGE group of men going on a road trip Saturday - cocktails, bears and bus loads of horny men for me to meet!)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Lunch today was an absolute FEAST

Yes, I know it has been awhile since my last posting but my husband and I are headed to "the last frontier" tomorrow - Alaska!
Because of this vacation I have been working to get all of my daily projects done and it has meant less time working on cocks in the neighborhood.
Today I was able to make up for the dry spell and it was a complete and total, absolute mouth full.

A couple of days ago I got a message to one of my online profile sites.
This local hot guy said the videos were great and he loved my hairy hole.
When I saw the profile and the private pics of a meaty cock, I sent back a thanks with the note that he was a hot guy.
I do enjoy meeting local guys that appreciate the talent and even guys that are interested in nothing more than a chat about men, San Francisco and cock sucking.
Well, he replied that he would like to have me suck him off some time.
No need to ask twice - for a hot guy and a local that is always negotiable.

I mentioned that we were going on vacation this week but getting his load before would be a treat.
We exchanged some contact info and today we managed to get it all coordinated...

He emailed today and said the timing would work.
I had already told him where I like to meet is a spot that has large enough space but also not high traffic to interrupt.
I got there just before and all was clear... then he arrived.
His profile does list his stats and I have to say they do not do the actual person justice.

Athletic, gym body - not from steroids or enhancements but that solid wall of muscle from working on it naturally.
Sexy smile, tight ass (seen in his pants) and then I felt the cock in his tight white underwear....
All I can say is that it was at LEAST 9 inches long and about 6 inches around.
You know what I think of those dimensions - get me on my knees immediately and let me swallow it all.
Even the head was a mouthful, so I was in cock sucking full throttle mode.
Once the first half was slippery with my spit, I worked on getting the rest of it down my throat.
This is a cock that really needs to be swallowed to the balls but it does fill the mouth to absolute capacity.
Because we were in a space that we did not want to be heard, I worked on getting his thick cock down without making a sound.
That is always a challenge and he was willing to let me work it.

Once we got it down my throat I wanted to keep it right there and work my throat for a bit. He seemed to agree and let it sit in my throat while milking it.
I do like to use my mouth as much as possible and this cock was large enough that I could deep throat, work it to the base with my throat, pull off and work on the head while using my hand to stroke the shaft.
Since I was able to finally get his entire cock in my mouth, even for a short bit (need to breathe sometimes and my god, what a challenge to not moan and really slurp it all in a semi public spot!)
he wanted to bend over and feel my ass.
The ass grope, on top of him pulling my nipples, was a total turn on. It also shoved his cock into my mouth naturally and he used the opportunity to fuck my face a bit.
Just made me want to take his load even more.

He was pulling my nipples, groping my ass and even stroking my cock.
I stood up to take a breather and get back down but before I could he got down to suck my cock for a bit.
Wow, that was hot having this sexy as fuck brick wall going down on my cock.

I went back down and was working every inch I could. Using my throat, lips, tongue and hand on his shaft and cock.
He has a massive set of balls that were the size of a grapefruit in my hands and he seemed to like them being played with and fondled at the same time I was swallowing the rest of him.

Deep throat, ball tug, slurp the head, stroke the shaft and repeat...over and over....
It all led to the final conclusion - a massive load shot into my mouth.
I kept his cock in my mouth for the full range of shots and damn it felt good feeling those blasts of cum that filled my mouth to capacity before swallowing every drop.

Once we were done it was time to get out of there.....the whole time we could here other guys coming and going.
We left and back on the street we had a some small talk about my upcoming trip and I am looking forward to getting more of his massive cock after we get back.

He did mention in an email that once we get my throat around the last slight curve ( at about the 9 1/2 inch mark) I will have every inch buried and I said that was a challenge I am looking forward to!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Twink feeds me his load while my new butt plug fills my ass

Well, the hot new b0y that my husband and I found on Saturday thought I should be plugged while my husband is on a business trip.
We got permission to shop and went to Mr S, the only place to buy toys!
Since I had never worn one it was suggested that we get a metal one and I of course went for the Large size.
Found one with a rubber tube that keeps the large disc out of your ass while the hefty metal plug is buried - more comfortable since your ass is only gripping the rubber and you can really flex and pucker it all day long.
The experienced and helpful sales clerk even helped me wear it out of the store - and it stayed in for 12 hours.
Totally hot new experience.

This afternoon my husband returns and I was told to wear the butt plug all day, while also in a jock with my cock ring on.
My co workers must have really wondered why I was so distracted but it was hard to not think about the huge toy plugging my ass.

For my lunch I decided to push my limits and check out the tearoom that has opened near my office.
Went in and saw a pair of shoes in one of the stalls.
That was my cue to see what I could do.
I took my spot in the next stall and after a few minutes we both determined that it was play time. He knelt down and produced a nice thick uncut cock - HOT.
Of course I am rock hard and have this huge toy shoved up my ass hitting all the buttons.
I went down on that cock like a hungry pig. When I looked up I see a young twink with blond highlights, a tattoo on his stomach and a huge grin on his face.
He may have been edging before I got there, because every time he was close he would pull out and have to take a deep breath.

I can be patient and this spot is slow enough I was not worried, so I went along and just kept edging him more and more.
At one point he wanted to take a break so I sat back and gave him a couple of minutes.
After a short two minute break we started up again. He asked if I wanted his load and I said it should go all over my face.
He agreed and I suggested we go to the urinals where I could kneel and he could jack it off right onto my goatee.
We proceeded to the urinals and I went back down.
Under the stall it was not so obvious but this young twink had a foreskin that covered a nice apricot shaped head.
Yum, I do like to eat my fruit and the skin right along with it!!

Just before we undid our pants he asked if was going to cum as well.
I told him I was not allowed and he asked I told him the truth, that my husband was coming back to town and I was not allowed to cum until he removed the butt plug and fucked me senseless.

That seemed to be fine with him and we continued the blow job.
He wanted to edge a bit more and I did what I could but finally I took over. I was a bit merciless and kept his head in my mouth until he was at the point of no return.
With a nice huge sigh he let loose a full load of cum.
Since he was close and I didn't want to get interrupted I altered my facial plans and just kept him buried in my mouth.
Blast after hot blast of young twink cum.

Then it was back to work with even more pre cum leaking out of my cock like a faucet.
The jock is full of pre cum, a bit of piss and will taste great when my husband stuffs it in my mouth to muffle my groans later tonight.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Public displays of affection....always hot and fun

I was online this morning and I got an IM. It was our new buddy from yesterday.
We talked a bit about the bar scene yesterday and the hot time we all had.
Again we found that we were all thinking along the same lines and discussed cum control, edging, exhibitionists and fetishes.
My husband and I were planning to be at a beer bust in the afternoon and arranged to meet him there.

Well, once we were all there it was instantly apparent that we were all going to have a fun afternoon and the attraction/ chemistry was as strong as before.
He was surprised at how tall my husband is since yesterday's romp was after he (my husband) had been sitting for most of the action.
Right away we were comfortable and starting to acquainted again.
Damn, he is a hot kisser and we were all going commando in our jeans with cock rings on...which led to some serious pre cum leakage and extreme tenting of the jeans...some guys are surprised at how large we height-challenged (hate to use the word short sometimes) guys can be.

I will only say that we were being watched by many guys at the bar while we all worked each others nipples, tongues, pits and even some ass groping.
He is finger lickin good and took advantage of my jeans being loose enough to get a hand in the front and back.

There was not public cock sucking today, we kept it to some heavy exhibitionism and there are many guys around town that got a huge eyeful this afternoon.
I think a few guys busted a nut watching two submissive men getting worked over and then seeing those two same submissive men work over the taller dominant guy.

We took the action of the bar and later there was cum flying after we all got to our place.
It is amazing what a weeks worth of cum tastes like when you lick it up and then share it with two guys while kissing.

It is time to get to bed so I can be fresh and rested tomorrow...I will be out and about all week but wearing a jock that will collecting sweat, a bit of piss and a load or two at our buddies request.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Appetizer or hors de ouvres? how to classify a hot new guy

Yesterday my husband and I were out shopping and decided to have a cocktail so we found a bar and went on in.
While there we ran into a friend and said hi.
Then he had a friend stop by - all I can say is HOT!

My height, lean athletic body, glasses, facial hair and an innocent smile yet mischievous grin. Right away we all got along and the flirting just started naturally.
After a couple of rounds of cocktails our new friend went to the bathroom.
I had to go after and our timing was off so he was walking out as I was going in.
Of course I told him he did not have to leave.
He turned right around and came back in.
So there we were at the urinal and I was checking him out while he checked me out.

We are both growers in the cock department and after stroking each other a bit I had to get on my knees.
He grew and GREW and thick cock and a nice mushroom head on the end.
I was on my knees and loving it but we had sudden company and had to stop.

As we came back to the group, I was tenting my jeans and my husband just looked at my face and my buddies and asked what the Cheshire cat grins were...then he just smiled since he knew.
We stood around and chatted for a bit longer.
Then it was time for the bathroom again...

We both went and I got to my knees as fast as I could. He was fully hard quick and completely filled my mouth.
We were both rock hard and really getting into it when not one, but all three of our friends came back to see what the delay was.
I look up and see all these faces smiling down and then laughing...Ok, guess we need to take a break again.

After that we started getting into some nipple play and pit smells. Our new buddy really liked the smell of my pits and we would have done much more but he had to go to a concert.

Later he said it was hot looking down and seeing me on my knees with his cock in my mouth.
I said a pic or clip would have been fun and will see what we can arrange for next time.

That is the end of this post..I had an awesome taste of that cock and am looking forward to more of it.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Cum & cock pics from huge cock at lunch today

Here are the cum pics from the hot hung guy that gave me an awesome load in the stalls.
He also gave me permission to post his cock pics - I did not have my camera so I told him I would be sure his face did not show on the pics he let me post.
If he lets me add to the pics I will...enjoy - I know I did!!!

Return trip to the tearoom - and another huge cock

For lunch today I decided to swing by the tearoom that I visited at the end of July.
It had been dead the past few times I went over but that is the nature of them..sometimes busy and sometimes not.

Today I went in and see one of the stalls already occupied.
Looks like another pair of Vans so it may be a hot young guy. Of course I had to stick around and check it out!
Boy am I glad I did!!!

After verifying that we were both up for something I see a hand reach under and mimic stroking.
Well, you know that I love to get jacked while sucking so I was thinking this could be fun.
When I went down and saw what was in his hand my mouth dropped - huge thick cock, large smooth balls and a hot as fuck guy.
Dark hair, smoldering dark brown eyes and a goatee wrapped around a sexy devilish grin. He could have been a tourist on a college trip from Europe or a Greek island - but he was a hot local and ready for action.

He obliged when I signaled for him to let me suck.
Not only was it thick, veined and rock hard but his cock had just a bit of a down curve that would have been a perfect fit to down to his balls in my throat if we were in a more accommodating room.
After sucking that cock and stroking with my hand ( I could have used both hand, it was that large)he was up for sucking me a bit.
Not many guys like the Prince Albert piercing but he was up to the challenge and took my cock.

I was leaking precum and then we heard another guy enter so we stopped.
The guy came in, finished business and left so when we had the all clear again we started back up.
Then once again someone comes...this one goes to the stall on the other side of my cock buddy.
Apparently this is another tearoom visitor.
Now there are three of us and so my buddy and I go back to stroking and swallowing each others cock.
While I am sucking I can see the other guy watching.
A real turn on.
After a bit of this the new guy blows his thick load onto the floor and heads out.

Now my thick cock feeder and I have the place to ourselves again.
While I had been sucking him off, there was someone outside on his phone and we could here most of the conversation so I slipped my buddy a note to see if there was a better place to have him cum all over my face.
The answer was no but he did move to the stall on my right side.
That gave us a bit more privacy so he knelt down and I went to town on his cock.
He started stroking hot and heavy, then he shot!

Thick shots of cum and there I was on my back, on the floor of this bathroom with a huge cock shooting cum all over my cheeks, tongue and anywhere else he wanted.

I was a pig in cum heaven after he finished and asked if he wanted to take a picture of it.
He displayed that hot devilish grin and pulled out an iPhone. He took a few pics while my cum coated face was under the stall.
Since it was so quiet we took a couple more outside of the stalls.

Monday, August 11, 2008

The booty call raincheck

It is always nice to get emails and notes from guys that have seen my profile and want to contribute to cum pig nature.
Awhile back I got just such a message and he was coming in to town this past weekend.
Thanks to a few delays back East he was inadvertently arriving in his hotel after we had already been out for the day.
My partner and I had been at an event on Saturday night that involved leather, drag, a stage and me in a jockstrap and boots for most of the sex, it was not that kind of night.

I had been really enjoying the night and paid for it dearly on Sunday afternoon. So, when the guy is able to get my message to call, we were already heading out of the bar.
He was looking to get sucked so we took a raincheck for today.
His hotel is just up the street from my office and my partner's so it was looking like a possible three way.

You know how it gets when work takes over and you can't get away...that was my partner's day.
He said it was fine to head up to the hotel and take care of our visitor.
I arrived at the room and was met by a hot guy in his underwear and already tenting.
About my height and athletic and packing a hot tasty cock.
We got down to our socks with me still in my jock and I got down to my knees.

He had a cock that was a mouthful and fairly straight and a set of hairy balls I could grip while pounding my face.
I had my cam and he took a minute of film which I will edit and put up when as soon as I can.
Then he was into a bit roleplay which is a new scene for me.
He would call me boy and say he wanted to see my mouth on his cock and asked when my ass was last force fucked.
He told me get down on the floor and suck his cock, which I did.
Went from all fours down to my stomach and he fucked my mouth.
I was in my jock and he said he was ready to breed my ass.
No lube just spit.

So there I was on my stomach, ass in the air and a guy shoving his cock into my spit lubed hole.
Damn, I love the feeling of a cock using my ass and knowing that any second he can flood my insides with a full load of cum.
After fucking and pounding my cock into the carpet we move back to the sucking. He goes to the chair and sits down while I crawled between his legs and worked on his cock.
A few more minutes there and he went to the bed and got on his knees.
I stayed on my knees and went back to sucking him.

Now he is ready to cum and started to coat my tongue and throat with a full load.
Most of it went in my mouth, some on my lips and goatee.
Mmmm, lip smacking good!

He is here a couple of more days, maybe we will be able to meet up again...

Monday, August 4, 2008

The bear, the construction worker and the hot young booth visitor

Today there was not much going on in the shopping district so I ventured up to the booths later in the day.
It was a stressed afternoon and I needed to relieve some tension in my way.
For some guys that means blowing a load...for me it means blowing a guy and taking his load.

The booths were actually semi busy so it looked good.
Walked around and found a set of glory hole booths with one occupied. I took the vacant one and checked out my neighbor.
I could see some facial hair and a thick cock being stroked.
To make it simple I signaled him to put everything in the hole for me to service.

Now for my question of the day - why do so many guys seem to think they need to aim for the higher hole? This guy is not the first one to stick a good sized cock in the wrong hole...stop laughing and get that image of a cock poking away and not getting in...I am talking about the fact that if some guys would just bend their legs an inch and went for the lower hole all of their equipment would be accessible, instead of just the head and a couple of inches.

I was working on his large head and getting an inch or two of the shaft.
Finally I pulled off a bit and he asked if I wanted to join him in the booth.
Yes! I knew there was more meat to taste, so I went over.
Now I could see him entirely.
Grey streaked dark hair, facial hair, bit of meat around the middle and at least 6 inches of hard cock...and the head was huge, as I could tell from the other end of the glory hole.

Well, now that I could take care of business properly it was time to get down to business.
I shucked (a word right out of my Midwest school years) my pants and jock strap and went down on his cock.
For the guys that are not "extra large" I like to pull every inch down my throat and really let them bang my tonsils.
He seemed to really enjoy the service, based on how much larger the cock head started to get and the amount of pre cum that started to flow.
Since he seemed to be ready to blow I pull off and he took over stroking.
I told him to let it fly all over my face and he agreed.
After some heaving stroking he started to cum - not an over the head shot, just enough to give me some goatee flavoring to savor the rest of the day.

After finishing this one off I went to get freshened up and saw a hot older guy - somewhat burly with that construction worker build.
He was already semi hard in his jeans so I went back into the same booth I started out in.
The next booth was empty but he opened my door so I said that was fine.
Right away we got down to business and I pulled out a hot thick cock.
Long shaft, mushroom head and some really heavy balls.
I don't know if he was in the other booth while I was taking care of the bear load but he knew that I was ready and he pulled out some lube and a condom.
Yes, I do like bareback but I am not an anti-condom / bareback only pig either.

Ok, so I am now bent over and getting fucked in the booth.
Unbeknownst to me the door was not locked.
The door begins to open and standing there is a guy I have seen often.
Late 20's, athletic build, short cropped blond hair, blue eyes I think and sometimes carrying a backpack.
My first impression a few months ago was "German tourist", but he is there fairly often so now I think he is just a hot horny local guy.
He and I have never spoken so I will keep the German fantasy alive until further notice.

While my construction top is pounding my ass, the newcomer steps in and decides to stick around a bit.
He is obviously intrigued but I was not sure if it was seeing me bare chested and impaled on a thick cock while stroking my pierced cock in person or if he was into the construction top and wanted to see him using my ass.
Since he was right there I took a moment to feel him up and he did not object.
Hmmm, could this turn into both holes getting worked over??
After a few more minutes of this the construction worker started shooting his load.
Once he was done, the condom came off and the blond left.

Construction top left and I took a moment to get dressed and cleaned up a bit.
I had shut the door while I did this and someone tried the lock. I was not sure who it was and finished getting dressed.
When I opened the door to leave and stepped out the blond was outside.
Since I had already walked away from the door I just looked back and hot blond went into the booth. I gave him a look of "thanks for the visit...more?" but he just walked into the booth without saying a word.
After getting a drink of water I was going to see how far he was thinking of going but the staff came down and started the routine of "find a booth or get out" and I did not feel like waiting for him to leave the booth.

I will keep the episode today in mind and see what he does next time. If I had more time today I would have pursued it.