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Saturday, January 17, 2009

MAL one year later...and the blog reader taking our loads

So I am back in Washington DC for the Mid Atlantic Leather contest and as I ran into some people from my past I realized that my first blog entries took place after this of the hot blond men I had the pleasure of swallowing down my throat is here this year and looking as mouth watering as before.
He is in some of my early pics posted to the blog.

With my ski accident I am looking at the men from crotch level as I sit in a wheelchair in the lobby.
As most hotels do with these types of events, this one took out all of the real furniture and that left me with severe pain from standing or bringing my own mobile accessories. It actually made the first day kind of fun.
As my husband and I were enjoying cocktails and the men I had the chance to meet a hot beefy guy that mentioned to me that he reads the blog.
Even though I put this out there it still makes me blush once in awhile and smile when I am approached by the readers.
This hot guy was also flirting (as I of course was as well).
After midnight my husband and I headed up to our room and we had left our door open while on the computer, just to see what the tides might bring in.
Anyone that goes to IML or MAL knows that sometimes the best cruising and fun happen in the hallways, stairwells, bathrooms and even broom closets.
On a trip down the hall my husband returned with our hot beefy friend.
The conversation came around to the fact that he had played and shot a load already but he likes my videos and technique and enjoys sucking cock himself.
Since I was in my wheelchair, we brought him over to me and I pulled out a thick soft cock. He had already cum and was not sure he could get know how I take a challenge and don't mind one bit if the cock is soft to begin.

After a few minutes of oral, tongue and lip action he was full throttle and ready to be sucked.
While I was enjoying his thick piece of meat, he had pulled my husband's cock out and was slurping away on his pierced cock. He told us that he does not do well with the PA's but he took the challenge of my husband's cock and worked it to a rock hard, pre cum dripping stage.
I was there sucking his cock and playing with my husband's nipples ( I know that he likes to have that done at the same time) and soon enough he was shooting a load into our buddies throat.
At this time our new buddy was at that brink of wanting to cum but it was late and he was a bit tired so I took a break from sucking him and unbuttoned my pants.
He did compliment on the fact that he was not prepared to even get hard but my mouth was up to the task.

My piercing is bit larger in diameter than my husband's and with my cock being thicker in the middle it became a gag reflex for our buddy.
I don't often take my jewelry out but since he already made the effort for my husband I gave him a break and took the piercing out.
Then he was able to give me a very hot deep throat and stroking blow job.
Watching his mouth swallow my cock and with my nipples being tweaked it was not long before I was ready to give him a second helping of hot spooge.

I don't know how much he swallowed on the first gulp but I did feel like a half gallon of cum was drained from my balls.
It was a unique experience to be sucked off while propping my leg up enough to keep it off the ground.
We have a couple more days and I told him that my mouth was available for another round when he was not fully drained already.

Tonight we have formal cocktails in leather or uniform and then back to the lobby in a jock strap and not much else...hope to get a cock or two down my throat.


Bear Left said...

I must have seen you in the wheelchair at some point today - I'll have to keep an eye out tomorrow & see if you're still around!

A Lewis said...

I see that the wheelchair isn't really holding you down all that much...good for you! And for everyone else as well.

Anonymous said...

Love to see a photo of you in your jockstrap.