My favorite snack

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Two cocks for lunch - horse hung cock and cum

Earlier I had the pleasure of servicing a hot visitor from NY. He had seen my Xtube work and wanted to try out my mouth.
Well, he liked it the first time and came back for a second round the same day - he is Stud10019 and last week I got an email on another cruising site -

My buddy Stud10019 told his friend to contact me on his next trip to San Francisco. I agreed when I saw the pictures of his mushroom head cock and he said that he was looking to feed me.
We agreed on the day...and then I ran into park buddy at the glory holes yesterday. As you know, my park buddy likes to see me feeding on cock and joining in to give his cum when he can.
Yesterday he was saving it for someone but he agreed to meet me and my referral for some hot action.

We met up at the tearoom I like and went in.
It was totally empty and we started the action right there. Two hung guys, each wanting me to suck them off until they came.....YUM.

I was really enjoying it but sometimes it is not easy to be quiet when you are hungry and two cocks are staring you in the face and filling your mouth.
Between the sounds of us all jacking pre cum all over our cocks and me getting forced onto two cocks, it was getting to be a bit more than a tearoom should see.
The referral buddy was staying close enough, that we all went over to his hotel room to really get into it.

Once we got to the room, my park buddy took over and started directing me to begin feeding again.
You don't have to tell me twice to get on my knees.
Words can't do justice to these two cocks - both were beyond average and I just could not decided which to suck and let them just use my mouth.
Every time I was down to the base on the new cock, he and I would shove my throat down that extra inch and pop his cock into the base of my throat.
He moaned, swelled up in my mouth and I tried to get even more in me.
From that deep throat action I would pull off and just take a moment to catch my breath.

Every so often, one of them would direct my mouth to either cock and tell me to take it all.
Park buddy was really get into watching me suck - that is one of the things we both agree on...he loves to be sucked and to watch and well, I just need to be sucking cock.
The new guy had some really massive balls and I took them into my mouth a few times but then had to get back to my first love - the COCKS.

After going back and forth multiple times, it was park buddy that started off the fireworks.
He was over me while I was sucking the other cock and just let out a loud moan. I leaned back and let him pour that cum onto my face.
He asked earlier where to put it and I said to aim for mouth and just let it go.
Thick ropes of cum were draining out of his balls.

He reached for the video camera as the new cock started to release his load. Shot after shot of thick creamy white spooge.
We got most of it onto my goatee, and lips - then I just had to take a few more drops from the tap.
New buddy was still leaking some thick white cream and I leaned in to lick up every last drop.

When we were all done, I had a mouth full of cum and a goatee so thickly coated that you could barely see my upper lip.
The smell of it all, right under my nose had me close to losing my load on the floor.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Glory holes and loads all over

I decided it was such a nice day out that I would skip the gym and walk around.
Well, my feet ended up taking me over by the bookstore, so I figured I would check out the action.

Right away I saw there were a few glory hole booths occupied.
The first one I entered was connected to a guy stroking a fairly thick cock. I did not want to waste any time so I let him know I was interested in giving head.
He slid his cock up to the hole.
Large mushroom head and I sucked it into my mouth. Right away he started moaning...well, maybe the first load would be nice and quick.
To my amazement he started getting thicker and harder. By the time he was fully hard, it had grown to about 7 + inches and that mushroom head was a cork.
I put my mouth up to the hole and let him slam his cock down my throat. It was thick, hard and had a sweaty taste.
Soon enough he was letting loose with a nice thick load.

With the first one out of the way, I took a walk around and found another set of booths open and went in.
An uncut guy was in the other booth just stroking away.
When I sat in the chair and tapped the hole, he slid up and propped that cock onto my tongue.
Not a horse hung cock but uncut and clean, with a full set of balls bouncing around.
This second guy was just as turned on and let me know that after only a couple of minutes that he was going to coat my throat with load number two.

Two down, and I was only about 10 minutes into my lunch - so I took one last loop - and boy am I glad I did!

While sitting in one of the booths, the door opened and who walked in on me but my blond park buddy.
He pulled out that massive cock and fed it to me.
While I was devouring his cock, another guy went into the second booth. Since I am not opposed to letting anyone watch, we let this guy see the huge cock filling my mouth.
The other guy was dark haired, knit cap on but had the look of a Mediterranean stud.
He watched for a bit and then headed out.
My buddy said we should check out the others and see if we could get a threesome going.

When I went to the third set of glory holes, one of the doors was unlocked.
I opened it and there was the hot dark haired voyeur.
He did not close the door, so I walked in and he groped my crotch. While he was sitting there, I was able to pull out his cock and found a tasty looking uncut piece. The park blond buddy was outside the door and made his way in to join us.
So there we were, three horny guys - and me with a horse hung cut cock, and a gorgeous dark haired guy sporting a hefty uncut cock. HOT!

Once the dark haired guy found out that I was a cock sucker and looking for cum, he was willing to let me suck him and my blond buddy.
I had already asked blond if he was going to feed me, but he had plans already and was going to save it.
No problem , I said.
With that in mind, I went to town on my uncut buddy. Down on my knees, I went back and forth between him and blond - after all, I already saw how much he enjoyed seeing me feed on cock.
While getting these two rock hard and leaking another guy went into the adjacent booth.
We all checked him out and now there was a third large cock for me to swallow.
Blond motioned for the other guy to put his cock thru the glory hole and let me feed on it.

I was sucking on one cock, looking at the blond cock bouncing in front of me and getting stroked by the uncut Mediterranean stud.
Deep throating the third cock and stroking him between swallows had the desired effect and soon enough I was being treated to a mouth full of cum.
The uncut guy could see it all running down my chin and onto my arm.
Sweet warm spooge is always a great instigator - and I told the uncut guy to just add his load when he was ready.

I could tell that he was turned on and ready to shoot soon.
He forced my head and mouth down onto his cock until I was ready to choke. He let me come up for some air and I took over stroking and sucking the foreskin.
That was enough to seal the deal and he said it was time.
Well, let me tell you - the blond told him that I liked it all over my face and I leaned back.

The FIRST shot went up between my eyes and on my nose.
Thick, juicy cum.
Then the second shot sprang out, and followed the same path - up over my eyes, onto my cheek and I felt some hit my forehead...then the next shot hit the other side of my face, covered my eye and cheek. There were a couple of other shots, they all finished the job of covering most of my face.

DAMN!!! I was coated in spooge and it was thick, musky and warm. I was rock hard and loving every bit of it.

The feeder of that immense load had a tissue and kept apologizing for getting it in my eyes. ....well, I said that there was so much that there was simply NOT a way to avoid it and don't even worry about it....I LOVED it!