My favorite snack

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Two loads to swallow down

It is Dore Alley weekend and that means men are everyone and cocks are going to be out.

The weekend started for me on Thursday night. Went to a local hangout and proceeded to find a top buddy and his jock strap wearing bottom slut.
Being in a giving and top mode I slid up behind that hot blonde and slid my cock into his ass.
With the crowd either sucking cocks or stroking I rammed his tight hole until my balls were churning and I dumped a multi day load up his ass.

Then on Saturday it got even better.

Treasure Island Media had a gathering, and since we know many of the models and staff it was going to be a fun time.
The action was slow to start but while watching a couple of the men suck and fuck I looked up to see a hot man in t-shirt and jeans.
We both smiled and I reached out to his hand was filled with hard cock. So of course I had to unbutton and release all of those hard inches.

It was bigger than I expected, and I immediately fell to my knees and swallowed.
Thick, full balls and a cock ring to grab onto....I was in pig heaven.
Guys standing around watching, cocks being stroked....
This cock was large enough that I could barely get my fist around it but it was a nice straight tube topped with a delicious mushroom head and when I took it down to the balls I was stretched wide and could not be happier.
Then I slid his cock all the way and slid back down. After getting it completely spit lubed it just pistoned in and out my throat so easily. I was having my fill of cock and using my hand to cup and fondle the cum filled balls.

Every once in awhile a stray hand would come in and try to grab the cock, and I would swallow it to the balls and stake my claim.

After some intense deep throat action he was ready to unload. As he started to cum, I tasted the first sweet drops and then the tap opened and out poured all of that sweet sperm....shot after shot as his shaft pulsed and throbbed in my mouth.

Then I turned around and a hot little guy was in a group with his cock out. Sticking up out of his pants, I just had to reach over and take it in my mouth. He did not say no, so I got into position and took over.

As many of you know, guys that are not tall have some of the hottest cocks that are no way small... this was one. Full balls that filled my hand when I cupped them and a slight up-curve to the shaft that made a deep throat tickle the back....awesome!!
While down on my knees and servicing I did over hear a comment "he is good" and I knew that one way or another I was going to have a second load.

Using my hand and grasping his balls, I would swallow every inch and let the balls hit my chin and then I would use my throat to work the cock being buried in my throat.

After stroking and swallowing him over and over it was time for the full release. He started with a quick shot that slid down my tongue and throat and then the flood gates opened and cum was pouring down my throat.

Two loads down and I was hungry for more...

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Hot Canuck load

While killing some time downtown I had a Scruff message.

Football player build, visiting from Canada. He was staying just around the corner, so I asked if he was looking for a blowjob...
His reply was that he loved blowjobs, and at that time I offered to swing by and take care of him.

Because he flew all day, he told me to give him a few minutes for a shower. I got the room number and instructions to come over...

The door was cracked and I entered into a darkened hotel room. I heard porn playing and walked around the corner to see a hot man leaning back on the bed.
More a rugby look - thick legs, large arms and massive chest.
Then he pulled aside his shorts and I saw what I came for...and damn it was big!

In the semi darkness the computer was giving off enough light for me to get undressed and get between his legs.
When I put my hand down to grasp his shaft, the mushroom head was larger than my hand and the rest filled my hand. He reached over and grabbed a bottle of poppers as my mouth lowered to swallow him.

The mushroom head pushed toward the back of my throat and with my fist around the base I pushed the rest of his cock into my gullet. He let out a moan, and so did I.
From the reaction of some guys, you can just tell that they have not had their cocks worshiped and taken care of as they could be...and this guy was one of them.

After that first deep throat, he stripped off the shorts and let me get between his legs and go to town.
He leaned forward and grabbed my cock for some stroking, and sucking.
Then he took his position back on the bed and I got back down to suck every inch.

He directed me down to his balls, and I pulled one into my mouth and then the other. His legs were up a bit and I naturally ventured down towards his ass. Slurping and licking, then back up to his balls..and then back to that mushroom head.
More hits of the poppers and he was buried to the bone with not an inch showing.

With his cock completely spit lubed I was able to use my fist to stroke the base and keep the head in my mouth, then I started up a rhythm of sucking, bury to the bone and stroke some more.
Soon he asked me if I wanted his load.

I told him yes, and with just a few more strokes of the shaft I swallowed all 8x6 inches. When he felt the head hit the back of my throat he let out a moan and the cum began flowing.
Pulse after pulse of the cock told me that he was blasting and I kept him in my mouth.
After the spasms subsided I pulled off enough to swallow everything in my mouth and slower removed his semi flaccid cock while using my tongue to slurp off the last drop.