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Saturday, September 20, 2008

Four day load in my ass & then a full facial

Tonight we were out with friends, having cocktails and relaxing. As the night grew late we decided to head to a spot that we would be able to make last call and maybe get a load or two.
I had my shirt off already and my husband took his off when we arrived.
It was a packed evening and the guys were already in a frisky mood before we even got our first cocktail.

After leaving our jackets with the coat check I saw a visiting brit that we met in this same place on his last visit.
My height, lean athletic build, sporting his trendy glasses and showing his mischievous smile. As an added bonus he is also ginger hued (as they call red heads across the pond - and if all of that is sounding a bit confusing , you need to find a hot british lad and ask him to translate while he feeds you a tasty cock).

With drink in hand I went on to my spot and began the search for either familiar faces or new cocks displayed that would need some service.
There were plenty of new faces and the cocks were out.
The hot brit also came over and we decided to do some playing. He has a very tasty cock and I was giving him a blow job while we both used a borrowed bottle of poppers.
It is so nice when guys share not only their husbands cocks, ass and mouths but their poppers as well.
Unfortunately it was very crowded and we kept getting bumped so he took a break and went for breath of air.
With the plethara of cocks I had a variety to choose from and I happened to see a hot uncut one that had given me a HUGE load in the past.
This time his pants were buttoned but I went over and remedied that.
It took some work to get all of his cock out, it is amazing sometimes how much a hung uncut cock can be stuffed into the newer tight jeans.
Once it was out, I was on my knees and getting him to full attention. It did not take long and soon enough that uncut cock was angled down my throat and working itself up.

Due to the fact that I saw my brit cock return and there were more than enough guys to take over the uncut I took a break and told him I would be back.
I met up with the brit and we ended up by my husband - yes he was there as well and having his own bit of fun.
The hot brit had already mentioned to me that he had a four day load for my ass so you know I was ready to bend over and take that.
As I spit on my hand and used that for lube in addition to what was on his cock already, he was pumping and getting ready to fuck my ass.
Sometimes it can be impossible to actually fuck in this spot because of all the jostling and groping. This turned out to be one of those times - every time we got his cock in my ass there was a shove and we had to start over.
There was also a young blond guy with a Prince Albert in his thick cock and he was eager to have a shot at my ass.
Since he was in a more secluded spot I turned my ass over to him and he shoved in. It was a nice thick cock and very well lubed so it slid right in.
The brit was right there and once the crowd split a bit I turned back around and he pushed me up against the wall and aimed for my now lubed ass.
There were no interruptions forthcoming so it was time to ride my ass hard and give me a load.
He fucked my ass, I stroked and soon enough he lets out a moan and released that four day load.
After I turned back around he was grinning ear to ear and I had to laugh too. Nothing like getting off with a guy you know is as much a pig as you are.

Ok, so now that I have a load in my ass and my husband is still playing I went back to the uncut guy.
He had a couple of guys near him, they were sort of looking and groping. His cock needed some swallowing and I got back on it. Enough time had lapsed and he was not lacking for attention while I got fucked and we both knew I wanted his load.
Some poppers, some deep throat and stroke along with the multitude of hands groping and I could tell he was close. There are always guys that want to see you swallow the load but every time I suck this one off I like to have it on my face.
Sure enough he starts to blow and I put my face right there. First shot hits my right cheek, second shot hits my mouth, third shot hits my goatee and I lean back a bit to get the next shot on my mouth....I should add that while he is shootingthe last few shots my husband is above me and using his hand to wipe the cum into my mouth.
In all there were about 5 or 6 thick shots of cum and my face is now shiny and covered in spooge, while some of the thicker spunk is running down my neck.
Ok, now it is time to stand up - of course the crowd saw the whole thing and there are now a few more cocks to choose from.

On my way back to get another cocktail I take some random guys load in my mouth and since my husband is in the mood to be fucked I spit the cum into my hand and wipe it on his ass for lube. He bends over and I aim my cock at his cum soaked hole.
After the load in my ass and the two latest ones I am rock hard and ready. This turns into one of the times that guys start shoving.
My husband and I decided to head home and finish there....

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