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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Welcome to the Big Easy

Hi everyone.

It has been quite awhile, and I do apologize.  The past year was a bit hectic in San Francisco, and thus we have moved to New Orleans!

The good news for you is that I am now ready to get back into the swing of being a cum pig.  Today was a great start to the New Orleans version of this blog.

I met a guy online after we landed, and over the past few days we have been chatting.  Yesterday he mentioned that he had a birthday coming up, and that his office would be empty.  BINGO!!

After lunch, he let me know to stop by.

My plan was to get on my knees in the office and drain his multiple day load.  Once I got there, I was met by a tall dark haired guy, and you know how I like the tall ones.
He took me into an empty office and we started to I started to undo his pants, of course.

Now I had seen pictures, and was looking forward to a mouth stretching cock...and damn it sure as hell was a fist full.  Immediately I stripped off my jock and shorts, and got down and then I swallowed him.  Just about to the base, but it had to be about 7 or 8 inches of cock in my mouth.

It has been awhile since a thick cock was pounding my throat in a humid office, and I was hungry. While cupping and tugging his heavy ball sack in one hand I used my other to work the shaft as I force every bit that I could in my throat and slid it out to work my tongue around his mushroom head.
Feeling those cum heavy balls, I naturally had to take one, and then both into my mouth.

His plan was to eat my ass, and after a few minutes of me giving him a good polishing I stood up.  He got down and proceeded to swallow my cock to the base.
There is nothing wrong with me getting some cock action...but then he started to work on my balls, so I lifted one leg and let him delve further towards my hairy hole.  Well, it was not long until he gestured for me to turn around.

Now, I am a total cock sucker but anyone that starts to lick and eat my ass gets my eye rolling back, and my inner poppers flowing.   He has an amazing tongue and enough facial hair to work it over.

We started out with me standing up, but eventually it led to me being on all fours ass up in the air.  He went at my hole just like I go for the deep throat - and hell it was making my cock leak pre cum.
After a few minutes of intense hole play, I needed to get down on his cock.  I flipped around, stayed down on all four and devoured his cock.
He and I were both moaning and he began to rub his hands up and down my back.

I got into a rhythm of going half way down quickly, pull back to the head and swirl my tongue around his head.
As my speed picked up, I could hear his breathing increase and felt his shaft get even thicker.

Then he told me turn around again, so I took up the ass up head down position.  He went back to devouring my hole, using tongue, lips, and beard to work me into a frenzy.
I looked back and saw him stroking his cock, and then he leaned back and gave a look that said it was time to plow ahead...

After so much  intense ass play, my body was set.With only the spit he left on my cock starved hole, he pressed that pre cum leaking mushroom head up against me.
Now, I know my ass can be accommodating but his thick mushroom head slowly stretched me open - and I had to take a deep breath.

He stopped for a second, added some spit and pushed on.  I reached back to guide him in and once the head was buried, we both paused....then he took over and began to fuck me right there on the office floor.

Doggy style, head down, ass spread and I was grunting like a stuck pig - which I was.  My rock hard cock was leaking so much pre cum that a small rope of it hit the carpet and I used it to stoke.

At this point, there was no turning back and I don't know what would happen if anyone walked by - they would have heard the grunts and moans as he piston fucked and pulverized my prostate.

A few times I had to stop stroking to avoid spilling my seed all over  the carpet - I always want to feel or taste a load before I drain my nuts.

His thrusts started to increase in depth and speed, so I looked back and grunted out to let him know it he could leave his cock buried and let loose.
That was all he needed, and for the next minute my ass was ripped wide, and my poor prostate was pounded hard.

As his nuts unloaded, I could feel the shaft twitch and expand with each volley of cum that was filling my hole.

After he had fully drained, he stayed in my ass and began slowly fucking me first thought was whether my hole could take a round two.  Sure!

He pushed in a few more times and the slowly slid out.  Oh, you know that sensations when you can feel the air conditioning hit your cum drenched hole and even a bit inside because you hole is still gaping - that is how it felt.

We stood up, went into the kitchen and cleaned up a bit.  As I left, we both said "Thanks".  Later I got a text from him that it was the best BJ, but next time it will be a longer fuck....hell, yeah!

Now that we have shared some hot fuck, I plan to get him and my husband together and my even work on some DP action.