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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Quiet afternoon but I still get a load

We met up with friends at our usual Sunday afternoon spot and there were some really hot guys there.
I saw at least half a dozen guys that I either would suck off right there or had already taken their load in the past....and a few were from that location.

My husband wanted to head to our second locale and see a few friends.
We arrived and it was pretty slow but there were a few potential loads.
While in the back I caught one guy checking me out and we both went into the back area.
He leaned against the wall and he kept checking my crotch out - I was bare chested and wearing overalls.
Since he was so bold I went over and stood by. He kept looking so reached over and felt his crotch. He fluffed himself a bit and then when I actually went to pull him out he got shy. OK, some guys are just into the fantasy.

I saw two other guys that have been checking me out today and I know they are local. I went into the second area where it was a bit darker and took the initiative.
The firs guy was large and already rock hard. I mentioned to him that I did not have poppers this time - he has been in my mouth before but we did not finish the last time and today we were in the mood to take it all the way.
Right away he pulls out a bottle of poppers...OK, now I am ready.
There was another guy with us but he was not as into the action, more of a voyeur with a bit of interacton. I got down and swallowed the first guy all the way down to his balls.
Rock hard, thick cock and a head that flows right after the know, those cocks that are sausages that just taper and flow so you can take it all.
A hit of poppers and two men to play with - of course, right away my overalls were down around my ankles.
While I was going down on the hot older guy, the second one began stroking me and then my husband walks over.
The guy I was sucking on sort of froze at the interruption but I told him it was fine and pulled his cock back out.
Once he knew that we were ok and my husband was just making sure I was OK he let me have another hit of poppers and down I went again.

It was now time to get this load, so I went after it with determination. After all, during the last two encounters he fucked my face, played with my ass and let me take every inch but we did not take it completion. I wanted it today and was not going to let him leave with an ounce of cum left in his balls.
He was letting me swallow every inch of cock and then he took a hit of poppers and it was finale time.
He grew to a hefty full size and then my mouth was filled with a hot load of cum.
I felt it shooting and filing my mouth but I was on the poppers and horny so while my mouth was being filled up I took his cock all the way down my throat.
I had all of that cum running down my throat and the cock was still oozing cum into my throat directly...
Damn that is hot to know I am getting cum straight down my throat.

He finished dumping his load into me and I stood up. He was just grinning ear to ear and said "Thanks!"

Always my pleasure I told him and I went to find my husband. Of course I found him with a hot young stud. This young stud was horny and we pulled his cock out and I gave him a short blow job a few weeks ago.
Nice thick cock, a bit of chest hair and all attached to a young guy that is shy and has no idea how hot he is.
After getting his cock out and down my throat in front of everyone he got shy and put it all away. No worries, he is local and that load will be mine soon enough.

One load and some hot eye candy...not a bad way to end the weekend.

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