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Monday, July 9, 2012

Snagged a daddy away from the wife and kids

Over the holiday weekend my husband and I joined 8 other friends up in the mountains. It was a nice quiet weekend, and then we all went to the beach...

There were more than a few hot daddies with their wives, kids and other family. The sun was out and the water was ice cold.
I decided to brave the lake when I saw one particular guy head out to the floating dock off shore.

He had been standing by us, and I inadvertently forgot that I was wearing only my glasses instead of sunglasses. Well, let's just say that where my eyes were looking was no longer a mystery.
His expression was a bit of a smile as he walked by our group.

One of our friends made an offhand comment about "if you can get one of them daddies, points to you!"

When I got to the dock, he was there with a few girls. Eventually he handed me a couple of beers and we chatted.
Then the women came and took him away.

Ah, but not before this second daddy jumped onto the dock.
Thick dark hair, fairly clean shaven face, and a bit of grey in the thick patch on his chest.
He was wearing surfer shorts so I could not see much. On the other hand, I was wearing a speedo style and he could see my bulge.
And he was watching it...

After catching him a few times I decided it was time to notch it up a bit.
I adjusted my cock piercing a few times and let him get an eye full of my balls and shaft filling out the suit.
He stood up and made sure that I could see his own bulge pressing out his shorts.

Well, now it was a matter of time.

His young daughter and two sons were on the dock and he was telling them to race. Once they got in the water we only had a few moments before others showed up.
One of the people that arrived was part of our group.
He had brought out a beer for me.
I saw this as my only chance and just told him that I would be right back after I hit the bathroom.

My poor friend had no idea what I was talking about, but daddy did. He dove in and went to get his towel. And I followed.

My husband and friends gave me a puzzled look as I ran up the beach to get a towel and keep going.

Into the bathroom I went, and there was daddy at the urinal. Only one urinal and stalls. I stood at the sink and caught his eye.
He knew and leaned back to let me see his cock. Nice, think and cut.

Traffic was picking up and I only had a glimpse of it as he put it away. He walked out and we had a quick chat.
It was too busy for him, but I could see it in his eyes that he was needing to unload.
He walked towards a set of canoes, looking for a spot. None.
We turned around and tried the bathroom again.

Unfortunately another of my friends walked in and spooked him. But, he was not to be denied.
He started walking past his wive and family, and headed away from the beach.
I followed...

He led us to another secluded spot, and before he could spook or think about it I was on my knees undoing his drawstring.
Quicker than you can say "cumload", my mouth was working on his cock.

Up close, the mushroom head was growing larger and the shaft was a hefty hand full. Even with the cold water, his nut sack was hanging enough for me to grab hold while my tongue worked the head, piss slit and shaft.

Thank god for horny men sometimes.
After some quick strokes and keeping that cock buried to his balls, he began to shoot a sweet tasting thick load into my mouth without saying a word.
Just a minor grunt and his seed was sliding down my tongue.

He pulled out and shook off the remaining drops. There was simply no time for a thorough cleaning and his cock head was super sensitive.
We both grabbed out towels and walked back to our groups.

Him to his wive and kids, and me to a group of men that could not believe how quickly I could snag that hot daddy.

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