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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Update from the weekend - hot young pierced punk cock

Some of the guys I chat online with are extremely hot and express an interest in getting together.
I am always willing to meet up face to face if there is a mutual interest or if I have met/seen him through mutual friends.
Once in awhile it happens by chance, as it did over the weekend.
This guy is tall (over 6' 5" and you know what that does to me!!) with piercings, tattoos, sometimes a mohawk and a very tasty large hot cock - which I had the pleasure of swallowing for a bit.
My husband and I were out for cocktails following the Folsom event early the afternoon (where I had the pleasure of taking 3 loads in the bathroom) and ran into this guy while I continued my hunt for cum.
He happened to be in the spot I frequent and the timing was perfect.
We have chatted a few times and I also recognize him from around town but we had not been able to hook up. Well, I had the opportunity and was not about to let it pass by.
He was just as hard as I was and there were enough guys around that I was not worried.
I am an exhibitionist at heart when it comes to oral sex and this location is one of my favorites!
I did my best to deep throat and he was a very large guy in the cock department so it was a very hot time for me.
There are always very well hung guys that scare some amateurs and the timid, but I relish those and they do seem to go down smooth as silk sometimes.

There was another guy in the same area that was hot and sporting another hot looking cock that I wanted in my mouth.
I am not a usual water sports bottom guy but when he said that he had to leave the area to drain some piss from that great piece of meat I told him to let me take it.
He was not sure at first but after a bit of prodding from me and the guys around ( I am sure they all were eager to see me swallow that too) he agreed.
Since we had all been drinking at the time I was prepared for a full load and he delivered.
I must have swallowed at least 4 - 5 times, as my mouth filled up with his sweet tasting piss each time.
Anyone that does take piss knows that there are different tastes and elements that affect each load...this one was aromatic and sweet, and went down smooth.
Wow, that sounded like a fine wine...guess you could compare the two.

I spoke with the tall young guy this evening and he said it was cool to post about swallowing his cock and then enjoying the piss of his buddy.
We plan to finish off what we all started that day and I will keep you updated.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bareback guy from Thursday night

Today I was online and there is a guy on one of my favorite pic/chat connection sites and we had exchanged messages in the past prior to him traveling from abroad.
He wanted me to give him an awesome suck deep throat and to give me a few loads.
I sent a note last week after he arrived that I wanted to be sure and get on my knees for him.

I had looked at the profile again after Thursday night and thought it might have been the same guy but I could not be sure.
The cock was uncut and extra large... could be the same, I thought.
The pictures on his profile show hair on his head but the guy Thursday night had a buzz cut/shaved head.

Well, today he sends a note that we had already met... he was my first fuck of the night!
Damn, it was even hotter to realize that my best fuck was this hot guy I wanted to meet up and play with.
Now that we know each other he agreed that we should repeat and really get some good loads in me.
I will keep you all posted and if he lets me I may put a picture of his cock up here.

More cocks on Saturday and a street show on Sunday

After the three loads in the same bathroom my husband and I left to meet up with some friends at another bar.
These guys are visiting from London and we originally met up at the Cockpit party Thursday night.
We did not all play that night but on Saturday afternoon the cocktails were drank and we were all in a horny mood.
You know me well enough to know that friends can expect a blow job as quickly as a stranger.
One of the London men is tall, shaved head and endowed with a hefty uncut cock that sports a Prince Albert. BONUS!
The afternoon is not perfectly clear but I did swallow his cock and got his load along with a couple of others at the bar.

After getting home I had a text from some guys that are here from Texas. They invited us up to their hotel room but my husband was tired and said I could go.
I got to their hotel and we all started chatting and relaxing.
I was drinking Yaeger and they had another guy in the room and eventually the talk slowed down and we started getting horned up for some action.
There were cocks and mouths going all around and some pics were taken.
I know they will be reading this and I have to say, WOW!
After being gone a few hours my husband called and asked me to come back home so we called it a night and I went home around 4am.

Sunday afternoon was the actual Folsom Street Fair. I wore a black jock, boots and my new collar - nothing else but a huge smile.
We ran into many, many guys that were either naked or letting their cocks hang out.
Of course, some of them were friends and they knew what to expect.
At one point my husband was talking with a group of guys and they asked where I was.
That was the moment that I happened to pull off of a cock that was at least 11 inches slowly came out of my mouth and our friends laughed - I asked what the joke was and it was just that they saw what they expected of me.

The afternoon involved cocktails, walking in the sun and cocks everywhere.
My best memory was being on the sidewalk, sucking a hot guy off and the crowd was all around watching and taking pics/video.
After being on my knees and giving him some oral action he started shooting his load all over me.
Right on the sidewalk in public! Nothing better than a public facial.

The visitors from Texas texted me on Sunday afternoon but we were so tired and buzzed that we did not end up connecting. I hope to get back together with them before they have to head home

The weekend continues....load after load in the bathroom

On Saturday afternoon we went to a local bar that was hosting a Folsom weekend party.
It was a warm day so I was bare chested and having a great time.
After a few cocktails it was time to head to the bathroom.
On the way, I passed by a group of guys playing pool.
A couple of real hot ones that I would be happy to service.

I went in to the bathroom and right away one of pool players is standing next to me.
Wearing shorts, a harness and jock strap.
He pulled his cock out and we checked each other out.
Neither one of us was peeing so I figured he was also looking for something else. Of course, the cock growing in his hand also gave it away.
Ok, I can do that!

I bent over and swallowed his cock into my mouth. I was bent over and taking his cock down my throat.
He was rock hard and getting into it. I looked up after a few minutes of sucking him and saw a guy groping himself and watching me.
The guy I was sucking decided to take a break and go back to the pool game.
Once he left the second guy walked up and pulled out his cock.
Already semi hard and getting harder as I watched.
I motioned for this new guy to follow me over to the corner of the bathroom to get us out of the traffic path.
Once we got to the corner I knelt down and started giving him a full blow job.
Nice thick cock, above average lenght and set of cum filled balls.
It was not long before he was close and asked if I wanted his load.
I said yes, all over my face.
Before he started cumming another guy walked in and started watching while standing with his cock in hand.
Second blow job then began shooting and it shot all over my face.
He was done and left the bathroom.

Now the third guy walks over and asked if I wanted another load...well, hell why not!
I said yes and he gave me his cock.
Deep throat, swallow and stroke - not long before he was cumming.

You might think that was the end of it... I went out to find my husband and tell him what happened.
I told him that I wanted to go back and see if anyone else needed to unload their balls.
After I got back to the bathroom I see the firt guy again.
He comes into the bathroom and offers me his cock...I am ready for his to cum and motion for him to feed me in the corner.
He can tell I am a hungry cum pig and begins to fuck my face.
I had my mouth ready and he started to thrust faster and faster, and finally he lets a hot thick load go.
I swallow every drop and we both head out.

Of course, the whole time this was going on there were guys coming in and using the urinal- that made it even hotter!

Folsom weekend begins bareback

This is a bit delayed because it was an extremely BUSY weekend - and loads of fun!

Thursday night we attended a monthly play party called Cockpit. In the past we had not made it to the party, due to the fact that it is always on a Thursday night.
With the leather/fetish crowd here for the Folsom Street Fair we knew the men would be frisky, horny and ready for action.
We arrived and immediately got undressed.
I kept my jock on and boots. I had no intention of topping and figured the jock would get that message across.

Right away I looked into the bathroom and saw this hot as hell guy fucking someone.
Large thick cock that I could see from over 10 feet away.
I made my way over and the guy had pulled out of the bottom. I made eye contact and he backed up a bit while holding that piece of meat.
I bent over and went down on that cock (it was uncut I saw!!!)and took it to the base.
Swallowing a cock that was just fucking a guy can be a tasty treat depending on how many loads may have been in there.
This one was fine, after I stood back up we headed out of the bathroom.

There were some small glory holes rooms along one wall and we went into one.
I continued the sucking that started in the bathroom. After a few minutes of swallowing and enjoying the feel of it buried in my throat he had me turned around.
Jock still one and ass up for his cock.
I had some poppers and took a hit. My eyes would have rolled to the back of my head when he entered...DAMN, that cock felt better than I imagined buried in my ass.
We kept up the fucking, he would grab my cock in the jock and a few times I pulled my cock completely out of the jock.
Since this was the first cock of the night I did not want to blow my load immediately.
This guy knew what he was doing and had me on the edge of cumming a few times as he slammed my ass standing up.
I don't know how long we were going at it, but he did pull out and we were going to take a break.
I leaned down to give his cock one last suck...I wanted to give him one last deep throat swallow.

There were about 3 other cocks in my ass that evening and one thick cocked bear did give me his load and bred my ass, but this first one was by far the hottest guy I had that night.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fresh new cock and a hot repeat buddy

Vid is from Cock #2

This morning a hot local guy and I exchanged message over Craigslist and I arranged to meet him for some stall sex.
Going back and forth via email we finally narrowed it down to a hot tearoom in the area. Super quiet, lots of space and in a quiet building. Perfect for a quick rendezvous.

He is only five minutes away so I jog over and am the first to arrive.
I was not totally sure what he was going to look like - we had exchanged pics but I was not sure how he was going to be dressed. There were a couple of guys that entered and left, so I figured that I did not want to arouse any suspicion and I took a walk down the hall.
Right away this hot young guy walks past and goes in the tearoom.
He looked like the pic so I followed. He went in to a stall and I stood at the urinals to be sure this guy was there for action (some hot guys work nearby and only stop by to pee, so I hate to assume).
He came over to where I was standing and sure enough he is my Blackberry buddy that was messaging me.
He goes back in the stall and I follow along - he stands against the wall and I am in front.
Out comes his soft cock. Low hanging, with a nice bit of hair surrounding his cock and a Prince Albert...Yeah!
Since a PA piercing is not a problem I just start sucking and stroking. To be sure he knew I was ok with the piercing I pulled mine out.
He is a sporting a 4 gauge and mine is a 2 gauge. His cock and ring fit in my mouth just fine.
As I was sucking and stroking he grew quickly...went from soft to a full 8 inches of hard cock, full mushroom head and just sticking right out for my mouth.

We both liked the idea of fucking but he was a safety guy (that is fine) and we had no condoms.
No problem, I said he could shoot a load all over me.
He thought the idea sounded good and I took of my T-shirt. He smiled at that - not many guys will strip down but with a black shirt on it can show cum real need to have that screaming at my co-workers or people on the street.
I got back down to sucking and stroking.
We were both turned on from the stall action idea already and my deep throat stroking got him closer.
Finally I was stroking the shaft hard and really working the head and piercing with my tongue and mouth - he was moaning and twitching and then it was time.
He told me he was cumming so I let him shoot it right in my mouth and leaned back to get it all over me.
Shot after shot spurted out of that huge mushroom cock and coated my goatee.

I stood up and he was grinning from ear to ear, and I know that I was as well....nothing hotter for a morning break than a hot cock shooting some protein.
I let him leave first so I could put my shirt on but not before we both agreed that it was a perfect stress release for him and an activity that I am not only good at but thoroughly enjoy.
We both agreed that he should text when he needs to relieve some work stress.

Cock # 2

Not long after I got back from my morning pierced load there was a text message. Short but sweet...."Blow me at (blank - for security)?"
I had to tell him that I already took one and we may have to wait for lunch.
He was only in the area for a short time so I told him to come over to my area of the neighborhood and we could do it nearby.
He called when he arrived and I went downstairs.
I had told him about an elevator I knew of (location kept to myself).
He said that was fine and we went.
After we entered I pulled the stop and he pulled out his cock.
Black cock with a full mushroom head and already hard.
I got on my knees and went to for the deep throat suck I know he enjoys.
This is one of those cocks that is the right size to swallow and work it all to the base and he knows I want his load.
The last two times we tried to get some video on his Iphone (apparently they don't realize that lighting is not always ideal) and today I had my new cam ....he was into taking some footage while I was working a load out of him.
Since he was walking around thinking about my mouth he was close and in no time I had him ready to blow.
He gave me the heads up and I took it on my goatee.
There is something to be said for being turned on, not dealing with foreplay and getting off in a closed space....all HOT!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday afternoon part 2 - three more loads

I left the german and his boyfriend to head out and get some fresh air with my husband - he does not always do well in huge crowds when it is hot and you cannot move.
We decided to head over to a favorite spot and see our other friends.

When we arrive I see two of our buddies chatting and I notice buttons are undone. Hmmmm...what can I possibly do?
These two guys know me well enough but there has never really been a good time for us to all play.
Right away I pull one of the cocks out and it is nice tasty piece. He says it is only average but I think it is a bit more.
I bend over and start sucking.
At the same time the other guy's cock comes out and it is pierced...bonus score.
Remember that I had just left a huge black cock down the street and now I have two out. I am hungry and ready.
It is not long before the first guy is stroking and beating his cock while I use my tongue.
He begins to shoot a hefty thick mouth was totally filled to capacity and then I swallowed it all.

Not to ignore the other cock I go over and proceed to suck him and give it my best. He seems to have enjoyed seeing the first cum load being sucked out.
It is not much longer until he is filling my mouth with his that is two and I have not even been there 30 minutes.
I go out and find my husband to tell him our friends are there and I sucked them both off.
He goes over to chat and say hi.
I follow along and while we are all there and chatting one thing leads to another and I pull the pierced cock back out.
Now I have his cock in my mouth again and I take my husband's cock out. One in each hand and I go back and forth on them.
Soon enough our pierced friend is shooting a second load and it is big as the first one!

I am having a good time and go for a cocktail. Then I head back to the group and just sort of chat, flirt and see what I can do further.
While that is going on my husband suddenly comes over and says "come here, you will like this".
He takes me over to the german and his boyfriend, they are ready for me to do some more sucking... to be continued....

Part one of the german and the boyfriend

My husband and I had been out for the afternoon and there was a very large group gathered at a favorite watering hole.
I had not seen much on the first few trips around and then as I was leaving the bathroom I ran into a hot german guy that was out here last year.
He is completely my type - tall, good looking and when he spoke I heard that foreskin. YUM! Only one little catch - he is a total bottom that likes to be fisted and fucked.
Once I said hello, he rememebered me and instantly said "you need to meet my boyfriend! He loves to be sucked and I don't like that".
He points out this HOT tall black man (the german is white, and they are both fine sexy and hot as hell).
Ironically just as the boyfriend is about to say hello, another acquaintance of mine came over - he happes to also be a tall hung hot black man.
They chat a bit and talk about my expertise and any personal knowledge. My friend that came over says he does not personally know but has seen me in action.
That is enough to satisfy the german's boyfriend and we agree that I should give a demo.

I get on my knees with a warning to everyone to keep an eye out as I do not want us getting hasssled.
The boyfriend undoes the pants and out comes a fully massive tasty cock!
I go right down and since I am totally turned on at this point I do get 99% of him in my mouth - it was that huge.
After a few minutes of that I stand back up and my german friend says that he wants me to be the cocksucker for his boyfriend all week if I want.
Hell yes! I go right over and let my husband know - after all the german is a bottom and while I am servicing the boyfriend, my husband can be servicing the german.

We decide to leave and I let them both know where we are headed as I want to get back on my knees and really give him what he wants...

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Four day load in my ass & then a full facial

Tonight we were out with friends, having cocktails and relaxing. As the night grew late we decided to head to a spot that we would be able to make last call and maybe get a load or two.
I had my shirt off already and my husband took his off when we arrived.
It was a packed evening and the guys were already in a frisky mood before we even got our first cocktail.

After leaving our jackets with the coat check I saw a visiting brit that we met in this same place on his last visit.
My height, lean athletic build, sporting his trendy glasses and showing his mischievous smile. As an added bonus he is also ginger hued (as they call red heads across the pond - and if all of that is sounding a bit confusing , you need to find a hot british lad and ask him to translate while he feeds you a tasty cock).

With drink in hand I went on to my spot and began the search for either familiar faces or new cocks displayed that would need some service.
There were plenty of new faces and the cocks were out.
The hot brit also came over and we decided to do some playing. He has a very tasty cock and I was giving him a blow job while we both used a borrowed bottle of poppers.
It is so nice when guys share not only their husbands cocks, ass and mouths but their poppers as well.
Unfortunately it was very crowded and we kept getting bumped so he took a break and went for breath of air.
With the plethara of cocks I had a variety to choose from and I happened to see a hot uncut one that had given me a HUGE load in the past.
This time his pants were buttoned but I went over and remedied that.
It took some work to get all of his cock out, it is amazing sometimes how much a hung uncut cock can be stuffed into the newer tight jeans.
Once it was out, I was on my knees and getting him to full attention. It did not take long and soon enough that uncut cock was angled down my throat and working itself up.

Due to the fact that I saw my brit cock return and there were more than enough guys to take over the uncut I took a break and told him I would be back.
I met up with the brit and we ended up by my husband - yes he was there as well and having his own bit of fun.
The hot brit had already mentioned to me that he had a four day load for my ass so you know I was ready to bend over and take that.
As I spit on my hand and used that for lube in addition to what was on his cock already, he was pumping and getting ready to fuck my ass.
Sometimes it can be impossible to actually fuck in this spot because of all the jostling and groping. This turned out to be one of those times - every time we got his cock in my ass there was a shove and we had to start over.
There was also a young blond guy with a Prince Albert in his thick cock and he was eager to have a shot at my ass.
Since he was in a more secluded spot I turned my ass over to him and he shoved in. It was a nice thick cock and very well lubed so it slid right in.
The brit was right there and once the crowd split a bit I turned back around and he pushed me up against the wall and aimed for my now lubed ass.
There were no interruptions forthcoming so it was time to ride my ass hard and give me a load.
He fucked my ass, I stroked and soon enough he lets out a moan and released that four day load.
After I turned back around he was grinning ear to ear and I had to laugh too. Nothing like getting off with a guy you know is as much a pig as you are.

Ok, so now that I have a load in my ass and my husband is still playing I went back to the uncut guy.
He had a couple of guys near him, they were sort of looking and groping. His cock needed some swallowing and I got back on it. Enough time had lapsed and he was not lacking for attention while I got fucked and we both knew I wanted his load.
Some poppers, some deep throat and stroke along with the multitude of hands groping and I could tell he was close. There are always guys that want to see you swallow the load but every time I suck this one off I like to have it on my face.
Sure enough he starts to blow and I put my face right there. First shot hits my right cheek, second shot hits my mouth, third shot hits my goatee and I lean back a bit to get the next shot on my mouth....I should add that while he is shootingthe last few shots my husband is above me and using his hand to wipe the cum into my mouth.
In all there were about 5 or 6 thick shots of cum and my face is now shiny and covered in spooge, while some of the thicker spunk is running down my neck.
Ok, now it is time to stand up - of course the crowd saw the whole thing and there are now a few more cocks to choose from.

On my way back to get another cocktail I take some random guys load in my mouth and since my husband is in the mood to be fucked I spit the cum into my hand and wipe it on his ass for lube. He bends over and I aim my cock at his cum soaked hole.
After the load in my ass and the two latest ones I am rock hard and ready. This turns into one of the times that guys start shoving.
My husband and I decided to head home and finish there....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Fucked and bred at the sink...he fucked the cum out of me

A few weeks ago I had the immense pleasure of meeting a guy online and then taking every inch of his massive cock down my least every inch of his cock that would fit.
Afterward we discussed a repeat and then I took the cock ring share/ on stage in leather vacation to Alaska.

Today he and I arranged to meet in a private bathroom I located near my office.
After the last encounter we were joking about me taking that final inch (it has to be at LEAST 11 inches and over 6 inches around)so today I was hungry for an intense mouth fucking.

We met up out front, then went into the building and proceeded to the bathroom.
I came across this spot by chance and realized that it was perfect for a one on one encounter with him.
He went in first and I checked the other floors, then followed.
I locked the door and we were both ready to take our cocks out.
He was in hot tight white briefs again and I was in my jock.

He slowly extricated his cock and I was just open mouthed once again. You have to realize that I am a cum pig and I truly appreciate a massive cock - they are sometimes neglected out of fear. So when he pulls out this piece of flesh, I want to do it justice.
I start off with a basic slurp and lube job with spit and work up to getting the ENTIRE cock in my throat.
Since we have been there before (him buried to the base and my mouth stretched to the max) he allows me work it into my throat.
I grasp his balls, while at the same time taking the final inch of his shaft and just shoving it all the way down.
It takes a bit of work to get my throat to relax but I am not letting an inch of him go unappreciated.
My throat makes that last flex and he goes all the way to the balls - now I need to breathe and relax.
There is a small gag reflex (how the hell can you NOT gag on some cocks that are more square footage than my kitchen!) but we keep him buried and work it through.

Well, you know me and I am now so hungry to take it all.
I am taking every inch, deep throating it all , feeling it push my throat WIDE open and then pulling back to look up into his eyes while I stroke him with my fist and spit.
I stroke his cock between taking him for a deep throat thrusts and there is honestly enough room for two of my hands on that shaft.
I deep throat, stroke and then decide to swallow his cum filled balls.
I take them into my mouth one at a time and then I try for both.
I can look up and see his face while I have those massive globes in my mouth - I am precumming like a levee in New Orleans.
I manage to get both in mouth, and after working his balls I want to take his load.

I have been sucking and taking it all but I also know he admired my ass online - so I make that available to him by standing and bending over to continue sucking him off.
He reaches over to begin playing with and caressing my ass while I still have every inch of his cock buried to the balls.
I cannot even breathe but I am rock hard, leaking precum and he is busy playing with my ass.
After all of this intense play I take a moment to stand up and let him look at my ass while I stroke my cock.
He is admiring, caressing and fingering it a bit.
I turned to the wall to present my ass to him...he then comes forward and starts pressing his thick, rock hard cock against my ass.
HMMMMM, could he be up for plunging that into my ass???
I can hope!

Well, he pushes against my ass and I decide to reach back and aim it right at my hole.
He does not back off and is still pushing a bit more...OK, now I am ready to go on to the next step.
I spit on my hand and slip a bit on my ass while pulling my cheeks apart and pushing back against his mushroom head at the same time.
He pushes a bit and then it starts to spread my ass for entry.
I spit on my hand again (I don't intend to let it go because of a tight hole) and reach back to add some more to my ass, but I see in the mirror above the sink that he is also using some of his own spit to lube his cock.
Now we have a spit lubed cock ready to mount a spit lubed ass.

He pushes forward, I reach back and guide that enormously massive cock into my now hungry hole.
It is only about four (4) inches in and I push back - there is no way he is getting out of my ass.
I push back, he thrusts forward and he is now buried in my ass.
Once it is in and I can feel my ass spread, I then bend over and let him fuck the hell out of me.
He begins with a slow fuck, thrusting with his hips and making me feel every inch of his cock. I have been told by many guys that I have a tight ass and he was only using spit to get that rock hard massive cock in.
I could feel every inch spreading my ass to the limit with each thrust.

I was being fucked by a huge cock, being split by a massive piece of flesh and I was in pig heaven.
He fucked, shoved, pounded and then he was making that last guttural moan of a guy unloading a load of cum.
I stayed bent over and let him finish, then while he was still in my ass I was stroking.
He was still in my ass, then I leaned back, stroked my cock and I was ready to shoot a massive load onto my jeans.

One final stroke and my load was shooting onto the floor, while he was leaning into me.
My ass was still impaled on his cock.
Four shots of cum later I stood up and reluctantly released his cock.
We both turned and face each other....he asked if I was OK and I was saying "yes" while thinking that was one of the most intense, hottest bare - assed, spit lubed fucks ever.
He asked again if I was OK and I think he was either worried about splitting me in two or that my legs were a bit wobbly from the load I took and the load I shot.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quiet afternoon but I still get a load

We met up with friends at our usual Sunday afternoon spot and there were some really hot guys there.
I saw at least half a dozen guys that I either would suck off right there or had already taken their load in the past....and a few were from that location.

My husband wanted to head to our second locale and see a few friends.
We arrived and it was pretty slow but there were a few potential loads.
While in the back I caught one guy checking me out and we both went into the back area.
He leaned against the wall and he kept checking my crotch out - I was bare chested and wearing overalls.
Since he was so bold I went over and stood by. He kept looking so reached over and felt his crotch. He fluffed himself a bit and then when I actually went to pull him out he got shy. OK, some guys are just into the fantasy.

I saw two other guys that have been checking me out today and I know they are local. I went into the second area where it was a bit darker and took the initiative.
The firs guy was large and already rock hard. I mentioned to him that I did not have poppers this time - he has been in my mouth before but we did not finish the last time and today we were in the mood to take it all the way.
Right away he pulls out a bottle of poppers...OK, now I am ready.
There was another guy with us but he was not as into the action, more of a voyeur with a bit of interacton. I got down and swallowed the first guy all the way down to his balls.
Rock hard, thick cock and a head that flows right after the know, those cocks that are sausages that just taper and flow so you can take it all.
A hit of poppers and two men to play with - of course, right away my overalls were down around my ankles.
While I was going down on the hot older guy, the second one began stroking me and then my husband walks over.
The guy I was sucking on sort of froze at the interruption but I told him it was fine and pulled his cock back out.
Once he knew that we were ok and my husband was just making sure I was OK he let me have another hit of poppers and down I went again.

It was now time to get this load, so I went after it with determination. After all, during the last two encounters he fucked my face, played with my ass and let me take every inch but we did not take it completion. I wanted it today and was not going to let him leave with an ounce of cum left in his balls.
He was letting me swallow every inch of cock and then he took a hit of poppers and it was finale time.
He grew to a hefty full size and then my mouth was filled with a hot load of cum.
I felt it shooting and filing my mouth but I was on the poppers and horny so while my mouth was being filled up I took his cock all the way down my throat.
I had all of that cum running down my throat and the cock was still oozing cum into my throat directly...
Damn that is hot to know I am getting cum straight down my throat.

He finished dumping his load into me and I stood up. He was just grinning ear to ear and said "Thanks!"

Always my pleasure I told him and I went to find my husband. Of course I found him with a hot young stud. This young stud was horny and we pulled his cock out and I gave him a short blow job a few weeks ago.
Nice thick cock, a bit of chest hair and all attached to a young guy that is shy and has no idea how hot he is.
After getting his cock out and down my throat in front of everyone he got shy and put it all away. No worries, he is local and that load will be mine soon enough.

One load and some hot eye candy...not a bad way to end the weekend.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Taking a friend's huge load - what are friends for

Last night we were out and I ran into a guy that over the past couple of years has also become a friend. A couple of times we have been in the same bathroom and had a taste of cock but we never took it to completion.
So last night we hooked up again in the bathroom and decided to finish it.

There was not a good spot or time to do it there and when he suggested a place around the corner I said sure.
I had already tasted his cock and watched it grow semi hard - and he had taken a good swallow of my cock so we were both ready to get down to it.

We arrived at the spot down the street and I got down on my knees.
He slowly pulled out his cock and aimed it at my face. I opened my mouth took a long slow plunge down the shaft and buried it in my throat.
Then I started to suck -and it grew to a very full hefty length.
Long, straight and topped with a tasty full head.
After getting him hard I took the entire cock down my throat and grabbed his balls. I did not realize how low they were hanging but as he got harder in my mouth I was able to actually grab his sack in my fist and the balls were still hanging and swinging below.
Once in a while I find guys with such loose low hanging balls and they do love to have their cock buried while the balls are worked with the other hand.
I was taking the entire length, pulling his balls and working my tongue over the head.

He has a cock that is long enough to reach down my throat and when I came up for air to work on the head I took his shaft in my hand, stroking at the same time. It is true that some of the "height challenged" men have the longest cocks I have found.
No gag reflex and a long thick cock made for a perfect blow job and I was hungry.
After doing some heavy deep throat, shaft stoke, head slurp and ball tug action over and over he
took over jacking off.
I got my mouth on his cock head we had a rhythm going. He was stroking hard and I worked the head with my tongue and mouth.
I could taste the pre cum and my spit got his hand lubed for some furious jacking.
As he was getting closer to shooting a load I got in position to swallow it.
He said "you're going to get it" and let me know it was time.

Shot after shot of hot thick cum poured into my mouth, then I slurped up what was oozing out of the head and licked it clean.

Of course we got back to our friends and I was instantly cornered and asked where I was.
It is basically impossible for me to lie about sucking a cock when my grin from ear to ear is too pronounced.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Two hot loads as appetizers for the lunch

The job has been busy this week so I did not have much time for lunch yesterday.
I was just grabbing a quick sandwich but of course I figured that since I was near the shopping area I would check it out.

My usual location was semi busy and there was a guy in one of the stalls.
I went into the next one and could see that he was checking me out at the same time.
Ok, that means we would be able to actually do something if the foot traffic stopped.
He was trying to get into a good position to give a show and once the coast was clear he got down so I could see what he was stoking.
He was squatting down and I could see a smooth and silky long slim tan cock.
Just as I got a chance to see what I could taste we had company.
We both stopped and the minute it was clear again he opened his stall door - I did the same and he came over to my stall.
Tall, young dark haired twink, smooth tan skin and rock hard cock....looked like the type you would see in a mall store and think about swallowing in the dressing room.
I don't usually like to share stalls in all locations but he was eager and I was pressed for time.
He came in and I got into position on the porcelain throne - on my knees, to allow him to stand in front of me.
This allowed him to get sucked to completion and not show two sets of feet under the stall.

Right away he was in my mouth and I was swallowing it all.
We both knew time was short and he was horny enough to be close after a few minutes.
I was sucking and he said he was about to cum...I just nodded my head to let him know I heard and let him know it was ok to flood my mouth.
It can be amazing how much cum a young stud can shoot.
I let it all fill my mouth until I swallowed it in one gulp and then licked his head clean.
We zipped up and he took the opportunity to head out first.

I figured that I may as well check out the rest of the shopping district before I headed back to the office.
There was another tearoom in the area so went to check it out.
A hot guy that I have seen before came in and took the stall next to me.
Once again the traffic picked up and we waited for a break.
After we both determined that it was too busy for anything he headed out. After a short delay I followed and saw him waiting out front.
He then headed in the direction of a retail store that has some good stalls for action.
I followed him and he did indeed go into one of them. I followed at a slower pace and when I got in I found him in a stall with the door open.
I took the opportunity to join him.
Once he shut the door I got into the same position as I did with the first guy - on the throne so he could stand there and not be seen from the outside.
This guy was a tasty ginger haired stud, facial hair and he was sporting a nice thick cock with a large head.
Once again it was a quick deep throat suck before he was shooting a load into my mouth.
I let it all gather in my mouth and swallowed it in one gulp.

After those two load I decided it was time to head back and have my lunch while savoring the taste of my appetizers.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

One final load for the weekend ...they both enjoyed it...

After I took the uncut cock today I thought that would be the end of the cumfest.

It was still early and I went further into the crowd just to check it out.
While in the back area I saw two guys standing together. One was my height with a hefty package showing. His buddy was taller, leaner and watching me check the other guy out.
Since there was such a large package showing I reached over to see if it was all him.
It was and it was a thick, rock hard cock.

Ok, you don't need to twist my arm...I unzipped his pants and we both got his cock out.
Extra thick, long enough to reach into my throat and hard as a rock.
I went down to swallow every inch.
He was definitely into being sucked off in public and I was now working on my second load in 20 minutes ( I still have not cum at this point after sucking and getting fucked multiple times since Friday afternoon!).
I was edging this hung cock and he would stop me at a point before he was ready to cum.
After edging him a few times I took my initiative and worked my over to the other guy.
It appeared to me that these two were together and it was more than just friends out together.
To me it is not only hot to work a load out of a couple, it is important to give them both a hot scene.
The second guy seemed to be into getting sucked so we took his cock out.
I was thinking that he was surprised to get the attention because he was only semi problem I like to work it.

I took this semi hard cock into my mouth and put everything I knew into getting him rock hard while stroking the extra thick cock in my other hand.
The second guy was now getting into the blow job and began to get harder.
That is my cue to work it and just go with my instincts. I began using my tongue, mouth and throat to get him as hard as the first guy.

I finally got both guys rock hard and went back and forth between the two of them.
While I was down there I could tell that either one could be the first to shoot. I told them that it would be fine to have both cum together.
They looked at each other and said it would be a first and they may not shoot at the same problem I said, you can shoot one after the other.

The second guy decided that he was not ready to shoot so we worked on the first thick half of the couple.
He was into more edging and we would go to the point of cumming and he would motion for me to stop. I would back off and just slowly stroke his cock or use the tip of my tongue on his head.
While I was doing this he kept grinning and I was fine with a slow cum shot.
The edging went on for about 20 minutes and I said that I was ready to take the entire load.
He then gave me the ok to take over.
I deep throated, pulled off and stroked him...he was ready to shoot and I opened my mouth.
He started shooting and I could feel the cum hitting the back of my throat.
Along with the cum in my mouth I wanted some on my face and I pulled off to let more of his cum flow onto my goatee.

Once again I had a full thick load of cum on my goatee and I stood up to say thanks.
The second guy was grinning along with me and the cum shooter.
I asked if they were together and it was confirmed. I thanked the second guy for sharing his partner with me and told him that he needed to shoot his load - he laughed and was a bit shy...cute but I know how that goes when you want to blow but public is not always your scene.
I went back to where my husband was and he laughed at the cum all over my face.
The couple came up to say hello and we all headed out.

The weekend cumfest continues...

Tonight we were heading out to meet friends at a local bar for the usual Sunday afternoon shenanigans and cocktails.
While we were there I had one person come over and start discussing the blog...this guy has a huge cock but we last played before this blog began. He mentioned that he reads it semi regularly and enjoys it. While we were discussing it, a friend that is involved in a few of the escapades of the past posts was intrigued and I gave him the address.

Later we headed to the same location I was at last night and had the 26 year old cum stud.
Today there were a few friends already there including another couple that plays together. Right away I see the top half of this couple on his knees.
He is sucking a younger guy we have talked with in the past. Always nice to see a young stud getting serviced.
Since the action had started, I figured it was good to go.
I see a guy with his cock out and it is more than enough to play with.
I go over and squat down to sample. He is not ready to shoot so I fluff him a bit and take a break.
The young stud was still being serviced but a new guy came back to watch.
Basically my height and wearing a pair of pin stripe pants and T-shirt - my first thought is "hot Italian tourist".
He is showing a full package and I go over to fondle it.
Right away he is ok with me unzipping his pants and pulling his cock out.
It felt big in the pants but what came out was a nice bonus.....thick as a beer bottle, uncut and about 7 inches with just a bit of foreskin.

He let me go down on his thick cock and I took my time with that foreskin.
To me there is nothing better than being able to pull the foreskin to the front and chew a bit. It seems that many uncut guys do not get this treatment even though they all apparently love it.
It is a part of the cock that is too often looked over and not utilized for a perfect blow job.

Between the foreskin chewing and watching this hot young stud get serviced my uncut buddy was leaking some heavy precum.
I was deep throating him, stroking and chewing the foreskin when he decided to hold my head and start fucking my mouth.
That works for me!
He took over and I let his cock work in and out while I did my thing with my tongue, lips and throat.
Naturally it led to a full cum load being shot down my throat.
He grunted a couple of times and pushed my head down on his cock when he was ready to start shooting.
There was enough that I had to swallow once to make room for the rest.

Saturday night part 2 - Yes 26 year olds do cum more than once!

After the hot bareback party and some dinner we met our friends at a dance club.
It was a room full of hot hairy half naked men and we all danced our asses off.
Around midnight I was ready to head down the street and see what I could find to finish off the night of debauchery.
I told my husband where I was going and he would be there shortly.

I get to my destination and go right to where the action always is.
Sure enough there are men, cocks and poppers everywhere.
I see a guy that we run into around town and he is standing next to this hot young guy with his cock out.
This young stud is rock hard and you know what I did.

Right away I squat down and take him into my mouth.
Silky smooth shaft, full hung set of balls and the perfect size to take it all.
There were men all around us and in the crowd were a few buddies that see me in this position often.
While I am down on my knees giving this young stud a thorough blow job someone says "your husband is here"...I just take a quick break and say "yes, he know where to find me".
Now that my husband has arrived I have someone working on this studs nipples while I am taking every inch of his cock.

This stud is getting very close a few times and gets thicker each time.
He asked if I wanted it and I said yes, all over my face.
After a nice long suck session he strokes his cock and lets loose with some thick heavy 26 year old cum.
You know how those young studs can cum buckets....HOT!

His buddy that was with him is now looking at my cum soaked face and smiling.
Well, it would be rude to make him stand there and not get anything so I made my mouth available to him.
He is a tall guy, early 30's and built like a football player with massive hands and a cute smile.
Usually I see him around but this is the first time I can get on my knees and I am ready.
Of course I have the other cum load all over my face and that makes it even hotter.

I take this next cock down my throat and begin to work it.
He had watched the whole first blow job and was semi hard. That is a nice treat when I can work a cock from semi hard to full on hard.
Once again this is a cock that is the perfect size that I can be on my knees for a while and take it all the way down to the balls.
I deep throat him, pull his full nuts and stroke his cock.
Suck, pull and stroke - repeat, repeat and repeat.
After all that sucking and stroking he is now ready to shoot but I want to take this one in my mouth and on my goatee so as he is shooting I swallow the first blast and let him take over.
Now I have two loads and stand up to enjoy the taste.
But it is not over.....

The 26 year old that is still dripping down my face is hard once again with the help of my husband and the show I put on.
I go back over to him and he says there is a second load for me.
Don't need to tell me twice!!!

I start back on sucking and stroking while he is getting a neck job from my husband.
Even though he shot a huge load less than 10 minutes ago he is pumped and ready to blow again.
The cum on my face is beginning to dry and I spit in my hand and start stroking my own cock while bent over and swallowing the young stud.
Between the neck action of my husband and the oral action I am giving it is time for load number two.
I get down so he can shoot on my face once again.
This load is another massive and hot one.
My face now has over two loads of cum dripping and drying.

I figure it is time to head out when I turn around and see yet another full hard cock out.
In front of this cock is one of our buddies and he sees me looking it over and also sees the hungry look.
My buddy says that he is heading out and I should not let it go to waste.
Ok, I can take another cock.
I get back down on my knees and start to work on this strangers cock.
Dark hair, probably late 20's and nice hung cock with a thick veiny shaft.
I am on his cock sucking and stroking for about 10 minutes when we here people start saying it is time to head out.
Unfortunately I did not get to finish that one off.

It is now early morning, I am full of cum and it is coating my face - what else is there to do but head to a local taqueria for some late night munchies. We invite the 26 year old and the football player to join us.
After we take a cab to the neighborhood they all realize I have lines of cum drying on my neck and our 26 year old has a hickie.
What a fun way to end the sex filled day.
After taking a cab to our neighborhood

How many times does 11x7 go into 39???

The answer to that is at least 3...

While sitting at home checking out Xtube and cruising for some fun we talked with a couple that live nearby and have played there before.
These two guys are both hung and have between 2 - 5 guys over at a time so it is always a great spot for me to get fucked senseless and take cock after cock after cock.
This time was no different.

We went over around 6pm and right away there were two guys on the bed and one uncut German in the living room in addition to our two hosts.
I went into the bedroom after getting undressed. On the bed 0ne guy was on his back and took my cock into his mouth.
While he was getting me hard I started to stroke the guy that was sitting on the bed.
The guy I was stroking had a long hard cock with a nice thick mushroom head.
After a few minutes of sucking and stroking I said it would be better buried in my ass.
Right away we got out the poppers and got me on my knees.
One of our hosts joined us on the bed.

While this guy was aiming for my tight ass, I took our host in my mouth since I love to suck as much as getting fucked as you know.
After taking some licks on the host I turned to the other guy on the bed and took his cock into my mouth.
Now I was in the position to get both holes filled with cock at the same time.
The guy on his back was soft but I could tell it would be a mouthful.
Apparently the guy buried in my ass liked seeing me swallow his buddy and vice-a-versa because they both starting getting even bigger.
The cock in my mouth was now a good 7 inches and thick, rock hard and going down my throat like a pro.
A few more hits of the poppers and I was deep throating one cock while my ass was getting worked over.
The cock in my ass was pounding and at the same time pushing me further onto the cock in front of me.

While my ass was fucked and my throat was full our second host came into the room.
This is the 11 x 7 cock and we both remebered the last time he was in my ass...took a few loads of cum that afternoon and he rode me long and hard.
Right away I move from the cock I was sucking onto his ....after a hit of poppers of course.
I love it when a cock can be so big there is just no way to get it all the way down.
After I sucked and stroked him it was time for his cock to plunge into my ass.

Our buddy pulled out of my ass and 11 x 7 got the lube and gave me my poppers.
He lined up and I was rock hard waiting for it.
In he goes and I almost shoot my wad right there.
The group in the room are really getting into watching my ass take every inch and since we all know what I can take he really begins to fuck the hell out of me.
This is just what I needed!

We all like to edge and play so it turns into a small orgy of one cock after another going into my mouth while another is in my ass.
If a cock was not in my ass there was a mouth on it rimming for the next one.
Our thick hung host took his turn a few times and even the bottom that I deep throated in the beginning fucked my ass.
I am in cum pig, cock sucking, bottom heaven.

We came to the party knowing we had to meet up with friends for dinner so we fucked, sucked and played until it was time to leave.
The added bonus for me was that I did not blow my load and we were going out later...what can I do on a Saturday night with a recently fucked, lubed ass and balls full of cum?

Thursday, September 4, 2008

So nice to be back in cum pig territory

I had a great time in Alaska but it was a bit cum starved and I was really looking forward to getting downtown today.

It was an extremely hot day in the city and it seemed to bring out the feeders.
My first stop was the glory hole booths.
I went down to the booth area and took a loop. At first there was not much to find.
Then I saw a hot man that has been there before...bit of salt and pepper, black dress pants and blue/white pin stripe shirt - very "businessman on a horny lunch break" look.

I went into one booth and left the door ajar.
He took the cue and followed me in.
Right away we were both pulling out our cocks.
Today I was wearing the soon to be traded jock once again. Still need to add some cum and sweat to it.
He started kissing and then he went for my nipples. When he found the piercings, he got harder and pulled my shirt up to get at them.
To return the favor I went to work on his cock.
He wanted to have his balls licked and then have my face go under to just tweak his ass with my tongue.

As you know, I am a cock sucker but also a cum pig and if slurping on his balls gets him off, so be it.
And get him off it did!
I told him I wanted his load on my face. Before he was ready to shoot I took of my shirt and got down on my knees.
With my face looking up he blew a nice thick load all over my goatee and let me take it all.
There was a nice thick puddle.
I did not have a rag so I just pulled off my jock and used it to wipe my face clean, then put it back on.

Later in the day I was on the way home and thought I should check out my shopping scene.
Glad I did!
Right away I see two of the stalls occupied. I went into one at the end and could see the guy next to me checking me out.
Unfortunately it was bit too busy so we both left.
After an appropriate amount of time lapsed I went to check it out once again.
He was at the urinal and it was I went right down on his uncut cock.
There must have been some edging going on because he said a load was cumming.
I leaned back a bit and let him go for my face.
The first shot went over my cheek towards my eye, the next two went on my goatee and the rest went in my mouth.
Pic above is from this load (no video today, too much traffic to risk it).

Well, it was time to head to the train but as I was leaving a hot young black man came in.
He has fucked me in the stalls and let me suck him off so we both knew it was cool.
It took a bit of waiting for the coast to be clear.
Thick uncut and full of cum - just how I like my men...he was hard instantly and I went down to his balls with each stroke.
I knew we had limited time and wanted that cum, so I worked his shaft and head with my throat then he took over stroking.
While he was stroking I was at the head licking and slurping.
He said it was time and asked if I was ready - hell yes.
Right away he starts shooting a thick shot straight at my mouth.
I wanted it all over my face right there in the bathroom and he shot it all over my goatee.
We heard the door open and I stood up to take a stall while I let the cum drip down my chin.

When I walked out with some cum still on my face, he was at the sink with a buddy. I heard them chatting and also knew the buddy likes the tearoom and it was fine to walk out that way.
They both seemed to enjoy seeing me walk out and knowing that cum had just been flying at the urinals.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Alaska recap - damn that is a fun state!!

Ok, I did not have access to my blog while in Alaska so it was not updated daily.
There were some very hot times and very hot men.

We traveled there for a coronation which entailed many locals as well as out of town meat.
Just about every night we were out with our friends chasing men, having cocktails and enjoying the town.
This is not to say I did not find ways to appease my cock sucking fetish.
Each suck did not result in a cum load but that is not the goal of a cock sucker - I get off just knowing I am sending a hot man away with a smile even if he still has cum built up in his balls.
Either his husband or a hot local will benefit from that fluffed piece of meat and Karma does work on cocks too.

The irony of this weekend is the number of imperial and other titles I had in my mouth.
At one point we were at a ballroom and I was able to count off five men in dresses or adorned with a title from some "court".
There is an urban myth that most drag queens are tops and hung....well, I would not be able to dispute that this weekend.

Even the straight men are HOT as hell...if you get a chance to go river rafting or any outdoor sport in Alaska, DO it and you will be treated to some of the hottest natural men you will meet.
They are sweet and have no idea how hot they are.
Two straight married men had the experience of being outdoors with all five of us from San Francisco and LA ...they did receive a very new exposure to gay men and there will be two more copies of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert rented soon - and they will understand what a train ride with gay men can really be about.

There are not any tearooms that I found in Alaska but there are some hung, hairy men in the bathrooms all over - and if there would have been more time for me to work it, they would have been a bit less cum heavy at the end of the day.

There is one bathroom in Alaska that gave up two very hot loads - any local cum pigs in Alaska, keep your eyes open because I can tell you the locals are horny as we are here in San Francisco!

I left with a few phone numbers, some great memories of hung cock and one less cock ring.
My cock ring is now being enjoyed by a hot man and his husband - enjoy it b0ys and I look forward to seeing you in our city next time for a full load of cum shot all over my face.