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Monday, October 19, 2009

Xtube fan gave me two loads today and I eat my own

I got an email on Xtube last week or so and he was going to be in town. He wanted to meet up and get me on my knees to swallow his cock and load.
As you know, I am fine meeting up with visitors and locals so I said sure.
He sent me a face pic and some cock pics. Based on those pics I was looking forward to a nice large cock and was anticipating a tasty load.
Today was the day we arranged for it...

I got there a few minutes early and when he walked in I was in for a hot surprise. Tall, rock solid chest and short blondish/brown hair with a sexy smile to wrap it all together.
We both liked what we saw and headed to the bathroom stalls. It was already agreed that we would take a video of it to post.
When I shut the door and turned around he was already half hard and undoing his pants. Out came a huge cock and I handed him the camera. He was rock hard already and I slipped off my shirt and got on my knees.
The sight of that cock staring at me was mouth watering - mushroom head and long extra thick shaft.
I started out on the head and then began working my way down the shaft. The head was leaking some precum already since he had a three day load saved up. I slowly went down on his cock and could feel that head stretching my throat as it slid in.
This cock was thick but I was not going to let that stop me from taking him down to the base. I did gag a bit on the first few thrusts...and he loved it. I felt it get thicker and had to pull back a bit but then I went right back down.
Each time, his mushroom head would force it's way in and then the shaft followed. He wanted my throat slime all over his cock as much as I did and he would take the lead and force his cock further down and keep it there.
Between the two of us we were giving me a good skull fucking.
Deep throat, forced to take it further until I had to gag and breathe and then slide his precum spit covered cock out of my mouth.
After a few of those deep throat fucks I would also stroke his cock with all of that spit.
With such a hot thick cock, I had to be sure that every inch got the treatment it deserved. I licked the shaft, sucked the head and shaft down my throat and kept it up over and over.

I would look up while sucking and saw the smile and look of a guy that was really enjoying the job I was doing. A few times he would say "oh fuck" and I could tell he was close. I would force his head and shaft back into my throat and keep it there until I could not breath and gagged a bit. I was trying to be quiet but I was also getting off just from the sounds he made each time I came back up for air.

Once it was getting to the point of no return I swallowed his shaft without stopping and then he let me know it was time.
I came off just enough and he started to give me his load...the first shot hit my lips, I got underneath to catch the rest and the next shot went on my face over my nose. Thick hot white cream and the rest of it went in my mouth and onto my lips.
Sometimes it can HOT to get a shot of cum around your upper lip and nose so that you can smell that scent of man the rest of the day.

After he finished cumming, we both got the rest of the cum into my mouth. I licked the head and shaft clean. The camera was shut off and with his cum still staining my goatee I went back down on him to the base. Some cum went from my goatee into his pubes and I licked that clean.

I was out of breath and so was he, so when we headed out it was agreed that there has to be a repeat before he goes back home....that was the first load of the for the second load from him today.

Video clip, click here

Load #2 from the lunch load -

Later in the day I got a text from him asking where a good glory hole was. I replied with the spot that I frequent and you have all seen the videos. But then I told him that if he was looking to get off again that I would meet him again.
He said that would be hot so I told him to give me time to finish up and then I would text him.
Soon enough I texted that I was ready. He was only minutes away and we both headed back to the first location.
I had my video cam with me and handed it over. Once again he was hard and I was hungry for another tasty load.
This time we took it a bit more leisurely but it was also more intense. I knew what he liked when I gagged and he knew that he could force me to take even more.
Skull fucking, throat slime and deep throat - all combined and repeated.
He was true to his word about needing to get off again and I was up for the challange. This time I was stroking my cock while getting my throat worked. Soon enough he was ready to give me load #2 and I was ready.
Took most in my mouth and some went on my chest...and then I started to work on load #3.

Video clip of load 2, here

He had already shot two loads but when I started stroking my cock and told him that he could piss down my throat if he wanted to, his shaft started growing again.
I kept sucking the head, sliding down the shaft and keeping the whole cock in my throat. It was not long before he was rock solid once again.
I asked if he wanted to cum again and he said it would be awhile but we both wanted to try.
After about 5 minutes he said that it was going to be too long, so I asked if he wanted me to cum. Well, that put a smile on his face like a kid at Christmas time.
I stood up and told him that I would cum on his cock and then eat it up.
With his cock in front of me I started to cum. His cock was coated with my load and then I got back down on my knees and swallowed my own load off of his shaft.

Video clip here.

Friday, October 16, 2009

Hot load in the steam room

As you know, my husband and I joined the gym back in August and I have been going every day, sometimes twice a day. All that time has let me see some very hot guys, great cocks and I have a few people that even like to play.

There was a compact, hot hung guy in the steam room about a month ago and just as we got hard and were about to proceed, the steam room got too busy.
Since then I have seen him more than once and each time we are not alone. Last night he was leaving after we spent 5 minutes in the steam room waiting for the campers to leave and he got rock hard at the locker, stroked his cock once and put it into his underwear. What a hot sight to see a cock going half way down the thigh in a pair of tight underwear. At that point I knew it was a hot cock I wanted to taste.

Today my husband and I did an early workout so that we can catch a flight to Portland. The gym was pretty empty, and after a good cardio we headed to the steam room. It was just as empty as the main room.
Oh well, not every day can be fun and playful...but then I see the hung compact stroker come into the locker room.
At the time it was only my husband and I in the steam room.
In walks the hot hung stroker and he sits next to me. Right away he is already semi hard and so am I. He reaches over and plays with my nipple - ok, now I know that I have to get him off.
As a side note, I should mention that my husband fucked the hell out of me this morning, dumped his load into my ass and never let me touch my cock...and I never came.
With a full load in my balls and a recently fucked ass, I am sitting there in a steam room with a cock that has grown to 9 inches in my hand. HOT!!!
I stroked his cock a few times and he returned the favor. My husband was on the other side and enjoying the show. Since my husband could see out the door and alert us I leaned over to put that cock in my mouth. Well, apparently he liked it because it got harder than ever and I just had to deep throat him.
His cock has a slight curve down when he is standing so while sitting on the bench it just leaned enough to let me slide my throat down. I got him all the way down to the balls and kept it buried there. I used my tongue and throat as I slowly pulled my mouth off and then stroked his cock with my spit. I could hear his intake of breath each time I hit bottom and the head would push into my throat - that sound you hear when a guy loves to be deep throated with no gag and enjoys it.
He was leaning back and I went back down again. Swallowed every inch to the balls and slowly came back up. Each time I came off his head I stroked his cock.
This went on for a few minutes and being in a gym meant we should not delay. I went down for a last deep throat and kept my mouth on him. Up - down, up - down, up - down and then I heard his breathing change and knew he was close.
I was not going to let one drop go so when he started shooting I went completely down and kept his cock buried. His shaft was pulsing and throbbing with every spurt of cum that he was blasting directly down my throat.

Nothing like a good 15 second cum shot to end a workout.