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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

A day at the river, then a river of cum on my face

Sorry this is late to be posted, but I have been extra busy at work and have started back at the gym.

Over the past weekend we were up at resort in the Northern California region. I bought a new swimsuit that allowed for quite a bit to be seen while still covered for the straight crowd at the pool.
On our last day, we left early and got back to the city in time for a cocktail.
We headed to my favorite late afternoon spot. It was a very busy day - it was warm and the men were out.

There were a few regulars that I have sucked off and a couple of hot new ones.
I was on my knees taking care of a very hot uncut buddy. Everyone was watching and enjoying but then the "Hand" came along.
I usually don't mind someone helping out with tweaking the nipples or maybe the balls while I am sucking but you do not ever get in the way of my mouth on a blow job.
The exception is if the guy being sucked and I are both in agreement. No problem then.
This guy was not invited or welcome and he was actually trying to get me away and take over. His hand was bad enough but then when I came off the cock to give my buddy a breather, this guy tried to swoop down and start sucking.
As this was a good buddy and he asked me to suck him, I got aggressive. That did not stop the guy - I finally had to literally stop the blow job, look up at this guy and the other four guys that were just observing and say "one more time and I am going to hit you". He finally seemed to get the message.

Before I was done with my buddy, I went to get another drink and came back to dive into a hot group scene. Cocks out and everyone sucking or getting fucked.
Since it was so busy I went back towards my husband and the uncut buddy.
Just as I got there he was about to shoot his load, and I got on my knees underneath to get it all on my face.
He let loose with a hot thick load that covered a good portion of my face. Then to my left was a guy I sucked off earlier and he started to let his cum fly at me.
And THEN the guy to my right put his cock out for me to suck. I went down on him with all of this cum still dripping down my face.
Real fast, he was close and ready to shoot. I backed off and got a third cum spray within minutes.

I was in cum pig heaven!

Then it was time to head home for some dinner. I licked every drop I could off with my tongue and scooped the rest into my mouth.
Then we walked right past the onlooking crowd and made our exit.

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Lucky boy.