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Thursday, June 19, 2008

His thick uncut meat in both holes and then load in my ass

I do enjoy living in a city that you can stumble across a hot guy in the video arcade, sit at the glory hole and see a thick piece of meat covered in all of that natural skin!

This afternoon I took a walk and figured that I would try the glory holes.

After going in, I walked to the first set of holes and there was an older guy in there doing nothing so I kept going.
As I turned the corner there was a guy only a couple of years older than me, tall, very athletic build wearing camo shorts.
We made eye contact and I thought, WOW.

Since there was an open glory hole room I went in but unfortunately there was someone in the other...he and I have seen each other but there is no interest and luckily he left.
Right away the new guy went into the other booth.

He stood there for a minute so I signaled that I was looking to suck him off and he SLOWLY unzipped and pulled out this long piece of soft meat.
It was about 5 inches soft and had foreskin hanging well over the head - my parnter knows I usually prefer the skin to just barely cover but I had already seen what this was attached to and I was hard already.

He was interested in a nice slow blowjob and would let me have just the head and then pull back to stroke the foreskin back and forth right at the tip of my tongue.
He was getting firm and leaking some precum while I was in pig cum slop heaven.
After a few minutes of this he bent down and said we should go into a single booth.

Hell yeah, I am fine with that!

As I left the booth and started to follow him I see my partner in the hallway and smiled while mouthing the word UNCUT to him.
Then I followed into the booth and locked the door.

He went ahead and pulled out his cock once more and with more room now I got down and began to work it over real slow.
I was in a jock and had my pants down so as he got hard and stiff he also started playing a bit with my ass.
Well, I had not thought of getting fucked in the booth but if he wanted my ass - it was his.

He wanted to see my ass and had me turn around so I did and presented my ass while he sat down on the chair to give my ass a good working over and look - see.

After a couple of minutes he stood up and stroked himself fully hard again and started to enter my ass.
With no lube on hand, I can be a tight hole so I spit in my hand and worked the spit into my hole.
He took the initiative then and started to slide in.

Yes, it was going to be tight but we were both so into it that he pushed in while I pushed back and pop right in he did.
He only stayed in for a second and then pulled back so I thought damn.

Well he had only pulled out to have me suck him some more.

He wanted me to lick his balls while he stroked that foreskin and then he had me swallowing and deep throating him once again.
To give me better access he sat back down and had me get between legs and deep throat.
I was working the shaft, the head and that foreskin in anticipation of a hot load to swallow.

He had other ideas though!!!!

He had me turn back around and after all that deep throat action his cock was lubed up and my ass was willing and able.
Without much warning he stroked a couple of times and we both shoved that cock into my ass.
Damn it was a tight fit but felt fantastic.

He rode my ass right there in the booth - fucking, pulling most of the way and shoving back in.
Over and over - I was jacking my rock hard cock and holding onto the wall while he penetrated with every inch of that cock and foreskin.
Finally he sped up the strokes and I knew he was close.
I heard him say he was cumming and I just nodded my head and moaned a yes to that!

He dumped a long thick load and just shot blast after blast into my ass.

After he shot every ounce of that spooge he pulled out.
At this point I thought he was going to zip up and go, I was still ready and willing to blow my load but he had another idea in mind.
I have not tasted my own cum filled ass before but he put me back on my knees and had me suck him some more and I just slurped and swallowed and savored all of that cum still coating his cock and under the foreskin.

After all that, I was rock hard but left as there was not any reason for me to stick around...I walked down the street with a hard on and tasting that load and cum juice that was smeared on my goatee from cleaning off his cock.

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BareBottom1980 said...

Very hot. The video booths here in Omaha are pretty hit or miss but you seem to have really good luck.

I've only been to SF once, but I have a strong desire to return there now that I'm slutting it up.