My favorite snack

Monday, January 30, 2012

Ginger bear cub feeds me two loads

For about a year or so I have seen, talked to and flirted with this hot ginger bear cub.  I say cub because he is young but has that extra dark red beard, and is built like a sexy rugby player.

Over the weekend I happened to be out on my own while my husband was off at a retreat.

As luck would have it, I was in the local hood bar.  At the same time, this hot ginger was there. 

Two times we ended up at the bathroom together but he was always a bit shy about letting me suck him off right there.

Well, persistence can pay off very well...

On the third trip to the urinal, he was standing there and I wanted nothing more than to get him hard and take his cum.  He looked over his shoulder, no one was around and he turned to me and said to go for it.
You know that I was on my knees in less than a second. 

He was not even hard, but within about a minute and a half I was being nearly choked by his thick meat. 

He is a grower and I can usually judge the potential size but he was much thicker than I imagined!  And let me also share that his balls would barely fit in my hand, they were just huge.  I know another ginger that has a massive set of balls...maybe it is a ginger trait - I will just have to do more research on that.

Knowing that I had to get him off before we were interrupted or he got spooked, I was in over drive to make sure he forgot about where he was.

Using my throat and tongue to work  over the head of his cock, and cupping his enormous cum filled nuts got him rock hard and leaking so much precum.  Between the spit that I was using and that massive amount of precum, there was clear ooze just coating my beard and the sounds could probably be heard by everyone outside. 

To avoid choking myself on spit and precum, I took a quick break to swallow and breathe and then it was back to his cock.

Doing what I do best, it was only a matter of time before he could not hold back any longer and he began to unload his cum. 

Now, we all know how these young men can cum buckets, well, he was not only cumming fast and furious but it was all I could do to not come off and let him coat my face.

But I wanted this load to be inside me and he was in no hurry to finish. 

As I swallowed the first huge spurts of cum, I took hold of his ass and shoved his still cumming cock down my throat so that he could feed me direct.

Once his cock stopped quivering and I felt it would be safe to release it, I did so and stood up.
I was rock hard and needed a moment to catch my breath after such a massive cum load. 

He put his cock away and told me that he now knows why I have videos and why I have buddies that come back for more.  I said, Thanks!  and that was when he said that the way I used my tongue to flick the underside of his thick head was beyond his imagination. 

AND here is the best part...

Within an hour he came up to me and said that he wanted to feed me another load. 

Sure enough, he had me get on my knees and went from soft to rock hard and to unleashing another dose of hot thick man juice in under five minutes.

I  had a grin on my face from ear to ear that everyone could see as I walked back to the bar for a cocktail - and with those two buckets of cum in my belly I was a happy little cum pig!!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

My buddy that works only a few blocks away sent me a text this morning asking if I wanted a load today....guess what my answer was...

After the past couple of days, it is great to back in cock sucking cum swallowing form!

So far this guy and I have used my office and his building bathroom, so I asked where he wanted to meet up today.
He said the bathroom.  It has a  more of a sleazy feeling, and I agreed.
We agreed on a time and then it was just a matter of anticipation...

I arrived at the building and sent him a note.
His reply was "in the stall".  Great!

I walked in and the janitor happened to be there, so I just went into the stall and waited. 
In less than a minute he was done and we had the bathroom to ourselves.
Once my buddy knew it was  me, under the stall came his legs - all three of them.

Just seeing over eight inches of thick meat had me salivating. 

He did not need any encouragement - it was already rock hard.  I just went down and filled my mouth with every inch I could.
Stroking that shaft and watching his cum filled nuts bounce was it's own reward...but not the one we both knew I wanted.

His breathing was getting heavier as my mouth was taking half of his cock and my hand took care of the other half. 
Being in such a traditional tearoom setting, I knew that anyone walking in was going to hear all that spit and cock stroking.
Eventually someone did come in and we took a quick break to let them do their business. 

Once they left, he had his cock and balls under that stall so fast, and I was on my hands and knees to finish him off.

Stroking and forcing every inch down my throat, the spit was running down my fist and you could hear the echoing sounds.
As he was getting closer to the edge,  his shaft was pulsing and filling my hand. 
Suddenly we heard the outer door open again, but neither of us was in a mind to stop and I kept on sucking and stroking. 
His legs bucked a bit and as we heard the latest visitor leave it was only a matter of time...

Almost instantly, after the door shut I felt the spasm and tasted the cum hitting my tongue.

Spurt after spurt shot onto my tongue and I just kept swilling it around and swallowed it as quick as I could.

And that is the way to use a set of bathroom stalls!!

Monday, January 23, 2012

One more to finish off the day...

Okay, so I have already had one twink tight British ass milk a three day load out of me and I swallowed another uncut cock in the what better way to end the day then with another unexpected cock in my mouth...

I was meeting my husband to attend an event near his office.
As I exited the train station I had a message saying "If you are hungry, let me know" 

The location of the sender was within blocks, so I sent back "Damn, where?"  and he relied with a location very familiar to me. 
He was at my old stomping ground private stalls, and did not know it.
I sent back a note that I could do a quick load in the stalls where he was.  He replied that it worked for him.
I said that in 30 seconds I would be there... as I got in the elevator, he was right behind me.
Since we knew each other from our online pics, I told him where we were going.

Now for a brief description...mid 40's, slight salt and pepper hair, gym toned bod...about 5 foot 8 inches and intense blue eyes...and an ass to make your mouth water (I looked as we got in the elevator).
He asked about security and I said that if we are quiet it was cool and I had been there before.

We walked in and it was deserted.  Perfect!
I led the way to the back stalls and followed him in.  
Right away he mentioned that it was a long day and he needed to unload.  I just smiled and said that I was there to take care of it.
I pulled out his hard cock and got on my knees.

A good 7 inches of hard cock already straining to get out and when I finally released it from his pants I was getting wood myself...
Trimmed bush, rock hard cock with slight curve and a tasty looking mushroom head...all on top of a set of firm plum sized nuts.

I cupped his balls in my hand and slowly swallowed every inch of cock.
He let out a low moan and I was in my element. 

Right away we could both tell that it was going to be quick but very intense blowjob.  I took him down to the balls and after only a couple of those deep throat massages his hands were on my head guiding me down.

I don't mind a guy guiding my head onto his cock and this guy was gentle but I could tell that he wanted to really skull fuck I took over and really forced every inch and then shoved that extra inch into my throat.
As he got more and more spit lubed, he also go more and more excited and began to spasm with each thrust.
I could sense that it was only a matter of time before he was unleashing that days worth of pent up cum and stress.

Sure enough, as his body began to rock and sway I felt the first blast of cum exiting his cock head and hitting my tongue.
Then it was one volley of sperm after another as he emptied his cum filled nuts into my mouth and coated my throat with juice.

Once the intense orgasm was over, he told me "I said it was a hard day" and oh was he right...and oh, was I a cum filled happy pig.

As we left the tearoom I told him that I worked up the street and that anytime he had a rough day and needed some release to let me know and we could repeat.....
I think he may need some release again, and I am looking forward to it

Young flight attendant's tight ass and a tearoom dessert

Sometimes an early lunch is the best...

Today I had an errand to run and figured I would take an early lunch before.   As I was leaving I had a message from a bottom that was looking for my load yesterday. 
The timing did not work then, but suddenly I was in a position to swing by and feed his hole my cum.

Luckily his hotel was not far off, when you can hop on a cable car - they are not just for tourists, but who knew they would get me to a booty call...

He gave me the room number, and up to his room I went.

He was just getting his work uniform pressed as he was part of a flight crew. 
From his profile I knew he was here from England...and that sweet 25 year old ass was just bouncing in his sweat pants.
As I was getting undressed he laid face down on the bed.  

Now, this not so innocent guy told me that he already had six loads of cum.

I walked over to the bed and ripped his sweats down over his ass and he presented his pink tight hole.  I leaned in and got it spit lubed. 
He grabbed a bottle of poppers and rolled onto his back. 
Legs up in the air and a hit of poppers had him ready for my pierced hard cock.  As I got up to his hole, I asked if he wanted any lube or just the spit.
"Just spit"...okay! 

He already commented on how thick my cock looked, and when I began to slide up his cummy hole I saw him wince a bit. 
Being so accommodating, I told him to guide it in as he wanted and it was only seconds before I was buried up to my balls. 
I took a hit of poppers and started to slow fuck him. 
His ass was tight and I could feel all that cum sloshing around - and told him so.  Well, he was a pig in cum heaven...I know that look.

While riding  his ass I asked if he had cum at all...his replied no...and I asked if he was going to cum with me.
He told me that after I blast my sperm up his hole, he would cum.

Sweet, nothing better than the thought of seeing a young British kid's uncut cock blasting his load all over. 

I just took one more hit of poppers and began to give his ass a real home grown pounding. His eyes were wide open and he was taking the pounding. 
As I got closer to the edge, I let him know that he was about to get his ass creamed and that was all it took to push him over the edge.  His ass clamped down on my shaft and huge ropes of thick white spunk went flying over his stomach and chest. 
That did me in, and suddenly my cock was spasming and shooting spurt after spurt of cum into his tight ass to join those other loads.

Even as my orgasm was winding down, his ass was still twitching and I told him that I was still cumming.  I have no idea how much spunk was in his hole but damn it felt good as I slowly slid out.
He gave one quick push at the end to get the PA out ( I know how that feels when you are spent and can feel that extra inch of metal) and then let out his breath.
My cock was coated with my load and some of those lucky guys that were there before me. 

We both stood up and wiped up, then I headed out the door.  He may be back soon and I told him that I would give him a refill.

Now, as many of you know I moved offices and when I  was done with the young cum bucket it was only a few blocks to the old shopping district and the you know I had to make a quick run to see if anything was out there... and it was.
This next bit will be short, because in honesty it was a nice quick wham -bam.

I walked into the tearoom and there were two guys already there stroking.  I took up the last urinal and checked out the packages. 
The guy next to me had an above average sized uncut cock with a nice pink head glistening with precum. 
It seemed to be slow enough, but then traffic picked up.    He zipped up and headed out...
I followed and saw that he was going to an upper floor that I am aware of...and I followed.

We arrived at the next tearoom together and went in.  I could see that someone was in a stall but he stood at the urinal and started stroking. 
I took the next urinal and just licked my lips...and then leaned over to swallow that sweet uncut piece of meat. 
He knew what he wanted and as I used my hand to work his shaft and cup his balls, he was pushing my head down so that he could throat fuck me. 

Knowing that the guy was just two doors away, I was determined to be as quiet as I could but I was NOT going to let his cum go to waste.
He pushed more of his cock down my throat and I let him skull fuck me for a bit, then I grabbed his shaft to let me work on that foreskin and head. 
Both of us were determined that he unload  his nuts, and soon I could feel his shaft begin to swell in my hand. 
I went in for the load and when I tasted that sweet musky flavor I let him spurt the rest down my throat. 

He was so quiet that I came up off his cock, and when I squeezed a bit there was more cum!   I went right back down and swallowed it immediately.
I stayed over his cock while I milked three more times and got a nice thick squirt of man juice with each one. 
After I could not get any more out, I stood up and put my cock back in my jock and left.  
He looked back and smiled....

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Business man's load at the urinal

Today I decided that it was a good one to head over to my old stomping grounds.

There is a tearoom in the neighborhood that I would see people at occasionally and today I made that my destination.

Taking the elevator up to the floor, I exited and it appeared that no one was around. That can be advantageous if the tearoom is occupied.
I headed inside and saw a stall door closed. Well, when I tried the handle, it was unlocked and empty. Okay.

Knowing it could be just a matter of time, I headed out into the main area.
Sitting in a lounge chair was a young dark haired guy in a business suit. He was on the phone but I caught a glimpse as I walked out.
Stopping by a doorway, I pulled out my phone and checked a few sites.

Soon enough, he hung up the phone and walked into the bathroom.

Not being 100% sure, I gave him time to have settled in or be on the way out.

As I walked in he was at the urinals. I took one nearby and set down my backpack.
I looked over and he was also looking over...and since it was long enough and he was not moving, I pulled back a bit and let him see my hard cock going back into my briefs.

Right away he made a move and I could see him holding a nice cut cock.

Smooth, with a nice mushroom head. He stroked a bit and I walked over to him and asked if he liked being sucked.
He was not opposed but seemed nervous. I told him about the empty stall, and he said it was good at the urinal.
I am not one to argue when a hard cock in right there.

As he was stroking, I got down on my knees and told him that he could cum on my face. He smiled and nodded.
Then he got down to really stroking out a load. At one point I had my mouth open and gave the head of his cock a quick flick.

As I was watching the precum ooze and form a glistening lube on the head, I bent my neck back to give him a full canvas of beard to aim for.

He started to cum and I was able to catch the first drops on my lower lip, and the rest went onto my lower lip and the sides of my mouth. Some even slid into my mouth as he was stroking out the last drop.

Once he was done, I was already licking my lips and stood up to swipe the rest into my mouth.

I headed to the sinks and mirror and could see that I missed a few spurts and took care of them.
Before we left I made a point of thanking him for the load and he smiled.

Maybe I will have to try this tearoom more often...

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The 23 year old hightlight to my weekend

As many of you that have followed this blog over the years may realize it all began one year after a trip to Washington DC for a leather event.
Well, we just returned from that same trip and there was some hot cum blasting fun to be had by many.

On to the recap...

Friday night began fairly uneventfully.
We made our way up to one of the rooms with a "24/7" bottom being pimped out to whomever wanted to stop by and fill his holes.
Normally those can be fun, and my husband was the first of us to walk in and begin getting undressed and prepped by one of the hands and mouths in the room.

I made my way over to the middle of the room.
Standing in a pair of underwear with no ass (similar to a jock) was a very hot looking young guy. Not a twink, just a young lean hot man with scruff on his face and sexy hairy ass.
His cock was already in someone's mouth, but it did look mouth watering and I was hoping to get at least a taste.
While I was standing near him, a few guys took slurps on my cock or stroked me for a bit.
Then the cock sucker happened to move away and I made my move.

Leaned in, bent over and swallowed it all.
Apricot sized mushroom head, long shaft and all ending in a pair of peach fuzz covered nuts. Silky smooth skin and it just slid on my tongue.
Apparently it felt good, because he did not make any motion to have me move away.
I looked up and the expression on his face said it all...blissfully aware that I knew what I was doing and he was there to enjoy it.
After that, I went to town as I love to when I am on a cock that I want to fill me for hours.

Quickly, he leaned down and said "thanks!"....the other guy was basically trying to chew off his cock, and now I was there to do it the proper way.
Now, many of you know that I pride myself on being a cock sucker that sometimes fucks.
Just as there are guys that have asses made for large multiple loads, I have a hunger for cock and cum that is my priority and at this party I had found a cock made for it.

My young friend asked about poppers and I brought out my bottle of Amsterdam (just my personal favorite) and gave him a hit.
His eyes grew a few sizes and he had an almost ear to ear grin....his first time with that brand, and oh did he like it.
The sausage wrecker was making his way back to the scene and not only did I have no plans of giving up my young friends thick, long cock but he had the same idea.
He leaned down and asked if I had a room in the hotel. "Yes!", I said....and we both agreed to move our scene up there.
We got our clothes and I led him to our room. On the way out of the party room, I let my husband know and he agreed to let us have some privacy.

After we were in the room, the chemistry kicked up a notch. We were both turned on and ready for more.
With him laying on the bed, we had tongues and hands on all parts of each others bodies.
Laying there he said "you have kind eyes" and soon we were kissing more and feeling each other.

I asked him if he liked to have his ass eaten...and he said "yes, do you want to eat my ass?"
FUCK yes!
He rolled over and presented that sweet hairy ass to me. Oh, I just dove in and SLOWLY pulled his cheeks apart to let me see his tight puckering hole.
Using the tip of my tongue to pluck and tweak it, then I would use my whole tongue spit wash the hole.
Pull cheeks apart again and flick his hole until it twitched and then apply the whole tongue all over it again...and again...and again.

The conversation turned towards what else we wanted to do....I told him I liked to get fucked and also fuck tight young holes.
He is as versatile, and gave me permission to fuck his hole.
I was to be his first PA top fuck.

I grabbed the poppers and a bottle of lube.
He asked about which position I wanted and doggy style was how I wanted to see him. Ass up and hole puckering for my tongue, then my cock.
He got on his knees and with just a hit of poppers, I began to penetrate his ass.

TIGHT, furry and spit lubed.
He slowly opened up and I was soon buried to my balls. Once we both knew that his ass was fully prepared, I began to slow fuck his ass to be sure he was well stretched.
More and more, he relaxed and his ass was up in the air and I was pulling out so that only the tip of the PA was left and then slam back to let him feel it hit his prostate.
In the mirror I could see his young face looking back as my cock was riding up into his hole.

Feeling his ass muscles gripping my shaft with each thrust soon had me on the edge of exploding.
As I got nearer, I asked him if he wanted my load in his ass.
Once my balls were beyond the point of no return I let out a moan and felt the first built up volley of cum gushing out of my cock and filling his hole.
When the spasms died down, he leaned back into me and we started kissing again, until my cock slid out of his cum filled hole.

After I was fully drained, I offered his a shower. We both went into the bathroom and just did some touch up.
Then he asked if I wanted his load.
Sure! I said, if he was up for it.
"I could see it in your eyes that you wanted it" was his reply and I could only smile from ear to ear.

We went back into the bedroom and he said it would be harder to cum standing, so he laid back down on the bed.
I went down on his softened cock and coaxed him back up to full throttle.
During this second round of cock sucking I worked on his balls as well. First one, then the other and then both in my mouth at the same time.
He seemed to enjoy all of it.

After a few more minutes he told me to work on his nipples.
I moved further up to have access to those little buds of ecstasy and used my fingers, teeth, lips, and tongue to tease his load out of his balls.
Well, it was not long before his breathing sped up and I knew it was moments from eruption.

Suddenly I saw cum flying past my face at his nipples and it landed on his shoulder. Then two more shots of cum flew out and hit the left side of my head and more went over my head to hit his upper body.
After at least six or seven huge spurts of cum had coated us, I leaned up a bit and just had to admire the array of cum splatter....and then I had to begin to lick it all up!!

He asked me if it tasted sweet...and OH Fucken A, did it!
Licked up a huge wad that was on his shoulder and as I savored it, I leaned in and we began kissing again with his cum mingled in our mouths.

And that, gentleman, was the beginning of three days we spent with this young man.
A couple more group parties where we protected our young charge and let him direct the action as he wanted it, and a few more loads of cum being drained from multiple sets of balls.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Giving him what he needs and taking what I want

I do so love to give a man just what he needs.

So, my thick hot buddy that helped ring in the new year and the new office works only a few blocks away.
I was running an errand and sent him a text. Told him I was down the block and offered to unload his balls again.
His response was "you wanna suck me in the stall?"
And you know mine was a yes...

He gave me directions to a far off corner bathroom in the building.
It took me some time to find, but when I walked in he was ready.

There were two stalls next to each other, but we shared one. From the entry you could never even tell there were stalls, so it was perfect.

He was sitting there with his legs spread open and I just got down on the floor and took his cock into my mouth.
As you could see from the videos, he has a nice thick shaft and I was stroking and swallowing every inch I could.

During the first few minutes of giving him head, we heard the door open and a couple of guys come in. They never even made it back to where we were.
After a couple of minutes more, he stood up and said "You're good, but I want to try something because it is kinda dirty"...and then he slid under the stall divider
and presented his lower body to me.
Well, I am all for taking a guy under the stall!

I went right back to work on his shaft and head. Once we heard someone come in and he pulled back under.
Once the coast was clear he slid back under. I was on hands and knees with his cock buried in my mouth.

Obviously this was a huge turn on, because it was not long before he was almost yelling "yeah, suck my cock!"

My slurping and fisting his cock, along with that chant made it sound like a hot early 80's porn and that was enough to get him off.
I heard the grunt, and saw his balls pull in as his massive load started to unleash into my mouth.
Then I started to feel the shaft enlarge and the sweet warmth of fresh cum began to fill me.

Once again he shot off a good four or five volleys of cum, all into my mouth with none being wasted.
Damn, that one king sized load!

As we both exited our stalls and washed up he told me that he "really needed that!" and I said that it was just what I needed before heading out of town.

Now that I have seen this stall, I hope to meet him there again and even bring along the video camera....I know you all would enjoy seeing that!