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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Saturday night part 2 - Yes 26 year olds do cum more than once!

After the hot bareback party and some dinner we met our friends at a dance club.
It was a room full of hot hairy half naked men and we all danced our asses off.
Around midnight I was ready to head down the street and see what I could find to finish off the night of debauchery.
I told my husband where I was going and he would be there shortly.

I get to my destination and go right to where the action always is.
Sure enough there are men, cocks and poppers everywhere.
I see a guy that we run into around town and he is standing next to this hot young guy with his cock out.
This young stud is rock hard and you know what I did.

Right away I squat down and take him into my mouth.
Silky smooth shaft, full hung set of balls and the perfect size to take it all.
There were men all around us and in the crowd were a few buddies that see me in this position often.
While I am down on my knees giving this young stud a thorough blow job someone says "your husband is here"...I just take a quick break and say "yes, he know where to find me".
Now that my husband has arrived I have someone working on this studs nipples while I am taking every inch of his cock.

This stud is getting very close a few times and gets thicker each time.
He asked if I wanted it and I said yes, all over my face.
After a nice long suck session he strokes his cock and lets loose with some thick heavy 26 year old cum.
You know how those young studs can cum buckets....HOT!

His buddy that was with him is now looking at my cum soaked face and smiling.
Well, it would be rude to make him stand there and not get anything so I made my mouth available to him.
He is a tall guy, early 30's and built like a football player with massive hands and a cute smile.
Usually I see him around but this is the first time I can get on my knees and I am ready.
Of course I have the other cum load all over my face and that makes it even hotter.

I take this next cock down my throat and begin to work it.
He had watched the whole first blow job and was semi hard. That is a nice treat when I can work a cock from semi hard to full on hard.
Once again this is a cock that is the perfect size that I can be on my knees for a while and take it all the way down to the balls.
I deep throat him, pull his full nuts and stroke his cock.
Suck, pull and stroke - repeat, repeat and repeat.
After all that sucking and stroking he is now ready to shoot but I want to take this one in my mouth and on my goatee so as he is shooting I swallow the first blast and let him take over.
Now I have two loads and stand up to enjoy the taste.
But it is not over.....

The 26 year old that is still dripping down my face is hard once again with the help of my husband and the show I put on.
I go back over to him and he says there is a second load for me.
Don't need to tell me twice!!!

I start back on sucking and stroking while he is getting a neck job from my husband.
Even though he shot a huge load less than 10 minutes ago he is pumped and ready to blow again.
The cum on my face is beginning to dry and I spit in my hand and start stroking my own cock while bent over and swallowing the young stud.
Between the neck action of my husband and the oral action I am giving it is time for load number two.
I get down so he can shoot on my face once again.
This load is another massive and hot one.
My face now has over two loads of cum dripping and drying.

I figure it is time to head out when I turn around and see yet another full hard cock out.
In front of this cock is one of our buddies and he sees me looking it over and also sees the hungry look.
My buddy says that he is heading out and I should not let it go to waste.
Ok, I can take another cock.
I get back down on my knees and start to work on this strangers cock.
Dark hair, probably late 20's and nice hung cock with a thick veiny shaft.
I am on his cock sucking and stroking for about 10 minutes when we here people start saying it is time to head out.
Unfortunately I did not get to finish that one off.

It is now early morning, I am full of cum and it is coating my face - what else is there to do but head to a local taqueria for some late night munchies. We invite the 26 year old and the football player to join us.
After we take a cab to the neighborhood they all realize I have lines of cum drying on my neck and our 26 year old has a hickie.
What a fun way to end the sex filled day.
After taking a cab to our neighborhood

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Anonymous said...

Like your blog, though it can be a bit hard to read sometimes by the way its formatted. Guessing its written then copied from Word or something similar then pasted into the blog. (so it includes line commands and formatting)