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Saturday, December 13, 2014

A quick afternoon load

Back when I was unemployed I happened to be online when this guy hit me up.

He wanted no strings head, and I asked if he would let me take video.
At first he was a bit hesitant, so I told him that he would hold the camera, and no face would show...except mine, with his load.
That cinched the deal and he came over.

He promised that he does cum thick loads, and sure enough after just a couple of dick slurping minutes I was rewarded with a nice sweet load of thick white sperm.



Forgotten gem of a load

A few months ago I had a buddy and his husband ask me for a favor...

One of them was in a leg cast, and they know me very well, and what I like to do.  Not only did they want me to drain the balls of my buddy, but they also wanted a video.  

I will just leave the video right here for you to enjoy :-)    There should be a link  below the pics.

Buddy in leg cast needed blown powered by XTube

Dinner and a load for an appetizer

I know it has been far too long.   My new job is in the industrial area of the city, and while you would think that means some good horny men...alas, none that I can find...yet!

But this happened the other night, and it goes to show that sometimes you never know where a cock will fall into your lap, or mouth.

My husband and I had gone to dinner, and he knows that I have a compulsion to wash my hands before eating.
I headed into the bathroom, and on the way I saw a hot bearded guy with a small group sort of checking me out.  I always wear a cockring, and these jeans were a bit tight around the crotch, so I knew he could see the bulge.

Sure enough, as I am standing at the sink the hot guy walked in soon after.

Looking into the mirror I could see him look back as he went to the urinal.  I smiled and grabbed a hand towel.  Still standing at the mirror, I watched as he unbuttoned and pulled out a semi hard thick cock.


I noticed that there was a full door locking stall, and I turned to walk past him and enter.
By now I was hard and he could see it.
When I walked in, I purposefully looked down and up, and said "nice".   Then I left the door open.
He knew what to do.

I undid my jeans, and instantly dropped to my knees as he walked in.  Without a moment hesitation he filled my mouth with his piece of meat.

Thick full bush, and a pair of plum sized balls to grab onto - and I did.
He looked thick from a distance and up close it almost beer can thick with a mushroom head leaking precum, and now I could only open wide and let him slide down my throat.
The first thrust hit my gag reflex, and he pulled out a bit.  I slid my tongue around the head, took a breath and forced it back down.  We went back and forth that way for a couple more thrusts until I ready.
Now I was stretched and he felt it...and fuck did he take over.

You know how it is, the thicker they are, the faster they go down.

Holding onto his ball sack, I just let him use my throat knowing that we probably did not have much time.  I think he was turned on about skull fucking a guy in a restaurant bathroom because it was less than a minute before he moaned that he was close.

I had to know how thick that pent up load would be, so I just nodded and opened my throat to milk it....and when he muttered "fuck!" that was my cue to come off and let it fly.
Holy shit, the first volley went up towards my eye and I could swear you heard the echo in that tiny stall.
Second and third shot from those full nuts went onto my upper lip and cheek.

The smell of cum hit me hard, so I grabbed his cock and let him shoot the rest onto my tongue.  This poor man must have been saving it up, because his thick load went to full capacity in my mouth, and I had to swallow.

Once he was fully drained, he leaned back against the wall to catch his breath, and I stood up.

The grin on his face seeing what his load was doing to my upper lip was worth it.  I didn't have my video, but wanted to see it and had him take a quick pic...then,

I used my fingers to wipe it into my mouth, and cleaned up the rest off my cheek.

We both buttoned back up, unlocked the door and walked out.

As I got back to the table, my husband just looked up and when he saw the grin on my face he knew what I had done.