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Monday, September 22, 2008

Part one of the german and the boyfriend

My husband and I had been out for the afternoon and there was a very large group gathered at a favorite watering hole.
I had not seen much on the first few trips around and then as I was leaving the bathroom I ran into a hot german guy that was out here last year.
He is completely my type - tall, good looking and when he spoke I heard that foreskin. YUM! Only one little catch - he is a total bottom that likes to be fisted and fucked.
Once I said hello, he rememebered me and instantly said "you need to meet my boyfriend! He loves to be sucked and I don't like that".
He points out this HOT tall black man (the german is white, and they are both fine sexy and hot as hell).
Ironically just as the boyfriend is about to say hello, another acquaintance of mine came over - he happes to also be a tall hung hot black man.
They chat a bit and talk about my expertise and any personal knowledge. My friend that came over says he does not personally know but has seen me in action.
That is enough to satisfy the german's boyfriend and we agree that I should give a demo.

I get on my knees with a warning to everyone to keep an eye out as I do not want us getting hasssled.
The boyfriend undoes the pants and out comes a fully massive tasty cock!
I go right down and since I am totally turned on at this point I do get 99% of him in my mouth - it was that huge.
After a few minutes of that I stand back up and my german friend says that he wants me to be the cocksucker for his boyfriend all week if I want.
Hell yes! I go right over and let my husband know - after all the german is a bottom and while I am servicing the boyfriend, my husband can be servicing the german.

We decide to leave and I let them both know where we are headed as I want to get back on my knees and really give him what he wants...

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M said...

hmm . how random is it that my german friend is visiting, we go to lunch he tells me this random story while they were at (insert bar), and then i read the same story on your blog. Well at least now i know who the other guy was that he was saying loved to suck dick, which was perfect for him, since he's not a fan of it - haha

small world - wish i coulda been there :)