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Monday, December 13, 2010

Took his husband's load in front of everyone

Last night my husband and I were at a fundraiser in the city. It was being put on by a large contingent of Sisters (I don't think I need to give the full name of the charitable organization...most of you know just who the Sisters are) and many of our friends were there with us.
One of our close friend brought along his hot young husband. Barely in his mid 20's, ginger tinted blond hair, built like a brick shit house, and hairy as hell...all things that get me rock hard.
Well, during the course of the event it was discussed what my favorite activity is and as a special birthday wish to our friend I offered to give the blond fuzzy husband a blow job.

Not wanting to interfere with the event, he and I left and took the action to another location.

Right after we arrived, it was already packed with men. Everywhere you looked were horny men, and even a few that I have played with in the past.
Within minutes my blond brick shit house was pulling out his cock and it was indeed an eye opener!!
Now, just to be fair I should mention that my friend who had the birthday and was letting my use his husband's cock is also well endowed and has enough to choke even some of the best cock suckers...believe me, I know from experience. Long ago, before he met the current husband I had the pleasure of taking his load in the same location and with a room full of men watching.

So, back to the blond husband and his raging hard on...

We were in the middle of the room and I was jaw stretched around his thick shaft and working to take it all.
Huge cum filled balls bouncing around my chin and I just had to use my fist on some of the shaft as I pulled off and worked his pre cum leaking head. Feeling that veined shaft fill my hand as I stroked it had my balls aching and my saliva flowing.
Friends were complementing about the sheer size of his enormous cock and I could only look out of the corner of my eye to acknowledge them...there was no way I was stopping to chit chat.

My mind is a bit blurry on the timing, because I was in full on suck mode but at some point we moved over to the stairs and the blond leaned back to let me have a better opportunity to get him off.
His husband and my husband arrived and joined us.
I just kept right on sucking and stroking.

I could smell the sweat from our work out and he had the sweetest tasting balls, and ass.
Out of the corner of my eye I could see cocks being stroked and someone was playing with nipples and edging closer to a full release.

As you know, I will do everything I can to be sure the guy I am servicing leaves with not an extra ounce of cum in his balls. This hung hot blond was leaking so much pre cum that I was in pig cum heaven already....
and then it was time for the ultimate full on assault of cum erupting from his nuts.
With my mouth over his entire cock I could only catch it all and slurp it down as each spurt hit the back of my throat.
Shot after shot after shot.

Fuck, I was so full of cum by the time his balls quit leaking the last of his sperm and all of us just lay there catching our breath.
I looked up and the room was filled with more men but my husband and I got to our feet and helped our friend stand up... the we all left to go have a cocktail and just bask in the afterglow of a HOT INTENSE blow job.

If all goes well, you may just be reading more about these two and what they ask me to do for them...I know that I for one am fully up for a repeat or two. If they are ok with sharing I may get a pic or some video so you can see how these two hung men can fill my mouth and feed me their loads.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Husband in the AM and uncut cub for lunch

I love waking up to a hard cock pressing against my ass....

Most mornings I wake up to the feel of my husband's cock rising to attention. Full hairy balls resting between his legs and that pierced head poking between my ass cheeks. Sometimes he will just spit on it and shove in before I am even fully awake.
Today he asked if I wanted to swallow his load. Well, in answer I just went right down on him and started to suck 'n slurp.
With his 2 gauge PA and that mushroom head, I am always challenged on my gag reflex but the amount of spooge he can shoot over his head sometimes is worth it in reward.

Pulling on his balls and working the head always edges him closer and closer until his body starts to shake and he unleashes his cum.
I did not come up for anything, and just kept swallowing every ounce his balls pushed out.
I got a load in me and that was enough for me to satisfied for a few hours.
Today was going to turn out to be a two loader.

My uncut cub buddy from the other day was close enough that when he said that there was a load to feed on, I hopped on the bus and went over.
He met me downstairs and we proceeded up to his place.
I had brought the video cam but after a couple of minutes it was time to just get down to business and we put it aside.

Once again he wanted to relax and kick back, so he reclined on the futon and I got down between his knees.
He told me that he had been watching our Xtube video and in fact he was already firm before I even got him out of his underwear.
All that foreskin and thick cock just waiting for me and staring me in the face.

I grabbed his nuts and was working on them with one hand and then I would switch to the shaft to help pull the skin down and gives his knob a good polishing too.
His room mate was in the other room and I think that was a bit of a turn on because he told me that he was close and I said to just let it pour out.
After that I went back to working the entire cock. Slurping on the head, pushing my tongue under the skin and using my fist to work more and more pre cum out of him.
Minutes later he told me that using my tongue while pulling back the foreskin was going to get me my reward and I went to it with gusto.

As I felt his shaft swell, I also tasted the first drops squeezing past the skin and onto my tongue.
Spurt after spurt filled my mouth and I swallowed it all.

As I left, he told me that he shot two loads yesterday and I was still able to work a heft load from him today. We also talked about getting that thick cock buried in my ass...and of course we will have to find a way to share it with you.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Uncut stud lets me feed on his cum

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Sometimes it pays to just take a detour, and see who is up for some fun.

I was just out looking for a snack in the afternoon when I figured that I may as well check out the tearooms.
When I first walked in there were some guys in the stalls but I have been having better luck at the urinals so I just went to the farthest one and unbuttoned my jeans.
As I pulled my cock and balls out of my jock I looked over my shoulder. Right away I could see a set of feet very close to the stall door. It looked like the guy may be standing up and stroking.

Once the traffic died down, I went into the stall next to him. I could see that he was stroking and I wanted to just get down and suck. He positioned himself so that I could watch him stroking his cock....thick and uncut! BONUS!!
I could see pairs of shoes coming and going but I did get my hands around his cock for a short set of strokes.
Knowing that I wanted to be able to see and taste it without interruption I decided to take the initiative...I typed out a message on my cell phone and handed it to him under the stall.
"Follow me outside?" He typed "yes".

I led the way and we rendezvoused out in the hallway.
Hot bearded cub in jeans, t-shirt and baseball hat. The cock got my attention and now that I saw what it was attached to, I was hungry for his cum.
I saw another guy following us, so I did not want to hang around.
He needed to go into a store but asked if we could meet up when he finished. I said sure and gave him my contact info.
A few minutes later he was done, sent me a text and we met outside. I told him of the more private tearoom down the street and he agreed that it sounded good.

We walked down the street and went into the building. As we entered the bathroom there were some guys but he walked right to a stall and I followed. To not draw unwanted attention I shut the door next to him and then went into his stall.
On the way we had talked about Xtube and video. He was up for it and so was I.

He wanted to be sitting, and I said that worked. I pulled out the video camera, handed it to him and got on my knees.
Seeing him pull out that thick uncut cock was enticing.

While we were in the first tearoom I saw the large head and now it was covered in all that foreskin...just enough that I could slip my tongue under and taste the fresh scent of pre cum and just a hint of sweat.
As I was working my mouth and tongue around the head he reached down and pulled back the skin. Now I could get at that thick head and I dove right in.
Sometimes I meet guys that don't like to have the foreskin worked on, so I try to test the waters - so to speak. He seemed to like it but also loved to feel my mouth and lips on his head.

As I was going for the load, at one point he reached down and started to direct my head and was basically fucking my mouth with his uncut meat. I was breathing through my nose and leaking pre cum into my jock with each thrust.

Using my hand to stroke and keep the foreskin pulled back I got into a rhythm. Soon he was beyond rock hard, thicker and the head was filling my entire mouth.
He told me when it felt fantastic to him, and he told me when to keep going as I sucked and slurped.
Feeling his shaft expand told me he was getting close, and then he told me that if I kept it up he was about to unload. Not needing to be told twice that he was on the edge, I kept it up and was soon being rewarded with hot thick white cum.

Once he started to spill his seed I swallowed what I could, and pulled off a bit to let him see my mouth devouring his sperm. He and I were both breathing pretty hard and the cum kept spilling.
Using the foreskin to capture and hold his next few shots, I milked his cock. Pulling the skin back, I let the cum ooze out and licked it up. Some ran down and landed on my wrist.
I turned my wrist and lowered my head to lick up every last drop. He used his hand to squeeze out more cum and fed it to me from the tip of his cock.

After he was completely drained and we were dressed, I opened the door and headed out.
We met up at the sink and left together.
Once we were back on the street I gave him my Xtube name and he said it would be hot to see it online if I wanted...well, you know the answer to that.

Next time I may see if he wants to try the stairs or maybe an elevator where I can take his load while he is standing and let it coat my beard...

Thursday, November 11, 2010

The 10 Minute Blow Job

Sfverscumboy's Videos

I just love getting a booty text from a guy that has fed me his cock before. I always tell guys to just let me know when they need service again...and if I have the time and means to do it, we do.

Earlier I had sent a note asking this guy if he wanted to meet up, but our timing did not work then. So today when he asked if I could meet, I said yes.
We had originally planned to meet up in one of the more private bathrooms I like, based on the location.
When we got there, the janitor was working so we decided to take it to the stair well that I first took his cock and load.
Some of you that follow me regularly may recognize the cock. You may also notice that this is the hot red head that fed me on a previous Xtube video.

I went ahead and when he followed I led him down to a nice well lit area. I asked if he wanted to do another video and he smiled that huge grin and said yes. His only request was that I start the video by pulling him out of his shorts and then going down.
He was semi hard to begin with and as I pulled him free it started growing instantly.
Huge mushroom head got larger and larger in my mouth while the shaft got thick and straight. With each second it was reaching full capacity and I was getting hungry.

I started out with the usual swallowing the head and half of the shaft and as I was taking more and more into my mouth, it started going further and further down my throat.
I grasped his balls (and apologized for the cold hands) and kept working on that shaft while the back of my throat and tongue worked the head. Once he was at full staff it was time to begin working the entire cock.
Sliding my tongue up the shaft and at the top I took it all the way into my waiting mouth.
Knowing that I was going to be balls deep on his cock, I took of my glasses and put them down. Now I was ready to get into a hot deep throat session!!
Instantly I went down until his balls were hitting my chin. I kept him there for a few seconds to let my throat work on the shaft. He was moaning and loving it, as much as I was.
Come all the way back, pull off and then work on the plum sized head. Cupping those balls and tasting every veiny inch of that shaft. I don't usually like to use my hand but knowing how much he likes it, knowing that you all like to see how huge my top cum dumps are ....and just wanting to feel the massive shaft, I had to grab his cock and slide my hand down.
Then it time for another deep throat pull and keeping him buried to the balls. I could smell his scent as I felt the head throb down my throat.

At this point I was just a cum feeding pig. Slobber on the head, and take the cock down to the balls. Over and over and over again.
I was working his cock like a piston.
Slurping and feeling the mushroom head hitting the back of my throat jut got me harder in my jock and I could feel the pre cum oozing out.
Barely taking time to breathe, I kept up a steady pace on his cock. At one point I never even came up but just kept my throat open and forced his cock to bounce down and up non-stop.

Now, I am a cock sucking whore and I have to say that we were both getting hot and heavy just hearing the repeated slurps and slobber echoing in the stair well. It was more intense than a private porn, and more intoxicating than poppers.
By this time I had been sucking for over 5 minutes and I was just a well lubed throat.
At that same time, we could start hearing some truckers in the alley way. Who knew if they were going to come into our little area, but neither of us was ready to stop.
I just went into ultimate suck and slurp mode. Barely even taking a break, thank god I can breathe and suck at the same time.

Now he wanted his balls worked on.
Well, I was up for a short break and took both of those cum filled nuts into my mouth. Played around with them using my tongue and did one last tug on them before releasing them and going back to the main feast.
Once again it was a non-stop slobber and slurp session.
I grabbed the shaft to get some extra friction going and he started to ooze pre cum. His breathing started getting heavier and the head began to get even larger...HOT!
Stroking with my hand and devouring the leaking head with my mouth started him onto the edge until he was finally ready to blow.

First shot on my upper lip, second full folly onto my cheek and then the rest just oozing out onto my beard.
I used my fist to work out the last few drops and licked his head just like and ice cream cone. Never missing a drop.

As he gave me the last drops I told him to keep the camera rolling. We talked about walking out with my face showing the last few bits of his load.
We could still hear people in the alley. I turned off the camera but left most of the cum still on my cheek. As we walked out I was still a bit shiny and headed back into the street.
I finished my walk with the load still moist in my beard.

Monday, November 8, 2010

A trio of cum loads for me

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After my work out today I had some extra time and headed to the tearooms. There were a lot of men obviously there for the same reason but it was also a bit too busy to do anything.
A few of us were at the urinals and you could tell the stalls were full of guys jacking off. When the crowds got to be too much, I figured I would head over to another spot in the same area.
I headed out to wash my hands and suddenly I saw the guy that gave me two loads in the past.

Upon leaving the bathroom I hung out in the hallway and waited. Once he exited and saw me, we walked down the hall and I brought him to the stairwell. He and I walked down the stairs and I pulled out the video camera.
Sometimes guys are not as familiar with the camera so I turned it on and handed it to him, then I pulled out his slowly growing cock.
As I said, we have played before so he was getting firmer by the second and I was enjoying the feel of that hard cock growing in my mouth and hand.

Over the weekend I had a guy ask for more videos with cum on my beard and face...and this guy delivers some massive cum loads - and I was hungry for it.

Starting out with my mouth and tongue, he got rock hard and then I started using my hand to stroke him. Then I began alternating between full mouth, hand and tongue to keep him oozing pre cum.
Taking his cue and knowing he liked to jack, I pulled off of his cock and he started stroking. He directed me down to his balls and I licked them as he kept pulling his shaft. His hand was going fast and furious and then he aimed his head at my face and I pulled his cock back into my mouth.
We kept this up for a couple of minutes and then he was ready to let the load fly.

I got down to let him coat my face and sure enough the cum started coating my face. The first three shots hit my upper lip and the next shot coated my cheek as it shot over my shoulder. The rest his load went onto my beard and lower lip. By the time he was done, my beard was mess of spooge and I could feel it seeping into the hairs....I could smell it as I stood up and took back the camera.

We both heard a door open so we wasted no time in heading out to the street. Of course, it was even hotter that I could not see how much cum there was or if I was able to swipe it all into my mouth. I hit the street with cum still dripping off my face.

After getting most of the load into my mouth and feeling like I could be in public again, I headed back to the tearoom....Yes, I was hungry for more after that first one.

I entered and could tell that the action was still going on. I went to the urinals and looked over my shoulder. Suddenly the stall door opened and there stood a guy that I know from over the years. He asked if I wanted his load and I immediately walked over and dropped to my knees. He started shooting immediately and gave me another hot beard coating.
As he finished, I stood up and the stall next to him opened and out walked a young hot guy. He went to the front wash area but did not stick around to play.

After the other guys left, the last stall was still occupied and I waited to see what would happen. The guy in the stall opened it was sporting an uncut cock for me to play with.
He was a bearish guy but as you know, I am a cum pig and that uncut piece looked good enough to I did.
I got down stroked his cock for a short bit before I swallowed his entire cock.
With my mouth full of cock, I used my hand to grab his balls and then I pulled off to stroke him some more.
It was not long before he was ready and I heard the change in breathing. I gave him mouth to fill and he obliged. Shot after shot into my waiting mouth.
I had been coated with two loads already, so this one was for me to savor and swallow.

As I left, my jock was dripping in pre cum. Nothing as hot as walking down the street with your beard literally soaked in cum.
It was hours before I cleaned up and the entire time I kept using my tongue to lick more of the cum out and inhaling the aroma of hot man spunk.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Three one all over my cum stained jock

It was a day to be out and about, so I decided to do just that.
I had been chatting online with a friend about guys that let the cum hit the floor or otherwise get wasted and it made me hungry.
I told him to wish me luck on my quest...and he asked for 6 loads. I was able to tell him that I got three.

The first is a guy that I have seen multiple times at the local shopping center. Each time he pulls out this great looking cut cock that is at least 8 inches with a mushroom head.
He can cum in minutes, which is great...but he ALWAYS puts it in the urinal. No many how times he watches guys coat my face, he won't aim for it. I don't understand, but I do respect his wishes.
Today he and I were in the bathroom alone and I asked if he wanted to cum on my cock. He smiled a wide grin, and said yes!
So he stroked a few more times and let loose with a white load of cum that hit the top of my cock.
As he was finished, I used my hands to lick up what I could and the rest I rubbed on to my dick. Then I pulled my jock back up and went back to cruising the area.

The second load was a hot Latino guy that saw me a few days ago and we exchanged the thought that I should take his load next time.
I started him off at the urinal in the tearoom but when traffic began to pick up we headed out.
Per my suggestion, we headed for the stairs that I like and he followed behind me.
Once we were in position, I got on my knees and he pulled out his thick dark meat. Nice mushroom head and silky smooth.
He put both hands on the sides of my head and used my mouth as his fuck toy. He was telling me to take his cock, while fucking my throat.
Then he told to me take his cum and he let loose with a nice thick load.
I took it all, licked my lips and stood back up.
Load 2 on to the last.

The third load was back in the tearoom.
I walked in and saw a short of stature that the right phrase? oh well,...buddy of mine (yes, we are both short but I hate that word...)and he was already firm and holding it. At the same time I saw a visitor that spoke to me in the hallway earlier in the week. The tall visitor had a tasty looking uncut cock so I knew it was ok to stroke my meat a bit at the urinal.
By luck and chance, it ended up being a room full of horny men looking for action.
I took the initiative and went down on my buddy. He was now sporting a rock hard cock and I was bending over taking it into my mouth.
When I tried to ask if he wanted to go to another spot, he took it mean that I was asking about going in the large stall behind him. He went in and I had a split second to decide....I followed.

Right away, we started off with me sucking his cock and he pulled mine out of my jock. He leaned in to give me a kiss when I came up for a quick breath of air.
I could see the shoes of the guy in the next stall and I knew everyone else was still outside watching.
After sucking his hard cock a few more times, he leaned back in for more kissing and then he said that he was close.
I leaned back and told him to shoot it all into my jock.

He smiled and let a HUGE load start spraying. On to my pubes, my cock and my jock.
More hit the piercing and the rest pooled in my jock, soaking it.
After he was totally spent I used my hand and stroked my cum soaked cock a few times and pulled the jock up and walked out.

I ran into him in the hallway and said "Thanks!!".

Then I went to see my barber with all that cum soaking into my crotch.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Holy crap, that is HUGE - 10 x 7 at least!!!

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Ok, I am always on the look out for cock and today was phenomenal. I was having a crap day and went to grab something to eat.
While walking around I saw this tall, lanky 20's something guy walking towards me. We made eye contact and I turned around before stepping on the escalator.
As I looked back, so did he. He was walking towards the bathroom...

To give a good picture - he was about 6 foot 5ish, maybe 170lbs if wet but all lean muscle, some facial scruff and tatts on both arms. Wearing a black t-shirt and jeans. In other words, HOT and my type of guy.

The second I got to the bottom of the stairs, I did a U-turn and went back. I headed to the tearoom and walked in. The guy was in one of the stalls so I went to the urinal and he came out. At first he just looked over and walked around the corner. I waited patiently and he came back.
As he stood next to me and pulled out a HUGE cock, I knew that nothing was going to stop me for getting my mouth on that.
I could only see about 5 inches of it in his hand but it was about 6 inches around and the head was just about the size of a good lemon.

At that point someone walked in and went into a stall. Before he got spooked I asked if he wanted to follow me.
He said yes and we left the tearoom. I immediately headed for a spot that I found works well for one on one intimate scenes. Hoping that he would get the hint, I turned around and he was following.
As he caught up I told him we would have more privacy and he was ok with that.
Through the doors we went and I took him down to my spot.

Right away I started to undo my shorts so that he knew it was safe enough. He pulled out his cock and I just dropped my mouth to the floor! And my body followed down to my knees.
I could not even get half way down, it was so thick...closer to 7 or 8 inches around it seemed.
After working on the head and shaft, and getting my mouth used to the size, I asked if he was ok with video. He said sure, so I pulled out my Flip and handed it to him.
Then I went back to choking myself on his meat.

Looking up and seeing all that cock attached to all that inked and hairy guy was better than a hit of poppers.
I kept working on getting more and more of him down but with the size it was awhile before I got it into my throat. Yes, of course I had to gag and with pleasure!
Stroking with my hand and using every inch of mouth and tongue I could, I was working that cock like it was a last meal.
I wanted him to shoot a load and did not want to loose a drop.
Since he was holding the camera, I started to move my hat so that he could see my mouth and the look of pure joy on my face...he grabbed the hat and put it on his head to keep it out of the way.

More deep throat - at least what I could force down my entirely stretched mouth - and we got into a rhythm of him fucking my face. I had to just let him have his way with my mouth and let all the spit and spunk flow. The sounds were hot - listening to all that spit working to get his cock further down.
I again got most of his cock down my throat and then worked on the shaft.
By this time, we were both rutting my face like pigs in heat and I knew it was not going to be long before the full force fucking of my mouth led to a spooge shot.

Then I felt his cock somehow get even bigger and knew it was time!
I pulled off as quick as I could and got the first shot. The second shot went towards my eye and I saw one fly past. After that, the shots were on my lips and tongue and my eyes just about rolled into the back of my head.
As he was finishing unloading into my mouth, he apologized for the eye shot. And I had to say "no reason to apologize! I loved it". He used his finger to wipe my eye clean and place my hat back onto my head.

Damn, I just about shot my load as I licked my fingers clean.
After letting me lick his cock clean and getting my breath, he handed me back the video camera with an ear to ear smile on his face.
You know I am a cum pig and tall men are a huge fetish, so getting this load was the perfect way to get me out of my funk of the day.

On our way out the door, I asked if he lived here and he said it was a recent move. Perfect, I said...and told him that I would give him my number if he was interested in doing it again sometime.
I asked if he minded me sharing the video and he said that it was you know that I will be more than happy to stay in contact.

Then I had to sent a note to my husband and tell him that my funky bad day was over.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

A night on the beach in LA

This happened last weekend but I did not have time to post...I was in LA for a wedding and was not really in a blog friendly this is a quick recap of a night that my husband and I had on the beach.

Now, before you start thinking of group orgies or skinny dipping, that is unfortunately not what we found.

After a few cocktails in the local bar we decided to walk back to our hotel. It was a warm summer night and the beach was beckoning.
Back in the 80's this stretch of beach was notorious for the orgies and fun that you would expect.
Nowadays it is basically obsolete.
So we were not exactly looking for anything but as we were walking over some rocks we came across a guy standing in the shadows.
Well, we all know what that means!

The three of us had cocks out and some sucking was started.
I don't recall why we stopped but my husband and I ended up by ourselves there at the rocks and he was in the mood to take my ass right there.
I was bent over a rock and had my pants down to my ankles.
As he was getting ready to rim my ass for this cock to slide in we suddenly had daylight and heard a voice call out of the dark...
"Take it home boys" was all we heard.

Then as I pulled my pants on and turned around I saw the beach patrol on his ATV.
Hot guy in uniform on a deserted beach...the stuff porn are made of.
But....we did not argue or try to seduce him, and instantly he was off and cruising down the beach.
Yes, I would have loved to try and get out of a ticket but since he was kind enough to just give us that warning, we headed straight back to the hotel..

And the next morning I got that delayed fuck and we both laughed again about how close we came to missing the wedding if we had not been warned off.

A night full of cock and cum

Last night my husband and I were out for a friends birthday. We all met up at one local watering hole but as the night went on we decided to take it to another locale that offered more opportunity...and boy, did I find it.

I was wearing my Cum Bucket t-shirt and that started off a conversation about loads. Soon enough there were cocks out and guys on their knees.
There were uncut cocks and poppers everywhere.
Not being one to miss out on the fun, I kept my eye on a hot beareded cub in the corner. Sure enough he made it over to the group and pulled out a nice thick slab of meat for me to devour.
While cocks were being sucked around me, I kept my mouth on the hot cub and was rewarded with a mouth full of hot thick spooge.
As I stood up he told me that he wanted to fuck me next time. I said that would be hot and I would be up for it right then and there if I had remembered my poppers...well, he pulled out his bottle.

At this point my husband and I needed to take a break and get a new adult beverage, so I told the cub that I would be right back.
Minutes later I returned and we started the action again.
This time there were not only guys that did not understand how to suck and NOT use teeth (which really does kill the mood) but there were also too many hands on gropers.
I said that we could go further away and he agreed. I led the way and when we were in a nice open space, I shoved my pants down and turned around.
Spit is a great lube and with the poppers it was going to be a tight fit...HOT!!

He was pushing in as I took a hit of the poppers and after a few nudges at my hole I turned around to give him an extra spit lube on his knob to ease the way...
Then I turned back around and he went all the way in.
As I looked over my shoulder I could see the entire room looking our way as he pounded my hole.
Being in a full open public space seemed to get my cub turned on because it was not long before he was giving me his second load of the night....right up my ass.
Two loads and the evening was still young.

As I was making my back to the crowd I spotted a hot blond guy near the door. We both smiled and I could see that he was growing firm in his jeans.
I reached out and grabbed hold and told him it should be out and in my mouth. Without further prodding, I unzipped his jeans and pulled out a nice thick cut cock. And immediately got down to begin a deep throat session.
He was a grower and apparently not at full mast when I started because as I got it further down my throat it nearly doubled in size.
I had to try and take every inch...and I did but not without hitting the gag reflex.
That was like the siren call to all the other cocks in the area.

I kept sucking and working on him but it was getting crowded again so we zipped him back up and took a break.
I headed back out into the main crowd to find our friends and get a refreshment.
Then I came to the party...

The blond had an uncut buddy next to him and both were getting their cocks worked on. Being polite, I just watched and waited for an opening.
I told the blond that I really wanted to swallow his load and could tell he was getting close.
He pushed my head down and the other guy I took the instruction and pulled his cock down my throat. The uncut guy was still being sucked but my blond top guy pulled my mouth off him and put me onto his buddies cock...which you know I swallowed with as much zeal as I was giving the blond.
Back and forth I went before the blond was set to give me his load.

I opened my mouth and he started to unload his balls into my throat. Spurt after spurt of hot cum pooling on my tongue and then I swallowed to make room for the rest.
Once he was done, my mouth was again pushed over to the uncut cock. I sucked him for another minute or less and was instantly rewarded with his massive load.
Cum was pouring down my throat but I was also getting some on my tongue.
Once he was fully spent, they helped me to my feet and I had to stand there for a second to catch my breath.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Hung black cock down my throat and then fucks me

Sfverscumboy's Videos

Earlier this month I ran into a hot guy in the tearooms, and this week I saw him again.
Since we both knew what we liked, we went directly to the stairwell.

I got down on my knees and handed him the video cam. Dark, long cock with thick veins and a mouth watering head to slurp on.

Never being one to pass up a hung guy that likes to share with everyone, I was down there and devouring his cock.
Hand wrapped around the shaft, then slowly going down to the base and using my tongue, lips and throat to work up his entire cock.
A few times I had to push that extra inch down to get it all and he loved to hear me gag on it as he shoved further down my stretched throat.

After almost 5 minutes of deep throat, stroke and slurp he asked if I wanted to be fucked. Since the last time he and I played, and we did not have any paper towels to wipe up I was prepared this time.
I said sure to the fuck and he turned me around, spit on his hand and slid up behind me.
Just the thought of that dark thick cock spreading my ass had me dripping pre cum.
During the first bit he wanted to hold the camera...that is the video link above.

Now for the real fucking..see the video here and then read the rest...

Sfverscumboy's Videos

After he got his cock buried in my ass, I took over the camera and tried to hold it underneath to capture the action and see his cock pounding my tight white hairy ass.
He was fucking me hard enough that I just put the camera on the floor and let him go at my ass.
I was stroking my cock and pulling the pre cum out of it so fast I thought it might hit the camera.

It was hot to look down and know that the scene was being taped and that soon I would be able to see my ass taking that dark ebony piece of meat.
He fucked and pounded my ass until he was ready to fill me with his load.
I heard his grunt of release and kept my ass tight around the shaft to milk out every last drop.

As he slowly slid out, I could just imagine how much cum was swimming in my hole.
He stood back and I reached down for the camera. We used the paper towels to clean up a bit and then we headed down the stairs and out into the sunny afternoon.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Xtube friend needed to unload...always accomodating.

Sfverscumboy's Videos

I was sitting at my desk when my phone showed a text. I opened it and saw a message saying that a hot red head buddy from Xtube was horned up and wanted some advice on where to go.
Since I am always willing to help out a friend, I asked if he was looking to suck or be sucked.
His reply was that he was looking for a blow job, so I asked if would be up for feeding me...

We originally met about a year ago when I was running late to tearoom rendezvous and he recognized me from my pics and posts.
Since then we have ran into each other at street fairs and events, but until today we have not been able to actually connect cock to mouth.

I told him that I would take his load in the stairwell and he said "lets do it".
We arranged to meet out front and then I took him inside. Once in the stairwell I told him that I had my camera if he wanted to take video.

Having seen the pics and getting a very short introduction to his cock during a street fair, I was ready to swallow his mushroom head and shaft...but as you can see in the video it was a mouth full.
As I got down on my knees, he was out and hanging down soft. Large mushroom head and thick already. It was not long before he was at full mast and I was devouring it.

Gingers are always hot but give me one with a silky smooth veined cock and full hairy balls and I am really turned on.

I stared on the shaft and giving it a good clean tongue bath and then it was time to see how far down I could take him. To the balls and back up.
Down to the balls over and over, and then time to take the shaft in hand and pull back. Savoring every inch and seeing it inches from my face.
Yes, at one or two points I did hit the gag reflex when I had him buried to the base and then opened my throat that extra inch in the hunger for every last inch of his cock.

Not wanting to let any of the cock go to waste, I worked more on his head while holding the shaft. Stroking him half the time, about halfway down and using my mouth for the remainder.
As I was down there, he grabbed his thick shaft and turned it so that I had full access to his balls.
I knew what he wanted and I was ready - lick and pull those two cum filled orbs into my waiting mouth and give them the same tongue bath as the rest of his massive tool.

Then it was back to bathing that cock in spit and swallowing him into my throat....all the way down to the pubes.
He seemed to like seeing me with my mouth stuffed and I was leaking pre cum by the gallon as I stroked his shaft and smothered the head in spit.
During the second round of deep throat he wanted those nuts sucked again, so I obliged and took them in.
After the balls were coated with a fresh layer of spit I slowly slid my mouth up the shaft and when I got to the top it was time to dive back in for some deep throat.

Well, it was not long before his balls were ready to spill their load and I was hungry to get every last drop.
As his breathing got extra heavy, I slid back enough so that I could get the full taste and let him see me taking it.
Ironically, just as he started to shoot there was the distinct sound of a phone ringing. Not being one to be interrupted, we both ignored it and kept on going.
Feeling the first load hit the top of my mouth and slide down, I was set for the rest. As each shot came forth I kept it on my tongue and let him see me devour it all.
More thick white cum oozed out of his slit and I licked up every drop.

As he was fully spent, I could only sit back and marvel at the site of his cock slowly going flaccid but still pumped full. I reached out and let the weight just sit on my hand and then I made sure there was no cum left to be milked out.

After we both got our breath back, I took him outside and we walked down the street to grab a bite to eat....and I hope he is ready to feed me again....very soon.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

2 loads in the ass and one down my throat...then a fourth load

Click the link to see the video of me getting loaded by a hung buddy.

Sfverscumboy's Videos

2 loads in the ass and one down my throat...then a fourth load

Today is the unofficial start of Folsom.

I had a message from a guy that fucked me silly in a backroom of a bar, and since he was coming to the city he asked about hooking up again.
Not only was he interested in giving my ass an encore performance, he was bringing a buddy along that wanted to watch and take video.

Of course I agreed.

Today he landed at the airport and we arranged to meet at the hotel before he could even unpack.
Now, this guy is hung but I had forgotten just how HUGE he is.
When I pulled his shorts down and saw his semi erect cock just hanging in front of me, I paused and just thought "glad I brought the!"

I got on my knees to suck him for a bit (and to get him spit lubed for my ass, of course). A few minutes of deep throat action and we were ready for the fucking.
His buddy had the camera and asked if there were any limits... I said that he could film whatever he wanted.
As I got down on all fours, my buddy asked about lube preference and I said that spit was just fine.
I took a quick hit of the poppers, arched my back and let him slide in.
It was fucking HAWT! The mushroom head just slid my ass apart and he shoved in - and I felt every inch.

Once he was in, I let him take over. His buddy was keeping the video running as he slowly fucked my ass. After getting my ass nice and open, I told him to fuck me as hard as he wanted.
I reached back to feel his full balls hitting my ass and the amount of pre cum pouring from my cock was making a puddle on the bed.
Stroking my cock a bit while he fucked me, I told the camera guy to get some footage of the thick shaft plunging into my hole.
He came over and I could see him getting behind us.
Just imagining what that looked like as the thick full cock shoved the hole wide open was enough to make me moan even more.

Soon enough he was ready to shoot. As we were texting this morning I asked where he wanted his 4 day load to go and he said on my ass and the shoved in.
So that is just what he did! Shot his spooge onto my hairy ass and hole (with so much hair it is hard to see in the video) and then using his cock as a spoon he gathers it all up and slides back into my ass to get it all in.

After the video was done and I was well and truly fucked senseless I asked our camera man if he wanted a blow job.
He said sure and his pants were off faster than you can say Hot Gay Sex.
Ginger hued hair and huge!
I got down there and started to work his cock to get him fully hard and ready to blow.
As I sucked, I grabbed his balls in my hand and he said to work them... so I did and he got larger and thicker with each suck and tug.
When he was fully hard it was a nice tasty mouth full and both guys commented that I had to work to get that load, and that I was up to the task.

Soon enough he was ready to cum and told me to take his load.
Sweet hot cum filling my mouth as my ass was filled with another thick load...totally HOT!

Well, that is not the end of it....

As I got back up on my knees I felt a hard cock behind me and reached for buddy was still hard, so I asked if he was up for round 2.
Yes, he said.
Then he told me to get on my back for this one. Our camera guy asked about any desire to do a second video but we said that one was enough.

Taking another hit of some poppers, I was ready for the second fuck. He slid in nice and easy while smiling down at me.
I could feel all the spit and cum mingling at my hole and giving him all the lube he needed.
This time it was just as hot to watch him as he pounded into my waiting ass.
With each thrust he shoved further and harder, while I leaked more and more pre cum.
He said that he could feel his first load in my ass and just knowing that he was about to give me a second had me close to blowing my load without even touching myself.

As he grabbed my legs, he let out a huge roar and let that second load go. I could feel each spasm as his cock pulsed and fed my hungry hole with more of his cum.

Now that I had two loads in my ass, and one down my throat it was time to go meet my husband and our friends.
I arrived and told him what all I did....oops. I was not supposed to get fucked.
As my punishment he took me home and shoved me down on my knees. He had his cock in my face and told me to suck it.
As I swallowed his pierced cock he shoved the bottle of poppers under my nose.
When he was lubed up enough to suit him, he told me to get on the bed. I got into position with my ass up, back arched and he came up behind me.

He started out licking my ass and tasting the cum that had been wiped around by the other cock. Using his tongue to open my hole up and taste the cum, he got me worked up and hungry for another cock.
Without any preamble, he came up behind me and slid his cock into my waiting hole.
Another hit of the poppers and that opened up my ass for him to fuck the hell out of my used cum hole.
Fast and furious ( it was punishment for being fucked without permission after all) and without mercy he fucked me.
Shoving me all the way to the bed, he unleashed his pent up cum and filled with a third load of the night.

And that is how we started off the weekend of the Folsom fair...properly.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

A quick uncut cock in the steam

I had some time to hit the gym today so I headed over.

This is going to be a short entry because it was a short blow job but it was fun.

I had done almost an hour on the stair climber and just wanted to soak and relax in the steam room. When I got to the locker room there were only a few guys around. Not every day are there any guys that even want to get off, so I never assume or look for it.

While in the steam, another guy came in. Had not seen him before and he sat down next to me.
Salt and pepper close cropped hair, but easily in his mid thirties and a football players build that was muscular and full.
I was about ready to head out so my towel was around my waist. Normally I don't wrap the towel since our locker room is men only and I don't care if another guy looks. It also makes it fun to walk around if you have a 2 gauge PA.

Anyway, he sat down and I could not be sure but he seemed to glance over a few times. It was hot so I took an extra minute to grab a cold shower and headed back in.
This time I sat down and let my towel open. He looked over and I could then see his uncut cock and it was getting firm. Once I saw that, I got hard as well and let him check it out.
He saw that I was interested and started stroking.
Right away I reached over to grasp his cock and stroke it. He moved closer and let me give him a short hand job. Then he leaned over and swallowed my cock in his mouth.
Well, if that is what you like...let me have a shot!

He leaned back and said he had never tried a PA. I stroked him one more time and then leaned over to swallow his foreskin and shaft into my mouth.
A good hand full of cock and that slicked up foreskin slid into my mouth so nice and easy. I kept sucking and stroking - using my tongue to tease the head under the skin and using my lips and mouth to suck the extra bit into my mouth. Then I would do down to the base and come back to start over.
Very soon he was telling me to slow down, and not long after that I felt the first shot of cum blast out and hit my lips, tongue and hand.
I stroked the shaft while licking my hand clean and immediately went back to the head to catch the next shot. Cum volley number two and three went in my mouth and some hit my hand so that when all was done I just had to lick my hand clean.

He leaned back and said "thanks!" - always willing to be of service.

There is nothing more sweet and cool feeling than a hot cum load in the steam room.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Hung and willing at the trough

It was a rare, but much needed, warm summer day in the city so my husband and I went to a local watering hole for the afternoon.
While standing around with friends I noticed a hot guy talking to some people.
One of the people in his circle was also commenting on his cock size. Based on what I could see in his pants, and as it got firmer I was intrigued.

The other person that was talking mentioned that if this new visitor was horny he would be happy to take it up his ass. I replied that I would be more than happy to swallow it to the base.
Well, nothing happened right away so I continued walking around.

Soon I was standing in line to use the trough and in front of me was the bottom from the previous conversation and the hung new visitor.
The visitor was in the middle and the bottom kept pointing out how large he was and he got pee shy.
As I walked in and was able to see it all, my mouth fell open ....naturally.
HUGE mushroom head, thick shaft poking straight at the wall and some nice full balls.

After leaving the trough I started chatting and after about 10 minutes the visitor mentioned that the first trough visit was a pre-emptive piss but now he really did need to go.
I told him that I would follow and keep the other guys from gawking so that he could do his business. He laughed and said that was great.
So off to the trough we went...
And I did my duty by standing and letting him pee.
THEN, I offered to take it down my throat.
He turned around and I stepped back to let him corner me and to give other guys a chance to use the trough.
The head just came right at me and I opened wide! So fucking hot and he was rock hard. I kept sucking on the head and then deep throating while fondling his balls.
We kept this up for about a minute, until people started to bottle neck to see his cock buried in my throat.

I told him about the next spot we were going and that if he wanted to finish up, I would be more than happy to take his load.
He smiled and said that may happen.

Fast forward about an hour and I did indeed run into him at the next location.

My husband and I were just standing around when he came in and I immediately took him to the best spot in the house.
You know I was on my knees before anyone else could come over and claim that hot massive piece of flesh.
With my husband standing there, I was down on my knees and filling my mouth. This time I knew that we could finish so I took my time.
I was swallowing close to 9 or 10 inches of cock and the shaft was probably between 5 and 6 inches around so you know damn well that I was leaking pre cum and having a feast.
Nipples were exposed and my husband took those in hand and worked them while I was polishing off his cock head.
I kept one hand on his shaft and alternately worked on deep throat, stroke the shaft and fondle the cum filled nuts.
Of course this was a cock that would choke most beginners but I was in my happy place and could not get enough.

After an unknown amount of time ( when I am in that zone, I lose track of time - as my husband and others could tell you) he was close to shooting a load and let us know with sounds and body movements.
The first shot almost instantly filled my mouth, it was so good and thick - and then the next three or four shots came right after.
I knew he was edging/being worked up over the afternoon and I wanted to take it all. There was so much that I was close to blowing my load without even touching myself.

After he had fully drained his balls and was spent, we stood there and continued some small talk.
He was heading off to an event out in the desert and this was a great goodbye blow.
Maybe on his trip back home, I will see him again and be able to get another full load.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Blow job in the stairwell

I had a friend that has seen my videos on Xtube ask to make a movie of me sucking a few hung men and taking their loads after being face fucked. I said that was totally fine with me and I contacted a few of my regular feeding buddies.

One happened to be the hung blonde that likes to hear me gag a bit on his thick cock and mushroom head.
Because he was in town and horny, we decided to meet up today and just do a video for Xtube between ourselves.
He sent me a text message and we agreed on the time. The timing was a bit earlier than usual so I suggested that we could try a stairwell near my office. He agreed and we met out front.

I told him the layout of the building and we headed up. As we passed one of the tearooms I saw a hung guy that shoot off his load into the urinals (I know, a complete waste!! Especially when I am standing right there!)
We tried to get him to go with us, but he chose to take his chances in the tearoom.

I led the way down the stairwell and when we had a good spot, I handed him the camera.
Getting onto my knees, I was unbuttoning his pants and saw he was wearing a jock.
Being a bit nervous, he was not rock hard so I coaxed his cock out of the jock and starting working it up with my mouth. Tongue, lips and throat all working together to get him ready for a deep throat blow job.
It was not long before he was rock solid and ready for the full effect.
This guy has a nice thick cock and when I held it in my hands a few times just to watch the spit slowly string off, it was awesome.

Down to the balls, gag or open my throat and then slowly slide back up - only to repeat. I did stroke his shaft and work on the head but he and I both like it better when he is buried to the balls.
He even likes to wait until I am all the way to the base, fully loaded with cock and then use his hand to force me further down....HOT!
After gagging on that cock, I stroked the full shaft and let him see the hungry look in my eyes before I went back down to work to the edge.

It was not long before he was telling it was time to unload. I had told him to let it fly on my face and he agreed so I kept stroking and sucking until the first spurt came out and then I just stroked it more.
I could feel the thick white cum coating my face...just love that warm fresh cum feel and smell.
After a few more thick shots, his balls were fully spent and I was one happy cum pig.
He leaned back and I could feel how heavy the load was and when he mentioned that a napkin would be good I said "no way, I will swallow it" ...and slowly slid all of it into my mouth.
As I pulled my hand away, it still had remnants of that load and I knew it was worth the wait.

We stood up, I turned my hat back around and we exited the stairwell into the sunlight.

Soon, I hope to fill you in on the actual porn clip he will be in - along with a couple of other hung studs you may recognize from my older clips.