My favorite snack

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

A bit of cum with that coffee? Maybe a lunch feeding...

I had not been downtown but a few minutes when I log on and have a message from a guy staying in the hotel only minutes from where I am at.

He is a furry, lean hung guy and wants to shoot a load.
Well, I am up for a coffee break!

After trading quick messages he gives me his room number and I dash over.

It was a bit funny because at first I could not find the room and the poor maid is looking at me like "what the hell are doing here so early wandering?"

She directs me to the right room and I knocked...

He answered in his underwear and said he just sent his partner off to the convention and was ready for some suck action.
His profile pics let me know it would be a mouthful and indeed it was growing fast.

Since I was not able to take as much time as I usually would I just dropped to my knees while he slid the tighty whities down.
I was thinking, Wow that was indeed a grower.
Just the right thickness to allow it all the way down without a problem and I could feel the mushroom head pushing down my throat as my chin was hitting his balls.

He was definitely up for it since it was not long before he was ready to shoot.

With a quick declaration that it was going to start shooting I nodded and opened my throat.
There were a good four shots I think and it all went straight down.
It is a turn on sometimes to not take any in my mouth but let the guy just deep throat and blow every ounce of cum down my gullet.

That was my breakfast ( I had not even eaten so I got a nice protein start to the day!!)

Later I got a message from a guy that was introduced to me a couple of weeks ago at a beer bust.
We have the same fetish for stall action in tearooms and our mutual buddy thought we should meet up.

Today he wanted to meet up at a location near his work.
There is a bathroom with a key code lock and it gives plenty of notice when someone else arrives.
Since it is not a tourist attracting location there is not a great deal of foot traffic.

We went to separate stalls and he stuck his cock underneath. I had only felt it in his pants when we first met and it was a kielbasa and I knew it would grow.
He may have mentioned that he was pierced during that first meeting, but if he did that tidbit slipped my mind.

His cock is jutting out under the stall, thick as beer can with a Prince Albert piercing and uncut...bonus!

I got on my knees and began to suck that cock. We went on for about 10 minutes - alternating between me sucking and him jacking.
His cock was buried in my throat and he reached under to stroke my cock.
I had already been on my knees for a load earlier in the day and his cock had me dripping pre cum. We switched positions.
I got down for him to begin sucking on my cock and he has a great technique.
Stroking the shaft and swallowing, then switch back and repeat.
A hot mouth and stroking while my cock is buried can get me off and he hit the right rythm.

My load shot out, he kept his mouth on my cock and swallowed it down.

That was the first half of the day...think I will take my partner's tasty thick load at home and blow mine all over to finish off the evening.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Lunch with my partner and then cum for dessert

Since we got back from IML on Monday and he had an appointment, my partner took the day off.
He and I rarely get to have lunch together so he called and asked if I had already made plans or had any ideas for hitting the glory holes.

I was too busy in the morning after taking off last week for IML that I said "no plans but why don't we meet up".
He came down , met me and we headed out. We went for lunch and then decided we could check out the glory holes.
I am a cock sucking cum pig at heart and he also loves to suck a cock - he is hung, full huge mushroom head and pierced so inevitably he is the guy being sucked.
Sometimes guys freak out if a couple walks in and sometimes we just have different tastes and ideas of what we are looking for so he went up ahead.

I got there and it was semi busy but not much going on at first.

We both took a few laps around and I ran into one guy my height, silver hair and a nice mushroom head.
Sucked him for about a minute and he said he was close.
I told him to shoot all over my face then.
Nice thick load and since I had no cum towel I rubbed it into my mouth and smeared my goatee with the load, then went out for another load.

My partner was in a booth already getting a blow job and I saw a guy with his door open.
Went in and he was already hard and shirtless.
Hairy chest, about my height and build sporting some hairy cum filled balls hanging below a hefty thick cock.
I was ready to take him in my mouth but he wanted to go slow and just do some nipple playing.

He also liked the look of my hairy ass and said it would be hot to fuck me.
I told him it would also be hot to shoot his load on my ass, then I could walk out with his load coating my hairy hole.
We went about it for about 1o minutes or so and he was not ready to shoot so I took a break and said I would check back in a few minutes.

While I took a lap I ran into the business suit guy that always shoots a very thick load out of his hung cock.
He always has mint or a minty gum and while I suck him off I always smell mint and associate it with his clean tasty cock.
Today he was ready as I was and I got down to business.
Pulled his hard cock out of his boxers and sucked him off.
He has a nice mushroom head and it gets huge just before he shoots so I can tell he is close.
Today he pulled back a bit and started shooting on my tongue so after the first spurt I went down on his cock all the way to the balls and let him finish shooting straight down my throat.

I was ready to head back to my hairy cum filled balls buddy and found him still stroking in the booth.
We got around to more nipple play - he likes his pulled hard like I do.
I also sat over his cock and stroked it between my legs without letting it slide in - Yes it was a tease but I knew he was not up for a full on fuck yet.

Eventually I had to head out and he was still edging so I gave him my contact info...will see if he decides to follow through on his desire to get me fully naked and work my hairy ass before shooting a load.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Updated May 08 post video link

This is the first cock of the May 08 screen test glory hole adventure.

Clips of the screen test May 08 - updated here

Here are a few of the clips from the screen test cock #2 - the "college" cock that I have had the pleasure of taking loads from at least twice now.

IML Chicago 2008 - the dance, the top and the video

Just got back from Chicago and felt I should update a bit.

I was able to suck a few really hot thick cocks over the weekend and went to a play party in the hotel.
A buddy of mine works for an "adult video" company that requested a top scene from me. I agreed and if the footage actually gets used I will add a link here.

Now for some of the details...

The dance:

While at one of the large organized parties for the event we were all in a huge ballroom with the music playing, drinks flowing and men half dressed and ready for some action.
A couple was dancing nearby and one of the guys asked if I wanted to suck his cock.
Well, don't twist my arm.
He pulled down his shorts and out came a third leg!

I got down on my knees and went to work. While I was down giving a quick suck, his partner was getting turned on and they decided to have me work on both of them.
His partner was not hard in the beginning and I was ready to get it full rock on hard.
Once it was full on hard it was another extra leg...bonus! Two guys, hung rock hard cocks and wanting to use my mouth.

Of course, with this being a dance in the hotel we were not able to get a cum load and we took a break for a cocktail.
Later on we ran into the couple but we were all in a great buzz mode and they had plans to head out to one of the bars.

The party:

During the weekend a group of guys had a bareback party in their suite.
I was there in my boots, cock ring and ready for action.
There were some really hot men that I had seen over the course of the days and while walking around so it was going to be a hot time.
I topped a couple of hot asses and then I came across a very popular top in chaps and leather "cowboy" hat - just like a certain Australian movie about a hot rancher from Snowy River.
This top was going at it and I was waiting for my chance at that cock riding my ass.
He and I exchanged glances and then he asked the bottom he was fucking if he was up for being double fucked.
I have never double fucked and this cock was at least 9 1/2 inches, uncut and if he wanted to share an ass with me , HELL YES!

He laid on his back and the bottom sat on his cock at the end of the bed.
I came up behind and shoved my cock up his ass while the Australian cock was buried to the hilt. Since I was in there, I started working my cock and fucking his ass... with my PA and that thick cock, the bottom was moaning for more.

The bottom had enough and needed a break.
Once that cock was out of his ass, I bent down to clean it up and keep it rock hard.
Since the top obviously ready for more I asked if he would take a shot at my ass - he just smiled and said he was ready.
I got on my knees and he came up to my ass...I had not been fucked so it was going to be tight fuck and once he was ready I pushed back.
He buried that hung cock up my ass and started POUNDING my ass hard.
I was in pig heaven with a hot uncut thick hung cock buried over and over and over in my ass.

Being a play party, it was time to take a break and get more cock and ass.

Topping for the porn company:

During the weekend I touched base with a guy that worked for a porn company in San Francisco...this year he is working for another company and they needed some tops for a sling scene.
I agreed to be one of the tops and stopped by the room to get some details and arrange the timing.
There was a hot young uncut guy there. He was to be the bottom for the shoot so I was very interested.
On the day of the shoot, there was a different bottom - damn, I wanted that uncut tattooed young tight ass to get my load.
Well, there was a change of plans at the last minute and they brought up the uncut young bottom.
About 6 of us got stripped down to leather boots, vest and cock rings. I went to work fluffing some of the other tops....they were HUNG and oh boy was I ready to get them rock hard.
One guy had his partner there to help fluff and commented that he was a fantastic fluffer and cock sucker, and I took the challenge to show him what I could do.
Well, he was hard, close to 10 inches I would guess and a hot mushroom head.
I went down and opened my throat and took him to the balls. He seemed to swell up and I could hear the change in breathing so I knew he was not disappointed.

During the video shoot we all needed to be sucking and fluffing between taking turns on the tight ass so I was totally up for all of it.

After all the fluffing, fucking and hard cocks I took my turn at dumping my load in that tight ass.
I shot my load, pulled out and went to let him lick my cock clean.
After he had cleaned off my cock I bent over and we kissed nice and deep, swapped some spit and my cum along with his ass juice and the other load in his ass.

That is all for now...have to get back to updating Xtube with the gloryhole videos my buddy took during the screen test early in the month....

Friday, May 23, 2008 screen test - me sucking off staff

Here is the first cumshot of me sucking off the casting director at the hotel.
After he came, the instructions were for me to jack off and that is this video....
He sent 5 clips of me on cocks at the gloryhole and those will be added when I get a moment here in Chicago.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One last load before I hit Chicago for IML

Well, I am heading to Chicago in the morning and I had to find a new hoodie to replace one that lost a zipper yesterday - guess someone up there wanted me to get in one last hot cock load before the weekend of total debauchery in Illinois.

I went to the shopping district that houses my favorite and successful tearoom.
Today was just as awesome.

I was done with my shopping and on my way out when I saw a hot young salt 'n pepper haired guy on the escalator right by the bathroom.
Well it has been so busy for me that I have not had time to eat some hot protein at lunch and I figured what the hell, he is cute and maybe looking.

We hit the door of the bathroom at the same time with me in front.
I made my way in and sure enough there was someone in the middle of three stalls.
Not knowing if the salt 'n pepper guy was cruising I went in the furthest stall while he took the outer one.
After securing the auto flush with a bit of toilet paper and spit I checked out the under stall scenery and sure enough he was doing the same.


Well, I wanted his cock and there was a guy between us so when it started picking up traffic we both decided at the same time to head out.
I went to the sink and stopped to see if he would follow.
Sure enough he stopped and did the universally known "quick grab of the crotch grope" signal. I returned the signal just to be sure, while raising my eyebrows suggestively - I know, flirting in a tearoom is kind of fun.
He returned the look and also took the brief moment to pull out his hard cock and give me a peek of the mushroom head I would be devouring very soon.

This guy was mid 30's, salt n pepper short hair and BLUE eyes, tight T-shirt on a body from the gym but not a steroid freak -no offense to those that take them , many friends do, but his was just a natural hard firm toned bod...very hot combo on him!
I was in a black tank top and jeans carrying my shirt and new hoodie. Before we were interrupted I threw on my shirt and suggested we take it out of there.

He agreed and we left.
While walking out I asked if he had a place in mind but he was not sure.
I told him we could take it to the bathroom nearby that I have used in the past postings or we could go down the street to a more private spot.

We decided to head down the street.
I led the way and we entered the building and took the elevator up.
Since it was a slow time of day, we were able to get into a private stall and I took off my shirt while we both took our cocks out.

I saw the thick cock and mushroom head in the other bathroom already, now I was ready to swallow it.
As you know, I do love to get a guy rock hard from soft and this was to be one of those.
My mouth went to work on his semi hard cock and he began playing with my ass. I was not sure what he may be up for but I was in the mood to swallow every inch of cock and then take his load without spilling a drop.
We were both turned on after the brief walk that it was not long before he was leaking pre cum and growing by the second in my mouth.

He picked up the pace of fucking my face while was sure to keep my mouth on his cock and use my tongue to work the load out.
Sure enough, that mushroom head I saw was now attached to a very thick cock and ready to feed me some cum.

He moaned and began to shoot.
It was a mouth filling load and had to be at least three spurts shooting that spooge.
The load was sweet and thick, you know the kind you can taste on your tongue but there is so much you can feel it slowly slide down your throat.
We both had to take a second and lean back to recover - I think we both needed that release.

He headed out first and I followed so no one in the bathroom could see where we both came from.
By chance we caught the elevator together and I asked if was visiting - he said no, he just moved from the Midwest.
My second "farm boy" plucked from the same tearoom... God, please keep sending us those refugees from the Bible belt!!!!

He asked if I lived here and I said yes, my office is actually right in the neighborhood so anytime he want a repeat I am ready for it.
I gave him my contact info when we agreed that a repeat should be done.

Of course I had to let my partner know that I found a hoodie for the trip and a quick snack

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Giving a friend a hand, then my throat

A guy that we met a few years ago while enjoying a summer day in the city was out and about last night.

The first time we met up, way back when, I was on my knees and we had a great time until some guys decided to interrupt us.
Since then we have tried to finish off on a few occasions but just never had the timing right.

So last night we were out and I ran into him. He was in a flirting, horny mood and I was horny for some cock.
He adjusted himself in his jeans and I said that was something I should for him, so he pulled his pants out a bit and I reached in.
Found an already semi hard cock that needed some attention.

He is a young guy, tall, dark hair, super cute and uncut.

He was sitting down so I just pulled his cock out and leaned over to swallow it down my throat.
I love to use the foreskin to work over the head and stick my tongue up there to get it even slicker and the pre cum flowing.
His cock got larger than I remembered and that got me gulping down every inch of it!

I stood up a few times and just stroked his cock, and kept up the action between stroking and swallowing.
We were not alone in the area so it was also a turn on and we did not take long before he was pushing my head down harder on his cock while it expanded and swelled.

He was ready to cum and let me know, and I stayed right there so he knew it was fine to let loose and fill my mouth.

Damn, that first shot was a motherload - and it just kept cumming.
I had to swallow after the first shot just to make room for the next two.

After the fourth spurt I let it linger in my mouth and swallowed while leaning back and just grinning at his smiling face.

It's always nice to lend a hand to a friend in need.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Dry spell is over...5 times over to be exact

It has been a very busy week in the office and not much time to get out and about. I was trying to remedy that this week but there just were not any other horny guys on the same schedule as me.

So I decided to head up to the booths and check it out.

Not many guys so I was a bit worried.
There were two guys in one set of the glory hole booths, the doors were locked so it was either wait for one to finish and hope for a horny second or find another glory hole.
The other glory hole had a guy on the other side that was not interested...and it appeared he was not into anyone since about 6 guys went in and checked him out and all left. He was sitting there with everything buttoned up and zipped up.

So I went back to see what the two guys were up to.
One of the duo decided to leave and as he walked out I recognized one of my business suit regulars that is hung nice and thick, and shoots huge loads that always have me gasping for air after he shoots.
I was about to go into his booth to see who the other half of the glory hole encounter was when that door opened and it was a second guy I have sucked off before.

Quandary....who do I suck off now.
Well that decision was taken by the second guy as he motioned me into his booth.

Silvery blond hair, mid 30's, wearing his suit and thick mouth watering cock out for a load.
He knew what I wanted and we got down to it.
I was bent over so he could play with my ass while I went down and took his entire cock to the balls.
He has a very thick cock, huge mushroom head and just long enough to pass into my throat when I have him buried till my nose is in his crotch.

We go at it and he keeps pushing my head down onto his cock and I am devouring every inch I can get and then some.
After about 5 minutes he is ready to blow his load and lets me know, then asks if I want it.
Since my mouth if filled with cock I just moan and nod my head.

He blasts a thick load down my throat and I take it, then pull back a bit to let the rest fill my mouth.
When he is done he leans back and just says "Wow".
I thank him and say it was a great load and tastes awesome.

Time to wander since it has been awhile and I have time.

After a few laps around I see the first glory hole guy and he is ready for me.
He motions me into one booth and right away he starts to undo his suit pants.
Wearing boxers today and his balls are hanging nice and low in the heat.

I go down and take him from soft to full on hard.
He is always minty tasting for some reason and today is no different.
I have one load already in me and I know he will give me a second so I am horned up for his cock.
He is thicker than average and a perfect mushroom head on a straight shaft.
I think he could hear me and the first load going at it because he is leaking pre cum faster than usual.
Not long after I am deep throating him he is getting thicker and ready to shoot.
He asks if I want it....well, yeah!
I nod once again and he lets loose.

His loads blast so hard and thick that I always get caught off guard and have to swallow fast and make room for the next blast.
When I don't time it right, it is that feeling you get when you swallow something wrong and have to catch your breath. He alway apologizes and I always just smile up and say "no problem!".

Well, that is load two and I figure that is good.
On the way out I catch a hot shaved head guy in corduroy pants with an absolutely obscene bulge wrapped around his thigh.
He is standing in front of the glory hole booths so I go in.
No point in passing up a great cock on the way out!

He enters the other booth and knows what I want.
As he begins to undo his pants I am anticipating that bulge but nothing prepared me for it.

It was HUGE, curved up like a letter J and as thick as a baby's arm.


He was obviously horny and close. I took every inch of that and from the way he was reacting I don't think many guys are able to take it all with the curve.

I get him down to the balls and make sure to keep it there and work my throat and tongue around it.
He gets into that and begins thrusting a bit while I suck and take it all.

Not long after, he is shooting some hot thick cum.
One blast after another.
Once he is done, he stands back and pulls one last drop out that just sits on the end of his cock.

That was the first half of the day. Ready for more....

I got a new camcorder in the mail today and wanted to check it out at the booths.

I went back later in the day and it was still slow. I had my shirt off and wearing just a wife beater tank and shorts which caught the eye of one very hot black man.

He and I have traded glances for awhile and today he got aggressive and took me into a booth.

He is shaved head, extremely athletic build, dark ebony skin and a thick uncut cock.

Right away he strips off his shirt and drops his shorts so I do the same.
I am on his cock and taking it all while feeling a nice set of low hanging balls. He is definitely into getting sucked and once he realizes I will and can take it all to the base he begins to fuck my face and push my head down to take it all.

He also is into nipple play so we are set to go.
I take his cock, stand up to pull and bite his nipples and go back down.
While I am turned on already he decides to return the favor and swallow my cock.

We go back and forth for awhile and then he tells me he is close and needs to cum.
I ask where he wants to put it and we decide on my face so he gets me on my knees and fucks my face some more.
I am ready and he is now set to give me his load.

I can feel each shot and it is so thick that some starts to drip down but only those rope thick cum shots.
After a good 5 to 6 shots he is all smiles and thanks me for the blow.
No thanks needed I say and I am just grinning with all of that spooge coating my face.

Well, now it is time to meet up with my partner so I am heading out when I see a hot college jock type.
Guess who?

The same guy I sucked off while the video producer was filming me. He is cock #2 that day.

Link here.

Thick, hairy and shy at first but damn when we get going he grows!
Just like last time he lets me suck him full on hard, and pulls back to do some edging and stroking.
Today he edged once and then let me have his cock again.
This time he decided to fuck my mouth for a longer time and I knew the reward was a thick load so I just worked his shaft and head while he thrust into my mouth.

He is ready to blow and again he shoves his cock all the way and swells twice as big.
The load today was sweet and tasty in addition to being a thick mouth filling gallon of cum.

That is it...time for short break - ok, at least until tomorrow.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Fucked in the stall of busy bathroom

I was out and about downtown this afternoon and decided to check out the shopping district - it had been awhile and lately there seem to be more homeless camping in the stalls rather than hot business men needing to shoot a load.

I walked in and it was pretty grim. Only one stall occupied and that was, pardon the politically incorrect term, a nut case.
He was obviously having some type of argument with the toilet paper or his imaginary friend because he was yelling, and swearing but no else was around.
Ok, time to head outside.

I took a break and walked around the area and headed back to check out if the nut case had finished his episode.

There was a new person in the stalls, and on further checking not interested so I was on my way out to call it a day when I see a young black man I have played with before.
College age looks, glasses, short hair, wearing a T-shirt...looks like he just took a break from campus and needs to check out the tearooms.

He and I have met before in the stall so today he goes back to the largest stall and leaves the door open.
He is already hard and stroking.
By the way, I should mention that he is not only hung but uncut.
Double bonus!!
Anyway, back to the hot stall action....

He is stroking already so I go in and shut the door (the other guy is still in the bathroom).
I bend over and take the foreskin into my mouth to give it a good lick and stroke with my lips, tongue and a bit of chewing to pull it all over the head.
He always likes this and right away begins to leak pre cum.
Nice thick pink head just peeking out of that dark skin - hot.

He is thick enough to fill my mouth and long enough that I can bury him down my throat and have my nose right up against his stomach, so of course I give this cock some much needed throat attention.

While I am bent over with his cock in my throat he has been fingering my ass. I am wearing a jock as usual so he has easy access.
After a few minutes of this I stood up and turned around.
At this time we heard someone enter the bathroom so I was going to wait a moment but he began pushing into my ass with no lube or spit.
With just the pre cum, he slid up to my hole and I could feel the foreskin pulling back to let his cock start to slide in.
The guy that entered the bathroom was finished and heading out, while the first guy was still in the stall.

My buddy is now fully buried in my ass and begins to fuck me.
Long hard strokes and since he is in his early twenties it is ROCK hard.
We are about the same height so no need to do anything but stand up, spread my legs a bit and let him go at it.
Once again, someone enters the bathroom and this time goes in the stall right next to us.
My buddy takes a moment to pull out and work some more pre cum onto his cock for the next round.
Then he shoves back in.

I now have about 9 inches of black uncut cock buried in my ass and I am trying to be quiet.
He reaches around to play with my nipples and cock while taking slower strokes.
Working my nipples while thinking about all the foreskin and smooth dark cock buried in my tight ass gets me horned up.

The guy next to us stands there a bit and then leaves (we could see the shoes).
About now I am leaking pre cum of my own and not touching my cock. Sometimes I like to just enjoy the moment and let the other guy just use my hole till he is done.
He picks up the pace and I can tell he is getting close so I let him know I am ready for it.

One or two more final thrusts and I hear him moan and grunt...then he stays in my ass while unloading a thick creamy load.

I pull my pants back on and head out while there is a break in traffic.

At the sink, he gives me a huge grin and we both leave - he is about 8 ounces lighter and I am ready for lunch after that little work out.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Screen test # 2 - cock sucking in the booths

The very hot producer of and I arranged to meet up this afternoon to check out the glory hole booths I frequently find some of my hot thick cocks for deep throating.

I had an amazing time the other night when we met to give him a first hand experience of my cock sucking skills.
A hot man, very hot cock and he gave me a hot cum load before helping me blow my load so I was happy to take him on a tour of the area and find some hot cocks.

We met at the hotel and proceeded to the booths.
It was time for the "after work" crowd - you know, the guys that are straight and need to get off or the guys in relationships looking for release, and then there are the guys that just know they can find a cock sucker hungry for their loads and love to feed them.

At first it was a bit slow.
There were a few guys walking around and the glory hole booths were vacant.
I saw a tall dark haired guy that I have sucked of a few times in the past. He has a fantastic cock with a curve down that works great when I am on my knees.

I went into a vacant glory hole booth and he followed my lead and went into the other.
Now I am ready for that cock to feed me and stretch my throat.
My buddy from the video company has his camera and joins me in the booth in time to see the cock just pouring out of the hole.
I get down and begin to pull his cock into my mouth and let my buddy see me in my element.

This particular cock is long, smooth and begins to grow. He and I have met up and taken it to one booth in the past which gives me the best position to deep throat and I am ready to do my best in the glory hole.
You know those cocks that are set right in front of a huge set of balls - balls that you just need to hold in one hand while forcing that cock down your throat so you can get EVERY inch in your throat - this is one of those and I am hungry for every inch of that cock.

He thrusts and pushes while I suck and swallow. We go back and forth and I am using my mouth to work his cock.
He is getting longer and thicker with each stroke.

My buddy is filming the whole time - very HOT!

Cock #1 decides to pull back and take a break.

My video buddy is ready to see what else we can find to play with.

The crowd is picking up a bit and there is some potential for a hot scene.
Of course, today the staff are on top of everyone and we need to keep moving around - my buddy and I keep and eye out for potential.

Cock #2

A hot "college jock" type goes in the glory hole booths and we decide to check it out from the other booth.
I go in and signal him to let me suck him off.
At first he is a bit shy but he steps up to the hole and lets me take a taste.
Now we are ready for some action.

This guy has a cock that tastes fresh, clean and a bit sweaty ...very tasty.
He starts to get into it and begins to fuck my mouth while I am working to get him down my throat.
He pulls back a few times to jack his cock, and I can see him through the hole.
We keep up the cock to mouth dance for a bit.

My video buddy has been filming the action and decides to go search for some more cocks.
I stuck around since the college cock was standing back and stroking hard.
He was edging closer to a load and I was hungry for it.
After a few quick hard strokes he put his cock in the hole once again.
I could feel how much thicker he was and I knew he was close and ready to cum.

He shoved his cock up against the hole and let loose a HUGE load.
I kept as much in my mouth as I could and kept sucking on his cock while he was moaning and shoving up against the wall to put every inch and every drop down my throat.
There was so much cum, I just had to swallow but he was not done and kept moaning while his cock was resting in my mouth - I took the opportunity to use my lips, tongue and throat to pull every last ounce out of his balls.

After that load I met with my video buddy and we were ready for another.

We saw a guy go into the same booth I just got the college load from.
I peeked in and he looked like a rugged high school coach out for the afternoon...
Seemed like I had gone back to school for the loads I should have sucked off in the locker room!

Cock #3

This guy was reluctant and at first did not seem interested in being suck but I can be aggressive when I see what I want - (David and Mitch get those shocked looks off your face!!!)
He pulls his cock out of his Joe Boxers and puts it through the hole.
Nice mushroom head and hairy balls - and I can tell it is a grower.

I love to suck a hot hard cock and I also get off on finding a guy that wants a blow job but starts soft.
Some guys just don't do glory holes and may have heard about them or they are understandably not sure what is going to be on the other end.
That is where my expertise and love of cock come in to play.

This guy was soft to begin with and I went at it to give him an awesome blow job and help him empty his balls
He slowly grows thicker and he likes to pull out, stand back and stroke before putting his cock back to the hole.
I can see his cock each time he pulls back and when he grabs it hard it is HUGE, so I am ready for it.
We go back and sucking, him pulling back and getting a bit thicker and shoving back, then me sucking his head and shaft to get him even thicker and turned on.

He is a hot guy and I was willing to take his load but he was in the mood to hold off and stood back to put his cock back in his underwear.
I went out and found my video buddy prowling for our next camera experience.

Eventually we had to leave so he could make it back to the hotel for dinner. We looked over the footage he got and he will send me the videos from LA later on.
Those will be posted for all to enjoy

Later I met up with my partner to fill him on my day.
Now we are home and he is ready to put on my knees to work him over before giving me a hot load up my ass.

I love being a cock hungry cum pig.

Do you want some protein?

That was the text I got this morning after being up and about at the office for a couple of hours.

This was a repeat a.k.a Boot call from March 10 entry - he was my third load of the day and today he was my first.

Here is the link to the first time -

I was running some errands and was not planning anything for the morning.
I already had my afternoon booked for Screen test #2 which you probably just read about if you are going down the blog.
So back to the first protein load of the day!

He was close by and we agreed to meet at the same bathroom I arranged last time.
It is quiet, marble walls and as private as you wish most of the time.

I got there and another guy was using the facilities so I hung out for a second until my cock feeder arrived.
He showed up and went into the designated stall, I hung out until the other guy left and followed my buddy in.
He was already out of his dress pants and I got right down on my knees.
There is definitely something to be said for wham, bam, thank you - get off and go sex.

We had not arranged for video or pics this time but he pulled out his I -phone and took a couple of pics which I will post once they arrive, so check back ( or enjoy if this is archived and you are reading in the year 2020).

He was hard in an instant and it grew while I was sucking him and filled my mouth.
I knew that neither of us had all morning so I went into suck mode and used my tongue, throat lips and tonsils to work out his load.

Soon enough his cock grew and he spewed a hot thick white creamy load in my mouth.

Mmm, mmm, good - and I still had my afternoon of the booths to look forward to!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

I'm ready for my close up - Video company screen test #1

Wow, my goatee has residue of a thick load and my balls are drained.

A few weeks ago a producer and cast director for emailed me about a video they were planning to film in LA and asked about my referrals of LA cocks.
He is a blog reader and also saw my clips on Xtube and knew that I would be interested.

I contacted a few buddies in LA but unfortunately I could not go down to be one of the glory hole cock sucking cum pigs.
He mentioned that they would be in San Francisco soon as well...

Fast forward to today - I had an email yesterday from one of the company partners asking me to meet up and give a first hand demonstration on his 7 x 5 cut cock.
Of course I said YES!

He flew up and I headed over to his hotel room.

I arrived while he was outside getting some fresh air and he recognized me.
Because I had only seen a picture of the cock I was going to service I immediately thought "HOT, HOT, HOT guy" and I knew I was in for a fun afternoon.
Shaved head, facial hair, lean tight body and I could tell a hot hairy chest.

Upstairs we began undressing and already we were both sporting some thick wood in our black jocks.
He had a beautifully shaped thick cock and it was not long before I had to get on my knees and taste it.
You know I totally get into deep throating a cock and his was a perfect fit and had a curve that let me get him all the way to his balls.
We found that we have similar cocks, with an extra thick vein underneath and a hard full of shaft when rock hard.
His cock gets thick at the base so it was awesome to feel it slowly stretch my mouth with each inch.

After a good oral warm up he moved towards the bed and I got down on my knees to service his cock.
He sat on the edge of the bed and leaned back to give me total access to his cock and balls.
With that angle he was able to thrust up and fuck my face for awhile - then he sat up so I could deep throat and work on his balls.
I licked his balls, worked on one then the other and sucked both into my mouth while he moaned and stroked his cock.
While he was sitting up getting sucked he began to pull on my nipples.
Of course he found out that my pierced nipples are directly connected to my cock and I told him to pull as hard as he wanted to.

He asked if he could take pics and I said "sure - you can even take a video", which he wanted to do.
For the next round of sucking, he shot it on film - YES, don't worry, once he sends me the copy it will be posted at his request and with no argument from me!

This whole time we were both leaking precum in buckets and he would stop to stroke my cock and tell me jack off while my mouth was filled with his cock.
I would swallow him to the base, getting it spit lubed and then work on the head while stroking the shaft.

Suck, swallow, spit, stroke, slurp - REPEAT.

We decided that his load would go all over my face on film and then he would keep it the camera rolling while I jacked off with his cum.
I got down to business, took a hit of poppers and got him buried beyond the base.
Damn, he tasted so good and felt so thick and full in my mouth that I would have taken his balls down my throat with every inch of his cock if I could.

When he was ready I leaned back, opened my mouth and eagerly took his thick load.

Nothing better than looking up and seeing a guy shooting his load on my goatee and tongue.
He stroked with my spit coating his cock and was ready to shoot - spurt after spurt coated my tongue.
He told me wipe it up and eat it, which I was happy to do but I had to leave a bit to taste and jack off with.

Now it was my turn.
I leaned back and started stroking for my own load.

As I have said before cock sucking is not a part time hobby for me- it is an activity that I love to do and it is all about the guy I am with getting off and leaving with a smile but less cum in his balls.
If I don't cum, fine...
But today we wanted to catch my load on film and after 30 minutes of deep throat cock sucking, nipple play, poppers and tasting a huge cum shot I was ready.

I leaned back, stroked, stroked and pulled my cock - now I was ready to blow.

He told me it was a huge load and based on what I saw on the nice dark blue carpet it was a large load - of course, his load was still lingering and that smell of fresh cum always get me off.

It was originally planned to meet up tonight,but after those loads he asked if I could go back for another screen test...stay tuned for the update.

Friday, May 2, 2008

It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it exploded

It has been an extra busy week in the office and hence I have not been able to get loads - just no time before heading home and no one cruising around while I was out and about.
And then today.

I decided to head to the video booths and check out what I could find.
After getting there it seemed like pretty slim pickings - only saw two people out and the booths that were occupied were not up for sharing.

I walked towards the back and a cute "straight frat guy" type walked out of a booth.
Tall, short cut blond hair, jeans and a button down shirt carrying a book bag.
Since the movie was still playing I thought maybe he was looking for something more real than a movie screen plus the booth he chose had no glory hole or extra windows.

I saw that a set of the glory hole booths were open and he went to stand nearby.
I decided that I had nothing to lose and he was a hot guy that I would be happy to see from the other side of a hole. Of course I would ideally have him stripped naked and me servicing him slowly.

I went in one booth and shut the door and right away I heard the other one open.
He sat down and after a few seconds of being there I signaled that I wanted his cock to suck.
He took the signal and stood up to begin rubbing his crotch.

He seemed a bit shy and I was patient so I put some cash in the video and the lights went out. He seemed to be ready at that point and put his cock through.
It was a hefty piece and semi hard.
This is the point I really like because so many men assume a semi hard guy that is not already hung to his knees will not be worth it but I have had way too many growers that knock my socks off and like to feel them get bigger and bigger.

He was a hairy guy from what I could tell by sucking and he did not trim it all back - even better!
I got into my rhythm and started taking every inch he put out there.
Suck it all in, work the tongue up and around and pull him further into my mouth and throat.
After a few minutes of this he started to get thicker and longer.
This was a cock that would fit nicely in a mouth or ass and fill it to the max.

I was loving the feeling of his hairy balls, crotch and cock that he was feeding me. He would thrust a bit while I was going down and we got to the point that we moved at the same time and he was now face fucking me.
Not much longer to go I thought and sure enough I began to taste precum.
He was not a moaner and I was ready.

He shot into my mouth and I felt two thick loads before he started to pull out.
It filled my mouth and I swallowed it.
The videos had stopped so I could see the cock that had just unloaded and he squeezed the last bit of cum out and it hovered there.

We both exited and went our separate ways.