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Friday, May 2, 2008

It just kept getting bigger and bigger until it exploded

It has been an extra busy week in the office and hence I have not been able to get loads - just no time before heading home and no one cruising around while I was out and about.
And then today.

I decided to head to the video booths and check out what I could find.
After getting there it seemed like pretty slim pickings - only saw two people out and the booths that were occupied were not up for sharing.

I walked towards the back and a cute "straight frat guy" type walked out of a booth.
Tall, short cut blond hair, jeans and a button down shirt carrying a book bag.
Since the movie was still playing I thought maybe he was looking for something more real than a movie screen plus the booth he chose had no glory hole or extra windows.

I saw that a set of the glory hole booths were open and he went to stand nearby.
I decided that I had nothing to lose and he was a hot guy that I would be happy to see from the other side of a hole. Of course I would ideally have him stripped naked and me servicing him slowly.

I went in one booth and shut the door and right away I heard the other one open.
He sat down and after a few seconds of being there I signaled that I wanted his cock to suck.
He took the signal and stood up to begin rubbing his crotch.

He seemed a bit shy and I was patient so I put some cash in the video and the lights went out. He seemed to be ready at that point and put his cock through.
It was a hefty piece and semi hard.
This is the point I really like because so many men assume a semi hard guy that is not already hung to his knees will not be worth it but I have had way too many growers that knock my socks off and like to feel them get bigger and bigger.

He was a hairy guy from what I could tell by sucking and he did not trim it all back - even better!
I got into my rhythm and started taking every inch he put out there.
Suck it all in, work the tongue up and around and pull him further into my mouth and throat.
After a few minutes of this he started to get thicker and longer.
This was a cock that would fit nicely in a mouth or ass and fill it to the max.

I was loving the feeling of his hairy balls, crotch and cock that he was feeding me. He would thrust a bit while I was going down and we got to the point that we moved at the same time and he was now face fucking me.
Not much longer to go I thought and sure enough I began to taste precum.
He was not a moaner and I was ready.

He shot into my mouth and I felt two thick loads before he started to pull out.
It filled my mouth and I swallowed it.
The videos had stopped so I could see the cock that had just unloaded and he squeezed the last bit of cum out and it hovered there.

We both exited and went our separate ways.

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