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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hot thick cock shooting cum in the tearoom, the video...

Ok here it is.
There has been requests for cum shots and this hot guy was obliging and also let me post the video.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Rediscovered tearoom and an awesome cock and load

I went by the shopping district but there was no action.
It has been awhile since the tearooms have been active and I really wanted to swallow some cock so I thought I would make a quick trip to a tearoom that was frequently a non-stop cum dump location for me in the past.
It had been shuttered up for a few years so the scene died down.
Now that it is accessible again I was not sure if anyone of the old "locals" may have found it as well.

Today I went in and could see one pair of sneakers occupying a stall.
Not sure if it was a fellow tearoom aficionado so I took the empty stall right next to him.
Right away we were both showing interest and knew we could play.
He bent down to let me take his cock under the stall.
I knelt down and saw a thick cut cock ...BONUS - not only another horny guy but hung and hard.
The head was able to fill my mouth and there was a silky smooth set of full balls hanging down. Enough to fill your hand while cupping them.
I was in the mood to give this an A+ performance and asked if he wanted me to come over to his stall.
He said sure and I went over.

Well, now I was really turned on as he was about 6' 4" , semi hairy stomach and had a cute/hot college swimmer build and look to him.
Clean cut but a totally devilish glint in his eyes when we were face to face.
One of those "innocent" looking guys you see in the locker room and think "if only I could take that cock now".
He saw my pierced cock and we were both excited to get down to business.

I had my camcorder with me and figured that when I saw his hung cock up close I was going to get some pics or video.
He did not object and I gave him the camera while I went down on my knees.
You know how much I like to devour those cocks that are so thick they fill your mouth, and when the head is a nice plug for my throat it is even better.
This guy had both and I was ready to swallow every inch.

While giving him head and going down on his cock I unbuttoned my shirt so that he could play with my nipples.
With such a hot cock and full set of balls I really wanted to feel it all hitting my face and chest.
After a short round of slurping, sucking and deep throating he said it was time to cum.
This time I did not keep his cock in my mouth when he was ready but worked on it till the last second and let him go for it.

He shot like a cannon!
Right over my head... and on my glasses... then more on my face and goatee.
Damn, I was looking for a load to fill me at lunch but this was one of those perfect tearoom scenes with a tasty ending.
What a hot tasty surprise.

Afterward he was nice enough to help me wipe my face clean, such a sweet boy - his grandma would be proud.

He has given me permission to post the video since his face is not showing and once I get it off the camera I will.
I promised him a copy of his own.

Can't wait for another scene in the tearoom...

Monday, July 28, 2008

Dore Alley head finale!

This weekend was our Dore Alley street fair.
A leather - fetish event that brings out some very hot men and when the weather cooperates there is an abundance of flesh and cocks.
This year it was a bit breezy and the infamous summer San Francisco fog made an appearance.

In years past I have been in a jock, cock ring, harness and not much else. This year it was chilly so I went with German flight suit and cock ring.
It offers the access that I prefer and also kept out the fog - I don't particularly like the version of "fog balls" that I get when it is cold...some guys can afford shrinkage but I don't think I fall into that category.
After getting a beer we took a tour of the vendors while checking out the flesh and outfits of the day.
Many possibilities for me to be on my knees as usual.

The cock fest began at an apartment building that we came across. In the upstairs window was a buddy of ours that I have tasted in years past.
He came down to the street to say hello and I had to comment on the fact that his cock was still in his jeans.
That was my cue to work it out of his pants and he agreed.
Buttons were popped and out came a hot thick cock.
The crowd was behind me and my partner was blocking one side but the buddy and I also have been in the public before with his cock buried in my throat so we were fine with me sucking him off right there.
After a few minutes he said he was not ready to cum and wanted to hold off so I stood up and we were on our way.

We made our way to one of the bars that offers clothes check to the fair participants.
Right outside was a hairy hot naked guy that I have had the pleasure of sucking in the past.
Fur everywhere and a huge mushroom head, perfect for filling a hungry mouth.
This year he has a video camera and we decided it should be used for some footage of his cock buried in my throat.
I obliged and went down right there on the curb.
If he passes along the video and gives me permission I will add a link to it later.

After getting past the hundreds of guys around the entrance, in the doorway and in the front of the bar we got a cocktail and headed into the throng.
With hundreds of half dressed men you can imagine the scene and there were cocks out for discrete action.
I wanted to taste a few of my own but it was so damn busy and packed that it was really a hindrance.

Note to guys reading this: if the bar is PACKED and you are sucking or getting sucked, take a moment to be sure your neighbor has the same opportunity rather than sticking your ass into the aisle and blocking the flow of cocksuckers and load givers!

I did get one tasty cock into my mouth on our way out the door.
Once again, it was a guy not able to cum with a crowd so I took my leave and let him continue edging with the other cock suckers in the bar...we went out to find fresh meat on the street.

Not long after leaving the bar we were in the crowd and I was on the prowl.
I spotted a group of half dressed men and went over. Sure enough there were cocks out and I was ready.
There were a couple very impressive ones and even a few with Prince Albert piercings, so I went to one and asked if he minded me going to my knees with his cock in my mouth.
He said it was fine and down I went.
Going down on him for a few minutes with cameras flashing and videos running I had a taste of every inch.
He was leaking precum and since his friends were all out and hard I decided to stand up and see what was around.
I see a buddy of his behind me already out and hard, sticking right at my face and at the perfect level...don't need to hit me in the head with a brick, Ia get the hint.
It was thick and with a full mushroom head...what do you think I did?
HELL YES, I went right down on that.
I was going to town, deep throating - stroking and sucking while guys were taking video and pics all around us.
The head just kept getting larger and the shaft was so thick I was in pig heaven on this one.

While I had this cock buried down my throat I felt a hot load shooting all over my lower back and ass.
Apparently while I was busy my partner was playing with the first cock and his buddies.
During all of his playing my partner was ready to shoot and his load is the one that was all over my back and running down to my ass.
If only there was a cock to use that cum for lube!
Now it was time to head off to see the remainder of the fair.

Cut to the finale and the hottest load of the day.

We had enough of the street fair and went to a local bar.
It was packed with other fair attendees and other local men in the mood for some cock playing fun.
There was a hot young guy sitting on a bench and he kept making eye contact when I walked by.
At one point I was walking by and a drunk guy was trying to get this cute guy to let him play.
Cute guy said "no, thanks" politely and the drunk finally got the message (he was not pushy or rude, just tipsy) and when he stepped away I said " I would love to take that out, if I may"...he said yes and out came an uncut piece of thick tasty meat.

When I can tell the guy I am sucking would prefer discrete I oblige.
This guys was up for some fun but did not want everyone to join in. That was fine with me and I love to take care of a cock without interruption or distraction if I can.
I was deep throating him while keeping my actions to a minimum so we did not attract attention and I was able to work him over.
We went at it for some time and then there was enough notice that he became a bit shy.
He asked for break to let the attention die down and I was ok with that.
We discussed that he was local so I gave him my contact info.

Now for the FINALE ....

Earlier we ran into the red head I sucked off to completion at a trough a couple of weeks ago (see post of July 12) and he was with another sexy young red head.
I did not expect to see this buddy of his later in the day so it was a very pleasant surprise to see him at the bar.
My partner was talking with him and it was determined that I needed to get his cock down my throat and take his load.
You don't need to tell me twice!!!

Out came A) thick
B) uncut
C) red head
D) mushroom head
E) did I say red head?

I took that tasty piece of meat and proceeded to give it the best blowjob I could.
There was so much meat I was slurping, gobbling and tonguing every inch.
My partner was behind him playing with his nipples and giving encouragement, as well as telling him to fuck my mouth.
While I was going sucking him off I saw that his cock head was getting bigger.
While his cock head was growing HUGE it was also turning that hot shade of red that can only be achieved by a true red head when he is ready to blast out a thick tasty cum load.

I pulled off just enough to get a quick breath and that huge swollen red head was staring me in the face and I was drooling.
He said he was ready to cum and my partner told him that I wanted it and to let it shoot.
That was all it took and he flooded my mouth with a thick hot spurting load of cum.
Blast after blast coated my throat.

I swallowed every drop, stood up and we all took a breather to re-adjust.
The crowd had seen it all, and gave their approval.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Just a quick load turns into a karate style suck

It was a chilly day here in the city so even I was not in an active chase mode.

We had been to a beer bust in the city and then decided to go visit a local spot that is always fun for a few loads.

Got to the bar and ordered a beer, then I went on my way to check out the cocks.
It was either too early or it was going to be one of those days - too old, too drunk or just not at all what I wanted.
I don't mind older cock but there are always going to be guys that are just out of our preferred range, whether old or young so I don't mean to offend anyone reading.
As many can attest, I have sucked off all ages and races except for anything illegal, that I will not do.

After making my way to the back I see there is not much, so I go back out to join my partner and have a beer.
I give it some time and decide to check it out again.

I see a guy that usually makes a bee line over to me but I am not always in the mood for repeat loads and continue looking.
Another guy comes in and is a bit tipsy,swaying a bit and groping himself but a drunk is not my thing either on this round so I try to be polite and ignore him.
Unfortunately the beer I drank needed to be recycled so I leave and this guy follows me into the urinal.

I am trying to be nice but he just stands there stroking and grabs my hand to stroke him.
Again, I try to be polite and say no thanks.
Without finishing what I went in for I leave.

While I was at the urinal fending off the drunk a hot fellow that I met at the shopping area and sucked off in the past walks into the bar.
Well, now this could be fun for at least one load then.

He heads to the back and I follow along.

We both go far enough that we should be able to do it quickly and quietly...well, guess who saw and is now standing right at my ear while I try to give a blow job -

You guessed it....drunk guy.

Ok, I can be polite and ignore it when someone wants to watch or just jack off while I am servicing but do not try to put your cock in my mouth while I am busy and especially not after I just told you no.
Since this guy did not get the message I used my arm to push his leg and figured that would give him a clue.


He then tried to grab the guys cock so I had to fend off that maneuver.

Fuck, I love to suck and service and can do my best with just about anything going on around me but this is the most persistent one in a long time and it is still early in the evening.
I am now working the guys cock and deep throating for about 5 minutes while having to use my arm and hands to avoid standing up and yelling at the guy.
Of course that is my last choice as I don't have any intention of letting my mouth off the cock.

Drunk guy FINALLY GETS THE CLUE and leaves.

Now that we are not playing" karate kid in training meets blow job" I can get back to business.

My top guy is now extra spit lubed and I am taking it all the way to the balls.
He decided to ramp things up and start piston fucking my face.
I open my mouth and let him fuck the hell out of my throat and use my tongue to tease the head while using lips to work the shaft on all of the out strokes.
It does not take long before he is close.

He pulls out of my mouth and strokes a few times before laying a hot thick load all over my face and goatee.
I can feel it completely coating my goatee and soaking in.

Now that he is finished I stand up and lean back to let my legs relax - in some places there is enough spilled beer and other trash that I hate to get my knees on the ground and will use my legs to hold me up the whole time.
He offers me a drink of his beer but mine is still beside me, so without wiping any cum off I take a sip.
We make some small talk while I keep licking my lips to eat the cum dripping down.

This is when my partner decides to come back and see what I am up to.
Well, since I am done it is time to head back to the front and finish my beer.

I make a quick stop in the stall and get a bit cleaned up.
My partner is there taking care of recycling his beer so I smile and say "yes, he came" then we head back to the bar and finish our drinks before heading home for the night.

I love having cum as a cocktail shooter and an appetizer before dinner!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

A day of repeats and a new retail cock

I have to apologize for not being able to post many fun escapades lately: but I also need to apologize in advance because this may be a bit of a longer was a fun afternoon!

I started out in the booths just seeing what I could find.
The crowd walking around was not large, but there were locked and occupied booths so that can be a plus when assessing the cock potential.
After all there are times when the guy that is swallowing cock is then horny enough to feed a load.
I tried a couple of the glory holes but two seemed to be occupied by an older crowd that were either nervous or just did not understand what the mouth on the other side was supposed to do.
I can be patient but when you want to just stand two feet back and keep jacking off it is time for me to move on.

I continued walking around when I saw a hot blond walk down the stairs.
Jeans, button down shirt untucked and he had that farm fed college jock look. He seemed familiar so my radar was locked on.
There was a set of booths open with a glory hole and I headed into one.
After shutting my door I heard the other one shut....was it the older guy in yellow golf shirt (no offense but yellow golf shirt and white pants at that age just screams "Cocoon" sequel) or my farm boy???
It was farm boy!

The staff were on their toes today directing everyone like a cattle team to enter and get it on so I had a short time to get situated and was not able to get any video or pics of his cock with the lights off.
He was already semi stiff and it was a mouth full at that point.
Once he put his cock in the hole and my lips were around him I knew why he seemed familiar.
This is the same hot "college cock" that I had on camera with the (link here he is load #2) screen tester and then later on my own when he shot another load down my throat.
Today he was even thicker and from the way he looked me over beforehand I think he knew just what I was going to do.

I am bad with names but I do remember a face and a cock.
This guy is very thick, likes to stroke between my deep throat and he does not shave so there is little bits of hair on his shaft that I feel with my lips each time - and it is hot so if you are reading this by chance DO NOT EVER LET SOMEONE TELL YOU TO SHAVE IT!

This time he only pulled back a couple of times to get a breather before putting his cock back in for more deep throat action.
After going back and forth for some throat and tongue action he started to shoot a tasty load and let me take it all.
Once I felt the cum blast and tasted it I thrust his cock down my throat until there was not an inch left and let him blow every ounce into me.
I gulped it down like a cum hungry pig.

As we were both leaving I ran into the guy that was in the other booth behind me and watching it all - lo and behold we knew each other through our partners.
I have seen his cock in the bars and on vacation when we were all too cocktailed to care...thick and hot.
I smiled and said hello - figured no need to be rude and act like we did not just share a cock sucking scene.

I was not ready to leave after that and thought the mutual buddy may even be interested.
While walking around again I went into a different glory hole booth and was joined by a "computer geek" type that wanted to jack off but was not ready to cum.
Bye and thanks, we will meet up later.
After he left I saw a hot young uncut guy in the other booth but he was not interested and left.
Just as I was about to exit my booth another guy entered the empty booth and I saw him undo his pants.
Thick piece of meat and ready for a blow job.
I got on my knees and motioned to feed me.
Right away I realized that I knew this cock and he is a huge cummer.
With the staff doing their police routine of rounding up homeless I suggested we just go into one booth and let me do what we both know I can do.
He agreed and we went on to another booth.

Right away I was on my knees and taking every inch.
He went immediately for my nipples so I took off my shirt and took my cock out of my jock.
It is nice to get guys that I have sucked before because they know what gets me going and this guy knew my nipples are directly connected to my cock and my gag reflex.
When a huge thick guy is impaling my throat with his cock and pulling hard on my nipples at the same time it seems to be a trigger to my throat that says "OPEN WIDE".

I was going to town on his cock and he just kept up the work over my nipples.
There was not much time before his legs started to shake and I knew it was only a matter of time.

I can recall on many occasions what it is that gets a guy off and this one likes to have me go from tip to balls deep throat fast while also using my tongue on the head.
Sure enough, when I started up that action his legs shook and it was the point of no return.
He impaled my face with his cock and shot blast after blast - there were at least four shots that I felt before he stepped back and let me lick the head clean.

Now for an ironic twist...
I thought one last look would be a good idea. I see a booth with the light on as "occupied" and try it.
The door is unlocked - it is my buddy that saw me sucking the farm boy cock but is too shy to let me swallow his load. Ok, on to the next one.
Well, right next door is another booth lit up as "occupied".
Try the door and it is unlocked.
Guess who..... ok, give up?
My repeating uncut thick load feeder from Monday (see post below this)! And he shoots his load as I am watching while we both smile.
I am sure we are both thinking "damn, that could have been all over that goatee".

Well, that my lunch and I headed back to the office.

Now for the retail cock:

Earlier I had chatted on Craigslist with a guy in my area and we were going to meet up.
At the last minute he asked if I was ok with a threesome at a retail store with another guy.
Hmmm, let me think about nano-second later the answer was YES.
We agreed at a time and he told me the location.
I went since it was within a few blocks of my office - I got there early and saw the host.
European mature guy- around 50 years old and in great shape.
When he spoke I heard foreskin and that is always a bonus.
Unfortunately he had customers and a security camera so we had to abort the scene.
The guy I chatted with was not interested in trying another place so it was a bust....or so you would think!

I was out later and decided to stop by the retail shop to give the European host my contact info.
Instead he went over and locked the door.
Well, hello and tell me where to go!

We went to the back of the store and I went to my knees.
I pulled out a THICK piece of rock hard meat. Damn I knew the rest of the world likes to leave skin where it is and they do grow them big over there but this was a nice tasty bonus.
You know I went to town on that piece.
I gave it my best deep throat effort which I have to say was a challenge...this guy was as thick as a beer can but I did get every inch in my throat and felt it all.
He also knew to go right to my nipples while I was devouring his cock and that got me into uber-cock sucking mode.
After all this is now my 3rd (yes, three tasty loads) cock of the day and I need to feel it shoot.
He fucked my mouth a few more times and then it was time to unload his balls.

About three thick shots and he was spent, I licked his head clean and we cleaned up.

I have an email message asking for a replay - will let you know and maybe he will even get my load next time.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Hung thick uncut cock from the past...deep throat to a full blown load

The video here is not from today , it is from a previous time we met up but I have had requests for video on the blog instead of XTube links and wanted to give you a visual of what I swallowed all the way down to his balls.
Disclaimer: This is from a previous post and it was mentioned then that there is not a cum shot...we took the action to a single booth since he usually takes about 30 minutes of sucking and nipple play to blast a load.

It has been awhile since my thick uncut buddy from the glory hole and I have been able to get down to business.
Today I decided to take an afternoon walk over and just see what was going on.
On my first lap there was not anyone around but a few booths had the "occupied" red light on.

Once in awhile you can find someone in the booth but the door unlocked.
None today were looking for extra company so I was about to leave when I heard a door open and figured I would at least see if it was worth trying for.

Bingo! My thick uncut buddy was now available.
He went in one booth and signaled me to follow. Right away he took off his shirt as he likes his nipples worked over.
This guy has about 10 pounds of uncut meat - ok not that much but there is more than enough to fill every hole and still have shaft showing!
After I got his nipples worked over we took off my shirt.
I then took over getting his belt and pants off.

He was already rock hard and I grabbed hold.
I know for a fact that this guy can go for close to 45 minutes and not be close to cumming so many times we get me off and then he can cum.
Today I did not want to blow my load (saving that for the husband - I like to make myself not cum but just ooze the precum while sucking) and I started to deep throat the uncut cock.

As I have said before, some guys and cocks are a major turn on and I can take every inch of a HUGE cock with no gag and just breathe through my ears.
Today was one of those days...I was determined to deep throat and take a load.
Only once before when he did not know it was me on the glory hole did he shoot on just a blow job and quick.
After about 5 minutes of sucking without coming up for air I took a break...he wanted to suck me off so I stood up.
I told him that today was him getting off and he said "you know I can take awhile" - yes but I was not to be deterred.

He was getting into sucking me and when I knew he was at that point of rock hard sucking I pulled him up and went back down on his cock.
I started deep throating and shoving his cock into my throat and using my tonsils and the back of my throat to work his foreskin.
Now I had him just where I wanted and I took control.
Usually I will take a break and let him stroke but I did not stop.
I kept going down, swallowing every inch then coming far enough off to chew the foreskin quickly before going back down.

He is large and does not get total deep throat and knows I can take it so he leans back and shoves my head down even harder.
Damn, we have a rhythm going and I am breathing between thrusts and swallowing as quick as possible to stay on it.
After 15 minutes I am about to get my reward.

He says he is about to cum and I pick up the speed and feel him start to fill my mouth.
I can taste it and know he is at the point of no return so I shove his cock all the way and let his balls hit my chin while he blows load after load.

Once he is done I stand up and we both need to catch our breath.
He states that once again he is surprised and thrilled with how I took it all and got every drop.
I say it was my pleasure and we head out.

"Have a great afternoon" he says...well, I did and thanks!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

What if Samantha blew MIranda's husband?

Ok, so if my life were an episode of Sex & the City everyone already knows I would be Samantha, which is fine with me...she is the ballsy one that has the guys, the sex, the loads and the cocks.
On the show Miranda is married to a HOT guy with a tight furry ass that you get to see in action in the latest film...

Yesterday we were out for the afternoon and needed an alcoholic beverage so we stopped in local bar after having brunch with friends.
I headed to the facilities and as I was leaving another guy was headed in.

Tall, glasses, short hair and right off the bat I thought of Steve from S&TheC - HOT as hell.
There is a sink and inside the large stall that we were in so I waited and washed up while he took his time undoing his pants.
At this point I could tell he was actually cruising so I locked the door.

He turned and presented a thick cut cock for me to swallow.
I don't like to take too long in situations where there is no way to see what is going on and if the bar is busy.
I got in a couple of minutes of great tasting cock when we heard a knock.
We both agreed that it would have been great to finish but we both knew it was time to head out.
After unlocking the door I turned off the lights and we both walked out.

No one was there - they must have gone to the other stall.
Well, that sucks.
I mentioned that I really would have loved to feel his load all over my face and he said it was seconds away.
You don't need to say it twice - I told him it was fine if he shot right away and I went back in to the stall.
He followed and I pulled him out immediately and got down to business.

Sure enough he was already rock hard and I deep throated him until he said he was going to cum.
I decided it was too hot and I really wanted to feel his shaft swell in my throat so I just shoved his cock all the way and grabbed his balls.
He started coating my tonsils and filled my mouth with a sweet cum load.

We both stood up and left immediately.
I headed for my partner as he was already waiting and mentioned to him that I just did Miranda's husband.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot load from the red head at the trough

I love starting out the day with a thick cock and load buried in my ass.
This morning started out as most of my days do, with a thick pierced cock knocking at my ass.
A little dab of Boy Butter (sometimes just the precum gets my partner's cock buried in my ass) and it was time to ride that cock.
Even though I have swallowed multiple loads and taken some cocks this week I have not blown a load - it can be hot as hell to save it up for him.

The little dab of Boy Butter and he slid in to the balls.
It was time to ride that cock!
As I have said before, my ass can be tight but give me a thick pierced cock and it opens up to swallow every inch.
Riding his cock, pulling his nipples and working ass got him to the point of no return.
Feeling that cock swell and coat my insides with thick cum put me over the edge.
It is always a great to see a thick load shoot half way up his chest when I am sitting on his spent cock.
That was my morning wake up call and then it was time to start the day...

We were out for the afternoon in the Castro and had some cocktails...then it was time to get something to eat so we left the bar.
On the way we stopped at another watering hole.

We were talking with friends about my fantasy of having 40 loads of cum shot all over me for my 40th birthday.
I was talking with my partner and two other red heads we know and the subject turned to actually getting 4o loads but all from red heads....even HOTTER!

One of the guys discussing this was at the Dore Alley fair last year and I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth.
He was taking photographs so it was not a good time to take his load and we put it on hold then.
Since then we have talked a few times about finishing but never found the right time.
Today I suggested taking it to the back of the bar and not only getting his red head load but finishing him off with a smile.

Small talk ensued and I figured it was just a fantasy.
I had a couple of beers and decided to head to the back to take care of business.
As I was standing there my red headed buddy from Dore came in.
We both had a few beers to get rid of and I delayed leaving to check out his cock and potential interest.

He was standing there with hardeing cock in had and I bent over to take him in my mouth.
He did not protest so I suggested trading places so that I was in the corner and could go down on him without impeding traffic to the urinal.
Of course that did mean that other guys could walk in, and not only did my partner come in but so did the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence that has put cocks in my mouth in the past.

With only a few people interrupting I was able to really give him the blow job he deserved and should have had last summer.
Nice thick cock, not too large to cause me to gag and make noise while in the corner.
I took every inch and worked him over with my tongue and throat.
Every once in awhile I would also push back to get every last inch buried to the hilt.
He enjoyed that extra inch in my throat as much as I did.

We were going at it and he was smiling when I looked up while I was rock hard and ready to swallow every drop.
Cock buried to the hild, pull back and work the head with my tongue then go back down while making sure every inch of shaft is spit lubed with my lips...then repeat and repeat and repeat.
Finally he was ready to blow and started to shoot his load.
Damn it was sweet, thick and tasty.
There was so much cum that I could taste it while at the same time some leaked out on my chin so I could smell that tell-tale scent of man juice.

I stood up after he was done and we left the urinal.
Outside he told me that the first time at Dore he knew it was an awesome blowjob but this time he could not believe how hot it was...I told him that when I am going down on a guy I want to, it is entirely about the other guy and giving him all the pleasure he deserves and that is my goal.

I am still hoping to get 40 loads in November and he has agreed to be at the top of the list.

Last time he dumped his load in my ass...this time I swallow it all

This afternoon I decided to skip the glory holes and headed to my tearoom in the shopping district.
Sometimes it seems Fridays are slow for shopping but busy for cruising.
Today was one of those exceptional opportunities.

After I entered the tearoom I could see two stalls were occupied so I took one of the empty ones.
Right away I could tell from the shadows on the marble floor that the next stall was checking me out.
In the marble floor I could see him stroking a hard cock so I knew it was just a matter of time and getting the other stall to empty out.
Patience can be a virtue when cock hunting.

Side note:
I want to buy a cocktail for the gay contractor that discovered marble is a wonderful material to use on bathroom walls and floors.
Years ago there was a tearoom in a historic hotel here in town that was so busy I would spend my lunch hour there and NEVER leave without having at least cock in my throat or up my ass.
There were even times when I would be on my knees sucking one while a guy in the next stall behind me would work my ass, play with my cock or even shove his cock under far enough to enter my ass.
And then there were the group bukkake scenes in the basement bathroom - one huge room full of marble so everyone could tell when it was time and we were all there for the same thing.

Finally after about five minutes the tearoom was empty and we both got into position to get off.
I was only in the mood to suck and swallow a load (rather than offer my cock for play) and my stall buddy was ready to give it to me.
He was stroking a bit so I put my face under the stall to let him know I was I looked up I was suddenly looking at the curved cock that fucked me in the retail store on Pride weekend. At that time he started out fucking me in the tearoom while two guys watched - Taking it all over from two dudes

Once we recognized each other we got down to the business of getting him off.

As I know, and apparently he does as well, in a public tearoom you have to be swift, discreet and ready to go at it fast and furious sometimes.

I did not plan to let this load get wasted on the floor or be interrupted before I could get every ounce of cum so I went into my deep throat mode.
While I was deep throating his cock I took a hold of a set of cum filled balls and worked then with my fingers and churned up that load.

The up curve of his cock helped plug my hole when he first fucked me (we are about the same height so it was a perfect "hook" to grab and stay in my ass).
He fucked my mouth as hard as he did my ass that first time.
After a few minutes of heavy tongue and throat work he told me it was time for him to shoot.
During this time we were the only two people in the stalls, so I nodded my head to let him know I was ready to swallow.

He started to shoot - and damn it was a thick load.
I could feel three hard blasts before he was even done moaning and he let loose a few more.
When he came in my ass last time I could feel his cock swell with each shot and this time it was more intense thinking that he had shot as much cum in my ass the first time!

I kept all of the cum in my mouth until he was finished and pulled out, then I finally swallowed it.
Sweet tasty load!

The outer door opened right after we completed our spunk feeding - talk about timing.
We both left and met up at the sink....a wink in the mirror and a mutual THANK YOU! completed the scene and off we went.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

The funk to the twink - three loads

It was a nice warm summer day in July - yes I am talking about San Francisco in July ironically.
There were a large number of people wandering around and lots of hot men showing skin.
I took a walk up to the glory holes in hopes of some hot men looking to get out of the heat and get off in my mouth.
It was a very SLOW afternoon and the staff were in a bitchy mood so I not in the mood to stick around and prowl.
There were two sets of glory hole booths open so I took one and hoped for the best.
Not long after I see a guy on the other side ready to be sucked off.

The cock was not too large to be a problem while thick enough to give me something to work on.
He seemed to enjoy the mouth work I was doing and once in awhile he would just fuck my mouth.
With the staff being in their mood of "NEXT ! Move along!" I did not want to get interrupted and worked to get him off quickly.
Once he was ready to shoot the pace of his face fucking picked up and he started moaning.
I opened my mouth and let him shoot it all in.
As I swallowed there was a salty taste to it - not the sweet thick load I was hoping for. Reminded me of the classic Samantha line about meeting a guy with "the funkiest spunk" and I got a chuckle out of it.
No worries, there is still the shopping district.

I took a walk down to the shopping district and decided to try the slower tearoom I enjoy.
There was a young twink with the classic messy style mohawk-bed head look at the urinal.
Based on his actions I just could not tell if he was working there or cruising.
He left to wash his hands and I realized that one of the stalls were occupied with one of my past encounters that now likes pretend I have not taken his cock in both holes and even shared a few cocks and loads in tearooms around the area. Now he prefers to sit and camp out until I get a guy going.
Sorry, not interested in giving you the pleasure of being a voyeur while I suck off a guy - goodbye.
As I was leaving the twink went back to the urinals - that answered that question!

I headed to the second tearoom and it was also slow enough so I took one of the stalls.
There are marble walls here, so once in awhile you can check out the next stall and I did so. There was a young bear in there and I could tell he was also checking me out.
I say young bear here only because he was about 6'4" and had a large frame to go with the height.
I could see a nice thick cock in the marble wall reflection and was ready for the crowd to leave to let me at it.
Well, it was not to be....after a short wait and two dozen guys trying the door he decided to leave so I took the clue and headed out too.
We met up at the sinks, saw what we each had and exchanged the look of "yeah, I will play, just follow me".
He headed out first and I followed to see where he was going. Ironically he went to the tearoom I had first gone to.
This time it was slow enough that eventually I was able to get his cock under the stall and into my mouth.
Apparently he was worked up so it was not a long time before he was thrusting into my mouth and letting loose a nice thick sweet tasting load.
Now that is what I was looking for!

On my way out I decided to take a quick look in the other tearoom...well guess whose shoes I can see? Yep, the mohawk-bed head twink.
Hmm, he was cruising so maybe I can get some young spunk to top me off.
I went in the stall next to his and let him see me stroking.
There was enough traffic that we had to wait but it paid off...eventually it was clear and I squatted down to take his cock.
He threw a twist into it by putting his ass towards the stall wall and putting his cock down and under to be sucked.
Well, I can be accommodating and it was a young tasty cock.
Once again, it was a matter of too much edging and a break so we got off quick.
I was sucking his cock from behind and he asked if he could cum in my mouth.
Yes of course I told him and he immediately filled my mouth with another tasty full load.

Well, that was load three and I figured that it was time to head out and let another cum pig have the next one.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

I'm sorry but poppers are NOT lube!?

This is something that happened over the weekend and I was going to post it the next day since I did have some fun but I was not sure how to put into words the first half of the weekend.

How do you do justice to the episode of a poor young twink mistaking your bottle of poppers in your boot for lube??

My partner and I were both in the same pig mode and already checked out the bar scene and it was only so-so and the sex club is nearby.
This is a location that has multiple slings, TV's playing porn, and even some glory holes would think in San Francisco it would be packed.

As we have been there before we asked the door man if there were any guys inside.
This may seem like a silly question to guys in Denver where the Swim Club is or Phoenix that has Flex - both are busy with sexy hot horny men.
In San Francisco it can be amazingly vanilla and slow in a sex club - thanks to the local government and their version of an ostrich with head buried in the sand.
I understand the concern 20 years ago and appreciate it but that excuse does not sit with me at the age of 39 versus 19 - ok off of my soapbox.

I was walking around in my harness boots, cock ring and nothing else.
Once in awhile we agree that it is a pig night and we pack lube and poppers so I was prepared for some hot cock.
While wandering upstairs I came across a hot young guy stroking and watching porn.
Good combo and his hand was full of thick cock so I decided to see what I could do and got down to taste some cock.
He seemed to be very interested and let me work his cock over and lube it up. The moment arrived to take the cock and ride it.
I put my ass over his cock and figured a little hit of poppers would be enjoyable.

Before I could even get the bottle out of my boot and opened he reached for it. I thought, ok he wants some too and I can let him have a bit then I will have mine.
He thought the little square bottle was lube and immediately poured it on his hand and cock.

Well, hell - now WHAT do you do???

Not being in the position but knowing it evaporates I just went down on his cock with my ass.
Have to say that is a unique sensation that no amount of reading can prepare you for. It was not totally unpleasant but while I have heard of champagne enemas I can say that I have now had an Amsterdam enema.

Needless to say, I was not about to get fucked for hours and take a load at this point. I rode him until it was time to jump up and go further in the hunt.

It was a slow enough night that I found a hot ass up in the air by the glory holes and fucked him till I blew my load.
Right after I shot, my partner used my load as lube and gave the guy another ass full of cum.

It was late so we decided to call it a night.
I commented that I seemed to be a bit light headed and just not feeling right. When I told him about the poppers being lube episode he just roared out laughing and said "Well, that is why you feel like that" and we both laughed.
The next day I did check out my bottle of half full poppers and just hoped that the poor twink got home ok without being too "poppered" up as I was.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hidden superpowers revealed

Ok this is not exactly a cum sucking sex posting but it does circle back to my talent of getting any button, zipper or velcro to work.

Our very good leather buddy was out for the afternoon with us and we were headed to the local beer bust.
At the first cocktail stop I was told there was a delay.

A zipper won't go UP -


Ok, so yes we were at a birthday party for a very special puppy. This is the four legged variety, not the two legged slut version.
This puppie's owners were on the bus trip to Reno and we do love them (fun, sexy, playful, fun, sexy, playful - oops I am stuttering) so it was great to celebrate the birthday but it was a warm sunny San Francisco afternoon and I was in pig mode.

When there is a road bump in my pursuit of cock I will take over.
I can't cook or sew a designer dress but give me a zipper that needs to work and I will find a way goddammit!

This guy has balls that make a watermelon blush and feel tiny.
He knows me very well and between him and my partner I am now the bait for any road trip we take, which works for all of us - so when he is not leaving until he can get those ginger - hued baby batter makers back in their home I am ready to take over.

He was downstairs and just simply could not go out with his zipper down.

My first response was "It is a set of balls and we are going to a gay bar, you are single and already said you were horny - what is the problem?"
Well he does come from a family that has class, a family crest and style so I was ready to help out.

We spent a good ten minutes figuring out how to get his broken zipper back up to show off his package.
I have never thought of myself as a zipper guru but when it is impeding my cock sucking I will persevere and find a way.
With a bit of a tug, a pull, a push and "let go of it, I know what I am doing!" we finally got his zipper up.

At that point I said "lets go find some cock and if you need to pee it is your problem....I got it in there and unless you want me on my knees in a bathroom don't even think of letting it out. "

So on to the next locale and lo' and behold I see a hot man leaning against the wall.
Tall, red hair, facial hair and HOT HOT HOT.
Our buddy with balls for decades also saw this guy and gave me the "Well, you ARE bait, do something" look ...
So I did.

Being a friendly guy I found out this new visitor was looking at various locations to relocate and he is a dancer/ Pilates instructor .
Well, that explains the ass I want to serve on and eat for dinner.

We all exchanged gropes (oh my god if he is back I don't need a sling, just pick me up!!!) and I determined he is a fan of underwear.
Of course I let him know that I would be happy to do more after I made way through those straight white briefs.
He was in a shy mood so our zipper buddy, my partner and I headed to the next bar.

At this point I don't know if our zipper basket friend needed help getting out of those pants or if he found a helpful guy but it was a fun afternoon and I now know I can zip up as well as unzip a hot man's pants.


Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two servings of protein for lunch

I am not sure what the amount per serving would be for cum loads but I did ingest two nice mouthfuls at the glory holes...

Well, one was in the hole and the other was in a booth and there was a glory hole voyeur watching us.

The first load was the guy in one single booth.
Late 30's, under 6 feet in height and hot cock with tasty mushroom head and full balls.

He was in one of the booths that has a glory hole but the door was unlocked and when I opened it he gave me a look to say come on in.
His cock was already in the hole so I could not see it but I had seen him walking around and looked like a nice full package.After I got in he turned around to let me take over the service.

Average cock - basically your 6 + inches of shaft and about 4 - 5 inches around so it goes into any hole that needs filled.
I was on my knees and there were guys on both sides watching me take his cock. Some of the booths that don't have the holes do have glass partitions you can watch through.

While I was down there and looking up I could see that he was really getting into putting on a show, which was fine with me....might be able to get the other two guys hot and bothered for my throat.

After about five minutes of slurping, deep throating and working his balls he let me know it was close to finish time. I just nodded my head to let him know to let loose and he did.
There were two huge blasts that filled my mouth and then I swallowed the entire cock down my throat to let him keep shooting.

While I was sucking him he seemed to get larger when I put the head down my throat so I wanted to give him the extra special feeling when he shot.

He finished and just collapsed into the chair with a huge smile.
I said "Thanks for the hot load!" and he just smiled since he seemed to be out of breath.Guess I did my job that time then.

For the second load I was ready to head out when a straight looking daddy type came down the stairs.
He was a hot husky guy - not fat just had some meat on his bones and good looking.
After he walked past and gave a semi- look I thought what the hell and turned around.

I knew that the three glory hole areas were empty because I just walked around and he was headed for one.
Once I saw him go in I knew it would not be long before someone followed but I wanted a shot at it so I went right into the other booth.

Right away he was standing there and getting ready so I just sat and signaled that I wanted his cock.
He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.
At this time I noticed a wedding ring on his that would be even hotter to think he is possibly straight and married but needs to get off.
There are times when a guy does not show huge meat while soft but as I have said in the past I never judge a cock in soft-mode.
After getting his cock out he came over to the hole and I began to suck.

It can be a huge turn on to get a guy from soft to rock hard and make him cum all with just my mouth. He let me work the head for a bit and I slowly got more of his cock into my mouth as he grew.
I think he was enjoying it because he did grow quickly and now I had at least 5 inches of cock fucking my mouth.
When he realized I wanted it all he moved closer and I was able to work the extra inch I knew was there into my mouth. He started to get into it and was thrusting his cock in to my mouth as hard as he could.

After that I let him take over the action and just used my tongue each time he thrust into my mouth and kept my mouth open at the hole.
Since I was thinking he may be a straight married guy, it was as if he was actually fucking my mouth and it seemed to get him off.
He stood back and started stroking hard. Sometimes guys do that for a bit and then shove their cock back through the hole.
This time he was jacking hard and asked if he should cum.
I told him go for it and he started shooting and it was hitting my tongue and I opened my mouth to let him put it all in.
After about 3-4 full blasts he was done and I swallowed it all.

After he was dressed again we happened to walk out of the booths at the same time and just smiled before parting ways.
Maybe I will see him there again or if he was straight his wife will just have to wonder about the little smile at the dinner table.

Just a quick note to readers and links

I was updating last night and inadvertently deleted the links section.
While I did manage to recall most of them, if there are some missing or ones that should be here just drop me a note and it will be added if need be.