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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

A bus to Nevada is a small world

Sorry for the long delay in any fun sex has been a helluva week in the office and the couple of times I was able to venture out to the tearooms they were more miss than hit.
As most of you know I had a fun time at the glory holes last week and was able to post a video on Xtube....well, the next day I found out how close my friends really are.

My partner and I were heading to Nevada for one of the Imperial Court functions and a birthday for one of our best friends. He would kill me for stating the number so I will just say he is legal for drinking in any country.
For those that don't know, the Imperial Court is the Empress and Emperor of San Francisco (yes, the Empress this year absolutely gets top billing here).

There were about 30 of us on a chartered bus with alcohol, hot men and a long ride ahead of us.

We met at a local bar on Friday to board the bus and right away I had two people say they had already seen the posting on Xtube.
I knew that each of these people were as much of a pig as my partner and I, after all we have either had sex with them in the room along with a few others or I have been on my knees for them personally...or both - but it caught me off guard to have them comment so fast!

We all had a great laugh, and checked out the clips I had on the camera with me.
I found out that some of our friends follow my blog and Xtube closely.
In general our friends know I am a size queen cum pig and they commented that the clips are hot but I may be getting a few tripods and a new camera for my birthday so they can see the action more clearly.

And then the bus ride began.

Well, just think about putting 30 VERY close gay men on a bus with nothing to do but gossip and have cocktails while watching Priscilla Q of the D, Auntie Mame and Legally Blonde (yes we are GAY!!) and you get a perfect dorm style interaction mode.

At one point the conversation it was about who had sex with other people on the bus and I actually found that there were 7 cocks I could say I knew the taste of.
A few of the bus riders actually fed me a load or two in the past and we gave a very knowing smile when this conversation was going on.
I am not sure if I "won" the contest but it did make everyone look at my partner and say "well you did know he is friendly".
Yes, he knew that!

My partner and I were hoping for a more sexual adventurous time in the final destination and even a couple of our fellow bus riders were counting on me being the "bait" to get some hot fresh meat into our hotel rooms but it did not pan out on this particular trip.
I just love being able to flirt and chat while having a group of guys watching my back so we can all enjoy the fruits of the labor.

We even tried the local bathhouse and found that guys in this city don't seem to get out for sex in the afternoon.
We were in the bath house for a few hours and found only two hot men to give a load or two then entire time.
The entire population of the bath house was barely in the double digits.
My partner and I were spoiled in Denver where we could go to the Swim Club at 2pm and find at LEAST 6-8 guys for suck/fuck and the "business man's lunch hour" meant meat was the main course.
Hell, I would stop on my way home from my airport job where I would have taken a load or two for lunch and swing on a cock or two at the Swim Club before I even made it home by 5pm.

This group of horny men from the bus to Nevada are also going to Alaska over Labor Day and from what we know and hear it should be a very sexual, hairy, masculine, high energy week.

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