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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Two servings of protein for lunch

I am not sure what the amount per serving would be for cum loads but I did ingest two nice mouthfuls at the glory holes...

Well, one was in the hole and the other was in a booth and there was a glory hole voyeur watching us.

The first load was the guy in one single booth.
Late 30's, under 6 feet in height and hot cock with tasty mushroom head and full balls.

He was in one of the booths that has a glory hole but the door was unlocked and when I opened it he gave me a look to say come on in.
His cock was already in the hole so I could not see it but I had seen him walking around and looked like a nice full package.After I got in he turned around to let me take over the service.

Average cock - basically your 6 + inches of shaft and about 4 - 5 inches around so it goes into any hole that needs filled.
I was on my knees and there were guys on both sides watching me take his cock. Some of the booths that don't have the holes do have glass partitions you can watch through.

While I was down there and looking up I could see that he was really getting into putting on a show, which was fine with me....might be able to get the other two guys hot and bothered for my throat.

After about five minutes of slurping, deep throating and working his balls he let me know it was close to finish time. I just nodded my head to let him know to let loose and he did.
There were two huge blasts that filled my mouth and then I swallowed the entire cock down my throat to let him keep shooting.

While I was sucking him he seemed to get larger when I put the head down my throat so I wanted to give him the extra special feeling when he shot.

He finished and just collapsed into the chair with a huge smile.
I said "Thanks for the hot load!" and he just smiled since he seemed to be out of breath.Guess I did my job that time then.

For the second load I was ready to head out when a straight looking daddy type came down the stairs.
He was a hot husky guy - not fat just had some meat on his bones and good looking.
After he walked past and gave a semi- look I thought what the hell and turned around.

I knew that the three glory hole areas were empty because I just walked around and he was headed for one.
Once I saw him go in I knew it would not be long before someone followed but I wanted a shot at it so I went right into the other booth.

Right away he was standing there and getting ready so I just sat and signaled that I wanted his cock.
He undid his pants and pulled out his cock.
At this time I noticed a wedding ring on his that would be even hotter to think he is possibly straight and married but needs to get off.
There are times when a guy does not show huge meat while soft but as I have said in the past I never judge a cock in soft-mode.
After getting his cock out he came over to the hole and I began to suck.

It can be a huge turn on to get a guy from soft to rock hard and make him cum all with just my mouth. He let me work the head for a bit and I slowly got more of his cock into my mouth as he grew.
I think he was enjoying it because he did grow quickly and now I had at least 5 inches of cock fucking my mouth.
When he realized I wanted it all he moved closer and I was able to work the extra inch I knew was there into my mouth. He started to get into it and was thrusting his cock in to my mouth as hard as he could.

After that I let him take over the action and just used my tongue each time he thrust into my mouth and kept my mouth open at the hole.
Since I was thinking he may be a straight married guy, it was as if he was actually fucking my mouth and it seemed to get him off.
He stood back and started stroking hard. Sometimes guys do that for a bit and then shove their cock back through the hole.
This time he was jacking hard and asked if he should cum.
I told him go for it and he started shooting and it was hitting my tongue and I opened my mouth to let him put it all in.
After about 3-4 full blasts he was done and I swallowed it all.

After he was dressed again we happened to walk out of the booths at the same time and just smiled before parting ways.
Maybe I will see him there again or if he was straight his wife will just have to wonder about the little smile at the dinner table.

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