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Monday, June 29, 2009

Sucking a new buddy for Pride

It is pride weekend in the city and of course that means locals and visitors are out for some hot action.
We started out Sunday with a brunch at a buddies apartment.
This is one of the tall friends we have that has also been mentioned in some of the backroom posts.
He invited a group of friends and when we arrived it was apparent that I had sucked or been fucked, maybe even fucked more than a few of them.
That of course is never a problem.

During the brunch, one of the guys threw out a challenge and I had to get down and suck his cock in front of everyone. We were not out to get him off, he just wanted me to suck and he took a pic on his phone to send back to his partner.
That started the day on a very positive note!

After walking around and seeing the crowds we headed off to have drinks and see friends. One of our local hang outs was crowded but not exactly action packed. We decided to head over to a couple of other spots and see what we could find.
At a spot that I normally don't find any cocks we did see one hot prospect.
I was talking with my husband and one of his co-workers when they pointed out that this guy seemed to be fondling himself and might be up for something.
Well, you know that I always follow directions and like to be friendly.

I headed over to where this guy was, and took my time checking it out. Indeed, he was stroking a very impressive cock through his shorts.
Once I determined that he was watching me I headed over.
I grabbed his bulge and felt a VERY impressive thick cock. After feeling him up for a few moments I went for the zipper.
He was a bit shy at first. He was rock hard and a complete hand full of cock. Nice large mushroom head, and some very hefty balls.
When I had stroked his cock a few times I just had to bend over and take a taste. He slid at least seven inches of cock in my mouth.
He was reaching down for my cock, so I took it out and he began to stroke me.

There were a couple of other guys there but we were basically in a corner by ourselves. I could see my husband and his friends, they were smiling and knew that I was doing just fine.
My buddy and I kept up some slow stroking. I could feel some pre cum leaking out and used it to work my hand around the head of his cock.
He was possibly uncut, there was quite a bit of skin to use and work around even though he was rock solid.
I bent over to take another taste of his leaking cock and to lube it up with my spit.

He was enjoying the cock play and working on my nipples a bit. I could sense him getting close and he said the he should hold off.
I asked if he had to hold off or just wanted to. He was getting thicker with each stroke.
I knew that I could get a load if he was standing up, but we also did not want to draw attention by moving.
When he kept smiling and the pre cum began to flow more I told him that if he came, I would swallow it all and not let it waste.
Well, it was only moments before he said it was close and before I could get my mouth down he shot the first load.
It hit him on the stomach and I went straight down to catch the rest.
He was a large cummer, and what did not go in my mouth was also pooling around his hand and balls.
Hot fresh cum - pooling and just waiting to be swallowed. I licked up as much as I could and he let his cum soaked cock slide into my mouth to get every last drop of cum.
We looked up and my husband was heading over.

I was licking the last drops of the load off of my hand and fingers, then we zipped up and buttoned up.
Now that my husband was there, introductions were made and we all sat back to relax.
My buddy mentioned that he may be back in town so I gave him my contact info.
About ten minutes later, he was standing up and I started to feel him up again. He got hard instantly.
Hmmm, what to do?

To be continued...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Thick cocked tasty cub in the stall

Last week my laptop died, so it has been awhile for posting even though I have had some hot loads in the shopping district.
Today I had one that was quick but very good.

I went into one of the tearooms and found the end stall was open. There were guys in about four of the other stalls, so there was no real way of knowing who was doing what.
I figured I would take a chance and before I could even lower my shorts and jack strap I caught the guy sneeking a peak through the back of the stall. That told me all I needed to know.
I was able to see more of him and was ready to suck him off until a homeless freak started banging on the door. Luckily the other guy saw that it was a no win situation and we both headed out.
Not being sure if he was leaving or just intersted in moving to another spot I waited in the hallway. When he came out, we made eye contact and I proceeded to the closest store. He was behind me but when I entered the bathroom there was a janitor there.
I waited a moment at the sinks and then the other guy came in.

In the last tearoom I only saw his lower legs, but while walking I saw that he was late 20's to early 30's, beard and wearing a button down shirt with khakis...a hot little cub.

Once he came into the bathroom I heard him go into a stall. These stalls have 3/4 doors but no understall connections. I had already seen which were empty and headed down to the one with a shut door.
Sure enough it was not locked so I started to walk in. He moved aside and I got into a squat position on the toilet. That way if anyone did look under the door they would only see one pair of shoes.
He pulled out a thick cut cock with a smooth mushroom head. Damn, that was a hot little mouthful.
I bent over and took it all into my mouth.
He had eyed my crotch so I stood up and pulled my cock out. He started to stroke my cock while I went back to sucking his.
You know how much I like young thick cocks and this guy was rock hard and ready.
We heard some people outside the stall so I just kept sucking and not making any noise. His stroking was getting my pre cum flowing and I could taste his on my tongue.
I was cupping his hairy balls and wrapping my hand around them and the shaft to get every inch of him in my throat. His cock was easily over 7 inches and I wanted to get at least 8 inches in me.

It is always great to suck off a guy that knows tearoom etiquette and how to be guiet but still have fun. While he was in my mouth I felt the shaft start to expand.
I shoved his cock entirely in my mouth and could feel it filling with his cum. I was able to taste it, there was so much shooting into my mouth and down my throat.
I swallowed to allow more room and let him finish off. Once I felt him start to go soft I pulled back. His cock was pointing right at my face and I gave it a good all over licking to clean off his mushroom head.

We both put our cocks back into our pants/shorts and he opened the door to walk out. I waited a moment and followed.
The bathroom was empty...another successfull cum sucking afternoon.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Fuck, that cock was worth the wait!

This morning I was on a social network website and I got a message from a friend. This guy is an extremely hot man and we have previously chatted back and forth. Over the past year we have actually become friends but I still thought he was hot as fucking hell, and the pictures I saw made my mouth water.
So you know what had to happen when he was nearby and in the mood.

There was a short discussion of where to meet. We decided on a nearby bathroom that is private - I wanted to be on my knees without interruption.

He texted me when he arrived and told me the location. I headed right over.
To be sure we were secure, I told him that I would do a certain signal and he could unlock the door. When I arrived there was one guy heading out, and the second he left I headed over to the designated stall.
When he opened the door I was looking at one of the largest cocks I have seen.
Based on what I knew, it was to be expected that it would be a mouth stretcher but this went beyond that.
Cut, about 10 inches long and at leat 6 inches around with a full head just protuding out there, waiting for my mouth.
I put my hand on it - of course it was difficult to get my hand all the way around, and got on my knees.

There I was, face to face with a massive cock - I leaned forward and just had to take as much of that cock as I could.
As you know I like to suck, and pride myself on being able to get a cock down my throat until the balls are bouncing on my goatee. This was a cock that was going to stretch every hole imaginable.
I started out sucking and attempting to take it all. Yes, I did say attempt - this cock was that large. I was actually only able to get about 90% of his cock into my mouth.
Since we were in a tearoom stall, we were trying to be extra quiet.
After a few minutes of deep throat sucking we heard another person come in. I went into quiet mode and started working on the shaft and head.
I love a huge cock that requires some extra effort to get it all the way down my throat.
Being quiet can be hot but the longer we were there, the harder I found it to be quiet...I just wanted to swallow every inch and let the spit and slurping take over.
Eventually my buddy was working on my nipples while I was on his cock.
My shirt was unbuttoned more with each stroke and he was tweaking my
know what that did to me.
If we had a bottle of poppers I may have been able to get the head of his cock completely buried down my throat but with my nipples being worked I was giving it everything I had.

Not much later I found that my friend was playing my ass a bit. To give him a bit more leeway I stood up and kept working his cock while he started playing with my ass.
It got to the point that I knew his massive cock was going to try and enter my ass.
I turned to the side and let him finger my ass. Then I felt the head pressing against my hole.
Now, remember that I have only sucked his cock to this point and I had no lube. We both determined that spit would work.
He gave one good spit into his hand, grabbed his cock with it and started nudging my hole. I knew it was going to be tight so I also tried to add my spit to my asshole.
My ass was lined up for his cock and he started pushing in. My eyes were ready to roll back and I took a deep breath..and then he pushed into my ass.
It was fucking tight!
I had to breath again and let him push a few more inches in.
By this time I was breathing and could feel my ass being stretched!
We got him half way in and it was time to get more lube. My ass was up in the air, I was holding onto the wall and I was working my hole down around his cock. It took us a few seconds but we got him buried to the hilt.
Then he started to fuck me - FUCKING HOT. I love an awesome deepthroat but a huge cock barebacking me in a bathroom is intense.
I felt my hole stretched around and with just spit it was nice and tight.
We then heard someone come in and they had a speaker phone. I am not sure if my buddy thought security, but we both slowed a bit. As we heard the guy talking, it was clear he was just using his cell phone. So my buddy began to pick up the pace and I felt his cock get harder - he had softened just a bit when we heard voices but now it was rock hard once again.
He was ready to use my ass and I was ready to let him do whatever he wanted - he was in charge of this scene.
Anytime you are without lube it can get to be a challenge and I looked back once to see him aim a wad of spit onto his cock while impaling me. Very hot and it was just the right amount to grease the hole for more cock.
As he started entering me harder and getting thicker (yes, this is one of those cocks you feel each pulse as it throbs) I knew it was only a matter of time.
The breathing got heavier and I knew it was time to get his load in my ass.

The first spurt must have been intense because I felt the shaft expand and then it was throbbing with each spurt.
After he finally finished loading up my hole, he let himself slowly deflate enough to slide out.
Fucking hot - there was still about 9 inches of semi hard cock jutting out from his body, he just does not get smaller.

This guy is a sweet guy in addition to being a hot fucker. He offered to help me get off, since I was close to blowing my load with his cock buried in my ass.
He opened my shirt a bit more and gave my nipple some more attention. I started stroking my cock and he licked his finger, grabbed my right nipple and also licked and chewed on my left one.
I told him to go a bit harder and then I was ready to blast. I tried to keep it from hitting the floor so I aimed my cock up and let the load run down my fingers.

We got ourselves back together and headed out.
Whew - I just love a hot scene with a friend that can end with two creamy loads being shot.

We had talked about my love of cum and cock in the past and after that scene, anytime he asks and is in need of relief I will be right there.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The closed door party

Last night my husband was on a business trip so I decided to head out and meet up with some of our friends.
There was a "closed door" party going on in and since I had the password I grabbed my jacket and headed over.
The place was already packed when I got there. I saw a few guys I have either sucked, been sucked off by or even fucked and been fucked by so I had high hopes.
After about half an hour it was so hot that I stepped outside and that was when this very hot, young guy walked out and commented that he was so sweaty that he would skip the gym.
I looked over and had to look up. Tall, blue eyes and wearing a baseball had. No shirt on and wearing jeans.
He commented that he was thinking of checking his jeans for the rest of the night. Well, I had to see if he needed any help.
Because it was so crowded, I did not see him right away and by the time I did he was already out of his underwear and a guy was on his knees.
What I saw being swallowed got me rock hard...thick, hung and cut.
I had to get a taste of that.

The other guy stood up and I was polite and asked if he minded if I sucked on it. Sure he said.
I got on my knees and swallowed the shaft down. I had to stretch to the limit but when I felt his balls bouncing at my chin I was not turning back. The young stud knew I was in for the long haul and he just held my head and let me deep throat. The entire room could see me in the middle of the floor with this gym stud fucking my face.
Out of the corner of my eye I saw a friend of ours and he was liking the show.
While I was going down on him to the base he commented that I had a great mouth and skill - I do my best to practice and I heard a friend of mine agree with him (of course, this friend knows my devotion to cock first hand).
So many people were watching and I knew they wanted to see that beautiful cock going in and out so I took a few breaks and licked his balls or I licked the shaft from base to head.
I was up for taking the load but I could tell that there were many others that wanted to have a swing on that cock.

I took a breather and went over to talk with a hot hairy friend of ours.
We have talked in the past about getting him over to our place for my husband and I to introduce him to the joys of sling sex.
He and I talked about that and then we were talking about me sucking the guy off in front of everyone.
One thing led to another and then our friend and I pulled out our cocks.
I went down and started sucking him off.
Nice full balls, long shaft and a hot thick mushroom head.
I was ready to give him a full blow job and I wanted his cum. We both knew it so he just leaned back and I went at it.
Pre cum flowing, balls full of cum and a hot cock buried in my throat....HOT.
After a very hot session of sucking he said that he was going to cum. I did not even stop to say yes, I just kept sucking and he knew.
He let loose with a massive hot load of cum!

I just love living in a city where you can suck off your hot friends after giving a floor show while swallowing a hung young porn star type and everyone goes home with a smile

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Two thick loads on my face in the tearoom

I just love a hot lunch.

There was no plan to be out and looking for cock but I was out at lunch and figured I would take a swing by my favorite shopping district.
I went into the first tearoom and the only one I saw was a camper that is not interested, and the feeling is mutual so I headed to the other tearoom.

The second tearoom was completely empty - which is what you usually want for public sex. I didn't feel like hanging out and planned to grab some food and head back to the office.
Well, as I was leaving I saw the hot construction type guy from previous posts heading down the hall towards the bathroom.
I knew it was empty and I also know from experience that he likes to be sucked, and can cum quickly. I was far enough behind that when I went in he had already checked it out and was leaving a stall. When he saw me he smiled and pulled out his cock.
I wasted no time and just got on my knees and started sucking. He went from soft to hard in seconds. He has a nice thick cock with a great mushroom head and semi hairy balls to play with.
We both know the pattern here and he let me get him hard and then he took over. He started stroking hard and I nodded up to him and opened my mouth.
The first shot went into my mouth and then I turned a bit and let him coat my goatee. I could not see the load but I felt it and it was thick.
After finishing he zipped up and I stood up. To share the cum shot with you I went into the stall and pulled out my phone. The picture with the long thick line of white cum is his....and of course you may be wondering about the other is that one.

After getting the first guy off I wiped his cum into my mouth and then wiped my hand onto my own cock and groped to get the cum all over me. I was ready to head out for some food.
Before I could get out of the shopping area I saw the tall guy that shot his thick load onto me the other day.
He smiled and I knew he was up for another load.
We went into the tearoom and took adjoining stalls. The traffic seemed to be slow enough.
I did not want to waste the time and have to be interrupted so even though we knew a third guy was in the bathroom stalls, the second it was clear enough I went out to the urinals and let him know I was ready.
He opened his stall and got down on my knees. I sucked him for a short bit and then started stroking hard. He wanted to give me his load, and I was ready.
He started to cum and I just let him coat my face.
There was so much cum it was dripping down my face by the time we were done.

Before I left, I had to see how thick and hot the load was and took another shot.
It was more condensed into one spot this time instead of spread across. I took a swipe of it and licked my fingers before using his cum to jack a bit.
Two loads of cum in my jock and on my cock...oh, what a great lunch.
I did not clean off my goatee but just let it glisten with cum as I walked through the streets back to my office.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Taking three hot loads in the backroom

I just love ending a weekend trip away with an appropriate welcome men, thick cocks, and cum galore.

After dropping everyone off from the Reno trip, we headed out to see friends. One of the usual places was packed to the rafters and even though I ran into two friends that will swallow a cock as quick as I do we headed to another location.

I stopped for a moment to chat with friends in the front and then I headed to my usual back area.
Ironically there were people already there and they mentioned that some action was going on earlier.
Great, that means everyone is primed for some more.

While standing there I kept catching an older bear checking me out. He was slowly rubbing his hand across the front of his jeans and I saw that it could be a very large package. We kept up the eye contact, and then he came over and grabbed my crotch. He was standing with another guy that I could not read well, so I was trying to be diplomatic...yes, I know but I had only 4 hours of sleep in Reno.
Once we had established that he knew what I wanted I pulled out his cock.
Indeed, it was very thick and cut. Nice large balls hanging below and a small crowd to watch.
I was not sure how long we would stay so I gave it my all and went to work right away.
He was very appreciative of a deep throat wrapped around his cock as he would take the iniative to ram if further down and I was gulping as fast as I could.
While on my knees I saw another guy come over to check it out. I leaned back a bit for him to check out just how much cock I could take...I mean, after all if he liked what he saw I may get a second serving.
My hung bear fed me his cock and soon he was ready to shoot it all. I pulled off enough so that he could get my lips, tongue and goatee with that load. He shot some great thick globs of cum and when it finally stopped I stood up.

The guy that came over was still intrigued but at this time a VERY sloppy drunk showed up and entertained us all with his impression of a tweaked out cock sucker. He would roll his tongue around and kept pulling his cock out - yes it was impressive but he was not enticing the guy at all.
Finally our drunk friend left and I reached over to ask if the voyeur was interested in getting my mouth on him.
He was amiable to the idea and let me feel him up. When I tried his fly, he said that he had to pee...Ok, I can wait.
During all of this my husband had come out to join me.
When the guy returned from recycling his beer, I started back up. He was acting the part of a nervous guy that did not want to be watched - OK, I can appreciate that.
My husband saw what was going on and walked over to block the view and I proceeded to pull out the cock.
WOW - it was larger than I had anticipated but I was prepared to take one for the team. While I was down getting his massive cut cock even harder and showing him how deep it would go, my husband was working on his nipples.
The more I swallowed, the more my husband abused his nipples, the more he leaked pre cum and the thicker he got.
I wanted his load, my husband knew it and it was not a lengthy process before we all got what we wanted.
My husband told him to give it to me, and oh he did. Thick wads of cum shooting out and I took every drop that came my way.
I just love a hot reward for a job well done...but that is not the end of the night....

After those two cocks I was heading out and saw one of the tall buddies from the group I did over the past couple of weeks. Standing next to him was a blonde brick shit house. I kid you, not.
This guys pecs were rock hard, he had very short cropped hair, facial hair and he must have been over 6' 4" so you KNOW how happy I was.
I had two loads in me and I wanted this one too.
Since our friend knows what I like and so did my husband, I just took the bull by the horns, so to speak and went for the pants.
What I found would feed a small a country... or fill me with a hot load.
I was on my knees so fast and had his huge cut cock buried to the hilt. It was more than a mouth full.
Being a tall, hung, built blonde put my mind into over drive.
There I was with his hung cock buried down my throat, fondling his balls and everyone watching. He had a perfect cock for filling my throat and with each thrust I pushed more back into my throat until I was stretched to the limit.
Damn, I was hoping for a rock hard cock from such a tall guy and I was getting it.
Whether it was having seen me already sucking off or just being a hot horny guy, he was ready to give me his load.
I don't know how many shots of cum he blew into me but I was a pig in heaven.

Reno has great parking lots

Wow, all I can say as I start this weekend's post is that I had an absolute blast and found that Reno guys are as hot and kinky as San Francisco men.

We went to Reno for the Imperial coronation of the Reno court. These types of events bring out the leather, twink, drag and straight community - a veritable smorgasbord of guys to choose from.
On this trip my husband and I met a hot couple (actually 2/3 of a triad) and started getting to know them. One was hairy chested, light skin and so innocent looking with a sexy as hell Texan accent. The other was dark haired, smooth tan skin, beard, and dark eyes - with a firm hard body (they both wore button shirts that stretched across their chests - HOT)and a firm tight ass you just wanted to grab to shove his cock down your throat.
They were talking with a strange man that claimed to be straight but he was showing us all the pictures he had of his cock. When he pulled out his phone to show pictures, I pulled out mine and said "this is what I do with those large cocks". Of course I had the pictures from previous guys that have been shared here on the blog. The straight man said he did not like blow jobs but my discussion with the hot dark haired guy turned to this blog and my endevours.

After the event was finally over, we all met up one of the local bars.
I walked in and spotted our friends right away (there were 95% women at the bar)which was a new adventure.
Our friends were there with a girlfriend of theirs and the place was packed with young horny studs in their 20's. We were literally the two oldest guys there.
At any of these coronations there is plenty of cocktails flowing so by 1:30 in the morning we were having a blast. We ordered more cocktails at the bar and the hot dark haired half of the duo we met took us out on the dance floor.
My husband and I were not only kissing, and dancing with our friends but some of the very young guys were attracted and joined in.
Some hot and heavy dirty dancing was going on, shirts were being pulled up and open to discuss the degree of hair and some of those young guys were just ready to go.

As I said earlier, the discussion of this blog came up and the guy that invited us has checking it out on his phone during the coronation.
Obviously he knew what I liked and that I am fine taking care of it in the bar, bathroom or even the parking lot.
After a couple of hours and cocktails his other half had to leave and he went outside to take care of a friend.
We headed back to the hotel so we could be up early for the drive home but then our friend called and said it was still going strong and we headed back to the bar.
When we got back the topic came up of me getting on my knees for this hot stud. The only question was where.

There was a back entrance/patio/ parking lot area and I said that would be fine with me. My husband already knew what I had in mind, so our friend took by out into the night. He was parked across the lot but it seemed warm enough that we stood outside and I got down to business.
He has those dark features that remind me of the Mediterranean or the hot blooded men of Spain. On top of the hot body and face, he had a beautiful hairy chest and a cut thick cock that was making my mouth water. Full bouncing balls just waiting to be handled while hitting my chin.
He was up against the car and I was on my knees swallowing him down. Not only did he enjoy that but he also returned the favor and gave my cock some slurping. While outside I saw my husband exit the bar...knowing that he wanted to be sure I was ok (and possibly be interested in joining us) I called out his name.
He did not hear at first but the helpful lesbians by the next car called out his name and he turned around. He came over and saw the tasty cock I was enjoying and it turned into a hot little bit of three way action.
At one point we had our hot blooded friend facing my husband and I was enjoying the ass.

Just when we were all getting into some very playful cock and spit swapping fun a pickup truck entered the parking area.
I had my pants around my ankles, our friend was bare assed and my husband was against the car.
You know that I am not opposed to an audience but this particular truck gave off a vibe of not being supportive so we all took a quick moment to put it all away.

We tried to get back into the action but it was getting cold and our friend had to help out his friends that needed rides so we had to end this scene....but we have exchanged contacts and our friend hopes to be here in San Francisco soon.
So you know what that means - yes, I will meet up and we will continue the action to the conclusion of a huge load or two shooting in many directions and I will share it all with you.

Since I know he will read this - WOW, HOT, WOW and hell yes I had the best night in Reno - thanks!!! I owe you a huge load and can't wait for yours.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Walking out of the tearoom with a facial

This week we head to Reno but I did have time today to get in a hot facial at the shopping center.

Over the past year or so I have seen this very tall guy cruising the same tearoom as me. This week I finally got to hook up and it was HOT!
He is tall enough to see over the tops of the stalls (I only know that if I stand on the seat I can see over, so he is tall).
In the past I never got the vibe from him that he was interested so I was surprised when he wanted me to suck him off.
Today it was slow but the traffic was steady...that just meant that we had to do it like they did in the old days.

A couple of times there was only one other person in a stall at the end, so we both opened our doors and I sucked his cock right there or he liked to play with my nipples. He found out that my nipples are a direct connection to my throat and my hard drive.
When we heard the outer door open we went back to our separate stalls.
This went on for a short while and I could tell he was really getting close, after all it was basically a nice long edging session.
The pace of traffic seemed to pick up and I was not sure if we would be able to finish - well, that just led me to be imaginative.
He was able to peek over the stall and I was there stroking to give him a good show.
The outer door opened once again and this time someone took the stall next to his. I could see the shoes but I was not able to see if he was cruising so I left it up to my tall buddy to give me the cue.
He got on his knees, put his cock underneath and into my stall and I swallowed every inch of his cock - the guy occupying the stall next to him was obviously looking so we took the opportunity.
Of course, that was when people started coming in once again so we had to take another break.

Soon enough it was quiet again and he was 99% to the point of no return and I wanted his cum. I did not want to risk it going on the floor or down the toilet so I just got down and put my head under his stall.
He was standing up and jacking off, so when I looked up I let him know that I wanted him to cum. Earlier I had told him that I wanted it all over my face, but that was on my knees sucking. This was going to be hot to feel it fall and land on my face.
He started stroking in earnest and within seconds he started to rain cum down on my hungry upturned face.

I felt huge gobs of cum hitting my cheek, my goatee and one went right into my left eye. The whole time there was a guy further down in a stall and at any time we could have had someone walk in...that just added to the experience.
Once he finished unloading his balls all over my face I pulled back into my stall.
Not a minute later someone did come in.

He looked over the stall (since he could) and let me know that he had a hot time. I took some pictures of the load but next time I think the video camera may be better.
I was in a daring mood and left the stall with my face still coated in baby batter.
The thickness kept it from dripping and I went to the sinks and slowly fed it into my mouth. The door opened as I was finishing my feeding so I just headed out.
I walked the length of the shopping center with cum coating my cheeks and goatee. I could smell it as I walked and I can only imagine what anyone walking past me must have either seen or known what that scent was.