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Sunday, July 13, 2008

What if Samantha blew MIranda's husband?

Ok, so if my life were an episode of Sex & the City everyone already knows I would be Samantha, which is fine with me...she is the ballsy one that has the guys, the sex, the loads and the cocks.
On the show Miranda is married to a HOT guy with a tight furry ass that you get to see in action in the latest film...

Yesterday we were out for the afternoon and needed an alcoholic beverage so we stopped in local bar after having brunch with friends.
I headed to the facilities and as I was leaving another guy was headed in.

Tall, glasses, short hair and right off the bat I thought of Steve from S&TheC - HOT as hell.
There is a sink and inside the large stall that we were in so I waited and washed up while he took his time undoing his pants.
At this point I could tell he was actually cruising so I locked the door.

He turned and presented a thick cut cock for me to swallow.
I don't like to take too long in situations where there is no way to see what is going on and if the bar is busy.
I got in a couple of minutes of great tasting cock when we heard a knock.
We both agreed that it would have been great to finish but we both knew it was time to head out.
After unlocking the door I turned off the lights and we both walked out.

No one was there - they must have gone to the other stall.
Well, that sucks.
I mentioned that I really would have loved to feel his load all over my face and he said it was seconds away.
You don't need to say it twice - I told him it was fine if he shot right away and I went back in to the stall.
He followed and I pulled him out immediately and got down to business.

Sure enough he was already rock hard and I deep throated him until he said he was going to cum.
I decided it was too hot and I really wanted to feel his shaft swell in my throat so I just shoved his cock all the way and grabbed his balls.
He started coating my tonsils and filled my mouth with a sweet cum load.

We both stood up and left immediately.
I headed for my partner as he was already waiting and mentioned to him that I just did Miranda's husband.

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BareBottom1980 said...

Steve is pretty hot in S&TC. But then I can't really think of a single actor on the show that wasn't hot.