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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

One last load before I hit Chicago for IML

Well, I am heading to Chicago in the morning and I had to find a new hoodie to replace one that lost a zipper yesterday - guess someone up there wanted me to get in one last hot cock load before the weekend of total debauchery in Illinois.

I went to the shopping district that houses my favorite and successful tearoom.
Today was just as awesome.

I was done with my shopping and on my way out when I saw a hot young salt 'n pepper haired guy on the escalator right by the bathroom.
Well it has been so busy for me that I have not had time to eat some hot protein at lunch and I figured what the hell, he is cute and maybe looking.

We hit the door of the bathroom at the same time with me in front.
I made my way in and sure enough there was someone in the middle of three stalls.
Not knowing if the salt 'n pepper guy was cruising I went in the furthest stall while he took the outer one.
After securing the auto flush with a bit of toilet paper and spit I checked out the under stall scenery and sure enough he was doing the same.


Well, I wanted his cock and there was a guy between us so when it started picking up traffic we both decided at the same time to head out.
I went to the sink and stopped to see if he would follow.
Sure enough he stopped and did the universally known "quick grab of the crotch grope" signal. I returned the signal just to be sure, while raising my eyebrows suggestively - I know, flirting in a tearoom is kind of fun.
He returned the look and also took the brief moment to pull out his hard cock and give me a peek of the mushroom head I would be devouring very soon.

This guy was mid 30's, salt n pepper short hair and BLUE eyes, tight T-shirt on a body from the gym but not a steroid freak -no offense to those that take them , many friends do, but his was just a natural hard firm toned bod...very hot combo on him!
I was in a black tank top and jeans carrying my shirt and new hoodie. Before we were interrupted I threw on my shirt and suggested we take it out of there.

He agreed and we left.
While walking out I asked if he had a place in mind but he was not sure.
I told him we could take it to the bathroom nearby that I have used in the past postings or we could go down the street to a more private spot.

We decided to head down the street.
I led the way and we entered the building and took the elevator up.
Since it was a slow time of day, we were able to get into a private stall and I took off my shirt while we both took our cocks out.

I saw the thick cock and mushroom head in the other bathroom already, now I was ready to swallow it.
As you know, I do love to get a guy rock hard from soft and this was to be one of those.
My mouth went to work on his semi hard cock and he began playing with my ass. I was not sure what he may be up for but I was in the mood to swallow every inch of cock and then take his load without spilling a drop.
We were both turned on after the brief walk that it was not long before he was leaking pre cum and growing by the second in my mouth.

He picked up the pace of fucking my face while was sure to keep my mouth on his cock and use my tongue to work the load out.
Sure enough, that mushroom head I saw was now attached to a very thick cock and ready to feed me some cum.

He moaned and began to shoot.
It was a mouth filling load and had to be at least three spurts shooting that spooge.
The load was sweet and thick, you know the kind you can taste on your tongue but there is so much you can feel it slowly slide down your throat.
We both had to take a second and lean back to recover - I think we both needed that release.

He headed out first and I followed so no one in the bathroom could see where we both came from.
By chance we caught the elevator together and I asked if was visiting - he said no, he just moved from the Midwest.
My second "farm boy" plucked from the same tearoom... God, please keep sending us those refugees from the Bible belt!!!!

He asked if I lived here and I said yes, my office is actually right in the neighborhood so anytime he want a repeat I am ready for it.
I gave him my contact info when we agreed that a repeat should be done.

Of course I had to let my partner know that I found a hoodie for the trip and a quick snack

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