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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Time off leads to cum loads galore

Over the past week I have had some unexpected time off from work. Nothing bad, just some building issues but it did give me hours of time to go out and hunt for cock.

Since it was over a couple of days, I won't try to put them into date breaks but I will tell you in order.

I went to the local shopping area and headed to my favorite tearoom. As usual there was some heavy traffic so I took a break. After a sufficient amount of time, I went back.
Every urinal was a fellow cock whore and the stalls were all cock strokers.
Once we knew the deal, everyone went into the center.

One stall had a hot thuggish Latino guy - tats on his arms, bandana around his head, and that look of someone you would not approach on the street, but he was stroking a hefty thick cock.
Another stall had an uncut furry guy.
At the urinals was a hung black man I have sucked before and a few others I knew by sight.
Once the cocks were out, I was on my knees.
The black man was closest, but he only wanted to jack. So, I told him to cum on my face.
He smiled and I knew he would. But, first I was able to get the uncut guy into my mouth and it was only seconds before he was spewing a thick white load onto my lips.
Once he shot, the black man began to cum so I went to let his spooge coat me. After he unloaded it was time for the thug to cum...and cum he did.

I was sitting there with three loads, and no one came in. I was able to stand up, and scoop the loads into my mouth.
It was time to head out and see what else there was.

Nothing in any of the other tearooms, so I headed back to the scene of the group jack.
When I stood at the urinal, there was a young guy there and we both caught each other looking. I stood back and looked down...he was holding about 7 inches of cock in his hand and not even fully hard.

Knowing how fast the traffic can come, I asked if he wanted to go elsewhere. He nodded yes.
I led the way.
We took ourselves to another bathroom where I knew we would not be interrupted.
As we walked there, I found out he was not French as I thought from his looks and accent, but he was Spanish decent.
Once we arrived, I got down on my knees and he pulled that uncut cock back out for me.
I leaned in and started with some foreskin play and then a full deep throat. The moan that came from him told me that he enjoyed feeling his cock buried to the balls.
That was all I needed to know!

You know me...I pulled his nuts out of his shorts and pulled that foreskin with my lips and worked the head and shaft.
Soon enough I was being rewarded with his young spunk.

HOT! But, not the end....

After that I was back on the public transport and spotted a guy from the past. He was dressed in a security uniform.
With all of that cum, I was still hungry for more.

Because the train was full, I just sat next to him and pulled out my phone. I typed a message that if he got out at a certain stop, I would suck him off.
He smiled and followed me off the train at the designated spot.

True to my word, I led him to a secluded spot where we could get his cock out.

He is "height challenged" as am I, but he is a bit shorter than me..but his cock is massive in comparison.
I forgot just how large he was, but when he was erect and in my hands I knew what to do.

In less than five minutes I was getting fed another load.

Ironically within about an hour I had an app message from a buddy in the area. He wanted to know what was up. I told him that I just had multiple loads and was still up for his.
He jumped at that!

Because time was short, I headed over to his office building. On the way he texted that he was actually running late.
I sent back that I was already in the lobby bathroom...

He said that he was on his way down!

I was in the largest stall, but it was still in a small room with only one other stall and some urinals.
By the time he arrived, it was pretty busy. During a quick break, I texted him that I would unlock my stall and he could slip in.

When it was clear he did come over and we got into the corner. He was already hard as I pulled his pants and shorts down to get his cock out.
We heard some more guys come in, but we kept going.

As we could hear guys pissing, I was pulling every inch of his thick shaft into my throat.
It was a minute before he was unloading yet another load down my throat.
As I stood up he mentioned that it was the fastest he ever blew in a bathroom stall.

On another trip to the shopping district I had another range of multiple loads...

Separately there were two uncut Latino men in a retail store.
They were both straight acting, but I knew the look and gave them a nod.
They immediately acknowleged my look and I knew there cocks were mine.

Both went into a stall, and I pulled out the uncut cocks.

Whether they were bisexual or "straight", it was a fast and furious blow job and I was rewarded with two very thick heavy loads of cum.

As I was walking around, I had a text from a feeder in the building. He saw me a couple of times and asked if I wanted his cock.
I sent him a note about where I was and he headed down.

Well, it got busy again so I took him to another tearoom where I knew we would not be disturbed.

Large black cock, full nuts and a tasty mouth is the video to enjoy.

So, that is what I did with some extra time off and a city of cocks to service.


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