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Friday, January 9, 2009

Tahoe ski accident update

Well, first of all the accident was not as minor as I hoped. The snow skiing picture is from my buddy taking a video and I took this freeze frame. I am the little black dot at the upper left side of the picture.
The second pic is from my husband while in Urgent Care with the hunky doctor.

I have a fractured tibia that cannot be put in a cast but the catch is that I also can put no weight on my right leg for at least 4 more weeks. That means I am off my knees from Dec 26 to at least Feb 03 - I KNOW, IT TOTALLY SUCKS in such a bad way.
Luckily there is not ligament damage or surgery required.

The upside is that I was able to get a new video camera since my old one was having issues and the company replaced it with brand new.
I actually have some video of me trying to ski down that mountain. The first time I did fine and it was the second run that almost killed me.

My husband and our friends have been fantastic support and once I can easily bend my leg and get around I will be back in action.

Sorry to all of you that follow my adventures...but I will be going to MAL January 15 to January 19 so there are opportunities there and I will be on crutches hunting down horny straight politicians and their loyal followers.

And if anyone knows a good spot in SFO, DC or San Francisco for a handicap cum pig to swallow loads of cum, pass it along and I will head on over.


A Lewis said...

You know, it's odd that you'd post right now....because I was just sitting down to write an email to see what was up and where you were and how you were feeling. And now I see your post! Very sorry to hear that bad news. And you don't look nearly as happy in that sassy gown as you do on your knees. Happier and healthier days ahead.

Anonymous said...

Can't keep a good man down. Sorry about your wipeout, but damn roud of you for still making MAL. If I were going I would track you down and facefuck you. I'm sure some other tops will be happy to do just that. Have a great time and get well soon.

Anonymous said...

Is Blow Buddies still in operation in SFO? There are lots of places where you can suck standing up (two-level glory holes).