My favorite snack

Monday, June 30, 2008

Over six feet of HOT man and a load to boot!

It is always fun to chat and meet up with visiting guys and today was the ideal way to end a load filled weekend.

I had received a message earlier in the month from a guy that reads the blog, is a fan of it and was going to be in town this weekend.
Being the friendly welcum wagon, I said it sounded hot and we chatted back and forth.
He was here for work primarily but also wanted to see some of the city and for various reasons we did not get a chance to meet until this morning.

I had to be in the office early and he was checking of the hotel this afternoon....luckily his hotel was right by my office.
After he had rested a bit from the previous night he sent me a note and we agreed to play.
I walked over to his hotel.
An online profile of his says he is 6' 6" - yes that is not a typo...over 6 and a half feet of lean man.
That is what answered the door...I had to look up after getting over the threshold and I am sure I had my "evil grin" that so many say they see when I am up for some fun.
He has a long slender swimmers build that I always think a tight pair of Speedos cups perfectly.

He was in a pair of underwear which quickly came off while I undressed with his cock in my mouth.
I have to say that he was forewarned about my fetish for tall guys.
Being a cum pig and an avid admirer of the men blessed to be over 6 feet I was ready for some hot fun.
There are guys that will swear taller men cannot be hung but this guy had a complete mouthful and a handful.
He stretched out on the bed and I went down for my morning treat.

While I was getting my mouth and throat fully stretched out he was playing with my ass a bit.
We went back and forth on each others cocks and nipple playing.
I love to rim, slurp and lick a hot ass and he had that nice patch that just keeps the ass from being smooth.
While sucking his cock I took a few extra licks down his ass.

Both of us had discussed that I wanted to get a load and he was in the mood to breed my ass.

I am first and foremost an oral pig and his cock was fantastic for this and as I have said, the point is not for me to get off but for the other guy to enjoy a full mouth blowjob and THAT is what gets me hard.
Yes, being tall and hung and sexy to boot - Hell yes I was hard!

After some deep throat (yes I did gag a bit, but you would too with that buried to the hilt) he asked if I was ready to be fucked.
He went around behind me and got on the bed so I was face down - ass up for him.
I am sometimes tight and I was not sure if a bottle of poppers would be needed but then again when I am that into the guy and cock it can slip right in.
He slipped right in!

Being on my stomach and having this huge cock plowing my ass is my idea of a "hello to a great week" Monday morning.
He got into a nice rhythm and was pushing every inch into my ass and I was working my ass to get that load.
With him being a foot taller than me while he was entirely buried to the balls I could still look up and see his face above me...very hot.

It was time for him to breed my ass and he said it was coming - and cum it did.
There is nothing better than having a thick cock shoot while buried to the hilt so you can feel each spurt as the shaft blasts it out.

We cleaned up a bit and he had mentioned that he wanted my load.
I said that if he was still up for I was ready to blow mine.
"Sure, it has to be quick" he said and I had just been well 'n truly fucked and bred so I knew it was not a problem to get off.
I leaned back on the bed, he bent down and sucked while stroking. I worked my nipples a bit and soon enough I was shooting my load.

He mentioned as we were getting dressed that he may be back.
I am looking forward to it.

As you are reading this (insert your name here, I won't share) - THANKS!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Finishing off the weekend and taking loads

It is Pride weekend here in the city and we were out for some fun with all of the men visiting.
We decided to head to a local spot that is always busy during one of the holiday/leather events.
Sure enough it was packed and the cocks were out!

I headed straight out to the back and immediately found some hot cocks out and ready for sucking.
There were a a couple of really substantial cocks so I was on my knees with poppers out. One guy in particular was watching me go down on the men and I decided it was time to get some of his meat.
He had some great low hanging balls and a long tasty cock.
While I was down on him another guy pulled out a huge piece of meat and I thought, well I am not opposed to multiple cocks at once.

The new cock was thick, and grew even thicker as I sucked it.
There were a few other cocksuckers trying but he would shoo them away and let me have it all.
With the poppers out and these two cocks having me go back and forth I was leaking precum like a waterfall.
It had to be about 20 minutes of sucking, ball tugging and stroking when the thicker of the two cocks was ready to cum.
I was ready to be a total cum dump and figure it is always best to let the guys see all of the cum flying.
While he was stroking I put my face under and let him coat my goatee, lips and face.
His load was very thick, white and creamy...felt fantastic and tasted even better.

After getting that load and leaving it on my lips I stood up and took a moment to figure where the next load was going to come from.
There were more than a few guys I know or have seen and sure enough there was one with his cock already out and hard.
I could suck and swallow but this time I wanted to get fucked in front of the whole crowd.
This guy has a nice long cock and it was already spit lubed so I just turned around and let him at my ass.
The guy that already gave me the first load was watching and I could see that everyone around was up and stroking. I took some more poppers and let my buddy ride my ass for all he was worth.
He was pounding me hard and kept shoving that cock in and as far as he could - over and over until he finally let loose with a hot load right up my ass.

At this time I was still leaking pre cum but I did not want to waste my load on the ground and I was not up for being a top again.
As I was heading back out to get some fresh air a very HOT friend was watching the whole scene and gave me a hearty thumbs up.
After the fresh air break I told my partner I was ready to shoot my load and would go back to the cum frenzy crowd to find someone to help.

Well, my HOT thumbs up friend was there and as we traded glances again I looked right at his tight full jeans.
He walked over to where I was and I took the initiative to begin playing with his cock in the jeans.
That was his signal to pull out his cock and let me feast...well, I knew he was hung but SHIT it was even hotter, longer and tastier than I remember.
I was in pure cum sucking mode and now that I was getting a mouthful I was in heaven.

While I was devouring his cock I saw a hand playing with his nipples. No problem, I can share and if he was ok with it all the better.
I did not see the guy playing with his nipples but he took my head and put my mouth onto the other cock - and it was another thick sausage.
Now I have two cocks once again letting me go back and forth.
I love this city and the horny men!!!

After 20 minutes of sucking the second guy was ready to cum and I swallowed every drop of his load.
My buddy said it was too much of a distraction for him to cum so we agreed to take a break and finish another time when we have more privacy and time.

So overall today I got fucked twice, took one load on the face, one in my ass and another down my throat..I would say it was a very happy Pride.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Taking it all over from two dudes

Well the shopping area is up and running this Pride weekend.
I had some time yesterday and decided to check it out.

Here is the scenario -
I am in one stall, the guy in the next one over is OBVIOUSLY there stroking with me and I see two sets of feet at the urinals.
Not sure what the urinals are doing until I see one turn and walk to the stall next me.
Now I know that all four us there for the same thing.

The stall and I both open our doors and I see a thick cock that I sucked off before (he was urinal guy that turned around).
Since we all have the same idea and maybe not much time I get right down on my knees and take care of business.
I start off sucking the repeat cock and in minutes he is shooting a thick load all over my chest - I took off my shirt so they all could when I saw it was going to be at least four of us.
Then I go down on the stall guy's cock - the guy is my height and has a long cock that curves up a bit.
After a bit of sucking we decide he should fuck me.
I stand up, turn around and he uses my spit on his cock for lube and enters my ass.
He gets in some hot fast thrusts while the fourth guy is watching.
The fourth guy doesn't want to contribute a load but I have sucked him off before and his cum is super thick and white every time.

The door opens out front so we all stop and I go into my stall to get dressed after smearing the load of cum all over my hairy chest.

I head out and make sure the stall guy follows.
We head over to the other tearoom to see if we can finish....

There is another guy already at the urinals stroking but there is too much traffic so I take the lead and suggest he follow me and my barebacker to the store bathroom for some three way fun.
We enter one stall and the new guy just wants to jack off.
He does and my bareback top catches this load in his hand.
Now my bareback top is stroking his own cock with the other guys cum and I say he should continue fucking me now.
He agrees and I suck on him a bit to get it all lubed up and ready for my ass.
Of course I also get a taste of that cum he has all over it already.

At this time the guy who blew his load is ready to leave so he exits and we shut the door again.
I turn and lean on the wall with my ass up so the top can finish his load off.
He fucks my ass for a few more minutes and says he is close to emptying his nuts.
I tell him to go for it and he lets loose with a gut filling load.

Damn, I am now rock hard and have not cum but it is more of a turn on to save it!

As we get ready to leave he goes out first and I take a moment to clean up.
I head out and realize that the cleaning woman had been in there and her trash can is right at the sink but she does not notice me leaving...

Monday, June 23, 2008

Thick cum load for a snack

Not much time to get out today and the weather kind of sucked for hitting the glory holes so I just made a trek over to the shopping district.
Well, it was hopping and active to the point that too many guys were there and the janitors had to keep coming back.

I ran into a guy from previous action that shoots THICK white loads that just drip down my goatee and hang there.
He is very hairy - seems to be of Mediterranean descent to me - black thick and hairy all over.

We both had the same idea and took ourselves to the retail store that worked so well the first time he shot on my face.
I went ahead and he followed.
Before I could even get the door shut he was standing up on the seat and getting his cock out right at mouth level.
His cock is an average size but damn it is thick and when I go down to the base I pull a couple more inches into my throat and he gets even harder.

We both knew that time was essential so I started out hard and quick. After a few minutes he took over jacking.
While he was jacking I was working over his balls and churning up that thick cum load I knew would soon blow.
Sure enough he let me know it was time and I got underneath.
Blast after blast of hot thick cum spewed out and shot over my goatee and lips.

After we could be sure the coast was clear he headed out and I took a moment to try and get some pics.
Since it was a bit dark in the stall I headed out to the mirrors with cum dripping down my face.
I got hard just thinking about someone walking in with this cum all over me.
The door is loud enough that I could tell but it was still a bit of a turn on to think about.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

His thick uncut meat in both holes and then load in my ass

I do enjoy living in a city that you can stumble across a hot guy in the video arcade, sit at the glory hole and see a thick piece of meat covered in all of that natural skin!

This afternoon I took a walk and figured that I would try the glory holes.

After going in, I walked to the first set of holes and there was an older guy in there doing nothing so I kept going.
As I turned the corner there was a guy only a couple of years older than me, tall, very athletic build wearing camo shorts.
We made eye contact and I thought, WOW.

Since there was an open glory hole room I went in but unfortunately there was someone in the other...he and I have seen each other but there is no interest and luckily he left.
Right away the new guy went into the other booth.

He stood there for a minute so I signaled that I was looking to suck him off and he SLOWLY unzipped and pulled out this long piece of soft meat.
It was about 5 inches soft and had foreskin hanging well over the head - my parnter knows I usually prefer the skin to just barely cover but I had already seen what this was attached to and I was hard already.

He was interested in a nice slow blowjob and would let me have just the head and then pull back to stroke the foreskin back and forth right at the tip of my tongue.
He was getting firm and leaking some precum while I was in pig cum slop heaven.
After a few minutes of this he bent down and said we should go into a single booth.

Hell yeah, I am fine with that!

As I left the booth and started to follow him I see my partner in the hallway and smiled while mouthing the word UNCUT to him.
Then I followed into the booth and locked the door.

He went ahead and pulled out his cock once more and with more room now I got down and began to work it over real slow.
I was in a jock and had my pants down so as he got hard and stiff he also started playing a bit with my ass.
Well, I had not thought of getting fucked in the booth but if he wanted my ass - it was his.

He wanted to see my ass and had me turn around so I did and presented my ass while he sat down on the chair to give my ass a good working over and look - see.

After a couple of minutes he stood up and stroked himself fully hard again and started to enter my ass.
With no lube on hand, I can be a tight hole so I spit in my hand and worked the spit into my hole.
He took the initiative then and started to slide in.

Yes, it was going to be tight but we were both so into it that he pushed in while I pushed back and pop right in he did.
He only stayed in for a second and then pulled back so I thought damn.

Well he had only pulled out to have me suck him some more.

He wanted me to lick his balls while he stroked that foreskin and then he had me swallowing and deep throating him once again.
To give me better access he sat back down and had me get between legs and deep throat.
I was working the shaft, the head and that foreskin in anticipation of a hot load to swallow.

He had other ideas though!!!!

He had me turn back around and after all that deep throat action his cock was lubed up and my ass was willing and able.
Without much warning he stroked a couple of times and we both shoved that cock into my ass.
Damn it was a tight fit but felt fantastic.

He rode my ass right there in the booth - fucking, pulling most of the way and shoving back in.
Over and over - I was jacking my rock hard cock and holding onto the wall while he penetrated with every inch of that cock and foreskin.
Finally he sped up the strokes and I knew he was close.
I heard him say he was cumming and I just nodded my head and moaned a yes to that!

He dumped a long thick load and just shot blast after blast into my ass.

After he shot every ounce of that spooge he pulled out.
At this point I thought he was going to zip up and go, I was still ready and willing to blow my load but he had another idea in mind.
I have not tasted my own cum filled ass before but he put me back on my knees and had me suck him some more and I just slurped and swallowed and savored all of that cum still coating his cock and under the foreskin.

After all that, I was rock hard but left as there was not any reason for me to stick around...I walked down the street with a hard on and tasting that load and cum juice that was smeared on my goatee from cleaning off his cock.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Pharmaceuticals and chain stores give us so much enjoyment !!

Today I was finally able to get out and take a walk so I headed over to the shopping district first for a look-see.

It was slow, as it has been lately. There seem to be less cruisers the past couple of weeks and today was no exception.
There are two great spots in this particular shopping area and I was in the area where there is not as much cruising so I figured I would head out and check out the glory holes to see what I could run across.
As I was leaving I saw a short, hot dark haired guy walk towards the tearoom.

Dark curly hair, button down shirt open to show hairy chest, tight enough jeans to entice and he was carrying a pharmaceutical rep bag and a shopping bag from the clothing store with some HOT models that love to show off the shirtless look while playing sports - have to love those mental images when the guy walking by is a hottie!!
I did the routine "glance over the shoulder" and caught him doing the same thing.

I debated since it had been such a lousy week for action but decided to give it the optimistic go ahead.
I turned around and headed back in figuring that either he was interested or not and there was nothing to lose.

He was standing at the urinal and there was no one else in the room.
I went up and stood next to him and took a moment to pull out my own semi erect cock.
As per the universal rules I leaned back a bit and looked up while checking him out of the corner of my eye.
What I saw confirmed that he was indeed on the prowl....semi erect cock being slowly stroked.

I took the opportunity to really check out his cock since I knew he was also interested and I saw foreskin....BONUS!
He gave me a quick look and horny smile so I took the initiative and reached over to grab his cock.
There was no hesitation from him and since it was an empty room I went down to my knees and pulled his cock toward my mouth.
He was eager and let me pull that uncut piece right to me and go down to the base in one stroke.

I was anticipating a very hot load and considering there is always a chance of a janitor or homeless guy interrupting I did not waste time.
He was very turned on and after only a few deep throat thrusts he had grown to a mouthful and was shoving every inch down my throat before I could start swallowing.

He was fucking my face while I was going down and after a couple of minutes he was moaning and ready to shoot.

I don't mind having a load shot on my face but this guy seemed to want to shoot in the urinal which is TOTAL waste of cum so I took the initiative again and pulled his cock back into my mouth to really work him over.
I was using my tongue, mouth and throat without letting him pull back out for a second.
As a reward for my work his thick uncut cock began shooting a nice thick load into my mouth.

After I stood up he gave me the look that said his knees were weak but oh was he satiated!
I pulled my pants up while he started to shake the last drops of cum off - his head is sensitive after shooting a load, apparently - when the outer door opened.
Talk about timing!

On a side note, my partner and I were out at an event this evening at a local new housing opportunity when we ran into one of my favorite barebackers from the glory holes...he and I exchanged a knowing smile and wink.
My partner is privy to this blog so he knew that I had done something with this hot guy, so I gave him a brief synopsis ...maybe I will see my feeder at the glory holes soon and we can enjoy the fact that our partners were there tonight.
Of course I will be thinking how the cocktails tonight were not as enjoyable as his cock in my tail.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A bus to Nevada is a small world

Sorry for the long delay in any fun sex has been a helluva week in the office and the couple of times I was able to venture out to the tearooms they were more miss than hit.
As most of you know I had a fun time at the glory holes last week and was able to post a video on Xtube....well, the next day I found out how close my friends really are.

My partner and I were heading to Nevada for one of the Imperial Court functions and a birthday for one of our best friends. He would kill me for stating the number so I will just say he is legal for drinking in any country.
For those that don't know, the Imperial Court is the Empress and Emperor of San Francisco (yes, the Empress this year absolutely gets top billing here).

There were about 30 of us on a chartered bus with alcohol, hot men and a long ride ahead of us.

We met at a local bar on Friday to board the bus and right away I had two people say they had already seen the posting on Xtube.
I knew that each of these people were as much of a pig as my partner and I, after all we have either had sex with them in the room along with a few others or I have been on my knees for them personally...or both - but it caught me off guard to have them comment so fast!

We all had a great laugh, and checked out the clips I had on the camera with me.
I found out that some of our friends follow my blog and Xtube closely.
In general our friends know I am a size queen cum pig and they commented that the clips are hot but I may be getting a few tripods and a new camera for my birthday so they can see the action more clearly.

And then the bus ride began.

Well, just think about putting 30 VERY close gay men on a bus with nothing to do but gossip and have cocktails while watching Priscilla Q of the D, Auntie Mame and Legally Blonde (yes we are GAY!!) and you get a perfect dorm style interaction mode.

At one point the conversation it was about who had sex with other people on the bus and I actually found that there were 7 cocks I could say I knew the taste of.
A few of the bus riders actually fed me a load or two in the past and we gave a very knowing smile when this conversation was going on.
I am not sure if I "won" the contest but it did make everyone look at my partner and say "well you did know he is friendly".
Yes, he knew that!

My partner and I were hoping for a more sexual adventurous time in the final destination and even a couple of our fellow bus riders were counting on me being the "bait" to get some hot fresh meat into our hotel rooms but it did not pan out on this particular trip.
I just love being able to flirt and chat while having a group of guys watching my back so we can all enjoy the fruits of the labor.

We even tried the local bathhouse and found that guys in this city don't seem to get out for sex in the afternoon.
We were in the bath house for a few hours and found only two hot men to give a load or two then entire time.
The entire population of the bath house was barely in the double digits.
My partner and I were spoiled in Denver where we could go to the Swim Club at 2pm and find at LEAST 6-8 guys for suck/fuck and the "business man's lunch hour" meant meat was the main course.
Hell, I would stop on my way home from my airport job where I would have taken a load or two for lunch and swing on a cock or two at the Swim Club before I even made it home by 5pm.

This group of horny men from the bus to Nevada are also going to Alaska over Labor Day and from what we know and hear it should be a very sexual, hairy, masculine, high energy week.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Two cocks at lunch...gotta love the glory holes!

The shopping district was a virtual desert would have been a perfect setting but with the heat is seems that the players were staying in their offices keeping cool.

After checking out two tearooms I decided to head to the book store for some glory hole action.
I was about to go in when I got a phone call from my buddy at so I held up.
Lucky for me because I saw one of my regular feeders coming up the street.
I am talking about the hot suit and tie guy that always has minty fresh breath and the hottest full mouth loads that sometimes just shoot so hard I can't swallow it all.

By the time I got down there he was already hanging around and I saw one of the glory hole booths open.
I went in and figured he was either in the mood or would be later.

The booth next door opened and someone walked in.
I saw jeans and a grey shirt so it was not my suit buddy but I am not one to pass up an opportunity.
I had brought my new camera hoping to get some footage and today was a motherlode of luck.

This guy slowly got his cock out while I was waiting and it was substantial even soft.
He put it in the hole and I went to work.
It was already a mouth full and not even hard!

Thick, almost uncut there was so much skin and lots of veins - basically your horse hung cock!
Some still shots from the video are here with this post...all three are this guy.

He was definitely turned on because it suddenly grew and grew and grew.
I was completely turned on now too, after all I am an admitted size queen and when it is that big I usually find it easier to deep throat and can really get into it.

He was fucking my face while I was deep throating that humongous cock and we got a hot little rhythm going.

There were a few times when my mouth was so plugged with cock that I just could not breathe but oh fuck it was hot!!

At one point his cell phone rang and I did not let that interrupt me, after all I consider myself a professional cock sucking pig and would never let something minor like that stop my mouth.
He either put the call to voice mail or let it go because he never pulled back but the phone shut off.
I know some guys would freak and say you shouldn't answer cell phones during a blow job but since many of us frolicking there during the day are on a lunch break or still "in the office" I don't mind.
It is a disappointment if they end up having to leave though.
This huge cock was unfortunately one that had to leave soon and I was now primed for a real hot load.
I did get some excellent footage on the camera and can't wait to post it online.

I left the booth and saw my suit buddy still standing around so I went into one of private booths and shut the door but did not lock it.
Sure enough he followed along and shut the door behind him.

He was dressed in the usual dress shirt, tie and slacks with boxers on but today I pulled his boxers down to give full access and took his cock into my mouth.
I like this one because he will start out soft and get rock hard fast.

Today I was in a playful mood and started deep throating him for all I was worth and I could tell he was loving it.
At one point he had me pull off and he was stroking, so I took the opportunity to work on his balls.
He has nice full low hangers and not too hairy so I could taste and feel all the skin while pulling each ball into my mouth and then I took both at the same time.
This created a moan from him so I knew he was into this.

Since his boxers were down and his balls were right there in my mouth I decided to go a bit further than before and started licking between his ass and balls.
Well that is a G spot for him too since he leaned back to give me more access to his ass I took it!
I was licking his ass from below and then his balls.

After a couple minutes of that he was ready to blow a load so I went back down on his cock to catch every hot drop of cum.
I buried his cock down to the pubes when I felt it start to shoot and once again he filled my mouth to overflowing.

He sank back against the wall and I stood up to pull our clothes back on.
As we were ready to leave he said "thanks!"

It was my pleasure, as usual.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tearoom etiquette 101 ???

Ok, so this week has been a bit slow for posting but not for lack of trying.

What is it about some guys and NOT knowing what tearoom etiquette is??

I have been in the shopping district three days this week at different times and oh yes there are guys into some action but it never happens.
They wonder why - I can tell you exactly.

On more than one occasion I could definitely tell from the age old signs ( yes, the senator tried them but he was too aggressive) that the other "citizens" in the stalls were interested.
In my experience with successful tearooms it would be in everyone's interest to get down to business when the opportunity presents and leave your attitude at your own damn bedroom door.
If you are in a public tearoom, you should not be a finicky ass - in general.

However, in the shopping area around here there are recently too many guys that should really be a in a favorite bar or other locale that they can pick and choose whom they pull their cock out for.
I am not saying that you take a guy that is a real unacceptable match to you , but this week there were times when there was an absolutely willing and able guy right outside the stalls but no one did anything because the stall next to them was "not their type".
Hence, no one did anything but sit and stare with their cocks in hand.

You are in a bathroom to get off...not looking for your next husband, usually.
Of course I know some couples that have met at a bath house or tearoom and they are still together or had a successful long term relationship - they were open minded and it just happened.

If the guy to your right is not the guy you want to ride your cock or slurp down your load, look to the left... and if one if them is a turn on and gets your cock hard then GO FOR IT, for crying out loud - the guy to your right or left is not going to run out and go to security, he will watch you service and satisfy the other guy and get off with that image!!

I was originally introduced to tearoom action in an airport that I worked at in Colorado.
It was a mile high and does not exist anymore but when it did I could spend an entire lunch hour in one stall or at the urinals and get AT LEAST two to three, sometimes as many as five or six different guys off.
My GOD, I had more sex in that location over three years than a porn company would believe and I was only beginning to learn what a cum pig I was !!

We all knew that the the reason for being there was one reason and one reason was not about looking for you next husband, it was about getting of!

I recall more than one occasion at the airport that there were three guys at the urinals, two in the stalls and two more guys in the changing rooms that looked onto the entire action with no doors.
We are talking about a minimum of 7 guys and no one had the attitude of "you are not my type so I want to be an ass and stand here but do absolutely nothing, please don't mind me".
Hell, we had a blackout one night in the city and the tearoom was a virtual backroom and everyone was on the same this day I know some men that were there and recall that night with the same smile I do.

I am sorry for being a prick but it is really a turn off to see a guy that will do anything in public for the "right" body but then won't leave or participate when it is just regular guys looking for the same thing he is.

We all know that tearoom action is a dying art - thanks to some public officials and guys that do not know how to clean up after themselves ( I have had fun with the janitors in some tearooms but they don't appreciate cleaning up after messy bottoms) so it is even more important to drop the chip off your shoulder and either get off or get the hell out.

In closing this post, I just want to say that if you find yourself in a tearoom with stalls and urinals in obvious "play" mode either make the decision to be in the group or just leave and let the guys take care of business so they can move on and make room for you and your exclusive posse.

There are not enough tearooms in existence anymore and "campers" are as destructive as our political leaders.
We live only once and having an attitude about men and sex is really something that Laura B. and the Republican's should worry about - it should not be our issue at this point in time.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

A business trip jack off

Just a quick note because this is not a cum sucking episode but many off my friends want the details and I figure it is always nice to share...

I had to go to Irvine for a business trip and my partner was already in Laguna Beach so I could stay with him.

It was a short trip but I found myself on the train completely ALONE.

How often does that happen??!!!

I took out my new cam and my now rock hard cock - of course I was flying with a cock ring on. I was almost a Boy Scout once (and have swallowed enough in my teens!) that I know to be prepared for anything.

During the entire trip to the airport I only had one person get on the train with me so I had the the time to jack off and take a few clips of it for Xtube.
I did in fact have a raging hard on thinking about what my partner would think when I showed him the final shots.
He did enjoy them.

The trip to Irvine was a hot diversion but as there was not much action with anyone in the airports or bars I don't have any new fun stories.
Enjoy the jack off shot posted at Xtube if you like and I will work on something back in the city for you all!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Autofellatio - when you need to take matters into your own hands

This blog is about cum eating and cock, right?
Well if the idea of a guy doing himself is not what you want to hear about then you may want to just jump to the next post and read all about the other cocks.

Years ago I read a story in Penthouse - yes this was LONG ago when I used to sneek a peek at my older brother's stash looking for cock.
In those days Playboy would not show a guy but there were occasionally couple scenes in Penthouse and they had the story section.
Someone wrote about being in a movie theater and sucking himself off.
I had never thought of it even though I was already a cock pig back then and knew it.

I was thin (about my height/weight proportion now) and the author said he would bend over and stretch till his hands rested on the floor to get limber enough.
Since I was so turned on at the thought of tasting my own cock back then I worked on it.
Not long after trying, I was able to get half of my cock down my throat and suck it.
WOW, I thought!

Of course I was never able to stay in the position long enough to suck the cum out like I do to guys now.

So anyway...back to the present.

My partner had to travel and it has been a few days of not blowing a load and I was at the point of wasting it by accident so I thought it would be hot to try it once again.

I got the bottle of poppers since there had not been time to stretch and work up to it. I took out a tub of Boy Butter and got down (no pun intended) to business.
Figuring out a spot in an apartment of hard wood floors was not easy so I went to the bedroom and stretched out on the rug there.
Laid down on my back and pulled my legs up over my head to wrap my toes around the end of the bed and my PA was right there staring at me.

In the past I took quite a bit of my cock, about half way down the shaft and if I really pushed it I could deep throat for a bit and then I had to pull of to breathe.
This time I could only get to the head and a bit of shaft but no deep throat action.
I knew it was going to lead to a cum load being shot and I thought I would take it up a notch and include a way of getting fucked while sucking at the same time.

I also thought it would be hot to get it on cam so I turned on my new flip video and set to work.

I grabbed the largest dildo we have and lubed it up, sat right down on it and took a hit of poppers.
The camera was going so I laid back down on my the rug and threw my legs back up and over.
With the added sensation of a large cock in my ass I was only able to get the head licked but oh was it tasting nice and I could feel the load building in my balls.

The whole time I was thinking of my partner's cock plowing my ass bareback and forcing my cock down my throat at the same time before both of us shoot a load into both of my holes.
That thought was enough to give me the push I needed after edging for so long.
I stroked my cock and felt the cum ready to blast all over my face.
After a few strokes I shot all over my goatee and into my mouth.

I am usually not a big fan of eating my own cum off my hands or body but once in awhile it tastes great and my partner loves to feed it to me or make me lick it up.
In the past I would apparently make a face while tasting my cum that would make him laugh....I love the taste of cum, just not my own always.
When I have been able to shoot my load directly into my mouth like this though, it is one of the occasions that I feel you MUST swallow the load and eat it, after all I am a cum pig.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Some days the cocks are just so much work...

I had an opportunity today to take my time and find some hot loads, so I thought it would be fun to hit the shopping district.
After getting there I could tell it was a busy day as there was a line in the bathroom for the three stalls.
That either means the local meat is out for some fun or the homeless are sleeping off their weekend binge.
Today it was the hot meat.

Since there was a line I took a break to walk around and checked back in.
On this second round I was able to get the middle of three stalls and since it was active earlier I took the initiative to cover the idiot proof sensor - you know the one, that some straight woman must have thought up to make the toilet auto flush at the slightest brush.

I could see a pair of dress shoes in the next stall and took a peek.
Well, guess what - it is a hung latino guy I used to see in a very hot hotel tearoom years ago and he is a hot guy.
His biggest "ugh factor" is that he gets very temperamental for whatever reason, and even though you swallow his load or get his cock up your ass MULTIPLE times he acts like you are a total stranger.
These types of "selective memory tops" are a bone of contention for me sometimes.
I understand and have even myself had those days when the guy you played with in the past is just not ideal at the moment but I do try to acknowledge the guy and make an attempt to be nice about the occasional "sorry, not at the moment" episode.
So this guy has been in my holes more than once and has also given me the "I don't know you" routine occasionally, so today I took the initiative and got down under the stall to get his attention.
He was apparently in a mood for some foreplay this afternoon and came over.

We did the showing cock and stroke routine.
He was kneeling down and let me see him stroke - big ole mushroom head on a thick straight shaft, smooth balls.
After stroking for a short bit he came closer and started reaching under the stall.
I let him feel what he wanted and he went for my ass ( he has fucked me safely every time and then he liked to cum all over my face) so I thought, well what the heck.
I turned around, spit on my hand and used it for lube. I then put my ass up for him to take.
He was a Boy Scout I think because he is alway prepared with a rubber.
He shoved his thick latin cock under the stall and I backed on.

We worked on a couple of positions but he was trying to take control.
I know what I am doing, but he would not let me put his cock where it needed to be for a hot fuck so we ran out of time.
Note to pushy tops, we bottoms know where our holes are and can get you in there fast and easy, just let us take control and you get to enjoy the ride.

He decided to take a break and leave.
Ok, no biggie - there will be another time.

A different guy came into the stall after he left and this new guy was up for some fun obviously.
He was so horny that he was ready to shove his cock under the stall even with people coming in to the bathroom.
Ok, I am a tearoom slut and that is hot to be ready for action but I do my best to keep security out of the equation and do not push it.
I signaled him to hold off...yes I was there and ready to play but wait for it be safe and unobtrusive.
That may sound like an oxymoron with tearoom action but too many hot spots get shut down/locked up due to guys too eager to get off without regard to the entire situation and locale.

After some heavy foot traffic interruptions he and I finally got a moment for me to get down under the stall and take his cock....he was close to blowing a load because after less than 30 seconds he wanted me to slow down.
At this time the door opened and someone came in to take the third stall on my other side.
Well, this new guy peeked in to my stall before going in and I recognized him ,so I knew we were all on the same agenda.
Once our newbie settled in, I took the initiative and got down to let both guys know it was fine to play.

I already tasted the guy on my right and he was close so I took the guy on my left this time.
He had a nice cock that was rock hard.
I was on my knees sucking his one cock while the guy in the other stall was playing with my cock under the stall.

AND THEN the guy I was fucked by earlier decided to come back in...I saw the shoes and knew it was him ( I am not good with names but I know faces, cocks and shoes - helpful for a tearoom cum pig).
Once I knew it was him I took the cock under the stall on my left back into my mouth and went to town.
While he was rock hard and shooting cum down my throat the "shoe's fucker" guy was trying to get the other stall to play.
I was too busy to see what those two were doing while I was doing my job.
I got the guy off, "shoes" and the other stall cock either called it quits or arranged to meet elsewhere.
Since I had done my job and the other players were gone I headed out.

Maybe next time "shoes" will be in the mood to repeat our facial scenes from the past and I can give you play by play of it.