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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Two loads in his ass

Earlier this year I started chatting with a hot young hung uncut guy in the city.

He loves the idea of seeing the live action and being right there.
The discussion had started about this blog and he wanted to see my ass getting fucked before he would then cum all over my used ass.
After trying a few times, he finally was able to find me a hot bottom to breed and he held the camera before blowing his load. You know that I can throw a load into a willing ass, and that started the ball rolling... Today he sent me a note asking if I could meet for lunch.

Many times I just cannot manage, but this time it was at a hotel close enough.
I told him that it would work and he proceeded to get the details.
I headed up to the room, and slid into the unlocked room.
The bottom was already on the bed with his bottle of poppers. Timing was perfect, because by the time I had my pants off we heard a quick knock on the door and in walked my uncut buddy.
Knowing the drill, he turned up the lights and grabbed the video camera.

The bottom had already worked over my cock to get me hard and now he just turned his ass around and presented me with his puckered hole.
I grabbed a bit of lube from the bedside and slid up into his ass.

Compact, tight little swimmer body and a bubble butt.
As I was slowly fucking the bottom, I would look over and see my buddy stroking his rock hard uncut cock.
He has a beautiful pink head that peeks out of the foreskin on each stroke.
 Both of us knew that our loads would be mixing in this hot ass being impaled on my cock...and that put a huge grin on his face.
After a few minutes of his hole milking my cock, and another hit of poppers I was ready to give him a bit of my juice.
He said yes, and I pulled out to stroke.
My buddy with the camera also knew my load was churning to get out and he increased his cock stroking. As my load shot out of my pierced cock, I let it coat the bottom's furry ass and hole...then it was time to push it all back in.
 He let out a hot low moan.
I let my cock rest and then pulled out.

Right then I asked if my camera buddy was ready and he said yes.
 As my cock pulled out to let him take aim, the eager bottom pushed and my creamy load ran down his balls. That put my buddy right over the edge and he shot his thick load onto the bottom's ass.
My buddy stepped aside and I pushed his load into that eager fuck hole.

What a hot fuck..and when we showed the video to our new bottom he was thrilled to see his ass being used and bred.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Leather bike gear and he fed me his load

About a year ago I chatted with a hot local guy.
We did not end up playing back then, but today I had a message from him.

Turns out he was only a few blocks away from my office... He wanted to jizz on my face, and I was up for some hot cock and cum.
 I told him about the shower room that my other buddy introduced me to last week.
That sounded great to him, and I gave the address.

He mentioned being on a bike and silly me thought of a ten - speed...nope, he pulled up in full motorcycle leathers on his bike.

I took him to the building and up to the floor.
The floor was empty, so we just walked in and locked the door behind us. He unzipped his bike gear pants and pulled out a nice thick slab of meat.
Semi hard and a pair of nice razor smooth hanging nuts.
Instantly I was on my knees and his cock was in my mouth.
Perfect size for a deep throat and also an awesome up-curve. That made his mushroom head glide along the roof of my mouth while my tongue could ride the bottom of his shaft.
He seemed to really like me doing a no hands blow, and that is how we started out.

After a couple of minutes, or maybe sooner, he also wanted to feel my throat wrapped around his head and shoved my mouth further down.
Naturally I was totally up for that and let him fuck my throat.
Then it was time to coat his nuts with spit. I took one and then other into my mouth. Oh, he liked that! I proceeded to give his nuts a good lashing and went back to deep throat and tonsil tennis with his cock head.

Once again we got him shoved down that extra inch, but this time I let him really go all out and give me a hard face fucking.
God, I thought I would shoot me own load as he piston fucked my throat.

As he got to the edge, he directed me to take over his nuts.
Obediently I went back down to those globes and pulled them into my mouth.
He was jerking his meat, and telling me to go harder and tug.
I did and when I looked up, it was to see his eyes closed but a slight smile as he was jerking harder and harder.
When he told me to tug, I swallowed both balls and really let them have it.
Pulled with my lips and teeth while using my tongue to tickle and churn that cum.

Then I was rewarded with that sweet cum.
First shot over my lips and then the rest he directed towards my mouth and let it drip in.
I took some with my tongue and lips just as it shot out of his cock.
As I stood up he mentioned that I had some "talent" and I said thanks with an ear to ear grin.
He had a bit of cum left on his hand, so I told him to just wipe it on me.

Then we headed out.
I told him to let me know if he needs to unload again before heading home...

Friday, December 7, 2012

Deposit after deposit

Ok, I know it has been far too long for an update. It is not that I have been keeping my mouth and cock out of trouble, it is just that the time got away from me while preparing for our 3 week tour of Berlin. Lets just say that I made some very good international relations in Amsterdam and Berlin over my birthday month...and I do love the fact that every bar had a dark room. Over the course of 22 days I took loads in at least 2 bars each day and sometimes we went to some of the bars more than once per day. Now on to today. While walking to the bank to make a deposit I logged online and saw a hot profile nearby. I woofed him. As I was in line, he woofed back and we discussed my need for cum down my throat. Since he lived a block away it was simple to decide...I headed over. His pics gave me the impression of a long fat cock with a mushroom head. When I got there he was in sweat pants and t-shirt. We went to the bedroom and I got on my knees in front of him. He pulled out a fat thick cock, and as it grew in my mouth I was thrilled to find that the base was beer can thick! He started out soft, which you know I love. I just shut my eyes and went to work getting him hard. While I was doing my thing he had pulled up his shirt to tweak his perked hard nipples. That gave me a great view of his flat abs. His balls were a large hand full and I knew they were churning to release a hefty load of cum. As he got more and more aroused, it was just as I said...his cock grew larger and larger. He did not get much longer but damn it stretched my jaws. Based on his breathing, I could tell that he was edging closer and closer to release. Suddenly he started to moan and that shaft swelled. I kept slurping and just let him blow his entire load right into my mouth. Sometimes there is nothing better than feeling jets of spooge hitting your tongue and filling your mouth. So that was load number one. A buddy that works a couple of blocks from me sent me a late afternoon text..."you hungry?" My response...Of course. He mentioned a shower room in his building that locks. I said that was perfect and headed over. I saw him walk off the elevator just as I got there, and followed behind. Sure enough we had the entire room to ourselves. In the past we have played multiple times, and sometimes we do some short video. I had brought the camera along just in case. While I was getting into place on the floor, I told him to just record anything he wanted...then I got between his legs. He has a very heft set of balls, and they hang below a thick piece of meat - even when he is soft. As usual he was soft and I took my cue to do my duty... It was not long before he was sporting full wood and I was milking his shaft and head. He picked up the camera and I kept up my throat massaging. Every once in awhile I would grasp his cock to stroke and let my mouth work on the head. Thick, but long enough to be a two - hand job and I did love to give it my all. As he got closer to the edge, he put down the camera and just leaned back to enjoy my mouth. Closer to the climax and he spit a wad of saliva in his hand and stroked out his nut juice. I was right at the tip of his cock as his cum shot out and onto my waiting tongue. Using my lips and tongue to catch it all, and then lick the head clean...just as you know I love it! After he was drained and dressed, we walked out together. He mentioned that I was welcome to use his locale anytime I want...just let him know so that he can join in. We will see what new fun I can cook up there...

Friday, October 19, 2012

His hot white cum fed to me

A couple of years ago I had a hot Latino man send a note asking about giving him head.
I said yes, and went over to his condo.

At the time it was across town, but my office has moved closer...
Last week he sent me an email asking for a repeat. Our timing was off, but then he said that he was home today and needed to unload.

I headed over as quick as my feet would carry me.
Getting to his place, we went up and he was already hard before my knees hit the carpet.
Uncut, curve down and a pink head dripping precum already.
I know from past experience that he can cum buckets, and he told me that he wanted to have me edge him a bit before taking any video of his load.
No need to ask me twice.

I was swallowing his entire cock and playing with his balls.
 He is just the right size and thickness to fill my throat and just keep impaling.
And of course, that is what we did!
He was moaning and holding my head to keep his cock buried.

After a couple of minutes he sat on the bed and leaned back.
I scooted up between his legs and took over the deep throat blow job.
He told me that I had him close.
At that point he reached for the video camera.
I swallowed his cock to the base and face fucked myself until he let me know it was about to blow.
Standing up, he told me to lick his balls. Being the obedient cock sucker, I went for those cum filled nuts. With him stroking a few times it was time - and he shot a thick white glob of sperm right on my cheek.
The next few volleys added to the volume and I could not help smiling at the feeling of that hot fresh load.

Mouth open, he fed a bit more to me directly.
To be sure I had it all, I milked his cock and was rewarded with a few extra drops of that nectar.
After he drained onto my tongue I told him to keep the camera rolling.

Using my fingers I scooped a thick mound of baby batter into my mouth.
HOT, Sweet cum!
He was grinning from ear to ear as I ate the rest of his load.
Using his finger, he made sure that every last ounce of his juice found it's way onto my tongue. Next time he promises to edge all morning, and then feed me a more massive load.
Stay tuned... Oh, and by the way I will be in Amsterdam and Berlin for a month.
Updates may be delayed till I can get to a computer, but I will be taking video anywhere I can.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Double loaded steam room

After a long day at work I needed some down time and my daily gym workout and cardio.

I headed to the gym, and took care of the cardio portion.
Worked out and sweaty, I headed back to the locker room.
As I had stepped off of the treadmill I saw a hot business man going to the locker room.
Grabbing my towel and stripping off my sweat soaked jock, I saw him in the glass reflection.
He was stripping down and putting on a towel...hmmmm, he might be hitting the steam room.

I stepped out of my jock and threw my towel around my waist and headed straight for the steam.
Someone was already sitting there, so I just dropped my towel and sat down.

Now, most guys will sit there with a towel wrapped around them but I figure that if we are not sharing it with females then I can let it all hang out...and it makes the hunting much easier.
Just as I thought, the hot business man walked in and sat to the other side of me.
 I looked over and saw a swimmer's build with salt 'n pepper hair on his chest. He also had that sexy salt 'n pepper thick hair on his head.
His towel was basically still wrapped around his waist.
The first guy got up and left, but then in walked a middle aged Italian guy that I have seen before, and had even taken a load or two from his cock.
OK - no problem, I thought.
I already noticed that the salt 'n pepper was looking around out of the corner of his eye.
Taking my initiative, I stood up bare assed and walked to the shower.
I took a real quick rinse and walked back.
Of course, I made sure I was semi hard and let the businessman see my pierced cock bouncing.

I sat back down and watched the other two guys.
As I said, the Italian was a given so it was a matter of whether the business man was interested.
Catching him looking over, I decided it was a good time to be sure my PA was still there...I pulled my cock and adjusted the ring.
Letting my cock drop down, it was thicker than before and he noticed.
Now that I had his attention, I let nature take it's course.
As the blood flowed to my shaft and thickened it, I looked over at the Italian. He knew what could happen and just looked back.
I grabbed my cock again to adjust it and let it lay across my thigh and that was the end of it...the business man definitely saw and his cock started to get hard.
Once I knew it was a done deal, I reached over and grabbed his cock.

Meeting no resistance, I then leaned over and took his fully hard 8 inches in my mouth and swallowed to the base.
Right away I could tell that was what he liked, and I just kept going.
To get out of the door, I scooted over and told the salt 'n pepper stud to follow. He scooted down, and I went back to work.
We all knew to keep an eye out, and I was able to spend a couple of minutes going down on his cock over and over.
He stopped me a couple times as he got closer to cumming.
After each pause, I would grab his cock and deep throat until his balls were hitting my chin and he would get harder and thicker.
I told him that I wanted to taste his load before he left.
From the smile and his nod, I knew it was going to be mine.

He stood up and wanted to sit between me and the Italian.
We all sat closer and grabbed each others cock.
As he stroked the third, I also leaned over and pulled his cock into my mouth.
It was not long before Italian was close.
While he pumped away on his shaft I leaned over offered my hand to catch his load.
Knowing what I wanted, he kept jacking. Then it was time for the cum....thick, white and he let it flow out of his cock into my hand.

Once he was spent, I pulled my hand to my mouth and ate half of his cum - the rest I offered to salt 'n pepper business man.
He licked the rest of the load off my hand.

Now it was his turn.

He stroked a bit more, and told me that he was about to cum.
I leaned over and put my mouth over his head as it erupted.
Volley after volley of cum shot onto my tongue and filled my mouth.
I swallowed the first few spurts and he kept cumming.
After I came up and could still taste his sweet load, he stroked and more came oozing out.
I swooped down and licked up that extra cum and cleaned off the tip of his cock.
To be sure I did not miss a drop, I licked around the head and down the shaft.

The Italian left the steam room, and it was just the two of us.
He reached over and returned the favor by stroking my cock.
After tasting two loads, and with his spunk still coating my mouth it was not long before I erupted all over his hand and the floor.

We both used the shower to do a quick clean up, and then sat back down to enjoy the relaxing steam.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Construction site

It was a scorcher in the city today. To avoid the heat, I had planned to just stay indoors and enjoy a cool beverage...until... Awhile back I had a guy hit me up. He wanted a no string blowjob, and I was accommodating. He works and travels close to my office for work and the timing worked. Today I got "What's up. Hungry?" I told him that our old haunt was not available, but I was indeed up for a blow job. We discussed that if he came by, I knew of a spot further away. He agreed and said he could drive over and take it from there. HOT. I hopped in and we headed to the spot a few blocks away. As we got closer though, it was obvious that with the sun and warm weather it was a busy place today. Almost foiled, but then he said I could suck him right there in his front seat. HMMMMMM..... We drove around the block until he saw a spot near a construction site, but far enough away that traffic was non-existent. My buddy already told me that heat makes him horny, and he was half undressed as we were parking. Cock out, camera in hand and sun shining down...I got my mouth between his legs and pulled his cock into my mouth. In the past, I was able to milk his cock and balls, but this position did not give me room so we just went at it like two guys should...wham, bam, thank you. During the first bit of sucking him off I heard a truck approaching and just lifted my eyes up enough to see a delivery truck drive by. He had quite an eye full of a guy getting head. I made sure to get every inch of his cock and a few times I pushed that extra inch down my throat until I gagged and could feel the head expand. He had his hand on my head and was guiding me, so I just followed his lead and adjusted my timing to his downward pushes. Sucking, slurping and playing with his fuzzy nuts. Soon it was time, and I could tell he was ready to blow. I kept him in my mouth as he started to spurt, and let him unleash all of that pent up heat induced cum out of his balls. You all know I love a hot load on my face, but doing it bent over I wanted to take it all and not waste on the floorboards. After he was spent, I stayed in place to milk his shaft and was rewarded with a few extra drops of white man sperm. He buttoned up his pants, and I sat upright. As we drove back towards my office I could still taste his load.

Giving head while traffic went by

He needed to get off, but the location was too, I gave him head in his van while parked on the street near a construction site.

Friday, September 28, 2012

Mass transit yoga load

My husband had some meetings after work, so I took the extra time to get in a second workout at the gym. It was slow there, I had a great core workout and then headed home.

I always take the mass transit from the gym, and today I happened to see this young bearded guy sort of checking me out on the platform.
We both go on, and I took a seat towards the back.
 At this point I really had no idea if he was just looking or cruising.

A bit of background - he was wearing a pair of worn grey sweatpants, and a grey hoodie, carrying a gym type bag.
The hood of his jacket was up on the platform, so I only saw an auburn beard and short hair.
He had his hand in his pocket and I thought it would be hot if he were going commando.
When he sat down catty-corner to me, he had a view of my crotch and I could check him out.

At the next stop more people came on, so I just made direct eye contact with him and beckoned him over to my seat.
 He smiled, had his hands in his sweats and gave a slight twist of his head.
As the miles went by, I kept watching him and then I sat back and let him see my semi hard cock in my jeans. He loved that, and I knew he wanted something.
I debated how to get my hands on that cock when the cum gods smiled down on me.
He was getting off on my stop.
Grabbing my gym bag and hoodie, I stepped onto the platform and we walked side by side.
He was really grinning now, so I asked he were actually getting out at this stop.
He said yes.
I told him "I live at ### and ###" - and his reply was "want me to come over?"
I had mentioned the intersection in case he was nearby and may have wanted to host.

Asking him if he wanted a blowjob, he immediately replied yes and I said that could be done.
He had to get home also, and said he would be quick.
As we walked, he told me that he was a yoga instructor.
 Hmmmm, never had one of those before.

Once we got in the door, he took a seat on the couch and pulled out his cock.
Fuzzy balls, slight bush and a rock hard piece of meat standing straight up.
I got down on my knees in front of him and took him all the way down.
I had to push to get the last inch because of the angle, but that drew a low moan out of him.
That guttural moaning sound of someone that does not always get their entire cock sucked is such a sweet sound to a cock sucker.
At that point I just kept up the swallowing, deep throat and occasional stroking.

At one point he said "you really like sucking cock" and I said that I love to suck....and went right back down on him.
He was edging closer and closer.
He told me it was close, so I slowed down and then went back to working the head with my lips as I stroked the shaft.
As I heard his breathing speed up I asked him where he wanted to cum - down my throat or on my face. He smiled and said he wanted to cum on my face.
He stood up and stroked a couple of times and then the cum flowed.

It was like a thick river of white cream as it dropped from the head onto my lips and goatee.
Three thick spurts and it was done.
There was more on his hand and some oozed out, but he could not be touched because it was super sensitive - so I let him wipe his hand onto my tongue. He cleaned up and thanked me as he went out the door.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Folsom fair recap - I have NO idea how many cocks...

Well,it has been a few days - sorry about the delay, but my mind, mouth and ass were just exhausted.

So I am going to attempt to give you a recap beginning Thursday night.
This will be different because there were honestly so many cocks.
And I loved it!

Thursday night - an underwear party with friends and also attended by two extra hung visitors.
One has been in town before, and there are 100's of pictures of his baby arm sized cock on the net.
I had the pleasure of taking almost all of it into my mouth.
My eyes had to be glazed over by the end...but, after fucking my buddy for awhile he gave me a look that said he wanted my ass.
Well, I was not sure it would go with just a hit of poppers and some spit..but it slid right in and then I REALLY got nailed.
He did not cum, but I was now primed for more cock.

Then I run into my raw top visitor!!
He bends me over and fucks the hell of my ass in front of everyone.
He can be a brutal fucker, but he knows I can take it.
He fucked me until I was ready to explode and then he let out a massive yell and unleashed every ounce of cum that he could.
By the end of the night I had taken at least three loads.

Friday - I had an invite from my raw top Folsom visitor to breed his young friend.
I said sure and went to the hotel room with my husband.
There on the bed was a hot furry ass that I had only met briefly the night before.
While my husband was fucking his hole, I was being slowly opened up by the thick cock I had the night before.
The phone rang and he had to pull out to go get the new arrivals.
In walked two hot men.
Both uncut - and one was sporting what I would say is at least 9.5 if not more.

My buddy threw me back down on the other bed and took over fucking me.
After the uncut visitor was done with the party bottom he came over and gave my ass a taste.
He went back and gave his load to the host's buddy.
The second guy that came in then came up behind me and wanted to fuck me.
I bent back over and let him take my hole. He gave me a good fuck, and bred my ass.
Now it was time for me to get it from the host again.
And this time he was POUNDING my ass. It was like a porn movie where the bottom is just a hole and he is going to be raped no matter what he says....and I was saying yes!

He ended up giving me another huge load of cum in less than 24 hours.

Now it was time to head out and hit one of the dance parties.
This party has a play space set up already, so I was prepped and ready.
I wore a wrestling singlet and pulled it down to reveal my ready and waiting ass.

Once again, I cannot even recall the number of cocks that were buried up my ass and down my throat...but, there was one special one.
A friend from New York sent his young friend out for his first Folsom.
As I was waiting by the bar he walked up and recognized me.
We chatted for a short bit, and then I decided that his cock should be in my throat. He agreed, and down I went.
While swallowing everything he had, including his load, there was a photographer taking pics.
My new friend was thrilled to be caught in the act, and we both cannot wait to see the final pics.

Saturday - the annual house party orgy.
All I can say about this is that my reputation for being a cock sucker was apparently well know and talked about.
And a demonstration was requested...and I did...for more than a few hung guys. More than once I overhead them say "yes, that is damn good".
 Later in the night I headed down to the play room.
Ass already used since Thursday night so I was looking for more.
I found it, multiple times.

Now on to the Sunday
That is really the only thing I can say, but I will recap what I remember and let you decide.
Arrive at the fair in rubber apron and cock ring.
NOTHING else but my boots.

Walked into one of the more aggressive spots where cocks are always out and being serviced.
Within minutes I was taking them down my throat or bending over and feeling random cocks sliding into my ass.
I recall five very hot guys that would not stop until they had planted their seed, and even more used my mouth to either unload in, or to get them to the edge for more ass.
Then it was time for a lunch break.
I went out and found another annual gathering that has some food and beer.
Joined in the fun, and said hello to many old friends.

Then I was ready for, I headed back to my first haunt.
Now the entire room was filled with even more horny, hung guys.
I went right back into the thick of it. More random cock in my holes.
Then I went out for some air.
And I ran int my New York friend from Friday night dance. He, his hot friend and I went back inside.

Since he is a very hot young guy, there were no lack of cocks.
Eventually his cock met my mouth and I was rewarded with another hot thick cum load from his young nuts.

Off the top of my head, I think that was the finale of the weekend. Of course, he was told of this blog by our mutual friend. I know that we will see him again in January at the annual leather event we attend.

Cannot wait to see what trouble we get into there...

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Taking his load in the van

It was a scorcher in the city today. To avoid the heat, I had planned to just stay indoors and enjoy a cool beverage...until... A few months back I had a guy on the scruffy app hit me up. He wanted a no string blowjob, and I was accommodating. He traveled close to my office for work and the timing worked. We met up near my office that time. Today I got a message "What's up. Hungry?" I told him that our old haunt was not available, but I was indeed up for a blow job. His response was "suck me off in my van?" "It would have to be the front seat." Knowing exactly who I was meeting, it was fine and I told him it would work. I have sucked other guys off while they drove, but not parked in the city. Because of my location it was going to be kinda hot to be blowing this guy while he sat there, and people going by would never know about the smile on his face. He came and picked me up, and we went around the block. He found a parking spot and told me that he would let me know if anyone walked by. Now, the hot part was that there was a construction guy about half a block away. My buddy already told me that heat makes him horny, and he was half undressed as we were parking. Cock out, camera in hand and sun shining down...I got my mouth between his legs and pulled his cock into my mouth. In the past, I was able to milk his cock and balls, but this position did not give me room so we just went at it like two guys should...wham, bam, thank you. During the first bit of sucking him off I heard a truck approaching and just lifted my eyes up enough to see a delivery truck drive by. He had quite an eye full of a guy getting head. I made sure to get every inch of his cock and a few times I pushed that extra inch down my throat until I gagged and could feel the head expand. He had his hand on my head and was guiding me, so I just followed his lead and adjusted my timing to his downward pushes. Soon it was time and I could tell he was ready to blow. I kept him in my mouth and let him unleash all of that pent up heat induced cum out of his balls. After he was spent, I stayed in place to milk his shaft and was rewarded with a few extra drops of white man sperm.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Young uncut security guard load

I had a message from a young uncut latino. He asked if I was looking because he needed a cocksucker.
My reply was just "where?"
He came back with an office building and said he had access to a vacant floor...he works security there and can get me in.

Due to timing I could not do it that afternoon, so this morning we agreed to meet up before work.
I took the train downtown and met him out front. Following him into the elevator, I was semi hard remembering his thick uncut meat.
You see, when I asked if he had a cock shot just to see what I would feed on, he told me that I have sucked him before and took video.

We got to the vacant floor and walked around to make sure no one was around. Then he leaned against the wall, while undoing his pants and I pulled out the camera.
I handed over the camera as his meat came out of his underwear. Thick and semi hard!

Not wasting any time, I got to work immediately on the head and swallowing the shaft. He told me that I needed to be as loud as I wanted so I knew I could enjoy the hell out of the moment.
Using my hand to milk the shaft as I found the foreskin a few times had me sporting full wood in my jock.

You know I had to deep throat his drooling cock, and when I did it swelled a bit thicker each time.
During the blowjob he panned across the room and it was hot to think of anyone walking in and seeing a security guard with his cock down the throat of a hungry cock sucker!!

After a few minutes of oral enjoyment I asked him where he wanted to cum - he said "your mouth".

Soon he told me that he was getting closer and I knocked it up a notch until I felt his shaft swell and the head flared up...then the sweet cum began to pour onto my tongue.
Squirt after squirt kept cumming and I let it pool in my mouth and as he was finished I looked up and let him see his baby batter.
Then I took a swallow and felt the thick load slide down my throat.

After he zipped his pants back up we chatted about where I work now, and I told him that anytime he wanted to use that floor to feed me it was fine with me.

Hope I get to feast on that uncut latin cock again soon...

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Public transit is great for head

Ok, so this story started a few weeks back...

I was on the train home, and found myself in a car with another eager to play gay guy.
He is probably late 20's, some facial scruff, tall and in shape. We both sent signals back and forth.

It was a packed car, so I nodded my head to get out at the next stop. He agreed, and off we went.
The platform of this station has a great blind spot and I made good use of it - naturally.
I pulled him forward and he shoved a cut thick cock onto my tongue and into my open waiting mouth.

I was not sure how large he was going to be, but damn it was growing quick.

At that point we realized a train was coming and adjusted ourselves. As the train stopped, we saw the entire car in front of us was empty. SCORE!

We stepped back on, and I was bent over taking his cock back into my mouth. Soon he was coating my tongue with his cum.

That was so hot, that I wanted a repeat sometime. I gave him my number.

Today I got a note from him. We saw each other over the weekend at a bar, and I told him that I would have pulled him into the bathroom and done it again. He replied back that he was thinking of the same thing...

So, of course we figured that we should take of it immediately.

I told him where to meet me and he headed out. I also asked if he wanted a video, and he said would not be the first time his cock was on camera he said.

The first time we were pretty rushed, but this time I got between his legs and saw his thick untrimmed bush surrounding his semi hard cock.
Pulling that meat into my mouth, I was set to milk him for all it was worth...and he knew it.

So, there I was on my knees with a rapidly growing cock stuffed into my mouth. I used my hand a bit to coax more inches out of him.
Once I felt that he was rock hard and fully erect I opened up to let him get deep into my throat.
Fuck, trying to slide him in had me precumming and I could feel my own cock bounce.
I did get it down, and then came back up for air.

Alternating between deep swallows, tongue bathing of his head and stroking his shaft had him oozing some tasty pre cum as well.

I took a breather real fast to just savor the look of his spit covered cock, and then had to go back to work.

Earlier I had told him to cum and just keep cumming when he was ready.

With the tiniest bit of a moan, he let me know that I was about to get that man spunk.

I felt the first hot blast hit my tongue, and then I wanted him to see me feeding on the rest.
With my mouth partially open he kept cumming. Warm, and quick it just kept flowing.

As I saw some go down over my hand I swept in to catch it and the balls were churning because that did not stop the flow of semen.
More oozed out with each stroke and I kept licking and swallowing to catch it all.

Needless to say, I was rock hard as I milked the last of his spunk out of his balls. I cleaned up his cock and my hands with my tongue and damn if it was not a sweet load.
Once he was drained, we both stood up and pulled our pants on and headed out.

He is close by, so there may be more daytime encounters to cum.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Public transit hook up

It was a warm sunny day, and I decided to grab lunch downtown and come back to the office.

I hopped on an underground train headed to the Financial district. I was semi hoping to see either a guy that I have sucked before or perhaps just some hot horny pig also cruising...I was in my old stomping grounds, so why not look?
Nothing around, so I headed to the mall and grabbed some tacos.

Now, I always make a point of checking guys out on our public transportation because there are some hot guys, and if they are horny, it is amazing what you can do.

On this train, at first there was no one. I was just kicking back reading on my phone, when a tall young man walked on.
Mid 20's, dark black hair, a bit of five o'clock shadow, V neck semi tight T-shirt showing a great body and jeans.
Not Levi's, but those kind that will show a great package and still be a bit loose.

I did in fact check out his package, and I wanted it.

He sat across from me and we kept catching each other looking. He moved to sit directly across from me.
We both reached down and adjusted our cocks. That is when I pulled out my phone to type a memo...
"I can suck you off at (not giving you that much info!)" With that typed, I motioned for him to come sit next to me.
As he took the seat, I tilted my phone to show him the message.
He smiled and nodded.

Quick enough we arrived at the stop and I led the way.

Once I had him in the room I mentioned, he leaned against the wall and began to unzip his jeans.
I knelt down and gave him a hand, while also unzipping my own pants and pulling out my cock.

I had seen the package and was very pleasantly surprised to see it in the flesh.

Cut, semi hard cock and a pair of low hanging smooth balls. Yes, it seems he was a shave boy but I am currently sporting that look myself and know how it feels to have them bouncing free.

With that, I took his cock into my mouth and started to give him the blow job I promised.

You know that I love those growers, and damn, if he was not a sexy hot fucking grower.
That cock swelled so thick and long that I was opening my mouth wider and wider with each slurp down the shaft.
Similar to my own cock, he was largest at the base and just tapered a bit with each inch towards the head.
Perfect for impaling a hungry mouth.

I took a quick look up as I was down there and saw him smiling down. And then, I went right back to it.
During the course of the blow, I did attempt to shove as much as I could down my throat.
Due to the size, it was not easy...but I love that!

A couple of times he would stroke his cock and he even took the time to smack my face a few times.
Then he fed me his meat again and I kept going.

After a few more minutes of deep throat action he began to get thicker, and I was hoping that meant a load was building.
I kept up the non stop sucking and the pre cum and spit started to slick up and make that awesome sound of a pig being fed.

He pulled his cock and asked me where I wanted the load.
I said on my face and he confirmed that it was going to be on me. HOT!

I had unbuttoned my shirt during the latter part of giving head, and he had tweaked my nipples...but now it gave him a wide open canvas to shoot for...

And he did! One shot of pure white thick young spunk poured out first, and that went towards my mouth.
The next five or six dollops of white cum were shot on different parts of my chest and stomach.
Some near my neck, a few down my torso and a few near my pierced nipples. Fucking hot and creamy.

Now, I was going straight back to work and would have loved to let that spunk slowly dry, but it was too thick and I wanted to taste it.
Right away I started to use my fingers to pick off the largest globs of spooge.
That cum that could be glue, it is so thick...damn and it was so sweet too.

I must have taken about five or six of those and eaten them. Then it was time to button up the shirt and head out.
He helped make sure there were no tell tale signs on my beard (with how white and thick it was, there would have been no mistaking what I had just swallowed).

With everything in place, I led him back out and went to the office.

Sitting here now, I can still smell that seed as it dries.

Hope to see more of these hot young horny men on my commute...

Monday, August 20, 2012

Two loads to start the week...

Over the weekend I had a message from a blog fan.

Tall, beard, shaved head and from the pics I saw, a fairly thick cock.

He commented that he would like to give me some material for the blog, and I told him that was perfectly fine with me.

So...this is how today played out and how he was the load to top off a day of cum pig feedings...

This morning I had a buddy that has fed me his loads a few times in the past.
Also a large bearded man with some balls packed with cum. He asked what was up, and I told him I was in the office.

After lunch I had a message from him, and he was up the block. He wanted to know if he should swing by for a feeding...You know I told him yes.

I went downstairs, met him and we headed to a secluded spot that I have swallowed him at in the past.
Locked the door, and was on my knees. And he was already hard.

I love how this guy has such a thick cock, and as he is just about to bust his nut it grows almost twice as hard and twice as thick. Today was no exception.

After about five minutes of some great slurping and ball holding action he let loose a torrent of cum and I swallowed every last drop.

That was load #1...and that made me hornier.

I logged on to my phone app and asked the new guy where he was. Come to find out, he was not far.
With the information, I told him that I would suck him off right now.
He hopped in the car, and headed over.

Now, when I saw the pics I was expecting a big hairy guy but damn he was a sexy tall fuck.
I was going to enjoy the second load!

I took him to a different location from my earlier feeding. Once again, door locked and on my knees.

This guy was soft when his pants were around his ankles, but even then it was thicker than my own hard cock. And you know I love to get a guy hard as slow or as fast as he likes.
He also appeared to be semi uncut, like me. When soft there is a whole lot of skin, which leads to guys thinking it is uncut, but once it is hard you would swear cut.

My mouth was filled with cock - it was a mouth full and not even full on hard.
His balls were just as massive. I could barely hold them in my hand, but hairy and full..just what I like.

Now, before he arrived I had asked if he has a large load stored up. He replied that it was not, and asked about waiting. I told him it was fine, I was just in a piggy mode.

Well, as he got harder and thicker and longer I was not sure if I was going to be able to take the whole cock.
This time around I did not pull his cock down my throat, but I hope to work on that next time.
Instead, I just worked the shaft and thoroughly enjoyed the taste of his pre cum and the feel of his hairy nut sack bouncing in my hand.

He was not a vocal cum feeder, but damn if he did not start to buck in my mouth only seconds before he unleashed all of his sperm.

And FUCK, for supposedly not being a large load I have to say that it instantly filled my mouth.
I swallowed quickly, knowing that if that was the first shot there would undoubtedly be more..and I was right.

It felt like two or three more spurts and once again I swallowed every drop. Sweet farm fed fresh man juice. HOT!!

I told him after I stood up that it was a huge load and now I cannot wait for another round.

Stay tuned, and maybe next time he may let me take a video or some pics of his meat filling and seeding my hole.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

A cum load day ended with 24 yr old cum

Having a great cock day.

Started at 5am, with my husband grabbing my cock and as I got harder and woke, I reached back and felt his mushroom head swelled and his cock rock hard.
He was half asleep, but when I went down on him I could already taste the precum flowing.
Needless to say, I slurped and swallowed until he blew his nut in my mouth, and it was a huge load.

I have hitting the gym and using a trainer.
This morning I was on my own, and after a good workout I was ready for cardio. I went to the locker room to get my phone and headphones when out of the steam room came a hot lean black man...that I have blown before.
As he was going back in, I changed my mind and undressed.

I grabbed a towel and went in. He was sitting on the bench, already at half mast.
He knew what I could and would do.

I grabbed his cock and immediately put about 3/4 of it down my throat. His cock head was also mushroom, but immense and his shaft was a hand full...but I persevered and took him to his balls.
That just made him moan even more.
He was encouraging me to keep it up, and soon he said that he was about to cum.
I just nodded my head and kept sucking. His load hit my tongue and kept going.

Then it was after noon.

I had a message from my phone app. Asked me what I was doing.
My reply was "at work, and horny". Figured that if he wanted to feed me, that would get the ball rolling.

Sure enough, he replied that I could suck him off in the bathroom at his building.

I said that worked perfectly.

He gave me the address, and I hot footed it up there. Not far at all.

As I got to the door, he said that a conference call started in 5 minutes. I told him I was at the bathroom basically.
He had given me the code, and I entered.
The largest stall was unlocked and he was already hard.

Oh, I should mention that he asked if I was okay with a piercing.
Told him that I have one and it would not be a problem....

I got on my knees and was presented with this 24 yr old cock sporting a very hot PA.

True to my word, I went right down and took him. I really do love a PA, especially since so many of us pierced guys are constantly asked to take them out.
I know the concern, but my reply is always that if you know what you are doing, teeth are not an issue.

His piercing was bouncing around in my mouth as my tongue batted it back and forth, all while I was going down to the base and using my lips to caress the shaft on the way up.

I knew we did not have much time, but I also remembered taking his cock last year in another bathroom...he could shoot fast when necessary.
After a couple of minutes he let out those beautiful words...I am about to cum.
HOT! Let me have it.

I love the sight of my cum as it shoots over the curve of the piercing, so I let his first shot go onto my tongue and then I opened my mouth to let him see his cum as it slid into my mouth.
Well, the next shot went right over my mouth and hit my cheek. No problem.

I could feel the heat of that sperm sitting on my cheek as he let more ooze down into my waiting mouth.

Once I though he was done, I took a few more moments to clean up the load.
I milked the shaft to be sure he was empty and then used my tongue to get every last bit from that PA.
Then I swallowed the whole cock again to spit shine and get anything left.

That was it, a perfect wham bam thank you.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Cum dump for the group...

Today was our bukkake group lunch.

As usual, my buddy Greg and I sent out emails to our respective lists.

My list included a last minute addition from my online friends. He sent me some pics of himself from head to crotch... and I responded that I would gladly take it all...

I arrived at my buddies house a bit early. Prior, I sent a note to my new friend and the host to confirm that the three of us will be the first hard cocks.
My thinking was that I had never played with this latest addition, and I wanted some one on one (or this case, one on two)action.
After all, the cock pic he sent was already getting me hard!

Sure enough, my new friend beat me there by a few minutes, so he and the host hit it off.
Once I was in the living room, I stripped down and both of them followed suit.
I was wearing my FAGGOT tank, but left only my cock ring on. When the guys were both stripped down, I went right to my knees.
The new guy had a gorgeous cut cock, with a slight curve up. I had no problem deepthroating him immediately, I wanted it so bad.
I bounce back and forth between the two cocks, and then I could tell that the newbie was itching to be fucked.

Well, in anticipation I had already prepped for being a bottom this time, so I asked if he wanted to have his cock buried in my hole.
He smiled a wide southern smile and said yes!

I stood up, turned around and bent over. I grabbed some lube from my backpack and slicked my hole up for him, then I grabbed his cock and spread the rest on his shaft.
He slid up and slowly filled my ass...and it was beyond rock hard after over 5 minutes of cock sucking.
He started to fuck, and I told the host to grab the camera.

Here is the brief video...

Neither of us shot a load, but I told him that I had saved up for the past few days, and almost blew on the floor with his cock plowing me.

At that point, the doorbell began ringing and the guys started to arrive.

As each one came upstairs they saw me on my knees with a cock in my mouth. They stripped down and came over.
You know how much I love to get a guy from soft to hard, and this group is always a treat for that.
Most of the guys are not sure who else will be there, but when they see hard cock know what happens.

In this group I had a surprise guest. Hot young kid - tan, dark haired buck and he asked to be included a couple of weeks ago, and when I sent him the date I suddenly got back a reply that his load was going to be multiple day saving!! HOT!!

I went from cock to cock, and then swung around either when I was told to or I saw a cock that was just begging for my tongue and throat.

Each time we do these groups, it only takes one load to blow and suddenly balls are churning up the spunk and it is ready for me.

Today it was a hung thick cock that blew first. He has fed me in group and solo, and always a creamy sweet load.

After that, it is hard to keep track of which was next, so I will just let you enjoy the videos.

You can see the hot young kid give me his thick spunk at the 2:15 mark on video two.
Every load is welcome, and all were amazingly hot...I we are all looking forward to the next group spunk lunch.

Monday, August 13, 2012

He moved here last week and wanted to feed me

Last week I had a message on xtube.
He said that he was a fan of the videos and had just moved to San Francisco.

Along with inquiring where to find cock, he also told me that he would be up for making a video.
I sent him my email address to exhange some pics.

Over the weekend he sent me some face and dressed pics.
Hot little guy from what I could see. About my height, dark hair and eyes.
Reminded me of the native Hawaiians.
I asked about a cock shot, but he did not have one. No problem, I told him.

Today we arranged to meet up.
I gave him the address of where I was and he headed on down.
He called to let me know he was downstairs so I went and met him. I led him to the perfect location, where I have taken a few local guys.

I handed him my camera and got down on my knees.

He told me he got lost and had to hike the hills, and would be a bit sweaty...and he was dressed from the gym.

I pulled down his sweat pants and shorts and out came his cock.

Perfectly sized, and slammed up when I released it from his shorts. Cut cock, low hanging smooth balls and a tasty looking bubble butt.
Framing all of that meat in front of me was a pair of thick hard legs and a smooth flat stomach.

Well, I wasted no time. I had to taste.

His full nuts were just hanging, so when I pulled his cock into my mouth I had something to hang on to.

Now you all know how much I love to feel the head of a guys cock hitting my tonsils and this one was just long enough to band the back of my throat.
Using my throat and lips, I slammed his cock further down and was rewarded with that extra two inches you can find when buried to the balls.

I could not neglect his balls and had to take them into my mouth a few times as well.

Going down and swallowing every inch he had, we had a good rhythm going. My spit was lubing up that shaft and I was pulling it in for all I was worth.

Eventually I could feel his shaft starting to get even more rock hard. That was my signal to bring him to the edge and take his seed.

He must be a huge precummer because as I was feeling it gush out, he was still right at the precipice of orgasm...and then he told me it was time.
Fuck yes!

That shaft swelled, and as he moaned out loud I felt the first spurt hitting my tongue.
We were trying to be quiet, but his cum load was not going to come quietly. It was hot as hell hearing him moan as his nuts released all that pent up spooge.

I wanted to let him see me feeding on his spunk, so I let my mouth off a bit and was rewarded with that feeling of more warm juice hitting my lips and beard.

Once he was drained, he and I milked his cock for the last drops.

Sweet and so tasty...young horny and fully loaded..gotta love those guys and the amount of cum they can produce.

Of course, now that he lives here I told him to let me know when he wants to do it again, and again, and again.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Booty text and a visitor

I had a message on my mobile A4A.
Blonde, top guy with a great looking cock, and he wanted to get blown. I told him to let me know when he would be in the city...
Today he sent me a note and we met up.

We tried to figure out a spot to meet, and it turned out to be a watering hole that I love to visit and be on my knees.
It was early in the day, so we were pretty much on our own...or so I thought.

I arrived and after grabbing a beverage we headed outside.

There were already a few men hanging out, but nothing going on.

Within minutes, we had our pants undone and he was pushing me onto my knees.

I had seen pics of his long mushroom head cock, but it was much more appetizing in front of me.
Full low hanging hairy balls, a long straight shaft - probably a good 8 inches from the base and capped with a sweet perfect plum shaped mushroom head.

I swallowed every inch, and got to work. As I was down on my knees, he told me to just do what I wanted.
He did say that working around the head gets him off I ignored that for a bit and kept deep throating his shaft.
The head was indeed a challenge, but you know how I take those...all the way down.

With a small group of guys watching, and with his cock buried to the balls it was not long before I suspected he was getting closer.
Suddenly he grabbed my head in both hands and started to hold me in place while he piston fucked my mouth.
When he let up on the piston fuck, he kept my head in his hands and directed my mouth while telling me to swallow.

Soon I was being rewarded with a sweet thick cum load. I don't often taste specifics, but his was orange flavored and it went down smooth.

After a bit more chit chat, we were hanging out when I saw this young bearded guy walk in. Carrying a backpack, sandals, shorts and shoulder length black curly hair.
He made eye contact with me just as my buddy was pulling my cock out to take a shot of sucking.

The sucking session ended pretty quickly and I led us back inside. After setting down our beverages, I told him that I was going to hang around a bit longer.
He headed out the door and I grabbed a new cocktail.

I went back outside and there was the young dark haired guy. Standing against the wall, smoking a cigarette.

There was a group of guys at the top of the stairs so I went further away. I stood and watched the young buck.
He looked back, and nodded his head a bit.
I kept sipping my cocktail and looked back at him again. This time I did the nod.
Third time is the charm (as I tell my friends that want to know when a guy is interested)...when he nodded again I motioned for him to join me.

He walked over and immediately asked if the other guy was my boyfriend (the first guy I blew).
I assured my new friend that he was not.
He smiled at that and moved closer.

When he was near enough, he asked if I minded him sucking me.


He stood to my left and told me to undo my pants.
I pulled out my cock and let it hang out - my shirt was covering some but he could see it all.
That is when he made the comment "this is my first time sucking in public".

What? Oh, I knew what to do...

I told him that I would suck him first, so that he could tell that it would not be a problem.
He agreed and immediately undid the button on his shorts.
I reached over and took over, and pulled out his stiff cut cock.

Long, thick, cut and just a bit of a curve to his right.

Since he was already rock hard, I just bent over and took him into my mouth.

His balls were covered in soft dark hair, and they were hanging low and loose. I cupped them into my hand, and turned my body so that I could be directly in front of his crotch and take it all.

Now that he was out on display and filling my mouth, we both relaxed and I took over.
Swallowing his cock head, then sliding down the base until he was hitting the back of my throat.
We went on like this for a few minutes, and then he wanted control.

He would put his finger in my mouth to stop me from pulling the shaft in, and I would then suck on his fingers...until he deemed it time to feed me his cock again.
Then he would gently aim his piss slit right at me and guide my head forward.

I knew that was my cue to swallow and service.

This went back and forth for over five minutes.

That was the point that we paused and he said that he was about to cum. I looked up and said "yes".
He asked if I wanted him to cum in my mouth...

You know my answer...."yes, please!".

He smiled and let me take over. I could taste the pre cum starting to flow and soon I felt that thick warm spooge hitting my tongue and sliding down toward the back of my throat.
With his cock almost entirely in my mouth, I felt each spasm as he shot and it was amazing to feel each spurt fill my mouth a bit more...until I was at capacity and had to swallow a bit to allow the rest to flow onto my tongue.

Fuck, it was another sweet extra large thick load!

Once he was fully drained, I stood up and said thanks. That is when the conversation went to where he was from...Portugal.
Only in town for a few days and no idea where to go.

I gave him the skinny on each night and where to be for similar action.

Tonight is Tuesday, and I told him where I was headed...and I hope to get more of that hot young Portuguese cum...

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time off leads to cum loads galore

Over the past week I have had some unexpected time off from work. Nothing bad, just some building issues but it did give me hours of time to go out and hunt for cock.

Since it was over a couple of days, I won't try to put them into date breaks but I will tell you in order.

I went to the local shopping area and headed to my favorite tearoom. As usual there was some heavy traffic so I took a break. After a sufficient amount of time, I went back.
Every urinal was a fellow cock whore and the stalls were all cock strokers.
Once we knew the deal, everyone went into the center.

One stall had a hot thuggish Latino guy - tats on his arms, bandana around his head, and that look of someone you would not approach on the street, but he was stroking a hefty thick cock.
Another stall had an uncut furry guy.
At the urinals was a hung black man I have sucked before and a few others I knew by sight.
Once the cocks were out, I was on my knees.
The black man was closest, but he only wanted to jack. So, I told him to cum on my face.
He smiled and I knew he would. But, first I was able to get the uncut guy into my mouth and it was only seconds before he was spewing a thick white load onto my lips.
Once he shot, the black man began to cum so I went to let his spooge coat me. After he unloaded it was time for the thug to cum...and cum he did.

I was sitting there with three loads, and no one came in. I was able to stand up, and scoop the loads into my mouth.
It was time to head out and see what else there was.

Nothing in any of the other tearooms, so I headed back to the scene of the group jack.
When I stood at the urinal, there was a young guy there and we both caught each other looking. I stood back and looked down...he was holding about 7 inches of cock in his hand and not even fully hard.

Knowing how fast the traffic can come, I asked if he wanted to go elsewhere. He nodded yes.
I led the way.
We took ourselves to another bathroom where I knew we would not be interrupted.
As we walked there, I found out he was not French as I thought from his looks and accent, but he was Spanish decent.
Once we arrived, I got down on my knees and he pulled that uncut cock back out for me.
I leaned in and started with some foreskin play and then a full deep throat. The moan that came from him told me that he enjoyed feeling his cock buried to the balls.
That was all I needed to know!

You know me...I pulled his nuts out of his shorts and pulled that foreskin with my lips and worked the head and shaft.
Soon enough I was being rewarded with his young spunk.

HOT! But, not the end....

After that I was back on the public transport and spotted a guy from the past. He was dressed in a security uniform.
With all of that cum, I was still hungry for more.

Because the train was full, I just sat next to him and pulled out my phone. I typed a message that if he got out at a certain stop, I would suck him off.
He smiled and followed me off the train at the designated spot.

True to my word, I led him to a secluded spot where we could get his cock out.

He is "height challenged" as am I, but he is a bit shorter than me..but his cock is massive in comparison.
I forgot just how large he was, but when he was erect and in my hands I knew what to do.

In less than five minutes I was getting fed another load.

Ironically within about an hour I had an app message from a buddy in the area. He wanted to know what was up. I told him that I just had multiple loads and was still up for his.
He jumped at that!

Because time was short, I headed over to his office building. On the way he texted that he was actually running late.
I sent back that I was already in the lobby bathroom...

He said that he was on his way down!

I was in the largest stall, but it was still in a small room with only one other stall and some urinals.
By the time he arrived, it was pretty busy. During a quick break, I texted him that I would unlock my stall and he could slip in.

When it was clear he did come over and we got into the corner. He was already hard as I pulled his pants and shorts down to get his cock out.
We heard some more guys come in, but we kept going.

As we could hear guys pissing, I was pulling every inch of his thick shaft into my throat.
It was a minute before he was unloading yet another load down my throat.
As I stood up he mentioned that it was the fastest he ever blew in a bathroom stall.

On another trip to the shopping district I had another range of multiple loads...

Separately there were two uncut Latino men in a retail store.
They were both straight acting, but I knew the look and gave them a nod.
They immediately acknowleged my look and I knew there cocks were mine.

Both went into a stall, and I pulled out the uncut cocks.

Whether they were bisexual or "straight", it was a fast and furious blow job and I was rewarded with two very thick heavy loads of cum.

As I was walking around, I had a text from a feeder in the building. He saw me a couple of times and asked if I wanted his cock.
I sent him a note about where I was and he headed down.

Well, it got busy again so I took him to another tearoom where I knew we would not be disturbed.

Large black cock, full nuts and a tasty mouth is the video to enjoy.

So, that is what I did with some extra time off and a city of cocks to service.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

An eight load feeding from a group of cocks

Today we hosted our third group bukkake/group suck scene.

Many of the guys were past favorites of mine from around town, and there were a few extra new faces.
Overall we had 10 guys!
One of my buddies was not feeling 100% for cumming, but he gets off on seeing me service and with his extra large cut cock...well, it did make it's way into the group and my mouth.

The action started right on time and for about 5 minutes we had a few strays coming in. Once everyone was there, it was a no holds barred group of cock and mouth.

I started the action on my knees, making it around to every cock as they came in. After that it was one cock after another.

There were times when I was servicing and could see two cock out of the corner of my eye being jacked and worked to the edge.

A buddy from the hotel suite recently was the first to cum. He does indeed cum buckets and today it was the perfect appetizer.
After he shot his load onto my face, lips and mouth...the rest started to flow.

There was blonde that likes me to gag on his thick cock, the neighbor that is so thick I want to ride it, and an awesome uncut buddy.
All were set to unload and give me their seed, and it was amazingly hot.

One of my favorites has a habit of hitting me right in the eye...he feels bad, but it is a risk I will take when his thick white load is shooting out and hitting me.

Another really thick load that caught me and had me oozing pre cum was my uncut buddy.
He and I have been trying for a few years to get me on my knees and on his cock. When I talked to him a couple of weeks ago and mentioned this party he wanted to attend.
His husband was there and said "yes!".
When you see the video, you can see why I almost came right there...first thick shot right at my face/head and the rest for me to feast on.

Well, enough of my the video and enjoy...and we are doing it again in a couple of weeks (for you locals that want to join in).

Monday, July 9, 2012

Snagged a daddy away from the wife and kids

Over the holiday weekend my husband and I joined 8 other friends up in the mountains. It was a nice quiet weekend, and then we all went to the beach...

There were more than a few hot daddies with their wives, kids and other family. The sun was out and the water was ice cold.
I decided to brave the lake when I saw one particular guy head out to the floating dock off shore.

He had been standing by us, and I inadvertently forgot that I was wearing only my glasses instead of sunglasses. Well, let's just say that where my eyes were looking was no longer a mystery.
His expression was a bit of a smile as he walked by our group.

One of our friends made an offhand comment about "if you can get one of them daddies, points to you!"

When I got to the dock, he was there with a few girls. Eventually he handed me a couple of beers and we chatted.
Then the women came and took him away.

Ah, but not before this second daddy jumped onto the dock.
Thick dark hair, fairly clean shaven face, and a bit of grey in the thick patch on his chest.
He was wearing surfer shorts so I could not see much. On the other hand, I was wearing a speedo style and he could see my bulge.
And he was watching it...

After catching him a few times I decided it was time to notch it up a bit.
I adjusted my cock piercing a few times and let him get an eye full of my balls and shaft filling out the suit.
He stood up and made sure that I could see his own bulge pressing out his shorts.

Well, now it was a matter of time.

His young daughter and two sons were on the dock and he was telling them to race. Once they got in the water we only had a few moments before others showed up.
One of the people that arrived was part of our group.
He had brought out a beer for me.
I saw this as my only chance and just told him that I would be right back after I hit the bathroom.

My poor friend had no idea what I was talking about, but daddy did. He dove in and went to get his towel. And I followed.

My husband and friends gave me a puzzled look as I ran up the beach to get a towel and keep going.

Into the bathroom I went, and there was daddy at the urinal. Only one urinal and stalls. I stood at the sink and caught his eye.
He knew and leaned back to let me see his cock. Nice, think and cut.

Traffic was picking up and I only had a glimpse of it as he put it away. He walked out and we had a quick chat.
It was too busy for him, but I could see it in his eyes that he was needing to unload.
He walked towards a set of canoes, looking for a spot. None.
We turned around and tried the bathroom again.

Unfortunately another of my friends walked in and spooked him. But, he was not to be denied.
He started walking past his wive and family, and headed away from the beach.
I followed...

He led us to another secluded spot, and before he could spook or think about it I was on my knees undoing his drawstring.
Quicker than you can say "cumload", my mouth was working on his cock.

Up close, the mushroom head was growing larger and the shaft was a hefty hand full. Even with the cold water, his nut sack was hanging enough for me to grab hold while my tongue worked the head, piss slit and shaft.

Thank god for horny men sometimes.
After some quick strokes and keeping that cock buried to his balls, he began to shoot a sweet tasting thick load into my mouth without saying a word.
Just a minor grunt and his seed was sliding down my tongue.

He pulled out and shook off the remaining drops. There was simply no time for a thorough cleaning and his cock head was super sensitive.
We both grabbed out towels and walked back to our groups.

Him to his wive and kids, and me to a group of men that could not believe how quickly I could snag that hot daddy.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Hotel hosted cock party

I had a note on xtube from a guy that wanted to be part of the lunch group...

The timing was not going to work, so he suggested a private party. I said yes.

As we discussed it further, he was open to others being there and I sent out my emails.

I had one buddy from previous videos (HOT Latin guy with thick cock and HUGE loads) say that he was going to join in.
My hosting buddy had one other Latino uncut THICK cock. I said sure, and we all met up...

This is the video...I just do cannot do it justice and still put into words what we all experienced...enjoy the video and know that I was a pig in CUM HEAVEN!!!

All I can say is...Uncut throat fuck Latino face fuck cum shots huge load tatts facial massive cumshot

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Hot blowjob with a surprise ending

This weekend we had our pride festivities.  It was a great one for my cock sucking wishes. This is the story of the first load..

Saturday was warm and sunny.  My husband was working in the fair area, helping with some beverage sales.
Having the day off, I had planned to just walk around.

While home, I got a note that my husband forgot something and needed me to come down. 
I hopped the train and headed downtown.

It was early, and since I was free, I headed to the shopping center to get some lunch…
As I was walking around, I saw a hot bearded guy.
He and I kept crossing paths, so I was not quite sure if he was cruising or shopping.

At one point I was looking for cock, and went to a retail store that can be a nice buffet of meat from time to time.
I went into the bathroom, and it was a bit busier than I wanted. So,I went to another tearoom.
There I ran into a hot guy from past play experience. We both wanted to play, so I told him to meet me at the retail bathroom.
When I got there, it was still busy so I hung out and went to wash up.
While standing there, in walks the bearded guy.
He and I exchange a look, and he heads to the stalls.

During the hussle and bussle of traffic I was not sure where the other guy went, but I saw the bearded guy enter a stall… so I walked over.
As I turned the handle, the door was unlocked.
I walked in and tall beard was standing there looking at me.
I locked the door and stepped closer.

He positioned himself into the corner and we both started to pull out our cocks.
Once his was free, I leaned down to start sucking.
He started out soft, but it was not long before he was rock hard and filling my hand and mouth with cock.

The door rattled a couple of times, but not knowing who or why I just kept sucking and stroking him.

He seemed to be edging closer and closer, so I let him take over jacking and pulled on my cock.
We were both standing there jacking and suddenly it was time for him to cum.

I was standing there, cock ring on and rock hard…and aimed my cock under his.

He started to spew out that hot load and it slid down onto my cock.
As more cum was draining from his balls, I kept stroking and letting his cock juice coat my shaft, balls and pubes.

Fuck, after he was totally spent, my cock was covered in cum…so I just slipped it back into my pants.
I was going to walk around with it slowly seeping out and drying.

Well, suddenly I get a call from my husband that he needs help at a booth. Okay, I headed down.

Out of the blue I see my bearded stranger walking towards our booth.
Now, I did not mention it earlier, but he was wearing a wedding band.
Not a big deal, I wear one too.
...but, he was walking around with his wife…holy shit!

I was standing there with his moist cum still on my cock, and I got hard again.

One of our best friends was standing next to me and I told him the story...with the ending that the bearded husband's DNA was still coating my cock. He burst out laughing and gave me a familiar look that said "you go!".

Oh, I do love being able to service when the need arises.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Cum bucket for another group

I just don't know how to describe this post...I met up with my buddy at his place again for a group of seven men.

Each of them fed me their cocks and the loads started to flow.

Wow! Fucking love that cum.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A banker's dozen of cum loads...8 guys at lunch lead to more

A few years ago there was a guy in the North Beach area that would host businessman’s lunches at his place.
A group of guys, all ages, all sizes - just there to feed one lucky cum pig.
I replied to one ad, and after that I became the cum pig for a couple of parties.

At one of them I met a hung young stud that really used my mouth.

Over the years we have kept in touch and now he is back in the city…and horny as ever.
We talked about getting a group together for a little feeding.
I had my list of contacts and feeders, and he put an ad on Craigslist.
As usual there were some inquiries to the ad, and some backed out.

Well, today we had two guys from the ad, and five that I had contact with the hung host.

Eight hot horny men, and me on my knees.
Mushroom heads, thick shaft, bouncing hairy ball, uncut meat and all for me.

I cannot even begin to describe the scene and do it justice, but here is the skinny.

One young hung uncut stud arrived first.
He was interested in watching and jacking, which is perfectly fine with me!
Then the others started to arrive.
Within about 5 minutes, we had everyone there and the sucking began.

Going back and forth from the host to the hot older daddy, and then swing around to the young full of cum studs that were on their lunches.
Cocks were being jacked, as I was swallowing inches of man flesh.

Eventually we had the first cum shot, and then it began to cause everyone’s balls to start churning and the cum to start flying.

Around the circle it went, one after another coming forward to give me his seed. Some on my face, as I love it – and some into my mouth, as I also love it!

You know I was a cum pig in heaven!!

At one point, the hung uncut stud told us he was ready and we spread like the Red Sea to let him in.
His cum flew out and sprayed me. The cum just kept spurting.
Everyone gasped a bit and you could hear the comments – the best load so far.
The host got his turn, and it was another mouth watering cock draining his sperm for me.
A good buddy of mine was holding the camera, and he had the privilege of being the final cum load.

He handed over the video cam and I took his cock into my mouth.
Then it was a matter of quick throat fucking and he was ready to blow.
As the last of his cum had flowed out of his hard cock, I used the head to work some of the other loads into my mouth.

Well, after those first seven loads were coated into my beard and dripping down my face it was time for one horny stud to blow his second load.
I was right there for it.

At that point we had eight loads and everyone wanted to see me jack off.
I had not cum in days, knowing that I would be as horned up as a college freshmen.
After a short stroke session it was time for my load.
It shot up about a foot in the air, and then fell onto the sheet at our feet.
Damn, I rarely get volume and distance but this was just too much!

Fucking hot.
As everyone began to get dressed and extend our thanks to the host and everyone for a hot as fuck lunch, we had another guest arrive.

He and I had exchanged messages for a few months and he was running late. I told the host that if he had time, so did I.
We agreed that I needed one more load.
I got down on my knees and started to suck that cock.

He was a grower and it curved down.
Soon it was too big for my mouth to easily swallow, but we all knew what a pig I was.
I took him to the base, and yes there was gag , but we did not care.
Not long after he was impaling his cock down my throat, the host began to get hard again.
Quickly our final guest began to let his cum flow and shoot.


Another hot tasty load!

But, that was not the end.

The host was so hot and horny at seeing me take one more, that he told us it was time for his second load!
Now I had the cum of 8 hot men, in 10 full loads, either running down my throat or coating my face.
Believe me, there is going to be another party.

Wanna cum along and add your sperm to the count?

Update - as I was updating this I had a message from a guy that is visiting.
He wanted me to come over and take his load.
Thick cock, huge low hanging cum filled balls. Suck, slurp, swallow - repeat and then it was Load #11.

On my way to meet my husband I went into the shopping district, and there was a hot young bear at the urinal.
We exchanged glances, and then went into a stall.
I got on my knees and in a minute he was unloading onto my tongue.

Load #12.

After blowing the young bear, I was on my way out and saw a guy checking me out.
I went back into the bathroom and he followed.
Large stall, door shut and on my knees.
Less than a minute, and I was tasting load #13.

That was one of the best cum load days!
Look for a repeat next week!