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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Hidden superpowers revealed

Ok this is not exactly a cum sucking sex posting but it does circle back to my talent of getting any button, zipper or velcro to work.

Our very good leather buddy was out for the afternoon with us and we were headed to the local beer bust.
At the first cocktail stop I was told there was a delay.

A zipper won't go UP -


Ok, so yes we were at a birthday party for a very special puppy. This is the four legged variety, not the two legged slut version.
This puppie's owners were on the bus trip to Reno and we do love them (fun, sexy, playful, fun, sexy, playful - oops I am stuttering) so it was great to celebrate the birthday but it was a warm sunny San Francisco afternoon and I was in pig mode.

When there is a road bump in my pursuit of cock I will take over.
I can't cook or sew a designer dress but give me a zipper that needs to work and I will find a way goddammit!

This guy has balls that make a watermelon blush and feel tiny.
He knows me very well and between him and my partner I am now the bait for any road trip we take, which works for all of us - so when he is not leaving until he can get those ginger - hued baby batter makers back in their home I am ready to take over.

He was downstairs and just simply could not go out with his zipper down.

My first response was "It is a set of balls and we are going to a gay bar, you are single and already said you were horny - what is the problem?"
Well he does come from a family that has class, a family crest and style so I was ready to help out.

We spent a good ten minutes figuring out how to get his broken zipper back up to show off his package.
I have never thought of myself as a zipper guru but when it is impeding my cock sucking I will persevere and find a way.
With a bit of a tug, a pull, a push and "let go of it, I know what I am doing!" we finally got his zipper up.

At that point I said "lets go find some cock and if you need to pee it is your problem....I got it in there and unless you want me on my knees in a bathroom don't even think of letting it out. "

So on to the next locale and lo' and behold I see a hot man leaning against the wall.
Tall, red hair, facial hair and HOT HOT HOT.
Our buddy with balls for decades also saw this guy and gave me the "Well, you ARE bait, do something" look ...
So I did.

Being a friendly guy I found out this new visitor was looking at various locations to relocate and he is a dancer/ Pilates instructor .
Well, that explains the ass I want to serve on and eat for dinner.

We all exchanged gropes (oh my god if he is back I don't need a sling, just pick me up!!!) and I determined he is a fan of underwear.
Of course I let him know that I would be happy to do more after I made way through those straight white briefs.
He was in a shy mood so our zipper buddy, my partner and I headed to the next bar.

At this point I don't know if our zipper basket friend needed help getting out of those pants or if he found a helpful guy but it was a fun afternoon and I now know I can zip up as well as unzip a hot man's pants.


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