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Monday, May 7, 2012

A trim in the shower nets me a load down my throat

Have you ever just been at the gym and wanted to shave your balls, knowing that no one would see it but aware that you could walk out with smooth nuts hanging below your cock…well, I did it.

I had already trimmed down just before my surgery last month (yes, I had another repair and it has kept me off my knees for awhile) so it was not a job of weed whacking.
I brought a razor for my face, it was early and no one was in the locker room.
I walked into the shower, pulled the curtain and lathered up. As my husband knows, even at home I can get a raging hard on while shaving and doing the trim at the gym made it even better.
Long story short, I was rock hard and had to let it go to half mast before even stepping out.

As I was walking past the steam room I saw someone inside. For some reason I switched gears, figured I would check it out and walked into the steam room.
A young guy was sitting on the bench, legs slightly apart and cock hanging down.
He did not make much eye contact, so I just sat down and left my towel open.
My cock was still semi hard and I noticed some soap left around the base. I stood up, walked across the room and turned on the shower to rinse off.
As I turned around, I did not bother to conceal the sight of my cock. I just sat down, and let my cock hang.
I looked out of the corner of my eye, and could see that he saw my semi flaccid cock and it registered.
His hand was near his cock and I could see it thickening.
As my cock grew, I let it rise and he looked over.

He began to stroke himself, so I reached over and took matters into my hand.
He did not object, so I leaned in and gave his cock a quick lick and swallow. He just spread his legs more.
That was all I needed to tell me he wanted to blow a load.

I was leaning over and began to really work every inch quickly but expertly. After stroking and working his shaft and head with my tongue I just had to feel it all.
I moved closer and began to take more and more.
His cock seemed to grow to over 8 inches and achieved a thickness that filled my mouth and barely left me room to breathe.
When his cock reached the back of my throat, I took his balls and pushed for another inch…and found it.
That obviously hit his button, because he let out a moan and stiffened like someone that doesn’t get a deep throat as often as he should.

Being in the steam room, I did not want to have to risk an interruption and let his load go to waste so I went back to sucking and stroking.
He reached under me, and took my cock in his hand.  He slowly started to stroke it.
My shower-time ball shaving, and his cock buried in my throat, had me on the edge and I told him that I wanted him to cum in my mouth before I blew mine.
We kept up the pace until he was on the edge with me, and as his cock swelled in my mouth I locked down and did not let him pull out.
My fist was tight around that beer can thick cock, and I opened wide to give him the room to fill it.

As his cock spurted volley after volley of cum onto my tongue, my nuts emptied onto the bench and his hand.

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Anonymous said...

Would love to see a video of that ;-)