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Monday, June 30, 2008

Over six feet of HOT man and a load to boot!

It is always fun to chat and meet up with visiting guys and today was the ideal way to end a load filled weekend.

I had received a message earlier in the month from a guy that reads the blog, is a fan of it and was going to be in town this weekend.
Being the friendly welcum wagon, I said it sounded hot and we chatted back and forth.
He was here for work primarily but also wanted to see some of the city and for various reasons we did not get a chance to meet until this morning.

I had to be in the office early and he was checking of the hotel this afternoon....luckily his hotel was right by my office.
After he had rested a bit from the previous night he sent me a note and we agreed to play.
I walked over to his hotel.
An online profile of his says he is 6' 6" - yes that is not a typo...over 6 and a half feet of lean man.
That is what answered the door...I had to look up after getting over the threshold and I am sure I had my "evil grin" that so many say they see when I am up for some fun.
He has a long slender swimmers build that I always think a tight pair of Speedos cups perfectly.

He was in a pair of underwear which quickly came off while I undressed with his cock in my mouth.
I have to say that he was forewarned about my fetish for tall guys.
Being a cum pig and an avid admirer of the men blessed to be over 6 feet I was ready for some hot fun.
There are guys that will swear taller men cannot be hung but this guy had a complete mouthful and a handful.
He stretched out on the bed and I went down for my morning treat.

While I was getting my mouth and throat fully stretched out he was playing with my ass a bit.
We went back and forth on each others cocks and nipple playing.
I love to rim, slurp and lick a hot ass and he had that nice patch that just keeps the ass from being smooth.
While sucking his cock I took a few extra licks down his ass.

Both of us had discussed that I wanted to get a load and he was in the mood to breed my ass.

I am first and foremost an oral pig and his cock was fantastic for this and as I have said, the point is not for me to get off but for the other guy to enjoy a full mouth blowjob and THAT is what gets me hard.
Yes, being tall and hung and sexy to boot - Hell yes I was hard!

After some deep throat (yes I did gag a bit, but you would too with that buried to the hilt) he asked if I was ready to be fucked.
He went around behind me and got on the bed so I was face down - ass up for him.
I am sometimes tight and I was not sure if a bottle of poppers would be needed but then again when I am that into the guy and cock it can slip right in.
He slipped right in!

Being on my stomach and having this huge cock plowing my ass is my idea of a "hello to a great week" Monday morning.
He got into a nice rhythm and was pushing every inch into my ass and I was working my ass to get that load.
With him being a foot taller than me while he was entirely buried to the balls I could still look up and see his face above me...very hot.

It was time for him to breed my ass and he said it was coming - and cum it did.
There is nothing better than having a thick cock shoot while buried to the hilt so you can feel each spurt as the shaft blasts it out.

We cleaned up a bit and he had mentioned that he wanted my load.
I said that if he was still up for I was ready to blow mine.
"Sure, it has to be quick" he said and I had just been well 'n truly fucked and bred so I knew it was not a problem to get off.
I leaned back on the bed, he bent down and sucked while stroking. I worked my nipples a bit and soon enough I was shooting my load.

He mentioned as we were getting dressed that he may be back.
I am looking forward to it.

As you are reading this (insert your name here, I won't share) - THANKS!

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