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Monday, February 25, 2008

Taking it from both ends at the same time

Sorry it has been a couple of days since I posted so I wanted to catch you up.
The weekend was spent with my partner and some friends, so by Sunday afternoon we were ready for some raunchy fun.
Not much action on the weekend, other than my usual heavy flirting in tight jeans and t-shirt at the bar with my partner watching. So by Sunday morning he and I were horned up and he woke me with a very heavy thick load - kept that one all morning and then he started chatting online with a buddy we met through a mutual fuck buddy in the city.
This guy is also a red head like my partner and both would be called "ginger" for the light red color and some grey mixed in...very HOT to me.
I was asked if I was up for being tag teamed and sucking both of them. I had been fucked in the morning and thought it was a great idea.
New guy comes over and I am in just a t-shirt so we all go to the front room with big picture size windows and queen size bed for all of us to fuck around.
After getting all of us stripped down and hard I was then put on the bed, ass up for a hot rimming session - that always gets my ass loose for a hard fuck.
This buddy knows my partner and I bareback each other and wanted to see me getting fucked as well as trying my ass out.
He went to town on my ass while I kept sucking on my partners thick PA'd cock (this guy was thinking of getting a PA and really likes the 2 gauge rings we have).
My partner is a great fuck and he really gets hard watching my servicing a nice cock with either hole and sure enough he shot his second load of the afternoon.
The second top was getting close and wanted to take a short break - we did and even though we tried to hold off he was too turned on from a long fuck session with his own fuck buddy earlier that he also shot a second of the day did not blow and I went to bed horny and my partner had a smile...then Monday came and that is another posting.