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Thursday, May 31, 2012

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Thick black cock in the steam

As I was about to get dressed, out of steam room walked this young shaved head black stud.

He walked around and went back in.
I stripped off what I had put on and grabbed a towel.
Inside, the steam had cleared and he was sitting alone.

I sat and waited...
After a minute the steam came on and his towel came off.

A good 6 inches of soft cock.

My towel dropped open as he reached for his meat.
That told me all I needed to know.

I moved over, leaned down and took him into my mouth.
The head was already growing.
It took seconds before I was holding a 9+ thick shaft.

I went to deep throat and could only take was that thick.
He did not mind, but I also don't think he expected the little white man to accomplish that his groan said.
Taking every inch I could, I stroked the rest.
Under two minutes later and he let out a massive groan that echoed off the walls and shot his load.
I swallowed, licked my lips and sat up.

He stood, and said thanks as he wrapped his towel around his waist.
Hope to see that one again!

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another double cum load day

Awhile back I had an email regarding my Xtube videos. This local married bisexual guy really liked the way I gave head and wanted to try me out.
That resulted in a very hot quick video.

Today I had an email asking if I would be around in the afternoon.
I told him yes and to let me know when he was in the area.
As the time rolled around, he confirmed my availability and drove over.

This time we went to a more secluded spot, rather than a bathroom.

With a quick turn of the lock, I turned around and he was already grinning at me.

On his last phone call to me, he asked about the video camera...I told him it was with me.

As his pants were being undone, and his shorts pulled to let that uncut cock out, I turned on the camera.
On my knees, with cock in hand I handed him the cam and went to work on his piece of meat.

He had a musky clean scent that just made my saliva flow. I knew from past experience that working on his entire cock would give me a load to savor.
As I worked on the foreskin, and also stroking he kept the camera moving around with me.

A couple of times I just had to stop, and look at the growing pink head and pull back the skin just a bit.
Fuck it was a hot cock, and I knew that as it got harder and the head got redder, it was almost time.

When he was on the imminent edge of orgasm, he let out a moan and then the cum started flowing.
I could feel and taste it on my tongue, and wanted to share it with him so I opened my mouth a bit to catch the rest.
As I looked up, he was staring down and watching his sperm coating my lips, tongue and bits facial hair.

As his load was washing down my throat, I kept stroking the shaft to milk out every drop.

Even as I thought he was done, another dollop of white cum would appear and I would dive in to lick it up.

Now, another story to share is the well hung stud that has fed me a few times.
Some on video, but others just to let me give him a stress relieving blow job.

Over the weekend we had chatted about meeting up after work. He was taking the train from the East Bay, and I told him where to transfer.

After lunch, he has sent me a note that he may not be able to stop.

Well, we went back and forth and I let him know that if he was that stressed, then my mouth was the perfect solution.
He agreed. And then we finalized the meeting.

He took the train over to me, and once again I led him to a perfect spot to swing on his meat.

We began kissing quickly after I had locked the door.
Using our hands to grope and grab, we kept kissing until I just had to release his cock.
With his help I undid his belt and reached into his shorts.

Rock hard, pink and up for my attention. That mushroom head on the end of his missile shaped cock was going to be a treat.

Not wasting more time, I got down on my knees and began to slide my tongue and mouth around the head and shaft.
After it was well and properly spit shined, it was time to feel him hit the back of my throat.

Now this is a big boy, and I was going to need to feed on him without either of us making too much noise.
That was going to be fun!
I took his balls in hand first and began to use my lips to caress them and then my tongue. First one, then the other.
They were too large for me to fit both.

I believe we both enjoyed that because as I ever so slowly devoured each inch, he was feeling thicker and harder.
Then it was buried to his balls, and I tried to stay right there.
He moaned and lightly held my head. Then it was time to release his cock, which I naturally had to do just as slowly as I went down on him.
I went back to using my lips, tongue and hand to work him.

More deep throat action was getting my pre cum flowing, and he was holding onto the wall.

Soon I had gotten my throat used to the impaling size of him, and then I went to town and was bouncing up and down on his cock, taking every inch as fast as I could.

I grabbed a hold of the shaft to keep it slicked up with spit and worked on the second half of his tool.

That was the trick!!

Soon he was breathing hard, his legs began to shake and I felt his shaft enlarging with each stroke and suck.

When it was the point of no return, he let out a low long moan and his legs locked.
At that instant I felt the load blast out his cock. My mouth was filled with spunk.

As he was moaning, I was doing some of my own around his swollen shaft.
He shot a good five or six thick loads into me, and I was swallowing and savoring it all.

Just like before, when I was sure that his balls could not give me more nourishment, I just put my hand around the thick base and milked up towards my mouth.
And yes, I was rewarded with extra cum!
Sweet nectar of the gods.

Friday, May 25, 2012

Two loads of cum fill my ass and then fucked in further

As I sit here typing this, my cock is leaking pre cum like a sieve.
And here is the story why...

Back when I was working by Union Square I had the pleasure of meeting a massively hung top.
He fed me a couple of times, but he always wanted to fuck my ass.
Today I saw him on the scruffy app, and he was within a block from me!

I sent him a quick note to ask if he needed to swing by.

His response was "got lube?" And, I just so happened to have some in my gym bag.
Told him so, and then he inquired about me being up for being fucked.
I said that I had not planned to, but for him I would grab a bottle of club soda and make do for a quick touch up.
In the past, I have found that is a great item in a pinch, for all you bottoms that never tried.

He said that he would be by in an hour.

I ran out to buy club soda.

When it was time, he sent me a note and I went down to greet him.
We then headed to a perfect spot that would allow me to get down and take his cock.

In the past we had tried to take some video on my old cam but it kept shutting off.
Today I had my trusty old Flip, and he said we may take a short video.

Right away, we started kissing as our pants were being undone and dropped to our knees.

Then I got down and swallowed that long thick cock.
His mushroom head was making me leak pre cum already.
After slurping and lubing it up for a second, I reached into my bag and handed him the camera.

Anyone that knows me, knows that sometimes the larger the cock the more I lose my gag reflex.
This guy is one of those.
As I slid his cock down my throat to the first point of impact, I just took a breath and pushed further.
With his downward curve, it was a matter of seconds before my throat stretched to let his mushroom head push past.
The it was balls to my chin....literally.
His low hangers could be bouncing on my adams apple as his his mushroom head was buried.

When I had him buried with not a millimeter to spare, I stayed right there and savored the smell of his pubes in my face.
He let out a low moan that told me I had found a perfect spot to let his cock rest.

Then I pulled off and had to let it all slowly slide out of my mouth.
And then I went back down and did it again. And again. And again.

The time arrived for his cock to be buried up my ass.

I turned around and he reached out to open the packet of lube.

As I bent over the sink, he came up behind me and used a couple of fingers to work the lube into my hole.

I grabbed my bottle of poppers and took a quick hit.
Just knowing what was about to be impaled deep in my ass, made it loosen up fast.

He stroked his cock a couple of times and then came up against me. I reached around to help guide him, but he was lined up.
As his head was tapping my hole I nodded and told him to go ahead.
He slid in, and I could feel my rosebud spread wide as the mushroom cork came in and then the shaft.

Fuck, when he was buried to the hilt and looking at me in the mirror, it was all I could do to keep from clamping down.
Sliding out a bit, and then pushing back in slowly.
Looking at each other, he started a full on fuck of my hole.

With his hand on my head, and then my back, he kept me in position to give him full access.
Those balls were literally bouncing and hitting my own.
I reached down to cup my own balls and let his swing around.

It must have been less than five minutes, but as he was pushing his mushroom head up into my guts he asked if I wanted his load.

I could only say "yes" quickly, and I knew he was on the edge.

A few more thrusts and he began to unleash that load.

Sometimes you can feel the cock throb, and I swear that his spasmed hard with each squirt of cum into my ass.
By my count, there were at least three solid ropes of cum and maybe more.

When he was spent, I kept a tight grip on his cock and he leaned over me.
After catching his breath, he began to slowly slide in and out of my now bred ass.
I just stayed in the position and let him have his way.

Then it was time to let his slip free, and with barely a pop it was out.

As I leaned back and he was kissing me, I told him that the load was staying in my ass all day.
I reached behind and swiped my open hand across my freshly fucked hole and stuck a finger inside...then I tasted his seed.
That was one sweet tasting load and I could smell his scent on my fingers.
I wiped the rest onto my beard to keep the smell.


A few hours later I just had to know how much juice he filled me with.
I was rock hard thinking about it.

Using a shot glass, I slowly released his load and it was substantial after all that time!
Fuck, what to do with it?

I am not a felcher, so that was out of the I did what I do with other loads...
Slowly tipping the shot glass over, I let the cum slide onto the head of my cock.
More of it slid out of the glass and began to accumulate on my PA, then it slid slowly down to my nuts and back to where it began, my stretched asshole.

After all of his load was drained from the glass, I used my hand to stroke my cock a couple of times. Using all of that lube, I coated my balls and even spread some of it into the hair around my hole.
Once it was all worked around, I stood up and slid my underwear back on.

Now I am sitting here typing this, and can feel his cum slowly drying around my cock and ass.

Next time he will try to get some video to share, but until is a short clip before he breeds me and a few pics from the video clip before the action started today.
I am also adding a picture he sent me that really shows how well hung this hot young man is.

Enjoy, I did.


After this was typed up, I had another buddy contact me for a bareback fucking.
I told him about this first guy, and he wanted to add his load to my ass!

He came over.

I pulled his pants to his ankles and sucked him hard and fast.
Once he was rock hard, I just turned around and grabbed the poppers.

No lube this time, just my spit and a bit from him on his palm as he grabbed his cock.
He shoved the head in, and I had to take a moment...then it was no holds barred.

He took over, and soon it was buried to the base.

He told me that it was not going to be long, and I said "just go for it".

With a half dozen final thrusts into my ass, he pushed to the base and let his balls drain in my ass.

Knowing that he now had his load, and the rest of the first guy, I just had to bend over and lick it clean.
Fresh hot mixed loads of cum on his tool, and it was ambrosia.

Fuck! Two hot loads in one day.

Of course I sent a note to my husband. I already knew what he wanted, and told him that I wanted his load to be added to the other two.

And he did.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quick load in the stall from a buddy

I was out and about at lunch...okay, I cruising the shopping district and not having much luck.
Sometimes there is just too much traffic for my tastes.

As I was on my way out the door I saw a guy that fed me in the past.
We made eye contact, and instantly he knew what I wanted.
I turned around and made sure that it was apparent where I was headed in hopes that he would follow.

I led the way into the department store nearest to us, and went into the bathroom.

He was right behind me, and we took the large stall in the back.

Before the door was locked he was already starting to undo his pants.
As I turned around, I could see that he was already pulling out his cock and letting it hang down.
He has a downward curve, low hanging balls and a pink mushroom head that begs to be worked over.

Seeing that plopped in front of me, I dropped to my knees and wasted no time in swallowing the head and shaft.

From past experience I knew that he loved the idea of video, I asked if he wanted my Flip camera.
He smiled, shrugged his shoulders and said yes.

I pulled out my Flip camera and handed it to him.
Then I instantly went right back down on his cock to continue servicing.

I know what he likes and I was there to give it to him.
Deep throat with lots of attention paid to his mushroom head and smooth shaft.

Some quick deep swallows followed by shaft stroking.
He may have already been on the hunt for a cocksucker, because it was not long before I could taste the pre cum leaking out of the piss slit.

More mushroom head slurping, and some extra stroking of the shaft led him to the edge.
He took over stroking his cock as I eagerly opened my mouth and let him picture where he should blow his sperm.

Soon he was at the brink and I knew it was time!

As I suspected would happen, the first shot went over my cheek.
Some of that shot also went into my mouth and a dollop landed on my tongue.

With my mouth open, he stroked the next few spurts into my mouth.

White creamy cum slowly oozed onto my tongue, and I let him place the rest of his load on my lips.
I just had to be sure to get every drop and he was willing to feed it to me.

Balls drained, I looked up and he had a smile on his face...perfect quick blow and go.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Full load repeat from last week

Okay, the hot young guy that I mentioned last week in the "Five days of cum" post...he needed to be drained again.

I had walked out for lunch when I saw that he sent a note.
Simple and to the point - "want another load?"
He was on his way through the city and could rendezvous within 15 minutes.
So I said yes.

He parked, we said hello and then went to the same location.
Walk in, door shut and he is already taking off his shirt.
I reached over and helped with the belt.

Once again he was going commando under khakis. Nice!!

After I took off my baseball hat, I got down on my knees and pulled all of his growing cock into my mouth.
He started out soft again, but this time the blood was pumping and in half the time he was sporting a full raging hard on.

Now, last time I did mention his balls...fuzzy covered, hanging down so that you can either bounce them off your chin or wash them both at the same time with your tongue while the rest in your mouth.
This time I just pulled one, then the other and then both into my mouth and gave them some intense attention.
He moaned and let me know his approval.

After that, I went back to the task at hand - his cock and the need to drain those cum filled nuts.

He did love to use my mouth last time and this time was no different.
I would piston fuck my mouth onto his cock, then push his cock head down my throat and come back up.
Today he seemed to really be oozing the precum, because I was constantly working on letting him pound my throat while swallowing that much volume.

A couple of times I miscalculated and had a bit of gag reflex and took a mini second break to focus.
Then I went back to his cock.
He let me know that he really enjoyed the fast pace, no hands action and I was happy to please.

After some intense oral throat coating, I came off for a moment to savor the cock...bright red mushroom head, rock hard shaft point straight up from his bouncing nuts.
And then it was back down and more slurping.

As I was feeling like I was about to drown in spit and precum, his shaft began to swell and I knew it was only a matter of seconds.
I came off his cock in a millisecond to clear my throat and mouth, then went back to deep throat.
That was all it took, and his load began to pour out. And I mean pour.

I could feel my mouth fill to capacity, I swallowed and then it filled again.

Rarely do I get to take such a huge load, because as you know I love to have it shot on me, but this guy and I knew it had to go right in my mouth.

Volumes of jizz filled my mouth, and I savored it all.

Once he was fully drained, I stood up and said "that was huge, wow".

He laughed and we exited.

Later I sent a text to say thanks and ask if he was a huge pre-cummer, and told him about the volume I felt during this blow job.
He replied that has happy that I was there to suck it out of him - he apparently had not unloaded in a couple of days and was bursting.

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holy shit...there was one more for the day

After the two loads in the afternoon I was not expecting there to be any more until tomorrow night when I meet up with an LA buddy at a local watering hole.

For happy hour I arranged to meet a friend and my husband at our favorite Union Square watering hole.
Knowing how horrible the trains can be, I left work earlier than usual.

I arrived at my stop, and was going to head up the hill to the bar...but, I decided that my bladder needed to be emptied.

As I entered the bathroom of a retail store, I immediately saw a young latino guy standing at the urinal.

Faux hawk, diamond stud in the ear, designer jeans and just enough attitude to make me hungry to check it out.

I stood next to him at the urinal and looked over.
Sure enough, he was stroking his meat. As we both leaned back for a better look, I could see that he was holding a hefty 8 inch piece of uncut meat.

Knowing the time was of the essence, I motioned to him that we should take it to a stall.
He got the message and led me to a stall in the back of the bathroom.

Once inside, I leaned over and began to swallow the uncut mushroom head.

Over the course of the next five minutes I alternated between the old fashioned suck and slurp, and then I would change mouth position and work on his entire cock by swallowing every inch.

After five minutes, I could feel the encased mushroom head of his cock begin to expand and some pre cum began to ooze.

As he hit the edge of no return, he pulled me up and started to aim towards the toilet...
I reached out and took his load onto my hand.

During the course of action when he his balls were churning that baby batter, he had grabbed onto my cock and was stroking it.
Seeing and feeling that hot thick white load of his on my hand caused me to begin to really pour out my own pre cum into the young man's hand.

As his warm cum was pooling in my hand, I pulled his cock to be sure every drop was accounted for.

I licked up some of the cum from my hand, as I also put my hand out to capture the last trail of cum beginning to coalesce in my palm.

Quick, wham bam, feed me and head out....perfect.

A couple of more loads to finish off the week

Today was an epic ending to a cum filled week.

It all began last Friday when I had the new buddy come down for some head, and then he wanted a repeat on Monday and that led to more.
It seems that the cum karma gods that neglected me for so long decided it was time to let me feed.

It was a warm afternoon, and since I had nothing planned I just figured I would jump on the train and head to an old haunt.

This tearoom is in an office building near some major shopping, so it is great for those business men, construction workers, students and tourists.

As I was walking towards the door I spotted an older gentleman sitting on the bench.
He watched me walk by, so I made eye contact and kept walking.

Entering the tearoom, I was lucky and one of the stalls was open. I shut the door and leaned back to check out the next occupant in the reflective wall behind us.
Obviously he was there for the same reason, but as the door opened, and others came in he left the stall.

I could see the new arrivals and the next one was the older gentleman.

Once the traffic left and we were alone, I reached under to let him know I was there to suck.
He immediately got down on his knees and shoved his cock under the stall.

A good sized cock, and it was hard already.
Now, this tearoom can be notorious for being too busy, so I did not waste any time.
Swallowing every inch of his tool, I began to suck and stroke.
We were not interrupted and in less than five minutes he was bucking and moaning, and unleashing his seed into my mouth.

I thanked him for the load, and he left the stall.

While sitting there licking the pre cum off my cock, others began to arrive.
One I recognized from other tearooms.

He took the stall next to me...and once we were alone I saw him stand up.
I unlocked my stall and went to stand in front of him. He was not up for being sucked, so I suggested a jack off onto my face.

Unfortunately the door opened at that moment and we had to regroup.
It was only a couple of other tearoom aficionados, and I once again left the stall to service.

The new arrivals were both stroking and one was at the urinal.
I went over, and when he was sure it was okay, he turned around and leaned against the wall.
My first impression was college football player/ construction worker.
He had been stroking already and there I was looking at his cock and furry balls out of his pants, and I went down on him.

The other two guys were watching, and my young man was vocal about telling me to suck his cock.
I was eager to accommodate, and let him know by not stopping - I just kept sucking and slurping.
Well, once again it was traffic time and we all had to stop.

As the others left, I also headed out thinking that the young man may want to finish somewhere else.
He stopped at the bench, but did not pursue it.

I looped back around and went into the tearoom.
The same young stud was in the stall and no one else was around.
Offering to finish him off, I stood near the urinal and watched him stroking his cock in the stall.
Well, once again it picked up traffic and I bided my time.

The young guy was either running late or spooked because he left the stall and headed out.


As I was washing my hands, a very tall middle aged guy walked in.

He was tall enough that he could see over the stall as he turned around.
We made eye contact and I figured he was there for some fun, or at least open to it.
Sure enough, once the room was clear I could see him stroking.

Not wasting any time, I went over to the stall and he opened the door.

Damn, he was larger than a beer can and rock hard! I could barely even get my hand around the base, but I was not going to let that be a deterrent.
I leaned over and took as much of that cock as my mouth would allow, and stroked the base.
He was eager to fill my mouth, and I told him to coat me in cum.
Then I went back to his cock.

Rapid stroking and using every bit of tongue and lips, plus what I could get into my throat...
In less than a minute he was on the edge and his knees started to give out.
He leaned back, let out a mighty moan and let a torrent of cum loose on my tongue.

I swallowed every drop as quick as I could and kept stroking the shaft.

When he was finally drained, I looked up and thanked him for a great finish.

He just laughed and smiled...I don't think he was expecting such a quick but hearty finish.

It has been a long time since I had a week full of cum loads, and you all know just how much I hunger for, let's just keep those cum karma gods happy.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Five days of cum

Ok, this has been one hell of a week for cum loads!!

Since last Friday I have been fortunate to service every day, sometimes more than once...and today was the fifth day in a row...damn.

Last week I had an inquiry about this blog.
The guy found me on the scruffy man app, and told me he loved lunchtime fun and wanted to see the blog.
I sent the link to him, and he sent me a torso pic...lean swimmer build, flat stomach and just a hint of pubes and cock showing in the unbuttoned jeans.
Well, you know that I had to suggest that I would gladly pull him out and swallow a load.

He sent a note asking when lunch was, and I replied that it could be arranged due to the feeding time.
I do like to be flexible for my cum feeding friends.

On that day, he was heading across the bay, so we missed out on connecting.
He asked for some extra pictures and I sent a cock sucking shot from the blog.

I also told him that if he were in my neck of the woods, to hit me up.

Today he sent a note asking if I was around at a specific time for a feeding.
I replied that I could be.
Over the next few minutes we went through the details, and he was on his way.

Having seen his picture on the app, I knew him when we met on the street.
As I led him to my new favorite spot, I could not wait to see what was under his torn jeans.

Once we were inside and the door was locked, I took off my baseball hat as he took off his shirt.
I reached out to grasp his belt buckle and began to undo it.
Once it was undone, he undid the buttons and I saw he was going commando.
I was looking directly at that pic of his pubes and cock base!

Getting down on my knees, I reached out and took his cock into my hand.
He was soft at this point, so I started working on getting him erect....which did not take long.

I do indeed love a grower, and when he was at full attention it was a beautiful long straight cut cock with a mushroom head topping it off.

Right away we found that he was going to be a fun, full deep throat blow job.
I eagerly devoured his cock all the way down to his furry cum filled balls.

Once we got into a rhythm, I was ready for a piston face fuck, and he was up for providing it.
Swallow to the base, cup the balls and slide off until the head was resting on my tongue.

I had seen his bubble butt as the jeans came down, and I reached around to grab one of those tight little globes and kept up the cock sucking.

After a few minutes of that, he determined that is was time to lean against the sink and he led me over.

Back between his legs, I eagerly took his rock hard cock back into my mouth.
I pushed more of it down my throat this time, and even felt that extra two inches that many guys have.
As that pushed down my throat, I heard him let out a moan, and I knew he was feeling how tight and hot my throat would be.

Well, obviously he enjoyed that so much that it turned me into a cum hungry pig and I let him pummel my tonsils while I had a grip on his tight little ass.

I had spit and throat slime running down my chin as he and I kept skull fucking my mouth.
Soon, I had gone for so long that I needed to swallow, and I let out a small gag - which also shot a dollop of pre cum out of my cock and onto the floor.

Somehow he grew even harder, and it was a non-stop deep throat skull fuck tonsil pounding blow job.

I did not know who was going to burst and finish first...there was so much pre cum and spit that I was almost drowning but he just kept sliding down my throat and I just let it run down my chin.

He hit that point of no-return and let out a moan to let me know.
I honestly don't know if he meant to, or it was just such a huge load about to unleash that he needed to prepare.

I felt the shaft swiftly expand, and then my mouth filled with cum.
Swallowing the cum, pre cum and my spit all in one gulp, I wanted more and he kept unloading.

With his nuts fully and completely drained, and with me on my knees just savoring the feast, we both needed to catch our breath.

I then stood up as he slid his cock back into his pants.
It was time to exit that room, and I noticed that it had that smell of a sex intense sweat filled nook.

Outside, we went our separate ways and as I got down the block I sent him a note to say thanks for the hot load and let him know that I was adding our encounter to the blog.
His response was "hot mouth :)", and "I'll have to come back for more".

Yes indeed.

Stay tuned and maybe next time I will hand him my camera so you can see the blow job from his point of view.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Curved for a perfect fit

As many of you know, I used to work in the Union Square area of the city which offered multiple locales for me to service.

One of the best, and still my favorite when it is necessary, is a hotel bathroom nearby.
Back in February I happened to be in the neighborhood early, and was supposed to be meeting a hot young guy that claimed to want service.
Being a good cocksucker, I arrived at the appropriate time, but he was a no-show.
While I was debating how long to stick around, a hot businessman happened to open the stall door.

He was not expecting anyone, but I instantly recognized him from an online profile picture.
I stood there and let him make the next move. He seemed about to walk away, but I think he clued into why the door would be open...
and as we kept eye contact I stepped back and let him know to follow and shut the door.
Sure enough, he did and I instantly went to his pants and pulled out his cock.
Wham, bam and thank you...

He asked if I was there often, as he sometimes has meetings there. I told him that I used to work nearby, but would be happy to do it again.

Cut forward to yesterday.
He sent me a reply on the cruising hairy man site, and we discussed the encounter in the bathroom.
Then he said that he wanted it to happen again...

I told him that I knew of a place nearby, and that if he wanted to feed me a load to let me know.

Today he arranged to be here around lunch time. I told him the details and eagerly awaited the time.

After leading him to the bathroom, and shutting the stall door he began to draw out his cock. Damn, it was as smooth and snaked down as I remembered.
He was soft as I got down on my knees, but after three good swallows to the balls it began to grow.

I knew it was so large that I had to force my mouth open, but had forgotten the added bonus of it being curved down.

Cupping his plum sized balls in my hand, I began to give that curved monster all the attention it needed.

Using my tongue and lips, I spit lubed his cock until I had it ready to impale my throat. I leaned in and guided it past my tonsils.
Now, anyone that sucks a downward curve cock knows how awesome it feels to just naturally bend and fill your throat.
His cock was long enough that by the time I had him to the balls I was sure he could have poked out my chest. He seemed to enjoy the feel of my throat wrapped tight around, and he let me know with a small moan.

I was breathing through my nose and had to come back up to avoid was just so thick.

Going back to sucking and swallowing, I used my hand to work on the curve as I let the shaft continually glide across my tongue and begin to enter my waiting throat.

We kept up that routine for a few minutes, with my throat milking the head and then the shaft, and then slowly edging him past my tonsils a few more times.

Soon he was at the edge and while just at the base of my tongue he began to buck and moan. I knew the sweet cum was about to flow and let him slide past and into my open throat.
I felt the first and second spasm as the shaft pulsed and he emptied his ball juice down my throat.

When he was at the point of super sensitive, he pulled out and I kept my hand on the shaft.
Slowly milking his cock, I was able to get three more good sized dollops of cum to wash down the rest.

As I got to my feet, he was smiling and had that fresh drained glazed look in his eyes. Love that look.

After he and I went our separate ways outside, I texted him and said thanks.... he replied back "No, thank you. That was hot".

Always good to hear that my services are appreciated ( in addition to the hot loads that fill my waiting mouth).

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Suck, swallow, repeat...and repeat....and repeat

Apparently my cum and bus riding karma through the roof this week!

I not only had my backpack returned with both video cameras still inside, but I have had the pleasure today of serving one very well endowed new buddy, and another hot Latino with a tasty uncut cock.

Now, the uncut young Latin0 was introduced via video in a previous post, and he continues to reach out when he is in need.
Today he happened to catch me before lunch, so I arranged to meet up.

I took him in to a bathroom that was perfect for a one on one encounter and before he even had his cock pulling out of his briefs, it was hard and pointing right at my face.

He has a fairly tight foreskin when he is fully erect, and today it was stretched to the limit. I took him down to his balls and then just started to give him the blow job he requested.
After a few minutes of intense deep throat and massage, he directed my mouth down to his balls.
Not being one to refuse, I went down and he kept up jacking off.

As he was ready to bust his nut, he let me have it - he was aimed for my mouth but the first shot went up towards my eyes.
With that shot sitting by my eye, the rest of his spunk was delivered onto my waiting tongue.

Now, for round three with the other buddy...

He first had me on my knees last Friday, and has since stopped by twice more. He remarked before our first encounter that he really does not get good blow jobs and ends up being the cock sucker.
Well, after the first session he was impressed and thought about it over the weekend.

Yesterday he sent me a text and mentioned that he really enjoyed what I can do with his cock, and that a repeat was requested.
I said sure, just come on down and we will get you off again.
He met me out on the street, and I took him to the same private bathroom.

Now, you all know that I always tell guys to let me know if they need to get off again. I do appreciate it when someone wants to give me as much cum as they can produce.

I have had many guys say that whatever it is I do with my tongue and throat is amazing but the honest truth is that I just do what comes naturally.
He was soft when he first pulled out and I was on my knees. I already knew how large it was going to be, so I just took over and did what felt right.

Starting out working on spit shining the entire cock, cupping his balls and using my tongue, lips and throat.
This is one guy that I feel more at ease not using my hands, but working it all with my oral skills... and he seems to appreciate that!

Once again, as he grew and was rock hard, I knew it was only a matter of time before he was filling my mouth with seed.

Before he came over yesterday, he ,said the wanted to see a repeat, and I originally said that I naturally wanted it all over my face...well, when he begins to build up that spunk he cums quick out of the start and it tastes so good that I never came off, but just kept my mouth locked around to catch it all.

Today he sent a note that he was walking by at lunch and thought of my mouth. I replied that he could have fed me again...and that led to him asking if that would be too much.
I told him just what my friends and husband know - if I could suck cock and swallow cum every day, I would.

Well, at that point he DID want to cum again. So I told him to head down the street and it could be done.

This time, as he pulled out of his briefs it was damn close to a hard on before my lips even touched it. HOT!

After sucking off my Latin buddy, I was already cum primed and I knew what this hung cock could do.

I went down on his shaft and head, and it was minutes before he was swelling up in my mouth. It was close to beer can thick, and I just had to feel it slide down my throat.
He could tell what I wanted, and when I began to open wide and push from the balls he led the way and shoved into my throat.

I hit a tiny bit of gag reflex, but that also put him on the road to the edge.
Once I pulled back from that throat stretch, he and I knew it was time for a "balls hitting chin" throat massacre.
He began to piston fuck and I just let my mouth open.
The spit and throat slime coated his shaft and let him go to town without stopping.

I was sure it was going to be the edge..but, he and I took a breathe and went back at it.

At this time, I did grasp his cock with my hand and gave it a quick stroke but had to get back to a hands free blow.
I went back down to his balls.
Now that he was closing in on an orgasm that I anticipated would be impressive, I worked my tongue around the head and upper part of the shaft.
That was all it took...and then he was moaning and spewing cum onto my waiting tongue.

Once again, the volume was amazing and I could taste it as it washed over my tongue and slid down my throat.

He is heading out of town for a week, so I am sure there will be a text upon his return...

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Video camera status update

This week I was traveling around the city and lost my bag with the two video cameras.

I am on a search for something compact and easy to use - I just loved those Flip cameras!!

Once I have something, you know I will break it in with some cock sucking swallowing cum guzzling facial scene.

Until then, I will keep swallowing loads and sharing it here with you.

A new hung buddy in the neighborhood

It was a slow day in the office, and I had already been chatting with a hot young grad student.
He is visiting family and was trying to get away for a blow job.

Well, after lunch a hot furry guy that had chatted with me earlier said hello.

He asked what was up and I said that I was at work, but horny.
He replied back with the same.
So, I suggested a cock swallowing session. He did not have a place nearby so I told him to head down my direction.

We met on the street and I led him to a bathroom that is private and would be perfect. I shut the door, locked it and turned around.
Right away we both smiled as we began to undo his pants.

This guy was tall, not bearish but a football players build with some great legs that I saw as he slid his underwear down.

He was not fully hard, and as you know, that is not at all a problem. Earlier he said the he does not get sucked often, because it seems that many guys are not good at it when they perform on him.
Now, since he knows of this blog he did say that he thought I would be up for it...and I said that I practice often.

I began with swallowing all of his cock into my mouth.
As I had that resting on my tongue, I reached up to cup his balls.
His nuts were very large, and hung down..just the kind you can imagine bouncing all around as the cock is buried in a hole!
Feeling those cum filled orbs, I just took my time and did what I do best to get a guy hard...slow and steady with the tongue, lips and throat.

It was not long before blood began to fill that tool, and it began to expand.
With each slurp it would jump and grow a bit more.

He was taking a few turns on my nipples and I undid my shirt to let him have access, and then I went back to his meat.

Now, after a couple of minutes I noticed that he was beginning to moan and vocalize more, and his cock was getting thicker and thicker.
Damn, soon I had a beer can stuffed in my mouth and you know how happy that makes me.

Once he was so thick that I had to work on breathing, I kept up the ball contact and started working the head with my tongue...
That seemed to do the trick.
Soon he was really beginning to get into it and he was fucking my mouth as much as I was trying to guzzle him to the base.

After feeling that super-sized cock begin to expand I knew it could not be long before he was going to drain a load.

His pumping faster into my mouth and the moan told me it was time. His cock swelled and I felt the first volley hit my tongue.
I savored the taste, but he was not done with my mouth and I swallowed fast to give the rest of his swimmers plenty of room to keep cumming.
And cum, they did.
More and more, swallow, breathe, swallow.
I could smell and taste the essence of his cock.

Well, when he was empty I took my hand and milked the shaft a few times to be sure and licked the head clean.

Both of us had ear to ear grins when I looked up.

Monday, May 7, 2012

A trim in the shower nets me a load down my throat

Have you ever just been at the gym and wanted to shave your balls, knowing that no one would see it but aware that you could walk out with smooth nuts hanging below your cock…well, I did it.

I had already trimmed down just before my surgery last month (yes, I had another repair and it has kept me off my knees for awhile) so it was not a job of weed whacking.
I brought a razor for my face, it was early and no one was in the locker room.
I walked into the shower, pulled the curtain and lathered up. As my husband knows, even at home I can get a raging hard on while shaving and doing the trim at the gym made it even better.
Long story short, I was rock hard and had to let it go to half mast before even stepping out.

As I was walking past the steam room I saw someone inside. For some reason I switched gears, figured I would check it out and walked into the steam room.
A young guy was sitting on the bench, legs slightly apart and cock hanging down.
He did not make much eye contact, so I just sat down and left my towel open.
My cock was still semi hard and I noticed some soap left around the base. I stood up, walked across the room and turned on the shower to rinse off.
As I turned around, I did not bother to conceal the sight of my cock. I just sat down, and let my cock hang.
I looked out of the corner of my eye, and could see that he saw my semi flaccid cock and it registered.
His hand was near his cock and I could see it thickening.
As my cock grew, I let it rise and he looked over.

He began to stroke himself, so I reached over and took matters into my hand.
He did not object, so I leaned in and gave his cock a quick lick and swallow. He just spread his legs more.
That was all I needed to tell me he wanted to blow a load.

I was leaning over and began to really work every inch quickly but expertly. After stroking and working his shaft and head with my tongue I just had to feel it all.
I moved closer and began to take more and more.
His cock seemed to grow to over 8 inches and achieved a thickness that filled my mouth and barely left me room to breathe.
When his cock reached the back of my throat, I took his balls and pushed for another inch…and found it.
That obviously hit his button, because he let out a moan and stiffened like someone that doesn’t get a deep throat as often as he should.

Being in the steam room, I did not want to have to risk an interruption and let his load go to waste so I went back to sucking and stroking.
He reached under me, and took my cock in his hand.  He slowly started to stroke it.
My shower-time ball shaving, and his cock buried in my throat, had me on the edge and I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth before I blew mine.
We kept up the pace until he was on the edge with me, and as his cock swelled in my mouth I locked down and did not let him pull out.
My fist was tight around that beer can thick cock, and I opened wide to give him the room to fill it.

As his cock spurted volley after volley of cum onto my tongue, my nuts emptied onto the bench and his hand.