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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Another double cum load day

Awhile back I had an email regarding my Xtube videos. This local married bisexual guy really liked the way I gave head and wanted to try me out.
That resulted in a very hot quick video.

Today I had an email asking if I would be around in the afternoon.
I told him yes and to let me know when he was in the area.
As the time rolled around, he confirmed my availability and drove over.

This time we went to a more secluded spot, rather than a bathroom.

With a quick turn of the lock, I turned around and he was already grinning at me.

On his last phone call to me, he asked about the video camera...I told him it was with me.

As his pants were being undone, and his shorts pulled to let that uncut cock out, I turned on the camera.
On my knees, with cock in hand I handed him the cam and went to work on his piece of meat.

He had a musky clean scent that just made my saliva flow. I knew from past experience that working on his entire cock would give me a load to savor.
As I worked on the foreskin, and also stroking he kept the camera moving around with me.

A couple of times I just had to stop, and look at the growing pink head and pull back the skin just a bit.
Fuck it was a hot cock, and I knew that as it got harder and the head got redder, it was almost time.

When he was on the imminent edge of orgasm, he let out a moan and then the cum started flowing.
I could feel and taste it on my tongue, and wanted to share it with him so I opened my mouth a bit to catch the rest.
As I looked up, he was staring down and watching his sperm coating my lips, tongue and bits facial hair.

As his load was washing down my throat, I kept stroking the shaft to milk out every drop.

Even as I thought he was done, another dollop of white cum would appear and I would dive in to lick it up.

Now, another story to share is the well hung stud that has fed me a few times.
Some on video, but others just to let me give him a stress relieving blow job.

Over the weekend we had chatted about meeting up after work. He was taking the train from the East Bay, and I told him where to transfer.

After lunch, he has sent me a note that he may not be able to stop.

Well, we went back and forth and I let him know that if he was that stressed, then my mouth was the perfect solution.
He agreed. And then we finalized the meeting.

He took the train over to me, and once again I led him to a perfect spot to swing on his meat.

We began kissing quickly after I had locked the door.
Using our hands to grope and grab, we kept kissing until I just had to release his cock.
With his help I undid his belt and reached into his shorts.

Rock hard, pink and up for my attention. That mushroom head on the end of his missile shaped cock was going to be a treat.

Not wasting more time, I got down on my knees and began to slide my tongue and mouth around the head and shaft.
After it was well and properly spit shined, it was time to feel him hit the back of my throat.

Now this is a big boy, and I was going to need to feed on him without either of us making too much noise.
That was going to be fun!
I took his balls in hand first and began to use my lips to caress them and then my tongue. First one, then the other.
They were too large for me to fit both.

I believe we both enjoyed that because as I ever so slowly devoured each inch, he was feeling thicker and harder.
Then it was buried to his balls, and I tried to stay right there.
He moaned and lightly held my head. Then it was time to release his cock, which I naturally had to do just as slowly as I went down on him.
I went back to using my lips, tongue and hand to work him.

More deep throat action was getting my pre cum flowing, and he was holding onto the wall.

Soon I had gotten my throat used to the impaling size of him, and then I went to town and was bouncing up and down on his cock, taking every inch as fast as I could.

I grabbed a hold of the shaft to keep it slicked up with spit and worked on the second half of his tool.

That was the trick!!

Soon he was breathing hard, his legs began to shake and I felt his shaft enlarging with each stroke and suck.

When it was the point of no return, he let out a low long moan and his legs locked.
At that instant I felt the load blast out his cock. My mouth was filled with spunk.

As he was moaning, I was doing some of my own around his swollen shaft.
He shot a good five or six thick loads into me, and I was swallowing and savoring it all.

Just like before, when I was sure that his balls could not give me more nourishment, I just put my hand around the thick base and milked up towards my mouth.
And yes, I was rewarded with extra cum!
Sweet nectar of the gods.

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