My favorite snack

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Oink, OInk, OINk, OINK!!!

For those of you that do not agree with personal choice, public sex, group sex, orgies, bareback, slings, sex with hot anonymous men - need to stop reading right NOW!

We were at home and my partner was online in a cruisy mode so we decided to go to a local sex club.

I have been a top more times this year than I recall in the past and was really in the mood to be a pig bottom.
We prepared ourselves to be pig bottoms and proceeded down to the club.

Of course, right off the bat I see the hot guy in a jock with a HUGE pouch.
I decide to see if he is up for taking my ass and breaking me in for the night.
Lo and behold he is a bottom and not ready to blow his load.

C'est la vie, I am open to finding what I want.

While trying to get this bottom to fuck me there was another hot guy working the other end of the scene - he wanted to be fucked.
My partner showed up and took the other offered ass, fucked him hard but the guy wanted more.
I tried my luck on the new bottom and my partner and I both ended up having pulled out without cumming.

The guy my partner and I were fucking had a nice cock, so turned the tables and backed on to him and rode it.
He asked if I wanted his first load of the night and of course I said yes.

About this time a hot smooth, young, twink type came in.
He and I exchanged a few glances, and when he was undressed we met up in a sling area.
Now the fun starts, so you think....

He asked if I like slings and I said "yes, I like being in them". He agrees and has the same thoughts.
I figure, ok I can top to get him hard and then he can top me.
We lube up his ass and I start fucking. He is very tight, very hot but I had just gotten there and was hoping to blow my load while getting fucked so I pull out and take a break.

I go upstairs and there is a hot young man fucking anyone that wants to ride.
I watch for a minute but he blows a load before I can ride...continue walking around.

I find a hot tattooed man getting fluffed and ready. He does not end up taking the ass of the guy he is with and we walk away together.
He is obviously still horny and I try to get it fully hard.
I end up fucking his ass (top yet again, but what a tight ass) for a bit - while being watched by a shaved head blond. After I pull out of my new buddy, the blond comes over and even though he wants me to fuck him I end up with his cock in my ass. Then he wants me to fuck him after watching me top the other guy.
Top once again...

Still no cum load except the first guy.

I wander around a bit and end up in the glory holes (there were a few other guys that I plowed but I did not cum and don't really recall much, they were basically fluffing bottoms).

The guy I fucked in the sling is being fucked by a guy I met earlier.
He is being pounded good and hard which gets me rock hard ( this is after about 3 hours of edging) and I am ready to pound his ass.

The first guy takes a break from fucking the hot twink and a long cocked European is already in his ass, so I wait a moment.

The time comes for me to ride his ass and give him the load he wanted a couple of hours ago.

As I enter his ass, the guy I fucked much earlier comes over and tells my cum dump bottom buddy that it is time to leave.
Oops, a relationship clarification is now in order and taking place - so it is time to find another horny guy.

Right away I turn around and there is a muscle bear behind me with a nice THICK uncut cock ready to fuck me...well, give me my poppers and spit on my ass!

He does just that and we get to business... I have a big soft spot and fetish for uncut cocks, so even though I was ready to cum in the sling bottom I am also ready to shoot when this uncut hunk shoots.
After a good 10 minutes he says he is not ready to cum yet so we have to take a break.
Luckily my sling bottom has returned from the relationship drama and is still in the mood to take my load.

While back in his ass I get another uncut, beer can size cock behind me that wantss my ass.
We try to have him fuck me while I fuck my sling buddy but two short tops don't go into one bottom apparently.
I took control and rode the sling bottom's ass until I was ready to shoot.

The beer can wanted to fuck him before I was done but
A) I was already there.
B) I was ready to cum
C) He tried to get pushy in my scene
D)I was already there and sling boy wanted my cum as much
as I was ready to give it...see B) above.

I came , we were both fully satiated and it was time to go home.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Shopping and getting two for the price of one!

It was a bit overcast so I figured I would pop in to the shopping district to get warm and dry.
Of course, I have to check out the restrooms for any horny men - you know how those married guys that have to be shopping with spouses or parents just want a little stress release and I am happy to provide...shall we say, an outlet.

I go in and it looks like no one is around but another gay man. He stands next to me at the urinal and I wait to see if he is looking for anything or just checking my cock out.
He backs up and I see he is hard. He is not a huge guy, average length but very thick and a huge mushroom head for such a little guy....a literal champagne cork there.
That can be fun to take since I know it will go all the way in and it is great to feel the head have to squeeze a bit in the throat.

Well there is too much traffic here so we go to a store that has a large enough space we can be uninterrupted.
I get on my knees and after just a few minutes he is ready to shoot.
I already decided that I wanted the load on my goatee and he is fine with that. He starts to shoot and I can feel the weight of it - very thick cum!

He blasts a few loads and is smiling like the cheshire cat because of the volume. I stand up and it actually starts hanging from my chin but not falling, it is so thick.
We take a few pics (attached) and I wipe it up and then scoop what I can into my mouth and go clean up.

Well, I now need to pee myself so I go back to the restroom and have no plans of doing anything since that was fun and it has stopped raining outside.
Guess what? In the next stall enters a HOT man, shorter than me by only half an inch but very dark hair, 5 o'clock shadow and those hot mediterranean Greek looks!
Damn he is a hot little fucker and he is stroking already.
I am thinking under stall action could be hot but it is too busy and we both head out. As we are walking out there is a break in traffic and he grabs my cock in my jeans...
Now I know for sure that he is up for some hot fun.

We take it to another bathroom but same problem of traffic so I take him back to the store I just had the first load in.
We enter and he goes to a stall, so I follow behind.

There is not a real good way to see us, but I get positioned on the "throne" to service him and he pulls out this large uncut cock.
He is only about 5 feet/5 inches tall ( I am guessing since I am around that height) but that cock is huge on him.

Damn, two days in a row of uncut cocks...thank god for some smart parents that left it intact.

I am sucking him, he is rock hard and angled up so we have perfect unison and he says he is going to cum.
My mouth is full and I did learn from my mother not to talk with my full so I just nod my head to go for it.

He does and he FILLS my mouth with a huge load.

I already had one on my face and this guy is too hot to waste an ounce so I swallow it all. Since he was nice enough to feed me his load I return the courtesy of makings sure he can put his cock away nice and clean - I lick every drop off and under the foreskin and let him pull out a super clean cock.

Tasty protein snack, and if you happen to find this blog -THANK YOU and hope to see you again.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hung, uncut and always deep throat him for a load!

See the X Tube clip here...

I was at the video booths again today and ran into a guy that has let me suck him off in the past.
This guy is a treat because he is not only uncut, HUNG and thick - he is also vocal and loves to let me totally devour every inch of his cock and there is at least 9 inches of it and it is so thick I can barely breathe.

As I have said in the past, there are some cocks that you know will stretch every hole you have to the limit and those are the ones that seem to go right down my throat.

I always get rock hard while sucking him and he says that he rarely gets that hard except when I am taking him to the base.

Flashback - We first met up through a gloryhole, and of course I really get into that but if I can get the guy in a more private space, I can really go to town and give him the absolutely best blowjob I know how to give.

After that first time we would seem to be at the booths around the same time and we both know that a hot load is going to be shot by one or both of us.
Now that we recognize each other we just go to a single booth and get down to our shoes and socks ( shirts off since we both sweat).

Today was the third day of not cumming since getting bareback fucked hard in the stalls and then jerking , edging my cock in a cock ring and jock all day yesterday - you can see those clips on X Tube if you are interested in seeing my cock jacking.

So today I am on a 3 day load built up and wanted him to blow his load.

Sometimes he takes awhile to get off and that is fine with me.
It means I have my work cut out for me and the only reason we have ever left without one of us getting a hot load off is when we run out of time and have to be somewhere else.

I decided this time to ask if he would let me take a video of me sucking him off since I know my partner would love to see it and so would all of you.
He agreed and we got down to business!

I was on my knees swallowing every thick inch I could get, as usual of course.

Today was one of the days that he was able to just piston fuck my face - he would just lean back and let me go down to the base and then I use my throat and tongue to work his load out.
Somehow he gets even thicker after I deep throat and by that time we both have pre-cum oozing all over.

I could see his face while looking through the camera at me, taking every inch of his cock and he was as turned on as I was, knowing I could take his cock all the way.

He is as wired to his nipples as I am so there is lots of mutual nipple pulling, biting and munching when we get down to it.
I jack his cock, suck to the base, pulls his nipples and lots of mouth action.
Then he likes to do the same to me.

His other favorite spot (on me) to get me rock hard and ready to blow is my tight ass-hole.
He will be on his knees, me in the chair leaning back giving him access to work his fingers up my ass while he is jacking my cock or his with the other hand.
There is so much pre-cum we rarely need to add any spit to the mix.

After jacking and sucking, nipple play and ass play he told me he wanted to see me cum.
I was trying to not shoot my load before I got home and said that if he would shoot all over my face and take a video or pics of it I would blow my load for sure.

He said he did not think he was that close - he does love to edge.
Well, I was too close and asked if he wanted to take a video of me blowing my load for him.
He said yes real fast!
So I stood back and started stroking.

I don't mind edging but let's see...this week I had already jacked my cock without blowing my load yesterday, have been wearing a jock all week , been fucked full of cum yesterday by my partner and sent to work, sucked the X tube guy earlier and been fucked and cum dumped by the red head jock trader....I had to shoot!

I knew he was recording it and I could see how hard he was while watching me jerk off so that made me shoot a nice thick load.
We caught it on the cam and then he said he was ready to shoot now.

I worked his nipples again until he was so close and then took the clip of him blasting a huge thick load all over the chair.

As we were finishing up and heading out I told him about my blog and asked to post the clips and he was all for it.

I hope you found it and soon we will have to take up the challenge of getting you buried up my ass!

Thanks and looking forward to next time.

Enjoy and check out X Tube also since I can put more on there -for anyone looking to see me get off and shoot, it will be on X Tube.

X Tube guy wants me on my knees...

I got an email last week and the guy was looking for me to meet up, and get a video clip of me taking his load.
He was into the clips of me sucking on X Tube and wanted to see his cock down my throat and having it posted on the site.

I agreed to meet up with him and we were hoping the blond park guy would join us to take the video at the gloryholes.
My park buddy had to work and could not make it, so we tried to get a shot in the booth by ourselves.

As soon as I took out the camera, he had the buttons undone and cock out.
He got rock hard fast, and I got down on my knees.
Great size for deep throating, cut and I could tell he was really get into seeing me on my knees.
You know, the thing that gets me rock hard is having the guy hard and turned on he is ready to shoot anytime....this guy was so hot to get off on camera he was moaning and shooting.

The video came out a bit dark, will see if I can get it posted clear enough to see.

His cumshot though was super thick and hot. I could feel it just coating and soaking my goatee, a bit hit the chair (sorry to all of you other cum pigs but there are some places I just will not lick up the cum) and some hit the floor.
I had him take a pic of the cum and it is on here.

Sorry the lighting is so bad, maybe if we meet up again I will get him in another spot where we have more light and you can really see it!

After we stood up and all of the cum was just sitting there soaking into my goatee I had to swipe it off and lick off then swallow every drop before heading out.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Morning fuck - "Take a load to work" day?

It is an early morning and just had my ass plowed good and hard.

A hot red head with a PA, of course this one is my partner...always a hot fuck to have with my morning coffee.

One thick load to lube my ass up...and my partner asked me if I would get anymore today ...hmmm, will have to keep you updated later on.

Somebody mentioned to me once that it seems anytime you get fucked or swallow a load more guys pick up on the fact and want to add more.
I have seen it happen, and have been the happy recipient of those extra loads while on my way back from sucking a guy and catching a hot guy checking me out.

So, we are at one load as of 7am...stay tuned for the final count.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The unexpected red head fuck - my tight ass is filled

It has been a couple of days of work, work , work at the office after a nice quiet weekend with my partner and today I figured I would check in with my hung blond park/ gloryhole buddy.

We agreed it would be hot to meet in the same spot and see if we could get some guys off in the gloryholes.
I wore a jock today (try to everyday) and was set to get him off along with a few others if we could get some hot men to join in.

Unfortunately the timing was a bit off and he did get off but the guy he went in a booth with was not into a three-way....It happens.
I came across one guy that I have played with before, each time he wants to hold off but then he shoots a load - first time he said it felt so good he could not hold back so today I fluffed him a bit and came back later to get his load.
Still a bit hungry I figured I would check out the other guys.
I found a hot uncut, thick, hung guy getting blown in the holes and offered my mouth into the action.
He let me suck him and then he was about to get fucked at the same time through the hole when his cell phone rang.
Well, it is now two strikes and I figured it was time to head out.

While still out and about deciding where to head, I get a text from the hot red head that took my jock to New York, LA and Mexico.
By now I can only imagine the liquids and loads that it has taken - can't wait to get it back and find out.
He is back and asked if we could meet up for some quick action.
HOT, I was rock hard thinking about it and then he says he would like to fuck me today - Well, hell, we go from two strikes and blue balls to a home run.

We arranged for the usual tearoom (he did not have my jock and I was wearing a non athletic jock so no swapping today).
We take two stalls and I asked if he would rather go to one and fuck me.
He said yes, and we went to a large stall.

He and I were both rock hard, so I sucked him to lube up that thick pierced cock and turned around.
He lined up behind me, I gave some more spit to my ass and guided him in.
It was a very tight fit, but you know how spit can be slick as hell when you really want that piece of meat in a tight hairy ass.
He got it in - damn, that was thick buried in my throat but oh, so much thicker and hotter buried in my ass.
He is not only hung with a nice mushroom head but he has a zero gauge PA (Prince Albert piercing) and that does add an extra inch in my experience as top and bottom.

He was up for trying to get some video for you to enjoy - my camera sucks and the resolution was not great so I can't post it here right now.

With just spit it is a nice tight fit and he was sliding in and out. My hole was stretched and I was dripping pre-cum into my jock with each hard thrust.
He told me he was going to pump that load in my ass and I was totally up for it!

I know there are people that say you can't feel it but he is a big boy and I could feel the shaft pump and dump with each shot.
Based on what we have seen on my face, I can just imagine the volume of cum now in my ass (yes I am typing this with his cum still in my ass).

Next time we will have to get some awesome video or pics of my cum coated ass.

Then I got to meet up with my partner later for cocktails and tell him all about the cock in my tail.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Spermbank open for a deposit

Yesterday I had plans to meet up with my buddy to check out a college campus for cock and to top his ass...

I then had an email from a banking executive that likes to top my ass.
I didn't want to take the chance of losing my 4 day load while being fucked so we postponed until today.

I ended up leaving work early and we arranged to meet up in a nearby hotel tearoom.

He is my height, a little older, with a cock that is just the right size for going in with only a bit of spit - my lube of choice for those last minute quick fucks in a stall or outdoors.

We got to the location, it was nice and empty so we took it to one stall and got me stripped down.
He started sucking me a bit. I don't mind being sucked but the goal today was to get his cock and load up my ass.
I got down to suck his cock and get it nicely lubed with my spit, stood up turned around and he went right in.

This was a set "wham, bam, thank you" fuck so we went right to it and as he was pounding my ass hard. He would ram it hard, then be pulling my nipples at the same time.
My nipples are pierced and hardwired directly to my cock and ass so it was feeling awesome. Soon he was asking if I wanted his cum and I said yes. He shoved one last time and let a huge load go.
There is nothing better than feeling a cock pump up just before it shoots, whether it is in my throat or my ass.

The banker made his deposit, no early withdrawal, and one more satisfied customer for the week.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Campus tearoom and my load in a tight ass

A fellow cum pig buddy has been trying to arrange for me to plow his butt in a bathroom.
Today he picked me up after work, and we went to a tearoom he frequents when he is horny.
I have to say, the layout was superb and you could tell that back in it's heyday there could be some serious under the stall and at the urinal action.

The worst invention of the 20th century, in my cock sucking opinion, is the automatic flushing urinal and toilet. I completely understand the desire to automate the industry and I guess it could make it easier somehow for people but it really interrupts a great scene when someone does not figure out how to impede the sensor and there is a flush right in the middle of everything.
Ok, off of my soabox and back to the action...

We stood at the urinals and a guy was already in a stall,we could tell he was stroking his cock. He was a hot guy with hairy muscular legs, probably late 20's. To get the action started my buddy and I sucked each other and he came out of the stall to join in.
HOT little guy, around my height and he may have been uncut - he was hard enough there was no overhang. I squatted down to take his cock in my mouth and play with his balls a bit. Nice and hairy!

Well, we ended up being interrupted a couple of times and then a young college guy came in and joined us. He was not interested in getting sucked or shooting on my face. No problem, some guys don't.
He went in the stall with the other guy and jacked his load onto the floor. My, what a waste of hot, thick young cum.
I hope he learns that older guys are not a threat and that shooting on the floor unless absolutely necessary is such a waste :-)

My buddy was eager to be fucked so in the next break of traffic we lubed up his ass and my cock and buried it in his ass. We took a few pics with his iphone and when I get them, they will be added.
The guy in the stall stayed there but was watching.
After a short fuck, another guy came in and took the next stall. It took awhile to determine he was also jacking so we were good to go and then the door opened again! You would think we were in Grand Central Station.
Well, this new arrival was tall, lean and early 30's and he stood at the urinal. Once he started stroking I moved back to give him a better view. He took the hint and came over.
Nice thick cock and a perfect mushroom head. I went down to suck and he let me. The two stall guys could see it all. He wanted to suck me a bit and I let him but since my load was promised to my buddies ass I held back cumming (it was a 4 day load) and he eventually headed out.

Traffic picked up enough that we took ourselves to another bathroom so I could load up his ass.
You would think we could find a quiet bathroom in an almost deserted college building but sure enough, while I was buried in ass for another shot we heard the door open.
This time a guy decided to do his washing ritual, including brushing his teeth for god's sake, so we left and gave him the time to get out.
He left and we went back in....we were both ready to shoot so I spit on my cock, turned him around and shoved back in.
It took a short bit of fucking but when I was close he said to let loose and I did...spurt after spurt up his ass.
He shot a huge load on the floor while I was loading his ass and we were both ready to head home.

I rarely top an ass and ever more rarely in the bathroom so this was a nice break but I am now ready to get back to being my regular "Deep throat Cock sucking Bottom Cum pig" role when my partner gets back to town from his business trip.

With that said, the hot black man I sucked and took pics with has sent a note that he wants to give me load again and I got a "booty call" from a hot banker in town today.

I will keep you posted on those and who knows, maybe I will get both in the same day.

Sausage for lunch?

Well, I usually do not have the opportunity to add during the day but I just had to let you all in on the latest that just occurred.

I went to my usual, favorite shopping center in the hopes of running into the hot suit and tie guy I have told you about in the past - he takes lunch about the same time I do.

It has been 4 days of being a good boy - some by choice and some just by chance and tonight I am supposed to be meeting up with a buddy to partake in a group of college age or older cocks in one location that he has previous experience in.
We hope to be there for awhile and feast until I am ready to explode and then he will take it all bareback.

So anyway , I was just going in hoping to find the usual but just before I got there a tall guy wearing white dress shirt and khakis walked in and I thought, well maybe...
I went to one of the stalls to see if suit cock was there. New arrival in khakis stood at the urinals, gave that over the shoulder "hmmm, what do we have here" look. I went to stand next to him after that obvious signal and he pulled out the absolute largest piece of meat I have ever seen standing there. It was a literal third leg!

HUGE mushroom head, thick popping veins (he had a rubber cock ring on already) and so much meat I could feast for hours.

WELL, you know me, I went right to town on that!!

We got interrupted too fast, but the cock just grew and grew! Of course I had to get it as far down as I could and he was mighty impressed I took it all. When he was rock hard I did get it down my throat and it was filled to the brim.....mmm, mmm, good.

With another sound of another arrival he put it back in his pants and we left. He was running late to an appointment so I gave him my contact info and told him I would be more than happy to finish him off in a more private spot I know next time.

Details to follow!

Monday, March 17, 2008

LA cock visiting this weekend THE VIDEO DEBUT

I was finally able to get the clip to transfer and here it is...we are using a cell phone so I do apologize for the pixel action (it looks great before being converted) but I am not a videographer - just a cock sucker so I will work on finding a better video camera for the next round!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Imported cock from LA - my mouth is still stretched

Well, the cum is still wet in my goatee and I can taste him on my tongue.
Last night we met up at the bar so I could give him a refresher of my throat and I could get a refresher of that hot cock.
The vibe in the bar was not as sexual as we remembered and while I was on my knees in front of friends with his thick cock in my mouth - I remembered he was thick, hung and hot, but holy shit was it the size of a beer bottle and thicker? - I did manage to take him to the base each time without poppers - as I said before, there are those cocks that are so hot I am able to fully deep throat with no help purely because I am so turned on.
Well after a few minutes of that we were rudely interrupted by a young man that decided we needed finish outside if we were going to continue.
Damn - if he could have just waited, we were in the mood to get down and nasty in public.
Since everyone seemed uptight there we decided to meet up and continue today.

My partner left for short business trip, so we arranged to meet up at my apartment.
He came over and we went to the front bedroom (yes the bedroom has panoramic views to the west and we always leave the blinds up - total exhibitionist!). We started out kissing, lip sucking and biting and groping for about 5 minutes while slowly peeling our clothes off and then I was ready to be eye level with that huge piece of meat.
My mouth was watering after the short taste last night and I knew there would be no interruptions this time.

As he was looking down at me on my knees he said it would be an awesome picture so we grabbed my phone and took some shots.
Like I said, he is the size of a huge thick bottle when fully hard and oh did it fit nice and tight in my throat.
I was slobbering over it and going down to the base and getting it so lubed up with spit that I could hold his balls in one hand, my cock in the other and just piston fuck my mouth with his cock.
Amazingly he got even bigger and then wanted me to suck/bite on his nipples...well, his are like mine and connected right to the cock.

He got rock hard - and said he had not been that hard in a long time which I was happy to hear, I do my best to get the guy charged up and turned on as much as I am so he can have the hottest suck he has ever had.
I asked if we should try getting that in my ass - I honestly was not sure I could take it without the poppers but I love to get fucked and oh boy after the mouth stretching I took I was horned up enough to want to try but I was pretty tight, and you all that know me just keep your sarcastic witty comments to yourself LOL . He took off the Magnum condom, I did not know those could stretch so far!, and said he wanted my mouth so I went back down and got back to business - you don't need to twist my arm to get me on a cock I am devouring.

I really wanted to be able to do his cock justice with my mouth and we took our time and edged for awhile, took some pics, edged again, took a short video clip and edged some more.
Somehow my mouth did not give out and he is the thickest cock I have deep throated for that long.
Some guys are thick but they either shoot quickly or they try to fuck my throat instead of letting me take control and it gets to the point where my jaw just says no more.
My buddy today, and each time in the past, let me do my thing and when I deep throat the way I know how it produces some fantastic loads.

When he was finally able to hold back no longer he let loose with a huge, sweet thick load.
He is a bit sensitive all over after his orgasm and we took a moment to come down and relax before trying to get up and dressed.

I am looking forward to the next visit already.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

LA cock visiting this weekend - command performance

A while back I was at a bar with my partner (no names, have to keep the owners happy) and naturally I was on the hunt for some cock.
At the same time a hot, young blonde was there and luckily he needed to blow a load.

He has a very hot, large and cut cock - the type I can really get into deep throating and just let my eyes roll back in my head at the same time his are.
The action was going on in the back and he caught my eye, so when it came time to actually get on my knees I was more than ready.
I took that cock, went to town as I love to do and took that load -naturally, you know me.
Well, afterwards we chatted a bit more about how much he enjoyed the service I was willing and able to perform and the title I have of Deep Throat and Cocksucker of the Year.
A well deserved title he agreed.

Around Christmas I was going to Tahoe with my partner and a hot fuck buddy (that is another story but we are both bottoms and do better at wrangling all of you tops). The hot, thick dicked blonde was coming to town and wanted a repeat but our timing was off.
Ironically that weekend I was a horny, cum shooting top and fucked the hell out a hot red head - yes, my partner and he got a huge load.

LA blonde and I have enjoyed some very hot cam action and I have been able to get him off over the miles but we are both looking forward to a repeat of some hot skin on skin action.

This weekend he is coming to town, we have agreed to meet up and I told him that I am completely willing to get back on my knees to take his load in a public setting.
Of course, we expect there will be guys watching and getting off on seeing it all, so if the guys standing around are in need of a hot mouth I told him that he will be the one to say who is next.
My partner will be there as well and he knows we are arranging to meet, so unless there are some dire circumstances I intend to have a very cum filled night - and take as much cum as I can.
Of course, my partner gets turned on watching me perform a very needed public service and relieving some "stress" of the week so it may turn out to be a cock sucking and ass fucking scene where I can get loads at both ends.
One can only hope, and I will be filling you in later next week after I recover.

Well, now I am off to a leather contest at another leather bar and there are no plans to be on my knees in any corneres but you never know....

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Poppers - a cumpig's deep throating friend

I do pride myself on having no gag reflex in most of my deep throat escapades but there are also those cocks that are either have an angle that for some reason hits it or if you think about it for even a second it can trigger the reflex.

A couple of years ago I was cruising around on Craigslist at the office and looking just to suck a guy off.
After a few emails back and forth I ended up meeting a large, thick dicked guy in a hotel tearoom near my job at the time.

We started out in two stalls but it was such a dead spot that he asked me over to the larger handicap stall so I could do his cock justice.
I went over,got down on my knees and he had some of those great poppers that just give you enough of a buzz and relax everything ( the same ones I LOVE for getting fucked in a tearoom or back of the bar).
Well, with that I was able to really open up and he ended growing so wide and thick that my mouth was stretched to the absolute limit. I could still breathe while he was buried to the hilt but I could tell there was no way mouth would have been able to get any wider, deeper was the only way he could go.
So he did!
And he was as turned on by that, if his cock was any indication, because it squeezed a bit more blood in and seemed to grow one more inch down my throat.

Since then he and I have ran across each other in different online spots and each time he has those wonderful poppers.

Just before I headed for the train home tonight he sent me a message asking if I was around - he had wanted to the other day but I was already meeting my partner and I won't keep him waiting just for a load, I was raised with manners - and Mom, you had better NOT be reading this.

Usually I am home and while my partner is totally up for watching me service or using the front room by myself this guy likes one on one even if it means a stall quickie. I was on my own for the early evening and said I could meet up for a quick "wham - bam - thanks for cumming" and still catch the early train.

The first time he shot all over my face and chest, but this time each and every drop went straight down the throat.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

My used jock for your cum load

Today I put on my small jock and emailed my red head buddy that I sucked off yesterday.
If you recall, the first time we met up he later asked if I was into swapping piss stained, sweat soaked and cum crusted jock straps.
We agreed to trade our jocks and he wants to wear mine to the gym for a week.
He is flying to the East coast tonight and wanted to take my jock along - I am hoping that he is able to add some piss and maybe even some cum.
Next week or so we'll get mine back and I will take his to wear and get it piss/cum stained.

I had already soaked a bit of piss in it this morning and when I got to the tearoom I was leaking pre-cum.
I stripped out of the jock and he came into the next stall.
I handed him my jock, he put it on and then stuck my now fully stretched jock (filled with his raging hardon) under the stall and told me to get it nice and wet. I sucked the head, took as much of the shaft the jock would allow and got it all spit soaked, then he pulled the jock aside and told me to suck his pierced cock.

HOT DAMN - it seemed even larger today than yesterday and I had gotten that load too.

I went back under to suck his hairy balls - he does seem to really like that and I am there to serve.
Today he started to shoot and my head was turned a bit sideways so the first load hit my head and the rest went over my ear to hit the floor and a couple of thick shots hit my cheek and goatee.
We stood up, he zipped and left with my jock on and the first load of cum to start the week.
I went to check out the loads and see just how much there was...Damn, that was a big load.
Another guy had come into the bathroom so I did not have time to get many pics but tried to get a few to show the cum load.
You can see the trail of the shots - thick first shot on the side of my head and the other shots going over my cheek and in the goatee.

I figured that since I was out already I would check the shopping center - no action but a young latin guy was at the urinal and already jacking so I stroked it and played with the head and he was ready to shoot so I let it go all over my goatee.
It was another thick load and really stuck - nice!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Three loads for a cum pig...a natural protein diet

Well, after yesterday's load at the insistence of a nun I was thinking today would be relaxing...WRONG and oh so right!

Cock # 1 - Socks

A guy that is visiting had arranged to have me take his load when he came to town. He saw my pics and comments about being a great cocksucker and wanted to put my mouth to the test and also said he shoot huge amounts of cum so of course I was interested.
He emailed me and said he had some meetings later so it would be fine to stop by his hotel room earlier. He did say that sometimes it can be a slow build up (nothing wrong with a leisurely cum sucking session) unless I was good.
I assured him I would get him off in plenty of time to make his meetings.
I got to his room and he was indeed a hot guy and when we were undressed it was a very hot cock.
I was on my knees and just deep throating him completely and totally to the base. He has a cock that is the perfect size to fill my mouth and hit the gag spot but I also was turned on enough that I was able to take it all the way.
He seemed to get bigger with each thrust down my throat and he was pulling my nipples which just gets me to pre-cum buckets sometimes.
He saw the pre-cum and said "You are enjoying that!" and I just nodded and grunted since he did not take his cock out.
He put me on the bed and had my head over the edge...this is a new thing for me, usually I prefer kneeling but it worked great!
In between feeding me his cock he would let me eat his ass - tasted fresh and oh so nice. He would moan when I tongued his hole and was stroking my cock and then he would have me take his cock again.
When he was finally ready to blow his load I was still on my back with my head bent back and he let loose.
Yes, it was a huge load and seemed to keep coming, I had to swallow once just to make room for the rest.

Cock #2 - Cockring and PA with video clip

The hot red head that wants to meet up and exchange jocks sent me a message while I was setting up my meeting with Cock #1 so I was really hot to get a second one.
We arranged to meet up at the same spot and he wanted to be sure and get some pics of his cock for me and I also wanted a video clip (it is short but damn hot).
I got down under the stall and sucked him a bit, he was already rock hard and I asked if we could take the pic above..
I then gave him my phone to take the video clip...he did and we set it down so I could finish him off.
Once again he wanted me to lick and suck his full hairy balls.
Damn, that wass hot to have my mouth full of cum loaded balls while he was jacking over my face again - I was on my back so he could shoot his load all over my face while his balls were in my mouth.
He let loose with another thick load of at least three shots that I could feel and my face was nicely coated when we finished.
I tried to get a good pic of the cum but it did not come out.
Now we need to meet up and trade jocks, I will keep you all posted on that.

Cock #3 - Two pics in dress pants

So this is another guy that has seen my information and wanted to give me a hot mouth full of his sweet cum.
We were not sure when it would happen but while I was working on the other two he was wanting to meet up.

Well, you know me, I am always up for a hot load or three if I can manage and after the first two I was really ready.

Again, he was another guy that was fine with me getting pics and video so we met up in a spot I knew we would have enough privacy to get me on my knees and get some great footage.

He is a young guy, mixed heritage he says in his information and has a hot cock ready for action.
I went to town on that cock and he took out his phone to get some footage.

It is always hot to be sucking a guy and feel him just get bigger and thicker in my mouth with each stroke. He was large to begin with but when I had him buried to the base in my throat it would throb and grow each time.
I heard the camera clicking and he was getting shots from a few angles and that was a total turn on for me.
I literally almost came without touching myself when I could feel his cock and head grow just before he blew his load.
He asked if I wanted it and you know me, I was nodding "Hell Yes!" with my head and his cock shoved in my mouth.
He said he had sweet cum and when it shot one blast after another I swallowed and it was indeed sweet.
I took his cock out of my mouth and pulled the last couple of drops to the top and licked them off.

He shot a great video and I may put it on here but the lighting was bad and you can't really see just how hot he is or the final seconds when you can tell his unloading in my mouth.

The aftermath...
This morning I had told my partner that I may be meeting up with Cock#1 and he said fine, so this afternoon when I said I had his load and two others he just smirked, smiled and said "slut" and I just smiled back.
He knows me so well and I also told him we need to get him involved with these protein shakes and add him to my daily intake :-)

A nun gets me on my knees for a cock

This first post of this evening is regarding Sunday afternoon...
We had been to a friend's house for some outdoor cooking and cocktails but toward the end of the day we decided to meet up with some friends in a local bar and enjoy the time change and great weather before we went home.
My partner went to get the drinks, I went to put our coats away and while there my favorite Sister of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Roma, was there.
She is the one that was present while I sucked guys in front of porn producer Chi Chi last month - well she remembers me each time we see one another and today was no different.

Right away she asked if I sucked a cock and I had to say no, not yet. She jumped on that last word and said it was time.
A good friend of ours was there with his boyfriend and the boyfriend was with Sister Roma so I was ready to get on my knees for him but they both had other plans for me.
Apparently our friends already met a guy that was hung and horny.

I went down the stairs and met up with them...then I realized this was the same group of guys that had me on my knees in the bar with Chi Chi and Sister Roma.
They showed me the unsuspecting guy and yes, he had a huge bulge ready to be pulled out.
So I took it out and they circled around to block me from view so I could earn my status as the best cocksucker in the city.
Well, things happened and we had to all get up before he was finished but right away he said it was the best blow job and he was ready to blow a load.

We waited till it was clear to try again and I got back down - same thing though, we had to stop.

At this point he said we could go to his car and finish since he was rock hard. I found my partner and asked but he was a bit leary since we did not know the guy. Ok, I can be resourceful.

So my hung friend then went to the bathroom and I followed behind (the bathroom has no door so anyone can go in and out- great I don't mind an audience).
I squatted down in the corner and went to town.

After about 5 minutes of total deep throat action - he has a nice big ole mushroom head and thick enough that it filled my mouth - he asks if I want his load.
Well, my mouth was full so I just nodded my head.
He started blowing his load straight down my throat ( I had his pubes in my nose) and it just kept coming and coming.

We stood up and there were guys watching with hard ons but we left the bathroom and went back to the crowd and my partner asked how I was...
Full and ready for more of course.

Picture from the past

Wanted to post a picture about the 25 year old uncut guy

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Leather and royalty - mix in my mouth

Here in San Francisco we have a large leather community and we also have a fund raising entity called the Imperial Council of San Francisco which elects an Empress (drag queen) and Emperor (gay man) each year.
Well, last night I was out and in a room where both were present and realized just how much I have enjoyed feasting on the cocks of both groups.

Of course, the leather man would be your first assumption of guys I would get on my knees for -
and there was one last night I met for the first time that I would service in any way he will read this I am sure since you recognized me last night and I have to say WOW, HOT and anytime...
but surprisingly the Emperors are quiet fond of blowjobs and even some of the Empresses have given me some hefty loads - YES out of drag...for the most part LOL, but we will not go into details. Suffice it to say that the rumor that most drag queens are hung tops would be an absolute FACT in my experience.

San Francisco is a unique city for me and helped create the cum pig that I am today.
Over the past 7 years I have given blowjobs to current, local and visiting leather title holders in public and in private.
I have been on a porn film set sucking and jacking off with an Emperor and of course fluffing him for a hot load to be seen on film - you will just have to see the videos to figure out who.
And I have given blowjobs in front of probably a dozen Empresses at one time or another while out and about.
I have even had the pleasure of giving head to more than a few of the Emperors,visiting and local.
It is true that blowing a load down a guy's throat can relieve some of the stress of all those events.
Last night I even ran into a couple of guys that I have taken in my mouth more than once in a public location surrounded by guys watching and enjoying the show, and I have to say a big thank you to the most recent load I took (you have the address here now so you know who you are).

Gotta love this city!

Next week I intend to be back in full service mode and since starting this blog I have had more than a few past loads contact me and say they want to repeat and let me take pics or a video clip for all the world to see.

And a final note to the leather man from last night, let me know when and where!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The hot red head, Prince Albert and his jock fetish

It has been a slow few days but I was able to get a hot guy to unload all over my face in the stalls.
He is tall, red hair, facial hair and a hot cock with a great set of furry balls and a Prince Albert - mouthwatering and mouth filling!!!
We met up at a hotel tearoom near the office that has a few stalls for some under stall action and it is quiet enough to allow for some one on one blowing.
He had mentioned that he has a 0 (zero) gauge PA - I have a 2 gauge and he was looking forward to unloading all over my face.
Once we were there it was just the two us so I was actually able to not only suck that cock and take the PA but he also wanted his balls licked.
I stuck my whole head under and swallowed those two globes right in my mouth. He was moaning pretty fast and asked me if I wanted that load on my face. I was basically looking straight up at his hand jacking the cock while my mouth was full of balls so I just moaned and nodded.
He started shooting and it was that thick warm cum that just spurts and I felt 4 - 5 shots hit my face, cheeks and goatee.
I am sorry to say I was not able to get any photos of this load but I do have a new fetish he is working on...jockstrap swapping.
He later told me that he is into jocks and saw mine. The pic for this entry is me in my jock last month.
We are going to meet up and swap jocks, wear them for a week with cum and piss then switch back.
He will be wearing mine to the gym and who knows how many loads may get shot on it before I get it back...and you know me, I will do my best to get his full of some cum and piss.
I have never traded jocks but a few years ago I wore one jock everyday to my office under suits and made sure to occasionally jack off or have guys cum in it anytime I ran into someone at a tearoom.
That jock is now stained and still retains some of the smell even after washing (there was quite a bit of DNA left in it apparently!)
That's it for now...I will let you know when the jock swap takes place and will see about getting some pics of me or him in our borrowed jocks.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Twink last week - details requested so here it is

I was busy at work last week, with my boss heading out of town so I can't recall what day it was but I was at my now favorite shopping district by my office when I walked in and could see this guy jacking off in the stall. I was at the urinal and it was too busy to do anything so I nodded my head for him to step out and find a better spot.
He led me to a bathroom I had not thought would be good and at first we just stood at the urinals.
This guy was early 20's and hung like a stallion - I literally could barely get my hand around it much less get it all the way in (the pics are after he shot his load and do not show the full hard on!).
He then decided lead me into one of the stalls - since it was a stall that could be seen under I stood back to be sure we were undetected.
He then let me go to town on his cock....that was a hot thick cock and smooth which is not always my first choice but it is hot on some guys.
We could hear guys coming and going and it seemed to turn him on that I could take his cock, jack it a bit and all while being quiet. I do pride myself on not disturbing others when I am chowing down on a thick cock and not pissing of anyone there not looking to play.
After about 10 minutes he is ready to cum - I do have to say I love those young guys that either recharge like the energizer bunny or cum buckets.
After he shot a huge thick load, I asked if I could take some pics for you guys to enjoy. He was all for it.
I got some shots but the stall was so small these are the best ones.