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Friday, February 29, 2008

Cocktails = 6 cocks, my tail and 4 loads

It has been a few days - I came down with a cold on Wednesday and have just not in the mood to be a cum pig. The pic above is a load from last week I have not blogged but wanted to share the pic - more later if I can get him down my throat again (hot and you know those 20 year olds - they just get bigger and harder)
Then today I woke up refreshed and ready to go!
The plan was to meet up after work for cocktails with my partner. Well, I also found some lunch and after work cock - to - tail fun.
We'll go in order of cocks and loads for the recap.

Cock #1 -

Clip of this cock now on Xtube - search under sfverscumboy.

The guy I met up with while shopping awhile back was in the same tearoom today and ready for some fun. I also thought I would try my cam/phone and get a shot of his cock since it is a definite treat...just the right size for deep throating and he grows every time it is buried to his balls. I like to cup his ass in my hand and force it even further down my throat till he is moaning. While I am sucking his cock, he always plays with my cock under the stall which gets me to pre-cum like Niagra Falls.
Today we went under the stall a couple of times trying to get him off but the tearoom was a bit busy. Another guy came in at one point and I could see him checking out my buddy so I knew he was cruising too.
Cock #1 had to get back to work so that was just a warm up.

On to Cock #2 - Load #1

This guy had a long uncut cock, not too much foreskin but it was there. At first I was not sure if he was a visiting European (sorry to stereotype but I always think of European men as being uncut, just an American culture thing since my parents were one of the lemmings that just did it "because his father is cut") but the when I offered to take care of him outside the stall he said "Comment?" - French for "what?"
Well, it was bit busy and took a few minutes but eventually we had time. Then a guy I have seen MANY times in the tearooms and bookstores came in - sorry to say he is a not social player, more of a voyeur that takes the opportunity. My French friend and I were ready to finish so this extra cock was no problem, we stepped out of the stalls so I could get on my knees and he came all over my goatee. Then it was time for lunch to be over....

Cock #3 Load #2 -

Booty call on the cell while at work. This guy is an uncut, thick, latin man that just loves to have me suck him off. He is horny as hell and has not cum all day. I agree to meet up at the booths since I have to be at a nearby bar for cocktails with co-workers. I get to the booths, he is ready and gets me on my knees.
He is definitely horned up and in less than 5 minutes he has shot a thick load on my face. He leaves the booth and I am now in the mood for a bit more.

Cock #4 Load # 3

I walk around and see a guy in button down shirt untucked, dark hair and eyes, 5 o'clock shadow - hot enough but not sure at first if he is interested, then he goes to a booth and gives me the nod.
I follow him in and he grabs my ass right away. I am wearing a jockstrap and have been working out so I am fine with a guy interested in my ass. I drop my jeans and jock and he does the same. Very long and soft cock (at least 5 inches already) but I know it will grow from years of experience being a cum pig and sure enough he gets me bent over and it goes right to the back of my throat. He makes the sound a surprised man that does not get a really deep throat often without gagging or teeth. Well, that is all I need to hear for me to know I can really give him the best blowjob he has ever had.
He gets me on my knees, pulls my nipples and each time I go to the base he gets bigger, thicker and harder while he moans "yes, that's it". I love my job!
He wants me to be able to take it all and says to wait for it soften a bit to get it ALL the way down. We wait a few seconds and he says ok, go for it.
I take him completely to the base with not an inch to spare and can feel it beyond the back of my throat. Then he says he is ready to cum - damn it is so far in, there is no way I am letting it out.
He begins to shoot and the cock that started out about 8 x 5 inches suddenly grows to about 9 x 7 while shooting ...DAMN, THAT IS HOT!!!!
After he gets his breath and I stand up to say THANKS, and tell him what a fantastic cock he has he say I have a great throat and mouth.
We go our separate ways and I see a guy I have sucked in the past.

Hello Cock #5-

He is long with a downward curve but when I have gotten him all the way to the base in the past he has also shot each load right down my throat without pulling out one inch.
We meet up in the glory holes and he immediately sticks it in. I had my camera phone with me and thought I would try to get some footage for you to see. It is not great but you can see a bit of what I was working on.
He decided to travel on and I opened the door to see a guy that loves to be sucked before eating my ass...

Hello Cock #6 Load#4

This guy walks in with a button down shirt, suit and a nasty smile...he and I have met and he loves to fuck my ass or shoot down my throat. Today he starts out just having me on my knees and getting him from soft to 8 thick inches rock hard.
After about 5 minutes of heavy sucking and kissing he says he is close and wants to slow it up. We go on for a bit more foreplay and then while I am squatting with his cock buried in my mouth he plays with my ass.
He has me stand up and goes to town eating my ass...well, after all these cocks and loads, I have not shot (still sitting here with my load in my balls and his load in my ass while typing - a nice lubed ass for my partner to fuck later) so I am horned up and he just proceeds to shove his cock up my spit lubed ass.
I am tight as hell today and can feel every inch of that head and shaft. He is also hot and ready because it is not long before he says he is cumming and shoots blast after thick blast of hot cum up my ass.
Well, now it is time to pull my jock on and meet my partner for cocktails...I just love a cock in my tail before cocktails.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Hotel three way with my ass and mouth as the main attraction

This morning I was still holding the load I did not shoot yesterday during the tag team action at home.
I was planning on a nice quiet lunch at work (no set adventures for Mondays - usually too busy in the office) when I get an email on a hook up site.
Two guys were in town and looking for me to come over so the 23 yr old could eat my ass before and after getting fucked by the 40 yr old thick cock top.
Sounds great but travel time did not allow for much so they came downtown and got a hotel room by my office.
They called me with the room number and up I went.
I was met at the door by my top of the afternoon and his buddy - you know how sometimes pics online are hard to judge - well this guy was hotter than the pics and the cock shot did not do him justice.
It was 7x6 and the head was the size of a lemon! Just what I like for sucking and getting lubed up with spit. I started out sucking him from soft to full on hard, it is always nice when a guy is surprised at how much I can do with my throat and tongue.
His buddy was eating my ass so we decided to get on the bed with my ass up for all of us to get what we wanted.
The rimming was going full force with tongue, lips and even some fingers to loosen but just the thick cock in my mouth gets my ass ready for cock. Add in the fact that the top was also pulling on my pierced nipples and I was a pig ready for action.
After a good 10 minutes of rimming my ass and me sucking the top's cock we ready to put me on my back and start fucking.
As I said it was thick like mine is but the head is huge and now even bigger when he is rock hard - we put some extra lube on and started going to town.
He did say he was in the mood for hot pig sex and made sure the 23 yr old was right there using his tongue on both of us...I had never had a guy licking my ass from under/behind while a cock going in and out so this was hot for me too.
The young guy was in pig heaven too because he said he never watched a guy getting fucked (think he meant two pigs going at it right there, bareback cocks and ass) and this top was nice and thick and liked to pull out to the very edge, let the kid lick and slurp then plunge back in.
My partner knows how tight my ass always is and I work my ass on a cock kind of like I do with my throat...let the cock do it's work in and out but put some pressure on when it is buried to keep it in there. This top was turned on feeling my ass squeeze down on his cock with each down stoke to bury it in my ass.
While he was plowing my ass for half an hour more the young guy just kept going back and forth between playing with my ass using his tongue or fingers so by the end I was just a hot pig ready to blow.
As the top kept up the hard pounding he also was stroking my cock and got me to the edge a few times and finally I just had to shoot a thick load that hit my chest and stomach - the guy's eyes just got bigger seeing the cock buried in my ass while my cock was shooting.
Well, that was a hot lunch we all agreed - and next time I think I will call my partner and see if he is up for a hot lunch in the hotel with us.

Taking it from both ends at the same time

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I posted so I wanted to catch you up.
The weekend was spent with my partner and some friends, so by Sunday afternoon we were ready for some raunchy fun.
Not much action on the weekend, other than my usual heavy flirting in tight jeans and t-shirt at the bar with my partner watching. So by Sunday morning he and I were horned up and he woke me with a very heavy thick load - kept that one all morning and then he started chatting online with a buddy we met through a mutual fuck buddy in the city.
This guy is also a red head like my partner and both would be called "ginger" for the light red color and some grey mixed in...very HOT to me.
I was asked if I was up for being tag teamed and sucking both of them. I had been fucked in the morning and thought it was a great idea.
New guy comes over and I am in just a t-shirt so we all go to the front room with big picture size windows and queen size bed for all of us to fuck around.
After getting all of us stripped down and hard I was then put on the bed, ass up for a hot rimming session - that always gets my ass loose for a hard fuck.
This buddy knows my partner and I bareback each other and wanted to see me getting fucked as well as trying my ass out.
He went to town on my ass while I kept sucking on my partners thick PA'd cock (this guy was thinking of getting a PA and really likes the 2 gauge rings we have).
My partner is a great fuck and he really gets hard watching my servicing a nice cock with either hole and sure enough he shot his second load of the afternoon.
The second top was getting close and wanted to take a short break - we did and even though we tried to hold off he was too turned on from a long fuck session with his own fuck buddy earlier that he also shot a second of the day did not blow and I went to bed horny and my partner had a smile...then Monday came and that is another posting.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Park blond and the video booth cocks

This is from my adventures yesterday.
My buddy from the park (we will call him PB for this) and previous booth scene wanted to get together for some group action this week over lunch.
I had emailed a few of my buddies, but alas the timing was not good and a hot hung thick top set to fuck me senseless in the stalls while I sucked off the PB had to cancel at the last minute.
These things happen, no worries.
PB and I decided to meet up at the booths instead.
When I arrived there were more than a few guys I would have been instantly on my knees for in the booth ( and for two of them I have been stripped and force fed multiple loads in the past) so I was looking forward to this detour.
We started out in one booth and PB pulled out his cock - it is just so amazing to think that it can get much bigger but oh YES IT DOES.
Of course, anyone seeing it is just "drop jaw" fascinated so we can get some hot horny men interested.
The first cock was a guy that likes to be sucked and he put it in the glory hole...I went down and got him off in less than two minutes which is either really good on my part or he had been there for awhile just waiting for the right mouth - in the past he and I have taken more time so I think he was horny as hell and knew I would take the load.
Next came a guy that has fed me his load and also fucked me in the past - nicely thick. He saw me and went in the next booth and made the comment "time for the next customer".
I got him nice and worked up and asked PB what he wanted and he said to see me get fucked so he could take a video.
I sucked a bit more and turned around - as I said, this is a repeat for me so I knew he would be ok in my ass and would get off. I love the idea of a hot guy getting off seeing me get fucked ( my partner loves to put me in the sling or other scenes to get fucked in public) so this was hot for me too.
PB actually took a 12 minute video of this which will be posted once I figure out how to get it off of my phone - I am a technology "blond" so it will be a short delay.
After the guy got off with the help of my tight hairy ass, PB was so turned on he wanted to get another guy to join and stepped out while I was still there bare chested with pants around my ankles in the booth (kind of hot).
He finds a thick cocked blond to join us.
The new guy watches me deep throat PB and just gets hard instantly. Now there are two thick cocked blonds waiting for my know I was dripping precum.
This new blond says he is ready to blow after a couple of minutes and he lets loose.
PB is turned on and wants to take some pics - those are the new pics, and that cum just stayed there.
I had to get back to work so PB and I are going to meet up again soon and get a group to feed me...stay tuned, you know I will fill you in and include the pics of cock in both holes with the cum shot unless I swallow every drop.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Office bathroom servicing today for lunch

This week I am planning to meet up with park blond guy for some lunch action but today I got an email from one of my regular buddies that I have known for a few years.

He and I used to meet up in a tearoom at an office building here in the city that was notorious for groups of 4 or 5 at a time sucking, fucking and cumming or he had access to an old bank vault in his office building (he has since moved) that we could use for what ever we wanted - and he is a horny top I can assure you.

He has a long cock that is not as thick as park blond guy but it is a perfect fit for deep throating.
Back when I had my collar on, like in the main pic, he and others seemed to get off on using it to keep me on my knees or to just hang on to it and then pull my pierced nipples till I was rock hard - most of my regular buddies know that the more they are getting off and moaning/ enjoying it the deeper I swallow and the longer I go.

Today he wanted to show me a vacant floor in his building that has a large locking bathroom we can use to get some groups together but it was last minute and no one was able to join so I went over by myself and took care of him.
He usually likes to have me suck him from soft to hard and I know that the more I can take him down my throat and use it to work his shaft instead of my hands the harder he gets.
Today was no exception and since I told him about the park blond and showed him the video he wanted to take one that I may share.
He always get vocal and pulls my nipples to get me down deeper so he can shoot - many times he likes to just keep it in my throat so I don't even get to feel it in my mouth, it just goes straight down but I love that since I can feel the shaft and head grow just as he is shooting and feel each blast.

That's it for now, I am supposed to meet up with park blond tomorrow if we can get the timing down...

Blond from the park - gloryhole and three way action

The hot blond I took a load from in my previous blog entry about "You look familiar - can you drop your pants" is ready for some repeat action.
I figured I should share the story of the day I ran into him at the bookstore and if the link here works you can see a clip of me on my knees taking it on Xtube.
So back on Feb 04 I was just cruising around the local porn shop and arcade/bookstore feeling horny when I see this guy that looks familiar and he follows me into one of the booths with a glory hole.
I always like these booths because I can be sucking one hot guy and sometimes get a second cock to stick through and take that load also.
On this day, he and I recognize each other and I am ready to get down on that great cock. The booth next door opens and I see a guy sit down - I have seen him before and know he is also hung like a small pony and he loves to get blown or even do some serious sucking himself.
My friend suggests that he join us - I am all for that, maybe I can get both.
The third guy joins us and since I have my phone with me I suggest he take a video clip of me servicing the blond. He agrees and we start with me deep throating and taking it to the base. The clip was accidentally deleted and so we spend another 10 minutes or so taking turns on the blond cock (the third said he came already and did not feel like being sucked so we double tagged the blond).
We decided to give a video clip another shot and I went back down on my blond friend.
The clip is short since my phone is not great for it and we were interrupted by someone banging on the door.
I had to get back to the office so we tried to find a spot because really wanted to see his cum all over my face again.
That day there was not a cum load but we are planning to get him and some others in a tearoom so I can suck and take their loads (one guy wants to fuck me and if that happens I will share that with you too).

Monday, February 18, 2008

The weekend cumfest continues....

So yesterday my partner and I are online just chatting and he says we are going to a hotel room for some group action - I love to be on my knees sucking but will not pass up the chance to be a pig bottom either.
The hotel room was fun- one big dicked bear that had me on my knees on the bed while he fucked me and his buddy was getting plowed by my partner next to me and then a knock at the door. The new arrival was local and proceeded to get undressed - a baby's arm sized cock popped out and was rock hard with a huge mushroom head....just the type to fill a throat or tight hairy ass.
I had already been rimmed by two of the guys and fucked by the other so when this new cock walked behind me I was ready.
You know those cocks that are large enough that you think "not without poppers!", this was one but I also know when I am that turned on and have not blown my load yet
(remember last night I was sucking all those guys, my load never shot and I get more turned on knowing the guy I am sucking is having an intense orgasm from sucking) the cock will just slide right in. Well, he did and it was so TIGHT I could feel my ass stretch but it felt so good.
We fucked on the bed for a bit, then moved to the sling...well, to make the story short he plowed my ass good for at least 20 minutes and I was ready to blow. He wanted to fuck the load out of me so I said go for it.
It was a thick huge load and he bent over, licked it all off my cock and his hand then leaned over to give it back to me and let me swallow it.
We were meeting friends later so we said thanks and left.
The bar we were heading to was packed so we skipped it and went out later to the same bar as last night.
I took my lap around the back again and came across a hot 20's something guy with a thick cock out and just had to take a lick.
He was all for it and so I went down on it for all it was worth. My partner was standing by and so were about a dozen others so I just stayed down there and licked, sucked and took him to the base so his balls could hit my chin.
He had a guy working on his chest and they wanted to see him cum so I opened my mouth to let him jack the last bit and shoot.
He shot a nice thick one right over my face and over my eyes in addition to all the cum hitting my tongue.
I should also mention that I was wearing the ass flap overalls so while I was upstairs chatting with a buddy another guy asked if the ass was available...yes it was and so I was able to get one last quick fuck in before we left.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Porn awards and the cocks that make it

Last night the GayVN Awards took place and after the event there were many people out on the town.
My partner and I went one of the local leather bars and while he was in the front of the bar talking to friends I took a lap around to see what was up.
In the back of the bar I came across three friend and a large group of young guys - two of my friends are lovers and the third is an older guy we know that just LOVES the young guys in their 20's.
As I am walking over, one my freinds says to the group "here is the best cocksucker in San Francisco" ...the three of them have seen me on my knees and helped block the view of people so I could suck off groups of men so this was not new.
The young guy they were talking to was semi interested and said ok... I don't know how long he had already been out and sometimes guys are not sure when someone makes a statement like that and I understand being doubtful :-)
He unzipped and I got on my knees...he was not fully hard but substantial and I could tell it was a hot thick cock and would be even bigger.
I got down to business and set out to give him the best blowjob of the night.
After some throat, tongue and lip action he did get fully hard and it was a definite deep throat cock. I always like to feel it filling my throat while I go to the base and back to head.
Cameras started flashing and he was getting into it but alas, sometimes it is not the moment they want to shoot a load so we ended and he zipped up.
He did agree with my friends and say that the title was well deserved.
The best part of the episode was standing up and realizing that Chi Chi LaRue was there to see the whole thing!
I love the whole porn industry and living in San Francisco makes it a great place to meet the real stars and people behind the scenes.
Well, then a hot guy that was watching the whole time says that we just need to get me on to some more cocks, well you don't have to twist my arm.

A bit later I was again walking around and this HOT blond stud in a white tank top is giving me the look of a guy needing some service. He looks familiar and when we are talking I realize it a guy that I sucked off during the Folsom Street fair in the same bar - and he remembered me as well.
We went back over to where Chi Chi and the crowd are so I can get back on my knees for him.
Uncut men are always a hot turn on for me and this guy has a fantastic cock and just smiled while I took it out.
While I was walking around after the first blowjob, another porn industry friend and fellow San Franciscan came by - Sister Roma. She has seen me in action and knows how much I like to suck and I made sure to get my new blond friend over by her.
I went down to my knees and swallowed that cock and went to town.
The last time this uncut blond and I were in the bar during Folsom, it was packed, hot and the middle of the afternoon. No words spoken until a thanks at the end after he came and this time I wanted to give him a much fuller experience.
While I am down sucking him off my partner came back to find what I was up to. He and the guy I was sucking hit it off and while they were all standing around he starting shooting another thick load in my mouth - tasted so sweet and I did let a bit stay on my tongue and opened my mouth for my partner to see the load.
I stood back up and started chatting more with Chi Chi when another hung man came by. Chi Chi noticed just how large he was and he was still soft. He is a definite shower soft and still a grower (he has done porn and is an exhibitionist as much as I am). I have sucked on his cock in public more than once so when we agreed that he needed to show it to its full potential I was happy to oblige.
I am not sure if there are pics of it but while he was getting fully erect Chi Chi did have him put it on my head while I was bent down to see how large he was.
My role of fluffer complete I stood up and let him chat some more before taking a break.

Eventually I had to leave for the evening but I hope to be back again tonight and who knows, some of the porn guys and the hot horny ones that like to see may still be in town and I can get some hot fresh loads to share with you all.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Lunch and then an uncut snack...what a Friday

Well, yesterday was such a successful trip to the mall at lunch I thought what the hell I would see if that was a normal occurrence.
As I was going in I see a hot guy in a suit that is around the area for lunch and he gave me the "I am horny and ready" look more than once so I was up for something.
Went to the two stalls at the end, got down on my knees and he shoves his cock under...
Good thick cut cock - and it was one that grows thicker as it goes down my throat. Nice furry ass that I could play with while his balls are hitting my chin.
We went on for about 5 minutes and he started moaning and the head grew in my mouth - I knew he was close so I buried his cock to the base and let my throat work the full load out.
He shot 5 good thick blasts to fill my throat and mouth, then I swallowed it all while slowly taking my mouth off and making sure I got every last drop.

Well, that was at lunch and then around 3:30 I get an email from a married (to a woman) buddy that I take care of once in awhile. We met up once on Craigslist and since then if he is horny and available he will shoot me an email.
Today we met up at a hotel bathroom downtown where the stalls are actually each a small room with a door, so it is great for me to get stripped down and go to town.
This guy is built like a football or rugby player - 6 foot 4 inches tall, thick chest and legs, all muscle and sports a hot 8 inch uncut cock. We always start off with me sucking him till it is fully erect and then he likes to have me eat his ass for a bit.
He does not ever fuck me but he always loves to finger and play with my ass while I suck. While he is bent over for me to get to his ass he reached between his legs to stroke my cock and play with my ass. We went back and forth a couple of times between me eating his ass and then sucking his cock and deep throating him - he has the type of foreskin that is thick and slides well, so when I deep throat, the foreskin stays in my throat and I can stroke his head with it using my mouth and throat...really gets him even harder. After a good session of sucking he has me turn around so he can finger my ass and tell me how much he wants to bury his cock up my ass. Gets him turned on and then he shot about 4 thick loads onto my hairy ass. Love it when the cum is so hot you can feel it hitting your skin.
He finishes and has to leave so I let the cum slowly run down my ass crack and then pull my pants back up and return to the office with it all in my hairy ass crack and on my ass cheeks.
After work I meet up with my partner and tell him about it, while I can feel the dried cum with each step as we walk to the BART train and head home.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

"Somebody" - Depeche Mode for my husband

My husband and I met 15 years ago in Denver - that is a whole other blog post but on this Valentine's Day (and our 4th wedding anniversary no matter what the Bush administration says, we have a marriage license from San Francisco) I want to showcase him and his favorite song that says everything about him and our relationship.
His favorite all time song is "Somebody" by Depeche Mode and if you listen to it, there is so much that says what we all agree with.
To my soul mate, as you read this....I love you.

If you click on the title of this post it will take you to a video for the song and here are the lyrics modified for gay unions instead of the original straight pronouns:

I want somebody to share
Share the rest of my life
Share my innermost thoughts
Know my intimate details
Someone who'll stand by my side
And give me support
And in return
He'll get my support
He will listen to me
When I want to speak
About the world we live in
And life in general
Though my views may be wrong
They may even be perverted
He'll hear me out
And won't easily be converted
To my way of thinking
In fact he'll often disagree
But at the end of it all
He will understand me

I want somebody who cares
For me passionately
With every thought
With every breath
Someone who'll help me see things
In a different light
All the things I detest
I will almost like
I don't want to be tied
To anyone's strings
I'm carefully trying to steer clear of
Those things
But when I'm asleep
I want somebody
Who will put their arms around me
And kiss me tenderly
Though things like this
Make me sick
In a case like this
I'll get away with it
And in a place like this
I'll get away with it

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Meet me in the bathroom

Today I was taking my lunch around noon and Virgin America was doing a promotion in the local area . Giving away t-shirts and flight discounts - we love the new airline, having taken them to LA for the in-laws last Thanksgiving and also for getting us to DC for the MAL event in January.

I was wandering around and decided to check out the local shopping area when I thought about checking out the "tearoom" - it is not a cruisey spot but if you know me, I can find a horny cock in a room full of priests, wait a minute any choir boy can do the same thing... ok, my partner says I could get the groom off in the bathroom just before his wedding so that he can release some pressure :-)

Anyway, I was walking down the hallway and a young (early twenties) cub is walking the other way.
We made eye contact and kept walking but did the obligatory look over the shoulder.
Sure enough, he did the same over the shoulder look.
I kept walking and turned around but he was gone. Oh well....
I went to the bathroom, it was dead quiet so I said ok, turned around and figured I would finish my shopping.
As I was walking back to the shopping center the cub is back and does a double take on the way to the bathroom.
Instantly I turn around on the spot and head back to the tearoom to see if he is interested...
Sure enough he walks in after me and we both have our cocks out.

He is rock hard and a very respectable size it is!!
I gave him a second to be ok with it and then bent over to take him in my mouth.
He had a very nice thick cock with average mushroom head - filled my mouth and long enough to deep throat while feeling his balls on my chin without gagging.
Being a young cub and in a public place he shot a nice thick load in less than a minute ( which is no problem in tearooms as far as I am is all about you enjoying my mouth to release that load you built up) and it was a tasty one.
We both buttoned up and left - I went back to the office with a tasty load on my tongue.

25 yr old Scotch vs. 25 yr old foreskin

I love a great wine, fine cigars and a nice aged scotch but if I can have a hot uncut 25 yr old guy standing over me with his cock shoved down my throat....

I will take the cock anytime I can!

Today my partner and I had some errands to run in the morning and later on we were both online ( two laptops are very nice sometimes) and we came across a young uncut guy also online.

I am definitely a cum pig bottom but if you show me a nice hairy ass I can be in top mode real fast.
This guy said he was versatile but the profile name did include "bttm" so I was ready to be a top.

We exchanged emails and gave him our address. He was only 10 minutes away.
He came over and we started out with him sucking me a bit, then his cock was in my mouth and he went down on my partners cock.
I figured that I would keep him up and fully erect by sucking him while he was kneeling to suck my partner's cock .....well, I ended up being on my knees and he stood up so I could do my best.

I have to say that an uncut guy will absolutely get me hard and this guy was such a grower it was fantastic. I was deep throating that uncut cock, taking the shaft down till his balls were hitting my chin. I would suck up to the head and chew a bit on the foreskin before going back down. He had the perfect foreskin for pulling over the head and while chewing a bit I could stick my tongue out and tease the head and keep my tongue under the skin.

Suck, take it till his balls were on my chin, come back up to the top, chew foreskin a bit ...then repeat.

He asked if I wanted his cum...well, you know the answer to that.

I kept up the deep throat action while he grew thick and long, and he hit my gag reflex a couple times - after all there is nothing wrong with having a bit of gag reflex when they are mouth filling thick and long.

Suck, deep throat, repeat and then he was ready to cum.
I took him in my mouth and felt every one of his thick shots - one after another. While he was shooting I went back down to the base so he could fill my entire throat.
He shot load after load after load .....on and on.

Nothing better than a nicely aged uncut cock to give you a hot afternoon load.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Edging for a week while he is on vacation

A couple of years ago my partner had the chance to take a free cruise to Alaska. I had to work for the week it was taking place and he had a cabin for two. He was nice enough to ask if I would be ok at home while he went...I said yes.
He wanted to bring someone along and we discussed the options but being a Scorpio the jealous quirk popped up :-) while we figured out who should take my place in a tiny cabin for a week.
It came down to a straight woman we know from living in Aspen years ago.

The one rule I had to obey since he was going to be on a straight cruise for a week with a straight woman was that I could NOT cum...until he returned.

I was allowed to do anything I wanted - and the key word was ANYTHING.

Well of course I had to let all of my top buddies know.

Since I am a total cum pig, one of the scenes I wanted to have was a group of guys shoot all of their loads on me in a bukkake scene. I emailed some guys I knew from past experience and told them the details.

It ended up with 5 guys all jacking or having me suck them off for an hour and all blew their loads. One stuck around after and wanted to plow my ass so I said ok and he fucked me for another hour or so until he shot a second load...of course you know he was hung like a little pony.

That was ONE night of an entire week.
Craigslist is a single cum pigs buddy here in San Francisco.
I think there was one day/night I did not suck or bottom for that entire week.

At the end of the week I was so horned up and had over a weeks worth of cum built up ( my partner likes to fuck my ass, blow his load and tell me to hold off) that I was ready to shoot.

There was a Bare Chest Calendar event scheduled so I went - big mistake...I ran into a very hot, thick cocked topped that I had not seen for a couple of months.
He wanted to take me and fuck my ass hard. I said it would be hot but I could not cum until my partner returned and it had been a week already.
He was turned on even more...we went back to my apartment and oh did he fuck me.
Hot, hard, hung thick cock pounding my ass till he shot a load up my ass....and all the time I was jacking but stopped before cumming.

When I met up with my partner after the trip he asked if I was a good boy...well, yes I was very good - he then had to clarify and ask if I behaved.
Well yes I did obey the rule of not cumming but oh did I misbehave :-0

I will just let you imagine how that reunion went but I will say it was a very long intense sensual scene and there was a TON of cum shot!

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

You look familiar...can you drop your pants?

When I am on my knees at a glory hole, in a backroom or just taking advantage of a quiet corner my only thought is that the other guy needs to walk away with a huge smile on his face, the memory of the best blowjob he has ever had and at least a pint less cum in his balls.

Back in December I had the opportunity to get a day off before Christmas. My partner and I were going skiing with friends and I had the Friday before off and it was an unseasonably warm day.

I started out at a local shopping mall where there can occasionally be a very hot "straight" guy shopping with his girlfriend or wife and they venture in to the bathroom for some relief...well, I am always willing to offer some real relief if they have the time and inclination.
On this day it was so hectic I was just in the mood for some quiet time so I decided to head to the Castro.

On the way I thought I may as well check out the park and see if anyone was out and about.

Not ten minutes after getting there, I saw a very hot red head cruising....we exchanged enough eye contact that he knew I was up for something.
We went to a spot that offered some cover but was still out in the open so others could watch or join in.
He was hung enough that the few guys in the area were very interested to see me bent over and squatting to service every inch of his cock.

Eventually we had a hot blonde come over and pull his cock out. OMG it was thick, mushroom head and stuck straight out at least 9 inches by my estimate.

I have found that the larger they are, the easier it can be to totally deep throat them to their balls so I went down on him as deep as I could.

He was moaning and encouraging me to keep going. He would then put my mouth on the red head's cock and watch me servicing him.

I went back and forth between the two of them while about three guys watched and stroked.

Finally the red head could not hold back and had to shoot his load, my face was ready to take it all.
He shot a nice thick load and zipped up.

My new blonde friend was an exhibitionist and wanted to see me servicing a few more. We decided to wander on so he could find some more cocks to feed me....of course I agreed.

He ran into another guy that he apparently knew and told me "He is even bigger than I am" and I said lets go for it.

We went to a quiet spot that could still be seen to allow anyone to join. I went into the squat position and started on the friend.

Well, you know there are growers and there are showers...this one was a grower - what a mouthful.

My blonde buddy was turned on seeing me service his friend, then taking his thick cock and then taking one after the other. He was ready to shoot and let loose with a very thick load - of course I had not wiped the red heads load off my goatee or face so I now had two loads.

His friend saw that thick load shoot and he was ready to fire away.
I turned to have him coat my goatee with his pent up load.

After getting all three loads on my face they both said it looked hot and I asked if they would mind taking a pic with my phone.
Blonde buddy said "hell yes" and took the above pic.
(Yes I did call my partner and say it was a nice afternoon and I had a picture to show him later).

This all took place in December and then yesterday, February 4th, I was on my lunch hour - always on the lookout for a hot time and who do I run into but the blonde, hot thick cock.

Well that is another story but let's just say we exchanged info and I look forward to getting his load again real soon.

Award winning cock sucking in San Francisco

I have had many guys ask me about the Golden Dildeaux Awards, so this is a good time to clear the air.

The Golden Gate Guards is a motorcycle club here in San Francisco that my partner and I are familiar with and we support.

Each year they have a fund raiser in which the public can first nominate people for various categories such as Tearoom Commando, Dick of Death, Best All Around Bottom etc.
I have had the wonderful experience of being nominated for the cock sucking category and winning it over the past few years.

The first year we moved here we saw the ballots and knew the winner of Tearoom Commando. He is a great guy and was notorious for finding men around the bars and other places.
Well, eventually I was known to many friends and acquaintances for my bathroom action and expertise.

I was not shy about what I enjoy and so many of the guys I would suck wanted to repeat or introduce me to their friends to see me service them that I took the title of Tearoom Commando.
The past winner is a friend of mine but it was a bit funny as so many people thought he would never lose the title.

In 2005 I was lucky enough to win Tearoom Commando and Cocksucker of the Year. I have had a version of it for three years now.
In addition I have a couple of the Punch Board awards - that is the guy that gets fucked by everyone.
My favorite year was when I won Cocksucker of the Year and a friend won Dick of Death and of course we knew each other and could verify those!!

These awards are tongue in cheek as you can be nominated but it takes a $1 per vote to actually win.
My partner and I are always happy and proud to be nominated.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Saturday night MAL - Hot, tall, cigar smoking, sexy as hell leatherman

We decided to leave the underwear party after getting fucked and sucking all of those cocks to see what was going on in the lobby of the hotel.

It was PACKED with leather men.

On Friday we had met a buddy from San Francisco in the cigar smoking tent and he was generous enough to share one with us so on Saturday we just went out to the tent to see what was up and going on.
I was busy flirting and being friendly while my partner went outside for some fresh air.
He came back in and said he wanted to introduce me to someone I would like...translation = hot tall leather man with facial hair and a cigar!!!

Well, I met Greg and oh yes I was turned on. We all three stood around kissing and I mentioned that he seemed to need to release a thick hard on and I was an expert deepthroater and happy to oblige
smiled and agreed to let me - WOW - hot, tall, leather, and ready for me to get down on my knees.
My partner knows me well enough that we was not surprised - he had apparently told Greg he had to come in and find me and was assuming I would be in trouble.

I just love my husband and the fact we know each other so well at times like this :-)

Well, since everything was going well and I did not want to share this new hot man with everyone right away I suggested we take it to the room upstairs. All agreed so we went to our room.
After getting upstairs and going at some more heavy kissing, sucking and playing Greg and my partner decided to gang up on me and introduce me to pit tickling mercilessly while a cock was buried in my mouth....that was such a new experience - if you are reading this Greg - THANKS.

The extra caveat for both of them was that I had been a cum pig Friday night in an orgy and had already been fucked twice in the bar earlier and all this time I had not shot one load.
I was ready to explode and they both took so much pleasure in edging me till I had to cover my partners chest with cum to his chin.

We had not brought a sling on this trip and the scene was already so hot I was satiated - later Greg and I exchanged notes and found out that we could have spent hours with cigars and slings....well next year we will have to reconnect, have some cigars and one of us bring a sling along.

I am going to put the link to Greg's website on here with his permission...take a look and say hi - he is a very hot man and those pics of him with a cigar and pipe along with my memories of that weeked...well, you can just guess what I am thinking right now.

Hot men +leather +underwear in public = MAL 2008

Here is a more recent experience I had this year with my partner while visiting Washington DC for the Mid Atlantic Leather event.

This event brings leather folk from around the world to participate in a 3 day event involving the contest to select the next Mid Atlantic Leather title holder. There is a formal leather cocktail night, the contest and dance party in addition to all the sex and leather men you can shake a stick at!

Saturday was a very hot actually began early with my partner and I participating in an underwear night at a local bar.
We showed up and went right upstairs to shuck our clothes.

Anytime I attend underwear night I have very small jockstrap I like to wear....easy access and allows for plenty of movement when I have to squat down to assist someone with there raging hardon!
This night was no different - we got a cocktail and within 10 minutes I found myself in the midst of three of the largest I saw so far that night - as I said earlier I am an admitted size queen because I like the challenge.
I will discuss size at another time but for me it is always about the other guy enjoying so I don't discriminate or find "small" men less attractive, I just admit to enjoying a large one when I have the opportunity.
That little group decided they did not want to do too much, too soon so I ventured on. I met up with my partner and we found another hot group.

One hot hairy guy was getting fucked so we joined in the group watching and participating. The fuckee was hot and actually wanted to suck me for a bit (he had already sucked and swallowed my partners load
let him have a the meantime I saw and brought over a couple of others that I then got down for. One of the guys wanted to fuck me so I gave my partner a look and he said ok. I just love being in a jock with a hairy ass.
He took a shot, lined up behind me and gave me a nice thick one - then said he was a bottom but had to have my ass.
We got into a rhythm and he let loose - took it all and then another was interested so my partner and I ended up getting a nice little group going for me to service.

We then finished our cocktails and headed back to the lobby of the hotel to see who was out and about.
Well, we got back and while wandering around and looking for friends we decided to check out the cigar smoking area... to be continued.

Sunday, February 3, 2008

more on Europe backrooms...

During out trip to Amsterdam we were doing the usual afternoon shopping and sightseeing tour, when we decided it was time for a cocktail.

We always try to research ahead to find where the bars, restaurants, saunas or cruising areas going to be.

We got our map out and found the Spike bar and went in.

After getting a cocktail we sat down and I always like to check out new spots to see what there is to see.
My partner knows I will return and fill him in so he watched me start my "loop".
I saw a set of stairs going up and my inner voice said check it out.
It led to the restroom and a dark room that had no lights on. This was the middle of the afternoon so I thought there may not be anything going on.
It was pitch black and I could hear some scuffling...well that told me all I needed to know :-)

In a new location I will try to check in with my partner before I participate - and sometimes he knows the opportunity is too good to pass up.
I went back down to fill him in on what I found and ask if I could check it out more.

A very HOT tall (one of my fetishes is tall men!) blond went up the stairs, so I was hoping he was not just using the restroom.
I went up and sure enough he had disappeared. I did not know how big the dark room was but it was a small bar so it could not be huge.
After entering I sensed a space to my left and turned that way.
I could tell the guy was there and went over.
He was, shall we say, hung like a horse and already out of his pants and hard.
I got in the squat position (you never know what may be on the floor and I hate to come out of a room with "evidence" on my knees) and swallowed him down.

While enjoying this fantastic uncut cock I heard someone coming up the was my partner joining in.

Even though my first choice is to suck and swallow, an uncut hung man gets my mind to thinking about doing more.
I was taking care of getting this guy hard and ready to blow a load when he also seemed to have ideas of taking care of my ass along with my throat. Well, you don't have to ask twice when you are that hot.
I stood up, turned around and just let it slide in. This was a very thick one and those of you that are size queens like me (and happily married to my ideal I must say!!) know how a thick one can just slide right in.

Well, my partner was getting into this as much as I was and we do like to share so he was already stroking and letting me get fucked till he was ready to take a ride on the unknown blond.
My partner has always been more of a top but when he is in the mood to ride, he likes them as large as I do....I moved over and let him take a shot.
Well he DID, and we took turns until it was time to get back to our cocktails, after all we had the whole trip to enjoy the men of Europe.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Europe vs US ...backrooms and bar sex

Living in a city that many think of as being very gay and in the front lines of all things gay and sexual we get questions about places where guys can have sex.

Unfortunately (in my opinion) the city shut down bathhouses back in the beginning of the AIDS crisis and has never reopened any.

I grew up in a city that had one of the best - the Denver Swim Club.

I came across it one night with my ex and found out just what the guys
back in the day loved about saunas and public pools.
There were so many men and so much to do it was amazing how fast an 8 hour pass can go by.

My previous long term relationship was monogamous ( at least I thought so at the time) so when my current partner and I ventured into three ways it was only after being together for a few years.
We found that we enjoyed it and had our own rules about what was acceptable. We would only do something together and if the extra person we were "entertaining" was only into one it was not going to happen...we felt a threesome was fine but it was not cool to be on the sideline inadvertently.

We had the opportunity to visit Europe in the 90's and discussed the "rules".
We came to the decision that being separate but in the same location was acceptable. If we were in a bathhouse/sauna as they are called in Europe and found that we were interested in someone it was fine but we did not leave the building.
Our first trip was to Amsterdam.
WOW, that was a first for me!

The first night we went to a location that advertised as being a naked party in the bar.
Sure enough we got to the address, rang the bell and a doorman checked us out before letting us in.
We were told to strip, put our clothes in a bag and get a ticket to keep in our socks to keep tab on our drinks.
Within minutes I found myself on my back in the back on the bar bench with one guy fucking me and a couple of others standing and waiting. My partner brought my drink over and went to find his fun :-)
We enjoyed that so much we went back the next night and actually found out they had an upstairs area.
Once again I found myself being a pig bottom - yes I know, big surprise - and afterwards we were relaxing in the downstairs bar and started talking to the hot guy that had recently been in my ass.
He was a sweet, hot man and actually was from the U.S but was transferred there.

Upon our return to the U.S. I wanted a tattoo and this is my first one...the city crest of Amsterdam.

And more recently....

Ok, so my partner has his own will just have to find that on your own until he gives me permission to list it here...and said I should just go with what I think and want here.

On that note, I will apologize in advance to the those that are as anal about things as I can be because you will find me going back and forth for awhile about things I did and thought in the past and things more recent.

I have NOT always been an exhibitionist guy (Mitch, you quit laughing your ass off right now) and since I have been more out in the public so to speak I have had many guys from around the world comment on or ask about certain pictures and here I will do my best to give some details.

I will not be naming names or location to protect the privacy of those involved - unless they give me permission to do so.

My partner and I just returned a couple of weeks ago from DC for MAL - Mid Atlantic Leather - and it was such a hot fun time.
This was my second time and the first one was fun but recently we have gotten in the mood to be more pigs when we are out so I had a BLAST.

Met some hot men, and some buddies that know me well were there with cameras and caught some of the action.

This guy was a hot man and we had already met up before so this was the second time I was on my knees for him and what a hot nice thick cock. Thanks if you are reading this!!!

I always like repeats and giving a guy a second, third or fourth shot at my mouth when they enjoy it so if anyone is visiting and needs a great blowjob maybe you will see me out and about .
More to come later...have to take my partner out for some dinner now.

Beginnings of a cum pig - the early years.

Well, here first shot at a blog.

Gay male here living in San Francisco with a wonderful and fabulous partner of 15 years.
Over the years since we first opened our sexual relationship to include others we have slowly grown to a point where sex outside is not a threat, it is just an activity we can share when we wish or take part in individually.

I have been a cum pig since my early years - at least since I knew what it was that the other guys in school shot out instead of piss when we were jacking off. Before that I was just a horny guy that liked to see the cocks of my friends and older brothers friends. Once I discovered that they liked the feeling of me sucking them as much as I liked to suck it was the beginning of my cum pig identity.

After high school I moved away from home, came full out of the closet and have never looked back.

I discovered arcades, tearooms and bookstores while living in Denver...and I was HOOKED!!

Gloryholes were my first turn on - I would go to one in Denver at a bookstore called the Crypt and just about each booth had a hole on each side. I could sit there and just take care of one cock after another or even one on each end (this is in the days before anyone even cared about or had a term for bareback).

Later I got a job in an local airport and discovered that "tearooms" and under the stall action or at the urinal can be just as hot and discreet.

Ever since then, anytime I, or my partner and I together travel I keep an eye out for likely spots that I can get bent over or on my knees to give a lucky man an awesome blowjob.
And yes, I do prefer to swallow every drop but there are also those guys that prefer to pull out and see it all over a face or chest.

Surprisingly there are not as many arcade/bookstores in large cities as there used to be. I have heard of some very hot ones that have since disappeared over the years from our friends.
It is a shame that too many people were in such a hurry to leave after blowing a load that they left a mess for the next guy to come across or did not learn the meaning of the word discreet.
For those guys that may be reading this and not know what I mean...I am just stating that even though probably 90% of the men - straight or gay - are as horny as you are, they are not in the restroom for action and may not appreciate seeing, hearing or stepping in your spooge. Take a moment to clean up after yourself - or as my motto is, and yes my friends know this is true - do not waste a drop!

Back to my growing years into the cum pig I am today....

In the days before the internet it was common to just walk around, cruise, go to spots that were cruisey and meet people face to face. Sometimes it might be at a mall while shopping or just in a park and catching the eye of another and knowing you are both horny as hell and finding a way/spot to do it.
Now I have found that even though some great loads have came my way via the internet - and anyone reading this that contributed I have to say once again THANKS! - I still like being able to walk around and just meet a guy or stumble onto a hot guy or guys as horny as I am and just get to business, take care of their needs and go away with a smile.

I have always been more of the bottom submissive type and for me that is perfect because when I am sucking a man it is not about me or my pleasure AT ALL... the more I can tell he is enjoying what I am doing the more turned on I get and I never feel the need to leave a guy hanging.
I actually hate when someone has to leave or the scene is interrupted and as a result they did not get a full release.
There are too many "teasers" out there that like to get a guy hot and bothered but it is about them so if it ends they could not care less.

Well, that is a bit of my story for now.