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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

German facial from a flight crew member

Visiting flight crew can be extremely fun to play with.

This morning I got a text on a cruising app for my phone. Hot young guy staying in a hotel nearby and asking what I was up to.
Being honest, I said that it was almost time for lunch.
He asked if I wanted him for lunch...and, of course I had to say yes.

Before I headed over, he sent me a cock pic. Nice thick looking uncut cock. Yum!
As I walked out the door he asked about showering and I told him it would not be necessary. He said okay and gave me the room number.

When I got to the room, he opened the door and I was surprised at how big he was...not bear size big but just built and taller than me. I am sure the look of hunger in my eyes was not a surprise to him though.
Immediately he pulled me into the room and we started kissing.
His ear to ear grin was a match for mine.
Having read on the profile that he lived in Germany, I was not sure if he was a native or just stationed there but he was 100% authentic German stud.

Undressing next to the bed was done slowly, and then he guided me on the mattress and pushed my legs up.
His mouth went straight for my hole and he began to lick, rim and thoroughly get into my ass. As some of you know, getting my ass eaten and spit lubed is a sure way to make me putty in your hands.
We had not talked about anything more than sucking and I was not sure where it was going...but I was along for the ride and I wanted to taste that cock.

His mouth kept up a steady barrage on my hole and he stroked my cock at the same time. Finally, after more of that delicious rimming he turned around and presented me with a mouth full of cock.
He was sporting a cock ring that circled the shaft and balls so they were just as large as could be. He aimed that thick cock down to my throat and at the same time he pulled my ass up for his mouth.
Nothing better than having your ass eaten while being fed a slab of thick uncut meat.

This went on and on, and then I wanted to return the favor and give his cock the attention it deserved. With him on his back, I went down and pushed until that cock was stretching my throat and I could hear him moaning. When I came off and stroked him, I was rewarded with glistening drops of precum leaking out of his hole.
Once he had enough cock sucking, he positioned me on top of him. As my ass slowly rubbed against the foreskin of his cock, and we kept up the kissing I could tell it was progressing to a tight fuck.
With the nice slight upcurve that his cock has and my hole being right there, it was not long before he was knocking on the door.
I reached back and guided him towards my eager hole. Once he was there, he pushed forward and I slid back.
Finally he was fully buried in my ass and we rode that way for a few more strokes.

He wanted to get his camera, and quickly was back on the bed.
As we kept kissing he slid a condom onto his thick was stretched nice and tight. He asked if I had a favorite position and I said on my stomach.
More kissing and he turned me around and took some more pics of my ass and his cock...then he pushed forward and filled my ass again.
We were not using lube and the idea of being fucked with spit is always hot, and I was just fine with it.

As he fucked me harder and harder, I could feel him getting deeper and deeper with each thrust.
He was pounding the hell out of my prostate while I leaned back to keep up the spit swap kissing. Pre cum was leaking out of my cock like a sieve and I kept my hands on the bed to avoid stroking. I could feel those cum filled balls banging into my ass. HOT!
The next position he moved me into was on my side while he was still buried to his balls.
We stayed in that position for a short time and then he maneuvered me onto my back.

In this position, I could feel every inch and he was ready to deliver an ass pounding fuck. Legs up in the air, uncut cock buried in my ass and the camera in his hand was all a turn on. I was his pig and he knew it.
As he kept fucking me, I told him that I wanted his cum all over me.
I love a good hard fuck and he was in no hurry - and I was up for taking it like a champ.
With how relentlessly he was fucking me, I was not sure if I was going to be forced to shoot my load before him.
Eventually he slowed down, smiled, pulled out and came around and stood at my head. I was still on my back, so he just stood there and fed me his cock again and I let him use my throat and mouth.
He pulled out and started to stroke and in seconds I felt the hot splash of cum hitting my chest, and then it began to coat my chin and lips. With each stroke that I watched there was more cum being added to the creamy goodness that was being poured onto me.

After the last drop was drained, I licked what I could from the head.
After that he came around the bed and I sat up, we saw that the condom had been torn to pieces.
As much as that thick load would have felt exquisite in my ass, I was a pig in heaven to have the chance to see, feel and taste it all.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Extremes of cock sucking and cruising

Today was one of those that you would never be able to plan.

First thing in the morning I get a chat request from a hot young bottom visiting from Dallas. He wants to be fucked hard, take a load and be done. But he also had a four day load saved up that he wanted to feed me, after I fucked him.
Unfortunately he was not able to host and neither was I.

On my break I logged onto the new Android app Grindr. I had known of it but could not use it on my phone. Today I was online and a hot dark haired guy sent me a note...along with a picture of an unbelievably looking thick uncut cock.
He was nearby so I told him about a favorite bathroom with the full locking doors.

He agreed and we headed over. As he was walking up I could only think of a Greco-Roman aka Mediterranean stud. Tall, dark hair, beard and a chest like a brick wall. And if that picture was anywhere near accurate, it was a mouth full.

We headed up and he followed me into a stall. Right away he pulls out his cock and even semi flaccid it was a good 6 inches long and larger than those rubber/water toys we grew up with that would bounce and shoot around the room...those of you born from the late 60's may remember.
I got down on my knees and immediately swallowed everything I could. It was indeed a mouth full and growing by the second.
I was able to get it into my throat but I literally could barely get my hand around it. My fingers did not touch.

As he got to his full thickness I had to do some stroking and slurping and mouth stretching to get every inch of his cock spit lubed.
You know that I live for those thick ones and I wanted to feel him all the way to the balls....this was one that would only go 99% of the way before I had to back off to avoid being gagged and make too much noise.
After all, my rule of etiquette in a public bathroom is that no one on the other side of the door should be able to guess that my mouth is being fucked and cum is going to be all over the place.

A couple of times I would release his cock to his own fist and he would stroke it while I worked on that massive head and foreskin.
At one point we could hear people come in and use the urinals - I just kept sucking and stroking.
Eventually he was getting thick and he said that he was ready to cum. I kept his cock buried as far as possible and used my hand to stroke those inches that would not fit.
As he let out a low moan, I could feel my tongue being bathed in his juice.

Once his balls were drained, we headed out and he commented that I had excellent follow through - meaning that he was glad I was honest and ready to meet up on the fly. Well, when you present me with a cock and load like that...I do my best to be accommodating.

Now for the second version of cruising and sucking.

Took a break and happened to be walking around a department store and had to piss. I headed to the bathroom and end up running into a young buck that has shot nice full loads on my face but we never got it on camera.

Knowing from past online chats that he was up for it, we headed down the street to a location he knew. He directed me on what floor to go to and he would be there in the bathroom. I followed up and sure enough we were alone.

I handed him the camera and he pulled out his cock.

This guy is not the same as the uncut from earlier but I am a cum pig and cock sucker and all shapes & sizes are hot when you get what you want.

He was hard already and I got down and swallowed every inch and started a deep throat blow job that I knew he wanted. As I was edging him closer and closer, he was also piston fucking my face and really getting every inch down to the balls.
Love it when I can just let them take over and use my throat and tongue in every way, to get every inch.

After a short time (those young ones can come fast and often!!)he took over the stroking and let me know it was time for the cum to fly.
Shot after shot started flying over my cheek and onto my face. More cum hit my upper lip and beard.
When all was said and done, I had a very nice beard full of cum and a streak from my beard to my forehead.
The aroma of that cum made my own cock ooze precum as I stood up and used my tongue to taste it.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

I just love taking loads from friends

Last night we were all out for an event and decided to leave early to his one of my favorite spots.
As soon as we walked in I spotted three friends that have all given me a load or two. Sitting around talking and sharing led to me wanting to head out and service a few more cocks.

I left the group, but not until I had said that I would be on my knees if needed. Once I got outside I saw a hot cub type getting blown by another leather boy. At first I was not able to see all of the cock buried in his mouth but after a few minutes they took a break and we all stood there for a moment. Then the leather boy commented that he liked the blog...well, that told me all I needed to know and I pulled the hot bearded cub's cock out of his jock and got on my knees.

He had a perfect size cock for swallowing to the base and a full set of hairy balls to hold while plunging down.
After sucking him for a short bit, he exchanged the favor and also directed me to suck his leather boy as well.
The room was watching it all and soon it was just me on the cub and another guy took over the leather boy cock. I felt the shaft start to swell up and knew I was about to get the load.
And oh did I get it! Massive flooding of my mouth and spurt after spurt going down my throat.
I stood up with only a small bit of the overflow on my beard and had to get to my group of friends. And that leads to the second hot load of then night...

One of our group is married to a hot hairy ginger, and I have had the pleasure of taking his cock in the back once before. Last night he and his husband were out with another friend (he was sporting a 00 Prince Albert but I did not get around to testing my throat on him...but that will happen soon as he knows from past experience how much I like his loads) and we all talked about my love of cock and cum.
Knowing what a hot cock the hairy ginger has, I told him that I was up for a repeat and would be heading outside. He followed me and we went to a secluded area so that I could get on my knees.
I don't mind when the room watches, but there are also times when me and the guy I am servicing just want to be in our zone without too many extra hands. This was one of those nights.

I pulled his cock out of the jeans and got down on my knees. The room could see the back of my hat and his cock being fed into my throat. Naturally there were some that wanted a closer look and a bit hands on but my ginger buddy was able to tell them no and they stepped back.
Turning my head a bit and using my hand to stroke his long thick shaft let me work on the pink head and give everyone a view of his cock. I swallowed his cock to the base with a bit of stretching...he has a long shaft and it gets much thicker at the base but you know me, I want it all.
Getting him spit lubed with my throat and mouth, then working the shaft and head with my tongue and hand was causing a huge pool of pre cum to leak out of my cock onto the floor.

After standing for so long with his cock being worked on, the hairy ginger moved over to take a seat and let me continue to work his cock. I got back between his legs. He played with my nipples while I plunged my mouth down on his cock and pulled his nipples.
With his cock being large enough for two hands to grip it, the room was now able to see him in all of his glory.
At this time we were joined by a new buddy. My hairy ginger let the new guy take over the nipple play and I went back to working on his cock.
Well, that was enough to get closer to the edge...

Knowing from past experience that he loves his nipples played with while my mouth is entirely stuffed with his cock, I put it all into play.
Lips and tongue around the head for a slurp and swallow, followed by a few strokes of the shaft and then the full deep throat to the base and back up the shaft to repeat...and repeat.

Soon enough that was the key to unleashing his load. He pulled out just enough and the cum started flying...literally. Shooting up to my face with the first volley. Second and third hitting my beard and cheeks, followed quickly by another shot that hit my hat as it flew over my head.
After those first shots, I milked the rest out onto my tongue and licked the shaft clean.
I was now literally covered in cum.

Being the sweetheart that he is, he tried to apologize for the hat volleys but I told him that I was thrilled. We put his cock away and headed back to our spouses and friends, but of course I did NOT wipe my face clean.

Someone commented that I was all sweaty, and I smiled and replied "it is not sweat, it is cum". They laughed and replied back that it was not a surprise. I spent the rest of the night with that load on my face and this morning there was still a bit on my cheek.