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Sunday, May 18, 2008

Giving a friend a hand, then my throat

A guy that we met a few years ago while enjoying a summer day in the city was out and about last night.

The first time we met up, way back when, I was on my knees and we had a great time until some guys decided to interrupt us.
Since then we have tried to finish off on a few occasions but just never had the timing right.

So last night we were out and I ran into him. He was in a flirting, horny mood and I was horny for some cock.
He adjusted himself in his jeans and I said that was something I should for him, so he pulled his pants out a bit and I reached in.
Found an already semi hard cock that needed some attention.

He is a young guy, tall, dark hair, super cute and uncut.

He was sitting down so I just pulled his cock out and leaned over to swallow it down my throat.
I love to use the foreskin to work over the head and stick my tongue up there to get it even slicker and the pre cum flowing.
His cock got larger than I remembered and that got me gulping down every inch of it!

I stood up a few times and just stroked his cock, and kept up the action between stroking and swallowing.
We were not alone in the area so it was also a turn on and we did not take long before he was pushing my head down harder on his cock while it expanded and swelled.

He was ready to cum and let me know, and I stayed right there so he knew it was fine to let loose and fill my mouth.

Damn, that first shot was a motherload - and it just kept cumming.
I had to swallow after the first shot just to make room for the next two.

After the fourth spurt I let it linger in my mouth and swallowed while leaning back and just grinning at his smiling face.

It's always nice to lend a hand to a friend in need.


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Anonymous said...

hey bud...just found your blog. didn't realize you had made me famous.
thanks for the blow job detailed in this post... was great having your mouth wrapped around my cock and shooting my thick load down your throat. hope to see you out 'n about soon so i can shove my dick in your other hole.