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Friday, August 28, 2009

A quick booty call...or is it a throat call?

This afternoon I was sitting around enjoying a hot summer day and I got a message.
It was a guy that had contacted me in the past via a website that I have a profile on. He said the warm weather was making him horny.

The day was basically over so I said sure.

We agreed to meet up at one of my quiet spots nearby. When he came in, another came in right behind him so we waited till he zipped up and left.
Then I followed my buddy into the large stall.
He had his cock out and was starting to stroke it. I got on my knees and took it into my mouth.
In less than a minute he was fully hard and filling my mouth.
I could feel it pulsing and growing as I sucked and slurped it.
A few times it got bigger than my mouth and I had to breath through my nose, but that is what I am there for.

He was already horny and I was in a cock suck mode so between us it was not long before he was close to shooting.
He took over stroking his cock and I took my shirt off to let him have a full canvas to cake with his spooge.
After more stroking he asked where I wanted it. I said to coat my face.
The first shot hit my upper lip and nose. The next few shots all went onto my upper lip and chin. I could feel how thick and chucky that cum was.
Totally HOT!

After he was done, I could feel it all just weighing down on my goatee. He smiled and I knew it looked awesome.
After he looked over my face, I asked if it needed a picture and he nodded while saying YES.
He took my camera in hand and snapped a good long distance shot. Because we were in a stall, I let him leave first before I licked my face need to be trapped in there if anyone walked in.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In a pinch, take the stairs and get a load

Today I was on my way back from the gym and swung by a new shopping center.
I had been told that a stairwell was not used and there is potential for some hot action to be filmed and posted here.

I scoped it out and it seemed ok. While there I figured I would use the bathroom and then head back.
In the bathroom was a tall silver haired guy standing at the urinal. He and I used to play years ago at a hotel tearoom.
Uncut, the foreskin that just covers the head. He saw me in the mirror and when the coast was clear I reached over and stroked it a bit.
Then the door opened and traffic started to come in. I asked if he knew a better spot. He said no.

I mentioned the stairwell and he said it was worth a shot.
We went to the doors, pushed open and entered the stairwell. Absolutely quiet and no cameras in sight.
There seemed to be no other doors for a couple of floors so we went down a couple of flights.
Once there he pulled his cock back out of his jeans.
Soft he is about 6 inches and narrow - but when I started to suck it grew quickly.
By the time he was fully hard it was almost 9 inches and a hand full.
He tugged his balls out of his underwear and I pulled the entire cock out to suck on.
I managed to deep throat him but he likes to have the entire cock swallowed and the head worked on. I used my hand - there was more than enough cock to suck and still be stroking the lower half.
At the same time I was cupping and massaging his cum filled balls.

I remember this guy from years ago and he shoots thick milky white cum. Even back then he was quick enough that we could be done and zipped up in under 5 minutes.
Sure enough, he said he was about to cum and I just nodded my head.
Instantly he flooded my mouth with a load. I do mean flooded...there was that much.
I kept it all in my mouth, and kept his cock there to savor the flavors.
After I finally swallowed it all, I kept milking his cock and got even more of his thick white cum.

We both said thanks and I told him to get in touch if he wanted it again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day at the river, then a river of cum on my face

Sorry this is late to be posted, but I have been extra busy at work and have started back at the gym.

Over the past weekend we were up at resort in the Northern California region. I bought a new swimsuit that allowed for quite a bit to be seen while still covered for the straight crowd at the pool.
On our last day, we left early and got back to the city in time for a cocktail.
We headed to my favorite late afternoon spot. It was a very busy day - it was warm and the men were out.

There were a few regulars that I have sucked off and a couple of hot new ones.
I was on my knees taking care of a very hot uncut buddy. Everyone was watching and enjoying but then the "Hand" came along.
I usually don't mind someone helping out with tweaking the nipples or maybe the balls while I am sucking but you do not ever get in the way of my mouth on a blow job.
The exception is if the guy being sucked and I are both in agreement. No problem then.
This guy was not invited or welcome and he was actually trying to get me away and take over. His hand was bad enough but then when I came off the cock to give my buddy a breather, this guy tried to swoop down and start sucking.
As this was a good buddy and he asked me to suck him, I got aggressive. That did not stop the guy - I finally had to literally stop the blow job, look up at this guy and the other four guys that were just observing and say "one more time and I am going to hit you". He finally seemed to get the message.

Before I was done with my buddy, I went to get another drink and came back to dive into a hot group scene. Cocks out and everyone sucking or getting fucked.
Since it was so busy I went back towards my husband and the uncut buddy.
Just as I got there he was about to shoot his load, and I got on my knees underneath to get it all on my face.
He let loose with a hot thick load that covered a good portion of my face. Then to my left was a guy I sucked off earlier and he started to let his cum fly at me.
And THEN the guy to my right put his cock out for me to suck. I went down on him with all of this cum still dripping down my face.
Real fast, he was close and ready to shoot. I backed off and got a third cum spray within minutes.

I was in cum pig heaven!

Then it was time to head home for some dinner. I licked every drop I could off with my tongue and scooped the rest into my mouth.
Then we walked right past the onlooking crowd and made our exit.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Young, hung, uncut and full of cum - Thanks!

Today I was at my desk and I got an email. Nothing surprising, except it was from a young guy that said right off the bat "I want to try your mouth" - and went on to describe himself as a cute latin with nine and a half uncut. Where can we meet?

Well, you know me and uncut latins...they are hot and usually are very cute.

He said he was a fan of the blog, thought I might enjoy his cock and wanted to "sink this fat uncut cock into your amazing mouth".

Nothing like getting right to the point.
That got me hard thinking about it and I gave him a suggestion for a nearby bathroom, and we arranged for a time when I could get away long enough to enjoy a thick load of sperm.

When it was time to rendezvous, he was there and come to find out he was a tall, dark haired guy, lean swimmer build and indeed young.
And as you know, I do have a fetish about tall, lanky guys.

We went in and I told him the layout and where we would be going. Once we were in the stall area, it was empty.

I took him into the largest stall, and got down on my knees while he was pulling out his cock.
You know how I love to get a guy rock hard while I suck....he was a bit nervous but it was not long before that full nine and a half inches was sticking straight out.
He did not have an excessive amount of foreskin, and that is the way I like them.
Just enough to cover the head and still be able to taste everything.

After he was full and pumped, I took the entire shaft down my throat. We were trying to be quiet, but it was such a mouth full that I did feel it hitting beyond the back of my throat.
Long, straight and a nice full set of balls to cup while he was in my mouth. Tasty!
We did some deep throat swallows and I used my hand (there was room for more than my two hands - love those hung uncut guys!)to stroke him a bit.
A couple of times he took over and fucked my mouth a bit and then we were back to stroking and sucking.

Every once in awhile I would look up and he would be smiling and watching his cock sliding in and out of my mouth.
He was going for my nipples so I took of my shirt and let him go at it. He was pulling on them and that does get me nice and hard - plus it gets me in the mood to be a real pig and swallow it all.
After that bit of hot action he was ready to blow.
He was a quiet one, like I can be when we need to be but he let me know by body and sound that he was about to cum.
Suddenly I could feel and taste this hot thick load filling my mouth.
I was loving the taste and can't say how many spurts he may have emptied into my mouth but it was thick and sweet.

As we were leaving I said thank you!, let's do it again and he said thanks for being accommodating. Ah, mother would be so proud of me.
Perhaps next time we might take some pics or bring my cam if he likes that idea.

I am sure he will see this later and knows it's him.
Thanks for the hot load and that is a hefty nine and a half uncut piece of prime meat!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Welcum to the city - I do enjoy greeting the visitors

The booth door opened and in walked a tall hunk of meat. Swimmers build, sunglasses tucked onto his T-shirt and then I found out the rest.
He shut the door and I could feel his cock bulging when I reached out.
Since it was rock hard, I sat on the seat and took of my baseball hat to give full access to my throat.
He slowly lowered his white briefs and out came the mushroom head first, followed by about 7 1/2 inches of shaft - all of this stacked on top of two very full low hanging balls.

Without wasting a moment I dove right on and went straight to the base and slowly came back up.
With his cock fully slicked up with my spit I started the real blow job.
He was not so huge (at first) that I could not get the whole package in and I devoured it.
Working on the first third of his cock, using my tongue and lips on the head and then swallowing down till it just nudged my throat.
I was in a horny mode and as you know, that opens up my throat sometimes. When I felt that mushroom head nudging my throat I reached out and grabbed his balls and shoved him in.
The head slid down, filled my throat and then the shaft followed. My nose was now nestled right in the hair of his crotch. He shoved in even more and I opened my throat and got that extra inch.
He stayed in my throat for about four solid strokes and then I had to breathe. I did not want to gag or miss out on the load so I pulled back.
Standing there with a now even harder cock, he just smiled and said he had not cum in three days.

Well, you know I wanted every ounce of spooge in those balls. He told me to work on his head a bit more. I slowly swallowed the mushroom head and only went half way down the shaft. Then I slid up nice and slow and used my tongue to tease the shaft and head. That was what he liked, he said. Nice and slow.
And I am nothing, if not accommodating.
I slowed my technique and went back down.
He was playing a bit with my nipples and I just kept handling his full sack of balls. Even though he said slow, he did not say no deep I went back down to the base with my mouth and when his head hit the back, I opened up and let him slide further down.
His cock grew with each plunge down my throat and I reached under his balls to get that extra bit of cock, grabbed hold and pushed him further. Now we were both leaking pre cum and he was getting closer.
I told him that for a 3 day load, I would either walk out covered in cum or he could shoot down my throat. He wanted it down my throat.

We went back to the slow work on his head, followed by deep throats and balls grabs. His cock was beyond rock hard and he was finally ready to release that sperm.
I slid his cock in one last time, the head hit the back of my throat and I opened up for the rest.
While he was buried, he started fucking my throat and I kept him in there. Then he let loose with a grunt and my throat was slicked with cum. His shaft convulsed and throbbed each time. With his cock spurting, the head and load hit the back of my throat and I had to try and swallow. He came out of my throat a bit, I breathed, swallowed and let him back in to finish emptying his balls.

After that HUGE load, we both stood up and my cock was coated in pre cum that I had leaked. He then asked if he would see me at a certain bar and I said maybe over the weekend. As we were leaving he said he was from back East and leaving in a few days.

Who knows, maybe I'll run into him and be able to share a second load with you all.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Steam room fun....nice to have a gym buddy

My husband and I have joined a gym to get back into shape - at least that is my goal, he is already hot.
I was at one of the locations, on my own and was early to meet my trainer. While getting dressed for a workout I saw a hot buzzed head blond go by.
He was dressed for the gym and when he looked back I thought...hmmmm, could be fun.

Before I could finish getting dressed he walked by again with only a towel on. Well, since there is a steam room I was hoping he wanted to do something.
While in the steam room, there was a cute dark haired guy in there and he checked me out. Right away he starts stroking a nice uncut cock. Not huge but not small, and I like foreskin.
He jerked a bit, I leaned over and sucked a bit. He was rock hard.

Then the door opened and my blond looker came in. He and eye exchanged glances and the other guy left.
Once it was only two of us I immediately went over. I did not know how long it would be since it was a gym, so I leaned over and swallowed.
He had a nice long cock, not too thick and some great cum filled balls.
I was sucking and he was watching the door.
I told him that I did not have long, as I was meeting a trainer and he said ok. He told me to work on the head and I went back down.
He was leaking pre cum pretty fast so I told him that if he wanted to shoot in my mouth that was fine. After all, I don't like to leave a mess behind.

He started stroking his cock to get off in time and when he was ready to blow he let me take it all.
Nice thick cum, sweet tasting and actually a bit cool compared to the heat of the steam room.
I put my towel back on and headed out to shower.
While getting dressed he smiled and went to his locker. We had finished with time to spare and I went out to meet my trainer.

During my workout, we ended up being nearby and he just gave me a knowing smile. Maybe I'll like this idea of working out.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sweet thick icing on the cake

Sorry for the delay but I have not been able to get a moment to fill you in on last weekend.

The weekend really started on Thursday. I attended a friends birthday/underwear party.
As you can surmise, things progressed as they should. Cocks were out, jocks were being worn and the men were horned up for the weekend.
My cock was naturally out, but only for a short time - then it was buried in a tight creamy white ass.
I fucked this kid twice and both times he shot his load all over the lucky guys in front. I was mildly surprised because he was sporting a good 9 incher with a massive mushroom head. But, you know me...once in awhile I love to bareback a good tight ass.

Friday and Saturday were low key...but then came Sunday!

Early in the evening we had planned to meet my husbands brother for dinner. That did not give me the usual Sunday afternoon time to get into trouble but I somehow found a way.

I was in the backroom and there were a few guys standing around, not doing too much.
One older bear type started talking to me and cocks were brought up. He said he was a grower and I said "ok, lets see it grow".
He pulled out a nice hefty piece and I started to suck it.
There were a few guys standing around watching and a couple tried to help out.
Since there were a few too many hands and I was not sure how long I had, I was set to head back out.
Then I see a hot shaved head guy that I know from a past job.
He is about my height, bare chested and makes a straight line over to where we are.
Out comes a good sized cock.

Ever since I first saw this guy at my old job site, I wanted to swallow his cock.
He was being sucked at first by one of the grabbers, but I manuevered him over to my mouth and started on his load.
Just as I was getting into it, I feel a hand slap my ass. I turn around and there is my husband and two of our friends.
He gives me slight nod and I go back to what I was doing.

I went back to the shaved head guy and started sucking more. I smelled the faint whiff of poppers - just a hint, but it was enough to get me deep onto his cock.
While I was feeling the head of his cock hit the back of my throat, I was also playing with the bear cock.
I look up and see that shaved head has that look of a man getting very near the edge of blowing his spooge.
There is nothing better for a cum pig than to know your husband, a group of friends and strangers are all watching you about to get iced with cum.

Soon enough the bear asks if I want his load. I am on my knees, head tilted back and say "yes!".
He starts to release his load and it is THICK. Each drop coats more of my face. Either my shaved head buddy was already edged or I performed a splendid blow job in a short time, because in less than 30 seconds of seeing my face get creamed he begins to cum.
His load is as thick and sweet as the bear. I can only lean back and let spurt after spurt after spurt hit my face.
It was on my goatee, covered my mouth and dripping on my cheeks.
I don't know how many ropes of cum he shot but it was enough that I felt like a pound of cum was smeared across.

I stood up, turned to smile at my husband - and he smiles back while telling our friend to help me clean up. Our friend tastes a bit off my cheek and says I should walk home that way.
A great idea, but we still have to meet my husband's brother for dinner.
I don't think his idea of an appetizer would be the same as mine.

So, what started out as a birthday party weekend, ended with my face being iced with two loads.
My idea of a good party.