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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Holy shit...there was one more for the day

After the two loads in the afternoon I was not expecting there to be any more until tomorrow night when I meet up with an LA buddy at a local watering hole.

For happy hour I arranged to meet a friend and my husband at our favorite Union Square watering hole.
Knowing how horrible the trains can be, I left work earlier than usual.

I arrived at my stop, and was going to head up the hill to the bar...but, I decided that my bladder needed to be emptied.

As I entered the bathroom of a retail store, I immediately saw a young latino guy standing at the urinal.

Faux hawk, diamond stud in the ear, designer jeans and just enough attitude to make me hungry to check it out.

I stood next to him at the urinal and looked over.
Sure enough, he was stroking his meat. As we both leaned back for a better look, I could see that he was holding a hefty 8 inch piece of uncut meat.

Knowing the time was of the essence, I motioned to him that we should take it to a stall.
He got the message and led me to a stall in the back of the bathroom.

Once inside, I leaned over and began to swallow the uncut mushroom head.

Over the course of the next five minutes I alternated between the old fashioned suck and slurp, and then I would change mouth position and work on his entire cock by swallowing every inch.

After five minutes, I could feel the encased mushroom head of his cock begin to expand and some pre cum began to ooze.

As he hit the edge of no return, he pulled me up and started to aim towards the toilet...
I reached out and took his load onto my hand.

During the course of action when he his balls were churning that baby batter, he had grabbed onto my cock and was stroking it.
Seeing and feeling that hot thick white load of his on my hand caused me to begin to really pour out my own pre cum into the young man's hand.

As his warm cum was pooling in my hand, I pulled his cock to be sure every drop was accounted for.

I licked up some of the cum from my hand, as I also put my hand out to capture the last trail of cum beginning to coalesce in my palm.

Quick, wham bam, feed me and head out....perfect.

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