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Sunday, October 10, 2010

A night on the beach in LA

This happened last weekend but I did not have time to post...I was in LA for a wedding and was not really in a blog friendly this is a quick recap of a night that my husband and I had on the beach.

Now, before you start thinking of group orgies or skinny dipping, that is unfortunately not what we found.

After a few cocktails in the local bar we decided to walk back to our hotel. It was a warm summer night and the beach was beckoning.
Back in the 80's this stretch of beach was notorious for the orgies and fun that you would expect.
Nowadays it is basically obsolete.
So we were not exactly looking for anything but as we were walking over some rocks we came across a guy standing in the shadows.
Well, we all know what that means!

The three of us had cocks out and some sucking was started.
I don't recall why we stopped but my husband and I ended up by ourselves there at the rocks and he was in the mood to take my ass right there.
I was bent over a rock and had my pants down to my ankles.
As he was getting ready to rim my ass for this cock to slide in we suddenly had daylight and heard a voice call out of the dark...
"Take it home boys" was all we heard.

Then as I pulled my pants on and turned around I saw the beach patrol on his ATV.
Hot guy in uniform on a deserted beach...the stuff porn are made of.
But....we did not argue or try to seduce him, and instantly he was off and cruising down the beach.
Yes, I would have loved to try and get out of a ticket but since he was kind enough to just give us that warning, we headed straight back to the hotel..

And the next morning I got that delayed fuck and we both laughed again about how close we came to missing the wedding if we had not been warned off.

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