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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hot load from the red head at the trough

I love starting out the day with a thick cock and load buried in my ass.
This morning started out as most of my days do, with a thick pierced cock knocking at my ass.
A little dab of Boy Butter (sometimes just the precum gets my partner's cock buried in my ass) and it was time to ride that cock.
Even though I have swallowed multiple loads and taken some cocks this week I have not blown a load - it can be hot as hell to save it up for him.

The little dab of Boy Butter and he slid in to the balls.
It was time to ride that cock!
As I have said before, my ass can be tight but give me a thick pierced cock and it opens up to swallow every inch.
Riding his cock, pulling his nipples and working ass got him to the point of no return.
Feeling that cock swell and coat my insides with thick cum put me over the edge.
It is always a great to see a thick load shoot half way up his chest when I am sitting on his spent cock.
That was my morning wake up call and then it was time to start the day...

We were out for the afternoon in the Castro and had some cocktails...then it was time to get something to eat so we left the bar.
On the way we stopped at another watering hole.

We were talking with friends about my fantasy of having 40 loads of cum shot all over me for my 40th birthday.
I was talking with my partner and two other red heads we know and the subject turned to actually getting 4o loads but all from red heads....even HOTTER!

One of the guys discussing this was at the Dore Alley fair last year and I was on my knees with his cock in my mouth.
He was taking photographs so it was not a good time to take his load and we put it on hold then.
Since then we have talked a few times about finishing but never found the right time.
Today I suggested taking it to the back of the bar and not only getting his red head load but finishing him off with a smile.

Small talk ensued and I figured it was just a fantasy.
I had a couple of beers and decided to head to the back to take care of business.
As I was standing there my red headed buddy from Dore came in.
We both had a few beers to get rid of and I delayed leaving to check out his cock and potential interest.

He was standing there with hardeing cock in had and I bent over to take him in my mouth.
He did not protest so I suggested trading places so that I was in the corner and could go down on him without impeding traffic to the urinal.
Of course that did mean that other guys could walk in, and not only did my partner come in but so did the Sister of Perpetual Indulgence that has put cocks in my mouth in the past.

With only a few people interrupting I was able to really give him the blow job he deserved and should have had last summer.
Nice thick cock, not too large to cause me to gag and make noise while in the corner.
I took every inch and worked him over with my tongue and throat.
Every once in awhile I would also push back to get every last inch buried to the hilt.
He enjoyed that extra inch in my throat as much as I did.

We were going at it and he was smiling when I looked up while I was rock hard and ready to swallow every drop.
Cock buried to the hild, pull back and work the head with my tongue then go back down while making sure every inch of shaft is spit lubed with my lips...then repeat and repeat and repeat.
Finally he was ready to blow and started to shoot his load.
Damn it was sweet, thick and tasty.
There was so much cum that I could taste it while at the same time some leaked out on my chin so I could smell that tell-tale scent of man juice.

I stood up after he was done and we left the urinal.
Outside he told me that the first time at Dore he knew it was an awesome blowjob but this time he could not believe how hot it was...I told him that when I am going down on a guy I want to, it is entirely about the other guy and giving him all the pleasure he deserves and that is my goal.

I am still hoping to get 40 loads in November and he has agreed to be at the top of the list.

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