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Saturday, March 24, 2012

Facial from an uncut biker cock

Last year while having a cocktail in a favorite Castro bar, I started chatting with a hot latino guy.

He expressed a huge desire to have me on his cock, but the timing never really worked.
At the time I was working near Union Square and he was closer to our ball park. He works at a motorcycle shop and today he hit me up on a furry cruising app.

He was horny and wanted my mouth, so we agreed on the time and he headed over to my office location.
I had told him about a perfect bathroom that we could use for him to feed me his load.

When I walked outside, he was coming up the block with helmet in hand - he had ridden over.
Not wanting to waste any time we headed to the bathroom.
As soon as I had shut the door, he was already undoing his pants and giving me a view of his dark uncut meat.

Not wasting a second, I pulled out my Flip video and got down on my knees.

He was not fully hard, but within seconds of my lips tasting his foreskin, he was growing hard and filling my mouth.

I cupped his balls with one hand and started to deep throat him. He seemed to enjoy it and after letting me have my way, he took over and started to shove his cock further down my throat.
His skull fucking me was hot, and I let him just piston fuck my mouth.
After some of that hot deep throat action I took a quick a breath and used my fist on his shaft...then it was back to swallowing his cock down to the balls.

He let me have every inch, and a couple of times I felt his hand on my head and he would shove his cock further and harder down my throat.
I let my throat open up,and he just used it as his fuck toy.

Soon, the head of his cock was straining the foreskin and I knew it was not going to be long before he blew his hot cum for me.

I used my mouth, and fist to work every inch until he was ready. He took over jacking and then it started to erupt...
Not being sure where it would fly, I just let him aim for my face.
The first two spurts shot over my glasses and coated the lens.
More cum came bursting out of his cock and I could feel it hitting my face while the first shot began to slowly slide towards my mouth.

Naturally, I had to lean back in and milk the last drop out and slide my tongue under the foreskin to make sure it was nice and clean.
After he had drained his balls, we shut off the camera and I stood up.

Turning towards the mirror, I could see the rivulets of cum beginning to head towards my beard, and the shiny cum already there... HOT.

After he was back at work, I got a text that said he thought my face looked hot all covered in cum...and he jerked off again.