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Monday, January 19, 2009

The underwear party on crutches...I did get cum

There I am in the city of the inauguration, a hotel full of horned up leather men...what to do...
we decide to let me make the hike over to one of the local DC bars that was having an underwear night.
As you know, when I am surrounded by men, cocks and only a bit of material between us I am in my element.

After we arrived and I hobbled my way up to the clothes check I took of my pants and left on a cut off t-shirt. It was a bit early but there were men in boxers, underwear and jock straps.
My husband and our close friend ( they refer to me as bait for them when we travel) were not quite in the "lets take our clothes off now" mode so I had a cocktail and went to mingle.
I did meet a few very hot guys and by chance there was one really hot guy that is probably reading this ...thanks T for the comments and the incentive to get my ass out of the hotel lobby.
This hot "T" friend was there and we had a great time last year so I knew it was a good time to come.

There were guys coming up and doing some groping, crotches flashing. From the right I had one guy in a pair of underwear with snaps and from the other side I had a guy in jeans and a harness debating what he was going to do.
Then of course I saw the blond hunk that gave me a load in the hotel last year.
It was a bit slow to start at the bar and he was nervous so we took a raincheck for a later/ better time to get his massive cock into my mouth to unload his full balls.

During the weekend there were a few guys I kept running into and my interest was peaked. Some of these guys showed up at the underwear party and I was ready to try and take it to the next level.
While looking over I saw a group of hot men including my husband, the bait controlling uncle and our buddy T. So, of course I had to get back over.
As I made myself comfortable on a bar stool T came over and I told him that a bar stool further down would be be more comfortable so he went and got it for me. Such a hot and caring friend.

Once the short stool was brought over I was able to sit down and stretch out my broken leg.
Now I could swallow any cock put in my face and the guys seemed to understand that.
My first cock was a dark haired uncut guy that I met at the hotel lobby. Some guys may be freaked out about having oral sex with the partner or friend of someone but we overcame that.
Foreskin, thick shaft and a very aromatic tasty cock.
He had me suck him off for awhile and then he wanted to head over to check out the other scenes.
While I was sucking the dark haired uncut guy I caught another hot uncut guy looking over at the action.
The new uncut guy came over and I was in position to work his cock.

I had guys to the right of me and guys to the left of me and this uncut cock right in front of me....just waiting for my mouth.
Not being one to pass up an opportunity or let a guy miss out, I got down to business.
This guy was not hung like a horse, so I was able to enjoy feeling him swell to full hardness and take it all the way in while working his balls and ass with my hand.
I used my lips and tongue to tease him and then I would swallow every inch.
While alll of this oral action was being performed and watched I could see guys pulling out there cocks from each side of my face. That made it even hotter!!
After a few more minutes of oral action I shoved my finger further up his ass and worked the cock.
When he was ready to blow a load he pulled back and another guy helped line up his cock to shoot all over me.
He started shooting cum and it was on my hand, arm, chest and my jock strap.
Everyone around seemed to enjoy seeing cum flying all over me.
Once the balls were finally drained I looked up into the faces of about five guys and they all seemed to want to be next.

The next cock I took out was thicker than any other at this location and I got a nice rhythm going but it was early and he was in the mood to cruise. No worries...
I spotted a VERY hot guy in what I can only describe as Mormon type underwear - the one piece suit that covers chest to thighs. He was sporting a crucifix around his neck and a huge slab of meat in his shorts.
I did get a nice grope and later in the hallway I saw every thick inch this guy was a mouthful but we had to leave and alas, I will need to look for him on another trip

Saturday, January 17, 2009

MAL one year later...and the blog reader taking our loads

So I am back in Washington DC for the Mid Atlantic Leather contest and as I ran into some people from my past I realized that my first blog entries took place after this of the hot blond men I had the pleasure of swallowing down my throat is here this year and looking as mouth watering as before.
He is in some of my early pics posted to the blog.

With my ski accident I am looking at the men from crotch level as I sit in a wheelchair in the lobby.
As most hotels do with these types of events, this one took out all of the real furniture and that left me with severe pain from standing or bringing my own mobile accessories. It actually made the first day kind of fun.
As my husband and I were enjoying cocktails and the men I had the chance to meet a hot beefy guy that mentioned to me that he reads the blog.
Even though I put this out there it still makes me blush once in awhile and smile when I am approached by the readers.
This hot guy was also flirting (as I of course was as well).
After midnight my husband and I headed up to our room and we had left our door open while on the computer, just to see what the tides might bring in.
Anyone that goes to IML or MAL knows that sometimes the best cruising and fun happen in the hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and even broom closets.
On a trip down the hall my husband returned with our hot beefy friend.
The conversation came around to the fact that he had played and shot a load already but he likes my videos and technique and enjoys sucking cock himself.
Since I was in my wheelchair, we brought him over to me and I pulled out a thick soft cock. He had already cum and was not sure he could get know how I take a challenge and don't mind one bit if the cock is soft to begin.

After a few minutes of oral, tongue and lip action he was full throttle and ready to be sucked.
While I was enjoying his thick piece of meat, he had pulled my husband's cock out and was slurping away on his pierced cock. He told us that he does not do well with the PA's but he took the challenge of my husband's cock and worked it to a rock hard, pre cum dripping stage.
I was there sucking his cock and playing with my husband's nipples ( I know that he likes to have that done at the same time) and soon enough he was shooting a load into our buddies throat.
At this time our new buddy was at that brink of wanting to cum but it was late and he was a bit tired so I took a break from sucking him and unbuttoned my pants.
He did compliment on the fact that he was not prepared to even get hard but my mouth was up to the task.

My piercing is bit larger in diameter than my husband's and with my cock being thicker in the middle it became a gag reflex for our buddy.
I don't often take my jewelry out but since he already made the effort for my husband I gave him a break and took the piercing out.
Then he was able to give me a very hot deep throat and stroking blow job.
Watching his mouth swallow my cock and with my nipples being tweaked it was not long before I was ready to give him a second helping of hot spooge.

I don't know how much he swallowed on the first gulp but I did feel like a half gallon of cum was drained from my balls.
It was a unique experience to be sucked off while propping my leg up enough to keep it off the ground.
We have a couple more days and I told him that my mouth was available for another round when he was not fully drained already.

Tonight we have formal cocktails in leather or uniform and then back to the lobby in a jock strap and not much else...hope to get a cock or two down my throat.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Tahoe ski accident update

Well, first of all the accident was not as minor as I hoped. The snow skiing picture is from my buddy taking a video and I took this freeze frame. I am the little black dot at the upper left side of the picture.
The second pic is from my husband while in Urgent Care with the hunky doctor.

I have a fractured tibia that cannot be put in a cast but the catch is that I also can put no weight on my right leg for at least 4 more weeks. That means I am off my knees from Dec 26 to at least Feb 03 - I KNOW, IT TOTALLY SUCKS in such a bad way.
Luckily there is not ligament damage or surgery required.

The upside is that I was able to get a new video camera since my old one was having issues and the company replaced it with brand new.
I actually have some video of me trying to ski down that mountain. The first time I did fine and it was the second run that almost killed me.

My husband and our friends have been fantastic support and once I can easily bend my leg and get around I will be back in action.

Sorry to all of you that follow my adventures...but I will be going to MAL January 15 to January 19 so there are opportunities there and I will be on crutches hunting down horny straight politicians and their loyal followers.

And if anyone knows a good spot in SFO, DC or San Francisco for a handicap cum pig to swallow loads of cum, pass it along and I will head on over.