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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tearoom etiquette 101 ???

Ok, so this week has been a bit slow for posting but not for lack of trying.

What is it about some guys and NOT knowing what tearoom etiquette is??

I have been in the shopping district three days this week at different times and oh yes there are guys into some action but it never happens.
They wonder why - I can tell you exactly.

On more than one occasion I could definitely tell from the age old signs ( yes, the senator tried them but he was too aggressive) that the other "citizens" in the stalls were interested.
In my experience with successful tearooms it would be in everyone's interest to get down to business when the opportunity presents and leave your attitude at your own damn bedroom door.
If you are in a public tearoom, you should not be a finicky ass - in general.

However, in the shopping area around here there are recently too many guys that should really be a in a favorite bar or other locale that they can pick and choose whom they pull their cock out for.
I am not saying that you take a guy that is a real unacceptable match to you , but this week there were times when there was an absolutely willing and able guy right outside the stalls but no one did anything because the stall next to them was "not their type".
Hence, no one did anything but sit and stare with their cocks in hand.

You are in a bathroom to get off...not looking for your next husband, usually.
Of course I know some couples that have met at a bath house or tearoom and they are still together or had a successful long term relationship - they were open minded and it just happened.

If the guy to your right is not the guy you want to ride your cock or slurp down your load, look to the left... and if one if them is a turn on and gets your cock hard then GO FOR IT, for crying out loud - the guy to your right or left is not going to run out and go to security, he will watch you service and satisfy the other guy and get off with that image!!

I was originally introduced to tearoom action in an airport that I worked at in Colorado.
It was a mile high and does not exist anymore but when it did I could spend an entire lunch hour in one stall or at the urinals and get AT LEAST two to three, sometimes as many as five or six different guys off.
My GOD, I had more sex in that location over three years than a porn company would believe and I was only beginning to learn what a cum pig I was !!

We all knew that the the reason for being there was one reason and one reason was not about looking for you next husband, it was about getting of!

I recall more than one occasion at the airport that there were three guys at the urinals, two in the stalls and two more guys in the changing rooms that looked onto the entire action with no doors.
We are talking about a minimum of 7 guys and no one had the attitude of "you are not my type so I want to be an ass and stand here but do absolutely nothing, please don't mind me".
Hell, we had a blackout one night in the city and the tearoom was a virtual backroom and everyone was on the same this day I know some men that were there and recall that night with the same smile I do.

I am sorry for being a prick but it is really a turn off to see a guy that will do anything in public for the "right" body but then won't leave or participate when it is just regular guys looking for the same thing he is.

We all know that tearoom action is a dying art - thanks to some public officials and guys that do not know how to clean up after themselves ( I have had fun with the janitors in some tearooms but they don't appreciate cleaning up after messy bottoms) so it is even more important to drop the chip off your shoulder and either get off or get the hell out.

In closing this post, I just want to say that if you find yourself in a tearoom with stalls and urinals in obvious "play" mode either make the decision to be in the group or just leave and let the guys take care of business so they can move on and make room for you and your exclusive posse.

There are not enough tearooms in existence anymore and "campers" are as destructive as our political leaders.
We live only once and having an attitude about men and sex is really something that Laura B. and the Republican's should worry about - it should not be our issue at this point in time.

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