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Monday, January 30, 2012

Ginger bear cub feeds me two loads

For about a year or so I have seen, talked to and flirted with this hot ginger bear cub.  I say cub because he is young but has that extra dark red beard, and is built like a sexy rugby player.

Over the weekend I happened to be out on my own while my husband was off at a retreat.

As luck would have it, I was in the local hood bar.  At the same time, this hot ginger was there. 

Two times we ended up at the bathroom together but he was always a bit shy about letting me suck him off right there.

Well, persistence can pay off very well...

On the third trip to the urinal, he was standing there and I wanted nothing more than to get him hard and take his cum.  He looked over his shoulder, no one was around and he turned to me and said to go for it.
You know that I was on my knees in less than a second. 

He was not even hard, but within about a minute and a half I was being nearly choked by his thick meat. 

He is a grower and I can usually judge the potential size but he was much thicker than I imagined!  And let me also share that his balls would barely fit in my hand, they were just huge.  I know another ginger that has a massive set of balls...maybe it is a ginger trait - I will just have to do more research on that.

Knowing that I had to get him off before we were interrupted or he got spooked, I was in over drive to make sure he forgot about where he was.

Using my throat and tongue to work  over the head of his cock, and cupping his enormous cum filled nuts got him rock hard and leaking so much precum.  Between the spit that I was using and that massive amount of precum, there was clear ooze just coating my beard and the sounds could probably be heard by everyone outside. 

To avoid choking myself on spit and precum, I took a quick break to swallow and breathe and then it was back to his cock.

Doing what I do best, it was only a matter of time before he could not hold back any longer and he began to unload his cum. 

Now, we all know how these young men can cum buckets, well, he was not only cumming fast and furious but it was all I could do to not come off and let him coat my face.

But I wanted this load to be inside me and he was in no hurry to finish. 

As I swallowed the first huge spurts of cum, I took hold of his ass and shoved his still cumming cock down my throat so that he could feed me direct.

Once his cock stopped quivering and I felt it would be safe to release it, I did so and stood up.
I was rock hard and needed a moment to catch my breath after such a massive cum load. 

He put his cock away and told me that he now knows why I have videos and why I have buddies that come back for more.  I said, Thanks!  and that was when he said that the way I used my tongue to flick the underside of his thick head was beyond his imagination. 

AND here is the best part...

Within an hour he came up to me and said that he wanted to feed me another load. 

Sure enough, he had me get on my knees and went from soft to rock hard and to unleashing another dose of hot thick man juice in under five minutes.

I  had a grin on my face from ear to ear that everyone could see as I walked back to the bar for a cocktail - and with those two buckets of cum in my belly I was a happy little cum pig!!

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