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Saturday, May 19, 2012

A couple of more loads to finish off the week

Today was an epic ending to a cum filled week.

It all began last Friday when I had the new buddy come down for some head, and then he wanted a repeat on Monday and that led to more.
It seems that the cum karma gods that neglected me for so long decided it was time to let me feed.

It was a warm afternoon, and since I had nothing planned I just figured I would jump on the train and head to an old haunt.

This tearoom is in an office building near some major shopping, so it is great for those business men, construction workers, students and tourists.

As I was walking towards the door I spotted an older gentleman sitting on the bench.
He watched me walk by, so I made eye contact and kept walking.

Entering the tearoom, I was lucky and one of the stalls was open. I shut the door and leaned back to check out the next occupant in the reflective wall behind us.
Obviously he was there for the same reason, but as the door opened, and others came in he left the stall.

I could see the new arrivals and the next one was the older gentleman.

Once the traffic left and we were alone, I reached under to let him know I was there to suck.
He immediately got down on his knees and shoved his cock under the stall.

A good sized cock, and it was hard already.
Now, this tearoom can be notorious for being too busy, so I did not waste any time.
Swallowing every inch of his tool, I began to suck and stroke.
We were not interrupted and in less than five minutes he was bucking and moaning, and unleashing his seed into my mouth.

I thanked him for the load, and he left the stall.

While sitting there licking the pre cum off my cock, others began to arrive.
One I recognized from other tearooms.

He took the stall next to me...and once we were alone I saw him stand up.
I unlocked my stall and went to stand in front of him. He was not up for being sucked, so I suggested a jack off onto my face.

Unfortunately the door opened at that moment and we had to regroup.
It was only a couple of other tearoom aficionados, and I once again left the stall to service.

The new arrivals were both stroking and one was at the urinal.
I went over, and when he was sure it was okay, he turned around and leaned against the wall.
My first impression was college football player/ construction worker.
He had been stroking already and there I was looking at his cock and furry balls out of his pants, and I went down on him.

The other two guys were watching, and my young man was vocal about telling me to suck his cock.
I was eager to accommodate, and let him know by not stopping - I just kept sucking and slurping.
Well, once again it was traffic time and we all had to stop.

As the others left, I also headed out thinking that the young man may want to finish somewhere else.
He stopped at the bench, but did not pursue it.

I looped back around and went into the tearoom.
The same young stud was in the stall and no one else was around.
Offering to finish him off, I stood near the urinal and watched him stroking his cock in the stall.
Well, once again it picked up traffic and I bided my time.

The young guy was either running late or spooked because he left the stall and headed out.


As I was washing my hands, a very tall middle aged guy walked in.

He was tall enough that he could see over the stall as he turned around.
We made eye contact and I figured he was there for some fun, or at least open to it.
Sure enough, once the room was clear I could see him stroking.

Not wasting any time, I went over to the stall and he opened the door.

Damn, he was larger than a beer can and rock hard! I could barely even get my hand around the base, but I was not going to let that be a deterrent.
I leaned over and took as much of that cock as my mouth would allow, and stroked the base.
He was eager to fill my mouth, and I told him to coat me in cum.
Then I went back to his cock.

Rapid stroking and using every bit of tongue and lips, plus what I could get into my throat...
In less than a minute he was on the edge and his knees started to give out.
He leaned back, let out a mighty moan and let a torrent of cum loose on my tongue.

I swallowed every drop as quick as I could and kept stroking the shaft.

When he was finally drained, I looked up and thanked him for a great finish.

He just laughed and smiled...I don't think he was expecting such a quick but hearty finish.

It has been a long time since I had a week full of cum loads, and you all know just how much I hunger for, let's just keep those cum karma gods happy.

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BlkJack said...

Wow! You have been a busy boy!