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Sunday, September 7, 2008

One final load for the weekend ...they both enjoyed it...

After I took the uncut cock today I thought that would be the end of the cumfest.

It was still early and I went further into the crowd just to check it out.
While in the back area I saw two guys standing together. One was my height with a hefty package showing. His buddy was taller, leaner and watching me check the other guy out.
Since there was such a large package showing I reached over to see if it was all him.
It was and it was a thick, rock hard cock.

Ok, you don't need to twist my arm...I unzipped his pants and we both got his cock out.
Extra thick, long enough to reach into my throat and hard as a rock.
I went down to swallow every inch.
He was definitely into being sucked off in public and I was now working on my second load in 20 minutes ( I still have not cum at this point after sucking and getting fucked multiple times since Friday afternoon!).
I was edging this hung cock and he would stop me at a point before he was ready to cum.
After edging him a few times I took my initiative and worked my over to the other guy.
It appeared to me that these two were together and it was more than just friends out together.
To me it is not only hot to work a load out of a couple, it is important to give them both a hot scene.
The second guy seemed to be into getting sucked so we took his cock out.
I was thinking that he was surprised to get the attention because he was only semi problem I like to work it.

I took this semi hard cock into my mouth and put everything I knew into getting him rock hard while stroking the extra thick cock in my other hand.
The second guy was now getting into the blow job and began to get harder.
That is my cue to work it and just go with my instincts. I began using my tongue, mouth and throat to get him as hard as the first guy.

I finally got both guys rock hard and went back and forth between the two of them.
While I was down there I could tell that either one could be the first to shoot. I told them that it would be fine to have both cum together.
They looked at each other and said it would be a first and they may not shoot at the same problem I said, you can shoot one after the other.

The second guy decided that he was not ready to shoot so we worked on the first thick half of the couple.
He was into more edging and we would go to the point of cumming and he would motion for me to stop. I would back off and just slowly stroke his cock or use the tip of my tongue on his head.
While I was doing this he kept grinning and I was fine with a slow cum shot.
The edging went on for about 20 minutes and I said that I was ready to take the entire load.
He then gave me the ok to take over.
I deep throated, pulled off and stroked him...he was ready to shoot and I opened my mouth.
He started shooting and I could feel the cum hitting the back of my throat.
Along with the cum in my mouth I wanted some on my face and I pulled off to let more of his cum flow onto my goatee.

Once again I had a full thick load of cum on my goatee and I stood up to say thanks.
The second guy was grinning along with me and the cum shooter.
I asked if they were together and it was confirmed. I thanked the second guy for sharing his partner with me and told him that he needed to shoot his load - he laughed and was a bit shy...cute but I know how that goes when you want to blow but public is not always your scene.
I went back to where my husband was and he laughed at the cum all over my face.
The couple came up to say hello and we all headed out.

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